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Found 27 results

  1. Hi! I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and am now in AmeriCorps. I'm looking to pursue a Master's in speech-language pathology/communication sciences and disorders next fall. There is only one official grad program for this field covered by Coverdell (Bowling Green State of Ohio), but I'm here to see if any other RPCVs pursuing SLP found significant financial support at their grad schools. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone! So I'm currently completing my pre requisite courses to gain entrance into a SLP masters programs in my state. I graduated with a 2.57 GPA and it seems as though so far its all 3.0 GPA cut off. I'm completing 11 courses from USU that will transfer to these programs. So far I've gotten B+, while working full time and taking care of family during these moments. I wanted to write this and hear from others out there who have been in similar situations and what you decided to do. I am willing to put in the work to reach the criteria but is it a realistic goal for me to have? Did it work out for anyone out there? I am committed to becoming an SLP but I am also realistic. Thanks guys,
  3. My BA is in linguistics, so I'm trying to gain information on what kind of prerequisites I need in order to apply to a master's program in speech language pathology. Each school's individual requirements are pretty straightforward but, so far, every school has given me a different answer as to what exactly the ASHA requirements are. In terms of the general prerequisites (social science, statistics, sciences, etc) I'm good to go. However in terms of the SPA courses, some schools are telling me that Intro to Hearing Sciences (or similar) is an ASHA requirement but some schools are telling me that I don't need it, which obviously doesn't make sense because if it's an ASHA requirement, shouldn't all schools require it? Besides coursework, are there any other requirements besides 25 hours of clinical observation? I'm trying to figure out everything on my own and since every program is giving me different answers as to what is and is not required, I'm afraid I will find out too late that I am missing something and not have enough time to complete it before the program starts. (I am aiming for an August 2021 start date and am starting my prerequisite coursework this fall) I would so appreciate any information or tips, and to speak with someone who went into SLP from an out-of-field BA. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know of any Speech Language Pathology graduate programs that are waiving the GRE for 2020-2021 due to the coronavirus? Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during the current health pandemic. For those of you who recently graduated or are expecting to graduate soon, did you complete your medical externship through teletherapy? If so which teletherapy companies are open to students?
  6. Hi! I was just accepted into my top program for grad school, and I was so excited, but now I'm scared. I do not feel that my undergrad prepared me at all. I don't feel ready. I feel like undergrad was just memorizing the info to get an A on the exam and tossing it out of my head. I can't help but feel like I'm not good enough or feel like I know absolutely nothing. Does anyone else feel this way? Is it normal?
  7. Hello everyone! I began writing practice GRE essays to improve my score and familiarize myself with the format and expectations of the AWA section. Can anyone read my sample essay and attempt to grade it? if not, then advice will suffice. I will include the sample prompt and my response below. Thanks in advance! The emergence of the online “blogosphere” and social media has significantly weakened the quality of political discourse in the United States. Reason: When anyone can publish political opinions easily, standards for covering news and political topics will inevitably decline. Write a response in which you examine your own position on the statement. Explore the extent to which you either agree or disagree with it, and support your reasoning with evidence and/or examples. Be sure to reflect on ways in which the statement might or might not be true, and how this informs your thinking on the subject. Anyone, regardless of political party and qualifications, should have the freedom to write their own political opinions on the internet and social media. The argument claims that the emergence of social media and blogging has weakened the quality of political discourse in America and has led to a decline in standards for covering news and political topics. I disagree with this statement. First, social media and blogging had led to an increase in resources and a diverse range of topics and opinions. Having different sources does not cause a decline in standards. The standards should not come from only a limited number of individuals and corporations. By doing so, the people are not able to see more than one side of a story. The quality of political discourse improves if bloggers and social media users are able to report news and write about political topics. Second, it is confirmed that media companies and newspapers are strongly influenced by political parties. For example, television news networks such as CNN and Fox News report on news and politics in vastly different ways. During the 2016 Presidential election, many news anchors reported that Hilary Clinton would easily win the election based on their polls and surveys. Fox News reported in support of Mr. Trump and displayed their survey in polls, indicating that he could win. These are two examples how much power a political party can have over a news company. Companies that publish a news article that is influenced by or is biased towards one party that turns out to be ultimately false and the motive was political gain. This weakens the standards of journalism. In journalism, one is taught to deliver news in a non-biased, neutral fashion. One must not report to support a political agenda as it becomes corrupt. Having a supportive stance on neutrality among bloggers and social media users strengthens the quality and standards of reporting the news. Having a variety of sources in news due to bloggers and social media improves the standards of delivering news to the American people. By limiting who can report on political topics, it weakens the quality of political discourse. Delivering news by the people and for the people is what the USA should be held to a high standard.
