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Found 129 results

  1. It's for a Master's program in Applied Linguistics, but even if you're not familiar with the field, I'd appreciate any and all feedback on it. You can leave a comment here, message me, or leave comments in the document. I'm admittedly a novice at grad school applications, but in return I'm willing to read your SOP and give any feedback I can.
  2. Hey, guys! I was hoping to find someone interesting in trading their SOP, especially for a public affairs/government related program. Let me know!
  3. Hi, I'm applying to graduate school and want to change majors from physics to CS. Most of my undergraduate work, internships and research has been in physics and electrical engineering with some programming. Since then, I've lost interest in physics/EE and want to focus on CS. What kind of advice would you give to me about explaining this in my SOP? I know that I will need to discuss my past experiences and I certainly will be doing that, but how do I do so without making my SOP seem unfocused? I fear that my application will be disregarded because I do not have adequate programming experience. Yet, there are some programs out there that will accept applicants without a strong CS background. I'd appreciate any kind advice that anyone here can offer regarding this issue. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, Anyone willing to review the first draft of one of my SoPs? I can offer an exchange and/or virtual brownies. This is for a Communication PhD program.
  5. Gallaudet Audiology

    Can anyone give me insight on applying to Gallaudet's audiology program (enrollment of Fall semester 2018)? I just have endless questions that I can't seem to find the answers to so I'm hoping someone who has been admitted into the program can give some advice I desperately need!!! Like how strict are they on gpa? Will a great resume balance that out or do they not look at the whole package? Do I even have a chance? I have not yet taken the GRE but I have a 3.3 overall gpa and 3.6 in CSD. I have research experience, hands on hearing aid presentations at local public schools, literacy tutor, and assisting in the speech clinic currently with the autism transitions class (helps integrate those children into regular classrooms). Plus alot more!!! I have rec's from our school's audiologist and the co-director of our clinic/program who is also an audiologist. Will any of these make a difference with my less than desirable gpa??/ PLEASE HELP ANYONE
  6. Hey, guys! As a foreign student, I've never had the need to write anything like a statement of purpose. Well, now that I'm applying to Grad School, I just finished mine. I would like to know if there's anyone here willing to take a look at it and give a few comments on how it is. Thanks!
  7. I am applying to PhD programs in Public Affairs this upcoming cycle and am beginning to write my statement of purpose. I was initially under the impression from reading past posts that most folks write a base essay and tweak it slightly for every school (for the why Michigan/Duke/Indiana University etc... section). However, after browsing school websites they seem to be asking for totally different essays. For Example: UT Austin: Broken up into two essays 1 - Please address your medium to long-term career goals and how a doctorate will assist in achieving those goals. There are no specific formatting requirements, but please try to keep it under the equivalent of three double-spaced pages in a normal, 12-point font. 2 - Please address the following in your proposed program of study: Specific areas of research Potential dissertation topics Types of courses that would fit into your overall plan The work of individual professors that seem most relevant to your policy interests Duke: As part of your online application, you must upload a statement of purpose. The statement should be one to two pages and single spaced. It should briefly discuss your purposes and objectives in pursuing graduate study; your special interests and plans; your strengths and weaknesses in your chosen field; any research projects or any independent research in which you have actively participated and how they have influenced your career choice and desire to pursue graduate studies; and any particular reasons you may have for applying to Duke (e.g. you would like to work with a specific faculty member). Would you recommend writing each essay essentially from scratch or should you assume they have different prompts but really all want the same information? Any insight would be SUPER helpful! Thank you!
