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Found 125 results

  1. Do I have a chance?

    I keep reading on this forum about students who have 3.7-4.0 GPA's and they're either having trouble getting in or easily get accepted and it's giving me some anxiety because on both my undergrad and post-bac I have a GPA of around 3.4-3.5 I've done a lot of volunteer/observations in medical settings, public schools and private practice ranging from pediatrics to adults. But I'm not sure if that's even enough... Most of my LOR are coming from professionals who I worked with since I rarely connected with any professors from my online post-bac. I haven't taken the GRE yet because I'm debating if I only want to apply to schools that don't require the GRE. Should I even apply when I have a huge chance of getting rejected? Or just move on into being an SLPA? Feels frustrating because in such a competitive field, I wish they can see some people who are truly passionate about being an SLP.
  2. Hello everyone! I am applying for the Fall 2018 semester to a Master's program for speech-language pathology. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has any information on these programs. Likes/dislikes, tuition, acceptance, thoughts...anything at all. Thank you in advance! NJ: Montclair State University William Paterson University Kean University Seton Hall University Stockton University Monmouth University NY: Mercy College New York Medical College Iona College (developing program) Touro College Teacher's College CT: Sacred Heart University (developing program) University of Connecticut FL: Florida International University NOVA Southeastern University University of Central Florida
  3. Michigan SLP grad programs?

    Has anyone gotten into or applied to any grad schools in Michigan? If so I'd love to hear details on specific schools and what your stats were that either got you in or rejected. I'm primarily interested in Michigan State, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Grand Valley State, and Wayne State. I was previously interested in Eastern Michigan but their website says they're currently on ASHA probation so now I'm probably going to skip applying there. Any insight is much appreciated!
  4. It just started up last year and there are four courses listed (intro to language science, phonetics, hearing science, and anatomy and physiology of speech). The coordinator says to hope to open up all the classes within the next year as long as demands are met. You can take whichever courses you need as long as they are available They are 8-week long online courses. SDSU's graduate program (not to be confused with the essentials) is known to be #1 in California and #24 in the nation. It doesn't require application, but it doesn't guarantee acceptance into their graduate program. I'm not quite sure if I should do the essentials program or just apply for postbacc program. My GPA isn't the highest, so this seems like a good option, but I don't know when all the classes will be available... and I don't know if all the classes that will become available will fulfill the prerequisites and/or qualifications for other graduate programs. I have at least three possible choices: 1. Keep applying to Post-baccs. 2. Take courses through SDSU SLP Essentials and hope they'll offer all the courses. If they do, eventually apply for graduate school. 3. Take courses through SDSU SLP Essentials and continue to apply for postbaccs. (In this situation, will the classes I already took be taken off of the list that I need to take in the postbacc?) Please let me know what opinions you have on my situation. If you have any suggestions, or if you would like to share your own experiences, I'd be happy to read them. Thanks! Click here for information on the SDSU SLP Essentials Program
  5. LOR help!!

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble deciding who I should ask for my 3rd LOR. My first will be a CSD professor I volunteered with, and the second is an SLP I volunteered with at a clinic. I know that another professor would be the best option, however I did not get to know my professors well. I worked in a special education classroom for a year doing ABA so I was thinking of asking the special education teacher because she knows me very well. So my options are to ask her or ask a professor whose letter may not be as well written. I also have another SLP I volunteered with in mind but I was thinking it would be best to vary my letters. What do you guys think?
  6. Hi all! So I'm looking into applying to a NYC school that's online, but I live in California. I know that programs and licensing requirements are different in each state. But is it possible to get your master's in NYC and get certified in California? I was so sure that you can get your master's anywhere and just take the Praxis/boards in the state you want to work at. I don't want to waste my time applying to NYC, only to find out that the requirements aren't the same for California and I'd have to start my life all over in NY.... Anyone have any knowledge on this?
  7. Hi all,I created a Facebook group for Speech-Language Pathologists Of Color. If you identify as a person of color (POC) please add yourself! If you know anyone else in the field who identifies as a POC, please spread the word to them as well. The dream is to have a support system for POC SLPs reach widely as we are underrepresented in the field. Best, Alejandro
  8. Program Advice