  8. My test date is near the end of the month and I'm starting to get anxious. I've been reviewing consistently since January but I'm nervous about I still won't be prepared and my score won't improve. This will be my second attempt. First time was not good at all. My grandmother passed away 2 years and I wasn't mentally ready to go back into studying until a month closer to the day I took it. Studying the first time was not consistent. Had a lot of personal things going on, but I'm in a better place. Encouragement and positive words are much appreciated 🙂
  9. I received an email from NAU's president about COVID and the fall classes starting in the fall. It also said: "As we approach the end of the spring semester, I want to congratulate you again on your admission to NAU and your resiliency in the face of this unprecedented global pandemic." l have not received anything from them about admission or denial yet so I'm wondering if they sent that to everyone or only to the people the admitted. Did anyone else get that email who is waiting for a response?
  10. I still have not heard back from Western Kentucky University. I emailed last week and the lady in charge of the office said that they've been notifying students for several weeks and giving them a week to accept or deny. By the way the email was worded, it seems like they are reaching out to students one at a time instead of as a group. I know things are different given the COVID-19 but is there still hope I could hear back or has anyone else heard/haven't heard back yet?
  11. Has anyone heard anything from Iona yet? Also if anyone knows anything about this program I'd love to hear about it! Thanks!
  12. Hi! I'm wondering if anyone received a confirmation email after they submitted the school specific application? I just applied to the fall 2020 cohort for the Speech Language Pathology Masters program but I can't remember if I applied to the school specific one of not and so I'm starting to freak out because I never received a confirmation that my application was submitted...
  13. Hey all. I was wondering if any graduate students have had any luck with finding outside scholarships? Or know of any good places to apply to? I have tried sites like fastweb and scholarships.com but never get any of the big ones I have applied to. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try to find some kind of funding out there given my hefty tuition bill lol.
  14. Just wondering what people have heard about CBU's program. Any insight is helpful! thank you!!
  15. With the visit day canceled, I'm super upset that I won't get to go and get to know the program better. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the program, especially if you are a current student :)
  16. Hi everyone! I just found out I was accepted to Abilene Christian University (Abilene Campus) for the fall of 2020! I'm so excited! However I'm from New England and don't know much about this program. If anyone knows anything about it please let me know! Some of the things I'm wondering: -best/safest places to live -I heard there is a dress code? -Should you be a Christian to attend this program and how much do they incorporate that into their program? Thank you in advance!!
  17. I am graduating this May with my bachelor’s in speech pathology, and I just recently visited TTUHSC. I drive 5 hours to get there and didn’t get to talk to a grad student or professor. I don’t really know how I feel about the program because I only talked to an academic advisor. Does anyone know a current grad student that can help me out with program specific questions?
  18. Has anyone heard ANYTHING from BSU??? I know that they require a personal interview, but I've been scavenging through grad cafe and cannot find a single response about interview dates/invitations. Getting nervous as I have heard 0 back from them and have seen that in the past people have already received admissions decisions by this time of the year.
  19. Hi all, I am currently in the midst of waiting to hear back from graduate school admissions! In the meantime I have been trying to educate myself about the process from being a graduate student to being a clinician. I just have one pretty generally question which is: Do you graduate with your masters before or after completing the clinical fellowship year (specifically in Florida)? Just curious. From my understanding, the clinical fellowship year is required to get your CCC, but is it also required to receive your masters in Speech-Language Pathology? Thanks!
  20. Hi! I just got an email to interview at the University of Louisville and I was wondering if anyone has experience interviewing there? I was also wondering if anyone had advice on interviews in general and how to best prepare? Thanks!
  21. Im in my 2nd semester of Speech Pathology grad school/program and already looking into internship sites for my last semester. I am trying to go into Medical Speech Path. or Early Intervention but both fields are incredibly competitive when it comes to applying for internships. What can I do now to make me look more competitive? Im obviously aiming for high grades and im doing fine so far and im writing a thesis on a medical speech path topic (and im bilingual so I guess thats a plus too) Is there anything more I can do? I cant really officially "do" observations anymore since they dont count towards my hours and I cant really show any proof I took initiative for that... ANY ideas would help (from anyone with advice applying to competitive internships!!!)
  22. Hi, I'm new to gradcafe so if this question has been asked a lot before, my apologies, I didn't see it. A few days ago I was accepted into Emerson College's online Speech Pathology program (Sept 2019 cohort), and I was told that I'd need to pay my intent to enroll deposit within 2 weeks to secure my spot. I didn't expect the fee to be due so soon since they have both a January and May cohort as well. My top choice program is Temple University, and I will not hear back until March. Emerson's deposit is $400 and while money is tight, I'd be willing to pay the fee to secure my spot in the event that I do not get accepted into Temple. Is this a bad idea?
  23. Hi! Which schools did you apply to and what were your stats? Acceptance or rejection? (looking for mostly california programs) thanks!
  24. Hello, Has anyone made the decision to attend Nova Southeastern University SLP program for winter 2020? Anyone going to the orientation in December? Anyone from California? 🙂
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