  8. Applicants are asked to provide a 1 - 2 page, double-spaced personal statement which includes the following: Why do you want to undertake graduate work? Why do you qualify to pursue a graduate degree at Virginia Tech? What do you expect to derive from your program of study? If you have a concentration or area of interest in mind, briefly outline your interests in this area. What do you expect to contribute as a student and subsequently as a member of the profession? If you have not previously indicated in your application the names of faculty members you are interested in working with, please include that information in this statement. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Seeing my father drive, the concept of mobility in machines, shifting gears, accelerating, judgment to take a pass or to turn & all this controlled by a human seemed like magic to me. Since I started driving this fascination grew into a passion. This passion has been responsible for my inclination towards engineering. I have been an automobile fanatic right since my primary schooling days. Shows like Super Cars & Mega Factories gave me motivation. Motivation and passion, in my opinion, have a strong correlation. This correlation led me to pursue undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering. I have completed my undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal University Jaipur, India. My undergraduate course has given me numerous opportunities to learn what I enjoy. However, moving ahead, I desire to study Mechanical Engineering further by undertaking graduate work as it would give me more insight into the field, do something constructive in the field with much better understanding as well as provide me with more career opportunities. During my undergraduate subjects like Mechanical Engineering Sciences, manufacturing processes engineering, Theory of machinery, Internal Combustion Engines, gave me a clearer view of what I wanted to do. I seek to design and engineer something new in a developing segment of mechanical. But sadly there were very few subjects relevant. So whenever & wherever I got any chance to follow my passion, gain more knowledge and practical skills I took it. I chose Automobile Engineering, micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS), Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD), sustainable development & optimization technique as my elective courses even when only as much as 10% students of the department chose to study these subjects. The final year project considered in my undergraduate program was titled “Long Stroke Engine Development” & it gave me the opportunity to be a part of a team to design and develop something new. It was one of the most original, challenging & insightful project & was appreciated with good grades. We developed a 4 Cylinder Vertical In-Line Engine to achieve higher horsepower than all existing engines at MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA. Being the only student selected for project & I needed to have a thorough knowledge of most of the operations and structure of the IC engine. Working toe to toe with experienced Industrial Experts has improved my knowledge & skills in engine assembly, engine testing, time management & teamwork. I have attended several workshops, seminars and internships organized at different institutions which helped in having hands on experience of the various machines that are the backbone of mechanical engineering. Having these valuable experiences have shown me the value of practical exposure. To learn what other institutes offer I joined and completed many MOOC courses like Machine Design from Georgia Institute of Technology & I am currently finishing A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations from Cornell University using ANSYS Mechanical & ANSYS Fluent. It has increased my knowledge in structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer through finite-element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics simulations. I did my summer internship at NBC. This training at undergraduate level has helped me identify the various manufacturing processes, issues underlining each sector of the industry. Apart from the academic learning at the university level, I was elected as member for Student Council of the University by the university students & at the departmental level, I was voted as Class Representative. These two huge designations have given me a sense of commitment and responsibility toward the community of which I am a part of. I had been a part of organizing teams of the annual technical festival, cultural & sports festival of my university. I was campus and hostel committee member of University's joint admission counseling & have worked 210 hours each summer for past three years. These all have helped me in building my organizational skills, management, reasoning skills, team management & problem-solving skills & this helped me overcome my social barrier. These developed skills proved to be the foundation for many other skill developments. I have also worked as customer care executive for two and half months during my summer break of the 3rd year of undergraduate, giving me command over my communication skills and various quick problem resolving skills. My academics declined when I met two life threatening accidents. I had to be away from lectures for months due to prescribed bed rest, progressive surgeries and was dependent on others for attending classes for a substantial period. I had to miss 2 midterm examinations in different semesters resulting in my inferior GPA. Those were massive emotional, physical & mental setbacks for me. I have overcome those now. I have been trying with all what is within my capability & capacity to compensate those setbacks. I got certified in diesel management system and vehicle dynamics from BOSCH, developed a Go-Kart vehicle with a primary objective to design a safe & functional vehicle based on a rigid and torsion –free chassis, I was the design & material coordinator of the team & worked really hard for my project. These have enhanced my skills and