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Found 11 results

  1. I'm considering applying to some Canadian universities for a Master of Science (Applied) in "Speech and Language Pathology" to start September of 2021. I noticed a thread hadn't been started up yet. 👋 😷 📚
  2. Does anyone go to Columbia’s bilingual institute? Or have/know any information on it? How do you like it? How is the workload?
  3. Hey everyone! I am a BCBA and will be starting the SLP leveling program at the University of St. Augustine in the Fall of 2020. Any other BCBA's or people who have worked in ABA out there who have taken either the leveling courses or started their Master's at USAHS? Would love some info/advice! VERY excited to start this journey!!!
  4. We should be hearing from ENMU soon! I saw their facebook page said they are sending out acceptance letter by the end of today, and waitlists by Monday. Good luck, everyone waiting on this school!
  5. Hello, gradcafe! I am making a difficult decision. For my SLP master's I must choose between Rush and Northwestern. Rush is $40,000 cheaper than Northwestern, which begs the question, is Northwestern worth 40K more? Will I have a higher earning potential if I go to Northwestern? Is it that much better of a program? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you:) C
  6. For those of you who applied and have not received anything back from WKU yet (acceptance or rejection), here is an email I just got back from the school: "If you haven’t heard anything yet, it does mean that you are on a waitlist. We will send everyone an email at the end once the cohorts are full. No, unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell anyone where they are on the ranked waiting list, per the faculty’s request. We are sending out another acceptance for each decline we get, so I don’t have any specific dates to give anyone yet at this point." If you got accepted here and don't plan to attend, please let them know when you can! This is one of my top choice schools, and I'm pretty sure it is for others as well!
  7. Does anyone know where to find a comprehensive list of schools that offer spring admission and not just fall? Preferably online schools. I checked ASHA, and they have a list of online programs, but not ones for spring admission. I'm preparing myself in case my applications for this fall don't work out, also I figured others could benefit from a list like this
  8. So I just got back my official GRE scores, and I'm a little unsure of whether or not I'm content with them. I received a 147 on Q, 157 on V, and a 5.0 on AW. I was wondering, do you think these warrant a retake? I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I'm unsure of whether or not I want to retake solely for the purpose of raising my quantitative score. In addition to these, I have a 3.91 SLP major GPA, and a 3.94 overall GPA, lots of volunteer service in a school settings, volunteer service in a stroke clinic working with grad students, involvement in extracurriculars and e-board positions on various clubs, including NSSLHA, and shadows with an early intervention SLP and an inpatient rehab SLP. My top school is Southern CT State University. But I'm also interested in Uconn, Iowa State, SCSU. Really I'm just looking for some reassurance. I'm a bit stressed with the application process for grad school! Would really appreciate some extra input on my scores. Thank you
  9. Hellllllloo, so I have a somewhat choppy and unique academic records and would appreciate some opinions, or your own experiences. So I attended a four year straight out of college and completed over 120 units and received a 3.5 GPA overall and a 3.8 Major then the year after college I was lost and enrolled in a local CC and did poorly earned about 30 units with two repeats and a 2.27 (they were not CSD related classes, they were basic hard science classes, and one algebra two college course I took back in high school) This last year I have been in a post bacc SLP program and have a 3.85 thus far Now two schools are not CSDCAS but the rest are and basically my question is I know that all of these GPAs will be blended, which is unfortunate in my case because I feel like my CC classes were basically an experimental phase that I didnt use for much, but my undergrad GPA will still be represented by itself correct? I feel like my undergrad is decently strong, and my post bacc has thus far been strong, but my time at the JC was just...lost. Do you think schools will look at all these experiences desperately or just my CSDCAS GPA. Is all lost basically haha. I calculated a "worst possible scenario" CSDCAS GPA and that was about a 3.13 which i feel doesn't represent me as a student at all.
  10. JoHarrison


    Hey guys!! I called FAU yesterday asking for an updated status on my application. Since I just moved due to getting married, some of my mail has gone missing. I was curious if they mailed anything and I missed it. Based on what they told me, some letters of acceptance have been sent out. The lady on the phone told me based on those replies they would send out more letters within 2 weeks. Has anyone received notice yet?? I got in to FIU's program but I think I'm leaning more towards FAU due to distance. If I get in anyways!
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