    Hello everyone! I am applying for the Fall 2018 semester to a Master's program for speech-language pathology. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has any information on these programs. Thank you in advance! NJ: Montclair State University William Paterson University Kean University Seton Hall University Stockton University Monmouth University NY: Mercy College New York Medical College Iona College (developing program) Touro College Teacher's College CT: Sacred Heart University (developing program) University of Connecticut FL: Florida International University NOVA Southeastern University University of Central Florida
  9. Is there anywhere online that provides a comprehensive list of extended masters programs for SLP? I tried to google, but all I could find was SJSU, but I'm not even sure if this program is still offered in 2017. If there's no list, can anyone name all the extended masters programs they know in or near California? I really want to be close to home. Also, would I have a lower chance of getting accepted into an extended masters program if I have no prereqs completed at all? I've taken several linguistics and brain classes, but I'm not too sure they're exactly in line with what the SLP programs are looking for. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello all! Here's the deal: I graduate from the University of Montevallo in May 2018. I'm the former secretary and current VP of NSSLHA. I've done qualitative research in the area of aphasia as primary investigator, and am positive I will be able to get above average recommendation letters from professors. BUT, my GPA is on the low end. I took dual enrollment classes in high school and ended up with several B's and a couple of C's. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life then, and of course had no idea how competitive SLP programs are. Assuming I get all A's this fall, my GPA will end up being a 3.56. My current GRE score is 294 and 3.5 writing. I'm retaking it in the beginning of November. I'm applying to severallllll schools in the southeast. My top choices are University of Tennessee, University of Memphis, East Tennessee State University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (long shot, I know, but many of their faculty have done research in aphasia and I thought I might have a chance considering my background.) What kind of chances do I have? Any advice as far as personal statements, recommendation letters, etc would be much appreciated!
  11. I am reapplying for grad programs for summer and fall 2018. I graduated with my bachelors in fall 2017 and recently was forced to leave a graduate program because of my grades. Would my chances of reapplying be damaged or hindered if it mentioned that I was at another school? I'm asking because I'm having little luck in finding someone to write me a letter of recommendation and my options may have to be with the professors and supervisors I worked with in the last graduate program. I'm afraid it would lead to schools viewing me as an unsuitable candidate, but I think I had a good relation with my professors in grad school despite the ending of it.
  12. Hi guys. I'm currently entering into my 4th week of grad school and I'm really struggling. I have 2 clients and 1 group and writing lesson plans, making PowerPoints, and writing SOAP notes for this takes a majority of my time. I have no time to do the readings for my classes and study for exams. I have an exam today that I'm probably going to fail because I did t have time to study for it. I feel very discouraged and honestly want to quit. To add to that I'm a teaching assistant and clinic assistant. Does anyone have any advice on how to do all these things with such a limited amount of time?
  13. Hey guys, so I'm applying to these two schools but was wondering if any one who has been accepted/gone here for undergrad/is going to these schools now could give me a heads up on financial aid these schools offer for graduate students. From what I've read on the website, SJSU offers a few different grants specifically for SLP grads, but I was wondering how competitive these grants are, and when you apply for them (before or after admission to the program, specifically). Fresno is super freaking vague about what grants, if any, are offered for grad students. From their financial aid website all I can really see is that they offer some specific grants for students that have to complete internships during the program and that you can apply for other scholarships/grants, but you need a FresnoStateID in order to even access the application. Their webpage for the speech pathology program doesn't even really mention anything other than, of course, to check out their financial aid page...which obviously is very helpful. If you guys could offer me any more information on these programs (especially Fresno State), I'd really appreciate it! If I can't find any I'm probably going to email admissions but I'm worried I'll get a vague response that doesn't really offer any help Thanks!!
  14. I read on the University of West Georgia's program page that all three letters of reccs. must come from professors/ academia. I graduated, and I can count on 2 professors to write my letter of recc. ( not sure about the third due to not hearing back from her). I've attended the open house for other programs, and when asked about using a Speech- Language pathologist for the third letter of recc., the program director said that it was acceptable ( as long as two letters of recc were from academia). Can anyone currently in the program verify this? Are there any CSD pre-reqs. that must be completed prior to applying to Nova's online program?
  15. Hello, I have a huge dilemma that I have to figure out. A professor who had informed me earlier in the summer that she would write a letter of recommendation for me changed her mind because she said she has a huge load this coming semester as in she is teaching 15 units, working her currrent job as a SLP and helping her daughter with her wedding stuff for her wedding in January. I am reapplying for Spring and Summer 2018 and she would not have a write a new letter for me. I informed her about this but she still said no. So now I am stuck. I just need her as I already have 2 others who said yes. I have to find someone else and quick. I have one other professor in mind but I got a B in her class. So does the grade matter when asking a professor for a LOR? Or should I just ask professors that I got A's in their class? And do the LORs to be from Communication Disorders professors only? I received an A in a developmental psychology class which fulfills one of the pre-requisites that some schools are asking for. Thank you
  16. This question may be kind of strange, but what was the dress code at your grad schools? I'm nervous I'm not gonna have enough "clinic" clothes but I also don't want to break the bank. Good quality professional clothes is so expensive. I bought a couple of tops and slacks but I don't know if it's enough. Thank you!
  17. Practice GRE Exams