knowledge even further. Research is a very important part for the growth and sustenance of both the university and its students. It allows us to give something back to the society in terms of new findings or better solutions to a potential problem. Virginia Tech has pioneered this area. We all know where the power supply for Intel chips was designed. The accomplished research work of department professors like Douglas Nelson, Joseph Meadows fascinates me, and if provided with the opportunity I would like to work under the combined guidance of both of them in investigating CFD &combustion systems application in hybrid vehicles. Also, other factors to be considered for choosing Virginia Tech as my top choice are that the faculty to student ratio is good, the campus looks very institutional and what I have gathered is that the institute is focused on preparing the student for a lifetime of service no matter their academic discipline. With my Master’s degree in place, I would want to pursue a further in-depth research where I can find novel ways and techniques that would help the industry to develop, for this I need to have a thorough knowledge which is possible at your institution. Once I have the field proficiency in the job I wish to make an impact in the field. For me to achieve this, education and experience are the stand up pillars. I can then combine my experience and knowledge to develop a stable & prosperous future. Learning in a well-organized institution in the USA with powerful pedagogical resources, vibrant intellectual environment, and a comprehensive curriculum will be a great step for me to achieve my aims and through working in a community having very large number of international students will give me a chance to interact with people from different & diverse cultures. It would give me a wider perspective of the world. I would be honored if you decide to accept my candidateship for Master studies. At the same time, I am aware of possible challenges and the high investment of efforts which I will have to put in order to successfully complete this course. I am looking forward to new experiences at the university. I am sure that the university will give me chances and challenges which will assist me in my all round personal growth GAURAV SHARMA
  9. Hi, I'm working on my statement of purpose for admission to a speech pathology masters program. The thing is, I'm a stay-at-home mom, I haven't worked since I graduated 3 years ago, and I feel that I have very little relevant experience. The full story is that I dropped out of college after my junior year in 1997. I was already not doing well in school, and I was hit by a drunk driver over Thanksgiving break, which triggered a bout of depression that led to me taking a leave of absence, which became permanent. I moved home and then got a job in Manhattan and moved there. I worked full time for about 3-4 years (first as a program assistant at a non-profit in the education field, and then as an executive assistant to a finance CEO/ philanthropist) before I started taking classes again at night. I changed my focus from English/Journalism to PoliSci, and made slow progress over the next few years. In 2002 I both got married and lost my job. I became pregnant before I found another job and my husband was able to support us, so I ended up not getting another job. I started taking classes again when my oldest was about 6 months old. Over the next decade or so I had 4 more kids and slowly continued taking classes part-time until suddenly I was really close to my goal of graduating! I got into the competitive speech pathology program at my school and worked really hard to reach the finish line. I graduated in 2014, but I was pretty burnt out from juggling school and family. A couple of my kids have mild special needs (ADD/anxiety etc), which required a lot of meetings at school, therapy appointments, etc., in addition to needing more attention at home. I was the tortoise, not the hare. I reached the finish line slow and steady, but I was exhausted and wasn't even sure I wanted to continue in speech pathology. I didn't want to start grad school until I was sure I was ready to commit. Now my youngest is going into first grade, I've had a bit of a break, and I feel a strong desire to go out into the world and do something worthwhile. Speech programs generally admit in the fall, so I thought I would have a year to beef up my resume and re-take the GRE, but I have an opportunity to get into a program now on rolling admissions, which would allow me to begin a full year earlier. I don't want to put all this personal stuff in my SOP. I want to focus on my academic success in speech pathology and my passion for it. I just don't feel that I have a whole lot to back it up. I was thinking of including some of my experiences with my own kids going to various therapists and relate it in general to things I've learned about patient care by being on the other side. Speech pathology is a very competitive field, so I'm nervous that taking 20 years to finish my degree combined with my lack of recent or relevant work experience is a huge negative. Any advice?
  10. I need urgent help with my Statement of purpose. I need to write a SOP under 3700 characters. However, I'm currently overshooting it by about 600 characters. It would be really helpful if someone could review it and share their critique. Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. Project Proposal portion of SOP

    I wanted to know (and I figured it would be helpful for others): what should be included in the project proposal? How much detail should one go into in the SOP for the project? Some type of general checklist I think would be helpful. I imagine one needs to include the geographic region, the theme, and the time period. Those seem standard. But what about the things that really make it seem like you've really thought the proposal through? Should one talk about secondary sources that have touched on the proposed topic? Does one bring up primary sources? Archives you have in mind? How you plan to fund the research? Is a preliminary hypothesis offered? Thanks.
