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Found 10 results

  1. Hello!! Does anyone have any experience writing motivational statements for Dutch universities? I'm an American applying for a Masters at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and I'd really appreciate anyone who can give it a look-over and offer some advice I might have missed. I've never applied for an international university so I have no real way of knowing if I'm approaching it the right way. Thank you so much, and good luck all!!
  2. I had recently submitted my SOPHAS application. A couple weeks ago, I made the request for my transcripts to be be sent from an institution, but it is taking a while for the registrar to process the information. Additionally, I had ordered my GRE scores, but I have no guarantee they will make it in time for my December 1st deadlines. My question is, how do departments evaluate SOPHAS material that come in later? Will I be penalized for the delay in the getting some of the supporting documents in, or am I ok so long as it has been postmarked before the deadline? My SOPHAS applications are showing as received but no verification yet. I'm assuming it would only happen on a business day. I have never used SOPHAS before, so this has been quite hectic for me.
  3. I’m in the process of applying to three MPH programs: Emory, Georgia southern and university of Arizona for heath behaviors. I just took the GRE for the second time and I got a 151 V and 141 Q ? (quant this time around was the same as last). However my GPA was a 3.5 and I have some work experience. How bad will this horrible quant score affect me?? Or should I try for a third go around?
  4. UGH! Is anyone else hating SOPHAS hard right now? I had a priority/early deadline of Dec 1., but because they are so tragically slow to process transcripts, I am STILL waiting for them to mail the application. I will miss the early batch deadline because a robot website made me late! Ridiculous!
  5. Hi! To those who used the transcript service, how long did SOPHAS take to complete your coursework? Does it really take 10 days? Today is the 9th day and my coursework still hasn't been completed. I'm hoping that something didn't go wrong. Please let me know what you experienced when using this service. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey all, I am applying in fall 2017 for a PhD program in Epidemiology to a couple of institutions. I am aware that PH schools in the US use (prefer) the centralized application portal, SOPHAS. I am an international applicant attending graduate school in Europe, and applying as an international student requires more time and financial resources, with additional tests such as TOEFL and transcript evaluations via WES (requiring approximately $200). I know some schools have their own internal applications systems for SPH applicants (e.g Berkeley), while others (e,g Rutgers) only accept applications through SOPHAS. And there comes the fees for SOPHAS ($135 for the first school and $50 for every additional applications). :-( So, come September, which one would be the best option to pursue? A SOPHAS application or a direct application to the schools? Is SOPHAS really worth it, considering I am applying to a PhD? Would applying to individual schools be a better option? Any advice immensely appreciated :-)
  7. They lost THREE of mine and made me re-send them so now my app for one of my schools is super late. No idea what to do either -- would they still have sent the rest to the school since I submitted my portion before the deadline? Really don't want to contact customer service again because they were supremely unhelpful the last time I called...
  8. Hi, PLEASE tell me it's going to be okay...or tell me I'm screwed. Either way I'm freaking out right now. So I submitted all my documents through SOPHAS in the middle of November, paid and got all my LOR in etc. The only thing I noticed TODAY (mid-Feb) was that I didn't click 'yes' or 'verify' because I purchased the professional transcript entry. I emailed SOPHAS in the past month to see what was taking my application so long, and I was just notified today that this was the cause. Am I screwed? I submitted everything else, even mailed them the hard copy of my transcript from my college. What can I do? Please!!!
  9. I applied to four PhD Epidemiology programs for Fall 16. This week my current school accepted me to stay for a PhD, I got an interview with (I suspect) my potential advisor at a big name in my field, and I heard from another school I've been very interested in for years that they can't review my application because it was never finished. As far as I knew, I submitted it in time for the priority deadline months ago. Like many schools of public health, this place uses an external common app called SOPHAS. After some digging I found that SOPHAS either lost or never received *one* transcript so they never verified my whole app. I have proof that this transcript was sent to them. Obviously it was my responsibility to make sure they verified my app, but the thing is, I thought I did. The whole site was redesigned recently as a set of dashboards that are supposed to tell you about the status of all your programs, materials, etc., and I checked it regularly and used it for other apps. My program list said my app was complete and this information was buried elsewhere. The site claims to alert users of upcoming deadlines. I contacted both the school and SOPHAS. SOPHAS sent what sounded like a form email only ruder. But the school was lovely, and the coordinator even offered to have their staff bother SOPHAS and advocate for me with the faculty. Part of me wants to pursue it because I'm in the right (or at least 80% in the right), I love this school and almost went there for my MS, and I just think the prudent thing to do is maximize my options before making a decision. On the other hand, I suspect I will already have a big decision to make and I don't want to waste their time when I know now that I may not go. I'm interested in what others would do in this situation. Have others even been successful if their materials were lost? Am I just getting greedy? Thank you!
  10. Hey everyone! I know this may be a repetitive question, but this morning I just submitted my SOPHAS application to two schools and I wanted to know if the other application factors are stong enough to increase my chances of getting into Georgia State. My stats are: GRE: 145 V, 149 Q, and 3.0 Written (all horrible I know) Undergrad GPA: 3.46 Letters of Recommendation: All are stong and include: one from a Health Promotions professor, one from a mentor who works at the CDC, and one from my supervisor/internship coordinator of a local public health department. My major is Integrative Studies - concentrating in Exercise Science/Kinesiology and Psychology with a minor in Health Promotions. The most experience I have had was completing an internship with a local public health department that was geared to underserved populations. I work as a front office medical assistant and have worked at preschool for low-economic populations. Georgia State's requirements are: 2.75 GPA, GRE scores within the 50th percentle but anything under 280 combined are unlikely to be considered, three LOR, and a letter of interest. Am I good? I know it's too late now that I submitted my app, but wanted some feedback to rid the anxiety lol.
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