  12. CMU is my dream school and i have read a lot about its programs online but i was hoping if anyone can share from there own experiences what particular things should i highlight in my SOP for admission into MS Mechanical Engineering at CMU. My Profile is Undergraduate: 3.77 / 4.00 (2nd in Department , Silver Medal) GRE: (166 Q, 154 V, 3.5 AWA) 320 IELTS 8 3 years industry experience in Machinery Diagnostics
  13. Hi All, I did a Masters in Berkeley in Statistics, fell in love with it, and am now applying for a PhD in Statistics. Would anyone be willing to read over my statement of purpose? What follows is my first draft, and I'm really not sure how to feel about it, so any comments are appreciated. Notes / Questions are in italic font. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Since I can remember people told me that the only people that amount to something are “practical” people: engineers and the likes. I did not, and still do not, want to accept that premise. Because I am about as clumsy as a Panda bear. And because my passion lies in Statistics. As the first of my family to go to College I felt bad for the financial burden I put on us, so I gave in to the pressure. I studied Industrial Engineering and had my life cut out for me: Finish my Bachelors, start working in a Consultancy. Luckily things changed last year. The Fulbright Commission enabled me to spend a year finding and pursuing my passions, free from financial worries and far away from pressure from my family. Do you feel like I should delete these 2 paragraphs or put them in a personal history statement? Any other comments here? Because I worked for three semesters at the Statistics Department in city ABC during my Undergraduate I knew I liked the subject, and after my Masters I now know I am passionate about it. The project work at Berkeley has shown me the joy, and frankly also a sense of pride, in coming up with ideas no one had before. It has also shown me the frustration that every researcher has to suffer at some point, and the fact that I not only finished the project, but finished it successfully strengthened my resolve to do a Ph.D. Should I be more specific about the project work? We are trying to get it published, but I'm not sure if we will in time. So include specifics? Throughout my Undergraduate career I found myself studying the same things again and again. Worse even, I still forgot much of what I studied. [DC1] The Causal Inference reading group with Prof. XYZ during my masters showed me how to best retain and cope with a huge amount of new knowledge. There I also learnt how to approach new subject matter independently. While there have been academically more rewarding classes, the reading Group has given me a taste of what a Ph.D. would be like, and shown me that I would enjoy doing one. The aim here is to tell them that during my masters I already got a taste of a PhD and decided that I'd like to do it. Because the masters is a "Professional Degree" the commission commitee might ask itself what changed that I wanna do a PhD now, so I'm trying to adress that point here. Do you think I should adress it more explicitly? The reading group and the causal inference class I took in Berkeley showed me the relevance of applied statistics for their respective fields and taught me how important proper statistical education is for most researchers. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and would love to work in this area. Professor XYZ and ABC have been inspiring teachers and conduct research in areas that I would love to immerse myself in. A unique thing about statistics is that it gives us methods to draw conclusions about data. Especially if we are able to draw causal conclusions those conclusions can change lives. Here I wanna talk about causal inference, that I liked and would love to do more about it. Do you think that's not explicit enough? I am wary about committing myself prematurely to a specific topic of research, but am very excited about Causal Inference and would love to make my own small contribution to the advancement of the field. What makes Causal Inference special is that advancements have immediate and real impact on a wealth of studies and their results The cross-section and cooperation between Statistics, Biostatistics and Public Health in DOTDOTDOT (don't worry, it's not a generic statment) make it an ideal environment for me to develop my interests and foster fruitful discussions. There's also a last sentence, that's too personal for me to post. I can PM it to anyone interested. Also, feel free to correct any spelling mistakes, I'm not from the states so a couple of them might have gotten in there. Thanks, Dario
  14. Hi, if someone is willing to review my SOP, please let me know. I will PM my SOP. Thanks! (:
  15. Hello, all! I'm a first gen college grad (graduated several years ago) who is looking for advice on applying to Ph.D. programs. I'll try to ask specific questions, but I want to give you some background info first. [FWIW, this isn't a "what are my chances" post. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ] Undergrad: State School, B.A. History, summa cum laude Activities included research assistantship, TA position, club president, study abroad, thesis Grad School: Large private, terminal degree, 3.6 GPA Activities: TA positions, grad assistant, no thesis GRE (super old): 660v, 650q (~164v, 151q) Work Experience: 7 years in higher ed (staff) at small liberal arts colleges with some teaching experience Goals: -Pursue a Ph.D. to research cultural/historical trends in higher education -Gain teaching position and/or a high-level administrative position. I have a solid background with admission and retention as well as ed tech implementations, which will be valuable in the higher ed space in the coming years (I think). Questions: 1. My big question: I've been out of school for almost eight years. How do I make the case that I can perform compelling research? 2. Is my master's GPA low enough that I should comment on it in my personal statement? (There were four deaths of close family that year, including an immediate family member.) 3. Between you and me, I mentioned being first gen in this post because I don't have a lot of personal resources or family support for going back to school. I don't think it's going to be relevant in a SOP, though. Thoughts?
  16. My GRE score is 166Q and 154V. My Undergrad CGPA is 3.77/4.00 and have 3 years industry experience. Can anyone please share from their experience what are the things virginia tech looks for in an individual that I should highlight in my SOP. I intend to apply in Fall 18.
  17. Hi! I would like to seek advice on how to improve further my Statement of Purpose (SOP) to be submitted to the University of Canberra. I am from the Philippines and I would like to pursue a Master of Strategic Communication in Australia.I have read multiple blogs on how to write an SOP, but I would like to know on what would be the best approach.Also, here are the key points the agency mentioned that must be included in my SOP:- Your personal, academic, and employment circumstance in the Philippines;- Your reason/s for choosing to study in Australia rather than in your home country;- Your reason/s for choosing the education provider (school);- Your reason/s for choosing to study the program (course);- The relevance of this program/course to your educational and/or professional background;- The relevance of completing this study to your future career plans in your home country, including prospect employer and remuneration;- Your travel and visa applications history in Australia and other countries;- Your potential circumstance once you arrived in Australia, including your accommodation arrangement, researched knowledge of the state/city, basic living expenses, and source of funds -discuss sponsorship of family member/sYour help is highly appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------ I pursued journalism knowing that was where I was good at. But with the dangers that journalists face in the Philippines, I welcomed the idea of doing communication in a corporate setting. That desire, however, took a backseat when I was hired as a customer service associate for a real estate company. After two years, I decided to pursue my original goal.I took up an online certificate course on Corporate Communication to know the basics of concepts such as strategic corporate communication planning, employee communication, publicity and media relations, and crisis communication. It was a stepping stone for soon pursuing a related master's degree and landing my present job, which is into Marketing Communications.The Marketing Communications department in SEAOIL is divided into two based on media – digital and traditional. I am the sole Marketing Communications Officer and my main focus is internal communications, in which I used digital and traditional communication channels to inform and engage employees. Since I am the only Marketing Communications Officer, I also have become exposed to content conceptualization and strategy development for changes in branding of the company. This made me discover my talents along the way. I realized my talents in planning and conceptualizing – that by earning a master's degree in Strategic Communication would develop these talents and help me further contribute, assess and direct the communication direction of the company. In addition, I choose to study to be a Master of Strategic Communication in the University of Canberra because of its holistic curriculum. Some of the units are Strategic Communication Planning, Risk Communication, Issues Analysis and Management. In addition, I will have the opportunity to increase my knowledge on some units in Marketing Communication. Contrary to the Philippines, pursuing further studies in Communication focuses either solely on Media and Sales and Marketing.I will be funding my own study in Australia as I do not have any relatives to finance my studies in Australia. My parents are about to retire, leaving my sister and I to care for ourselves.In regards to my travel history and visa application to other countries, I have travelled to Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As of this writing, I have also been granted a visa to travel to South Korea. It will remain valid until September 2017. My sister and I will be travelling to South Korea on July 4 and will be returning to the Philippines on July 12.
  18. I'm midway through the application process for an M.Ed, and I'm shocked at how patronizing this particular school's process has been. My personal admissions counselor drips out one piece of the application per 1-2 weeks, with an accompanying 60 minute phone call. I'm 37 years old. This feels childish. The statement of purpose guidelines looked like Mad Libs for a 10 year old - it included how many paragraphs the essay must be, and what each sentence of each paragraph should say. I used them as a general guideline but wrote a "real" essay about my purpose, my experience (because it's nontraditional and bears context), and why I am so incredibly enthusiastic about the program, and the feedback was "I love it...but chuck this and just follow the guide." She told me to take out everything about my own past other than "my degree is in X and my GPA was X" and to make most of the essay about how awesome this University is - name professors and courses and discuss how great they must be. I had to actually ask her "to what extent am I describing 'fit' versus just stroking their egos?" The answer wasn't awesome. And this SOP is coming to them accompanied by my resume and transcript, obviously, so it's fairly pointless besides the requisite fawning. Now one of my letters of recommendation has been rejected because it was written by a college professor (who himself holds multiple graduate degrees including an M.Ed) who wrote an incredible letter saying that he has taken lessons from me over the years and it has improved his teaching tremendously. She sent him a snarky response saying that they don't care to hear from anyone who I've taught (imagine that, for an M.Ed), but only from people who have been my manager, supervisor, etc. at work. She referred him back to the guidelines, which don't prohibit this at all, and in fact recommend that "ideally" the letter come from an expert in the field...which he is. I texted her and asked for clarification, and whether there's a process for requesting an exemption. She doubled down on the former and hasn't yet responded to the latter. There's a growing sense of absurdity to this whole affair - who would imagine graduate school admissions to be so patronizing and pedantic? I'm losing heart and thinking that maybe this school isn't for me. Should I bail on this program? Is this what everyplace is like now? Am I the one in the wrong? Do I just have a bad admissions counselor?
  19. I will PM it to you, anyone with spare time to give a final thought on my SOP please hit me up.
  20. I have a slightly complicated question, but it revolves around framing my SOP for PhD programs. I am interested in so many different areas of criminal justice and criminology. I seem to be uncovering more and more areas that interest me. For instance, i just discovered that "wildlife crime" is an area of CJ research! That is very exciting to me. I still, however, have many more interests (biosocial crim, lifecourse crim, mental illness in prisons, etc). So my question is this - how do you frame your SOP when you have quite a few areas of interest? For example, would i address my interests in lifecourse crim and violence to UMD and then address my interest in wildlife crime and crime mapping for Rutgers? I guess a simpler way of putting it is this - should i be tailoring my SOP to the faculty at that particular school? Also, how do you explain all of this to your professors who are writing your letter of recommendation? Do you just tell them you have "various research interests" and list off a few of them? I don't want to seem like i can't make up my mind about what i want to research. I'm just passionate about many different things. Thanks all!
  21. Hello folks, I have put together a statement of purpose for my MBA. I am short on time and wrote this down in a hurry. I have penned it in a different way than usual and hence it would be great to receive some feedback on the same. Let me know if anybody can help me with it. Also, I can review your letters for you. Have uploaded the doc on my drive. Follow the link to read it. You can also comment in the doc itself. Statement of Purpose -
  22. After the deadline, I happen to notice there's a typo in my SOP. "since at that time the size of each pixel was much smaller than the target and could out represent the whole space the target occupied anymore" What I wanted to say is could not represent. How serious is this typo? would it make this sentence unable to understand? Should I do something about it? I'm so frustrated right now.
  23. Hi guys, I have received nothing but rejections this year with my sop. If you are willing to help me with it, I can send it to you through PM. Thanks in advance
  24. Hey All, I was wondering if someone could read my SOP and give me feedback ? send me your email to send the sop Thanks
  25. I'm applying for an internship to study a master's in a U.S. university to specialize in graphics programming and simulation. I'm from Spain, and they rate the SoP from 1 to 8. If I don't get 8 points I get disqualified because of the competitivity and low total number of granted internships. I will share this statement with my professors too but I would really appreciate some help online. Please have a look and tell me if it is boring, or if you honestly like it. The maximum length is 3 pages, so If you find any useless and generic area I will delete it. All criticism is welcomed. I've already been told that my Universities section is weak, that I need to say something special about each one. What do you think about that? Btw, the link in the document is not available yet. Thanks in advance.