    Hi everyone! Like everyone else, I'm stressing out about taking the GRE. I just got finished taking a practice gre test from Kaplan. Can anyone tell me if these practice tests are a good measure of what the actual GRE exam will be like? Obviously, I understand they're not the complete same, but just wondering if the exam questions used in practice tests are a good measure of the kinds of questions you'll see on the actual exam. Thanks in advance!
  18. Does anyone know of SLP graduate programs that require an interview during the application process? It can be in person/phone/video chat. I only know of a few so far.
  19. Help a girl out here, y'all. I've been set on taking a gap year before applying for grad school. Most of my classmates are applying this Fall and during this whole summer I've been watching them freak out over their apps, GREs, etc. and I'm just here not worrying about it since I'm planning to apply next Fall. I just feel like I am not ready for grad school yet, feel like I haven't done enough to boost my apps or get to know my professors enough, you know? But now, I'm really having second thoughts. I'm super conflicted. I feel like I might miss my chance if I don't apply now. Plus all the other issues like, who am I gonna ask for my letter of recs in a year when I'm not attending school anymore and all that stuff. I freaking doubt you can recycle LoRs (or can you? ) If anyone here is on the same boat, feel free to reply and freak out with me. If anyone here has taken a gap year and got into grad school anyway, please take me as your young Padawan and school me of your ways. If anyone here is totally against a gap year, please enlighten me as to why.
  20. Hi there! I am a senior in undergrad and will be applying to graduate programs this fall, for admission for the Fall 2018 term. I am compiling list of programs, but I'm nervous about my chances, as most of my schools seem to be quite high-powered. Can anyone comment on how I stack up against my target programs? I'm interested in a more medical track, and would like to incorporate my Spanish skills into my career path as well. Here are my stats: GRE: 166 Verbal, 154 Quant, 5.0 AW GPA: 3.97 Double major (B.A. Communication Sci & Disorders, B.A. Spanish) I spent my junior year spring semester abroad in a Spanish immersion program in South America, and am now decently proficient in Spanish 3 years of undergraduate research assistant work in a bilingualism and language acquisition lab NSSLHA member One summer's worth of experience working with individuals with cerebral palsy who use AAC devices Here are the schools: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities University of Colorado, Boulder UW Seattle (both MedSLP and CoreSLP) Portland State University MGH Institue of Health Professions Boston University Emerson College I would also TRULY appreciate feedback if anyone is familiar with any of these programs. Pros and cons? I am a bit overwhelmed by this process and I'm not sure if I'm off to a good start with my selections! Am I a good candidate?
  21. Hello fellows, Does anyone know about bilingual extension program for the master of speech pathology? Some school has bilingual extension while the others don't. I know that in NY one has to have the bilingual license to practice as a bilingual SLP. However, what if I went to a master program that doesn't offer the bilingual extension, what do I do? Do I get it some other school or I could only do bilingual with the school where I obtain the master of SLP?
  22. Laptop Recommendations?

    What kind of computer is everyone getting (or already have) for grad school? I have a Macbook Pro that's four years old, but I'm wondering if I should get a new computer for grad school.
  23. My stats: BS in SLP, M.Ed. Moderate/Severe Disabilities w/ 3.9 GPA for Masters Applying to SLP Grad School for the billionth time. I have had 3 kids in 5 years, so I took some time off, but I am now applying to NOVA's online program; an option I didn't have in years prior. (Or wasn't aware of!) Applied for WINTER 2018; Applications due 8/31 To all who may have previously applied, I have a few questions: Any idea of when admission decisions are sent out? or Interviews scheduled? Any stats on applications vs accepted students? Any further info would be much appreciated! Thanks All!
  24. Hi all, We have received additional funding for scholarships and have opened ten new seats in the YU Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. The SLP masters is one of the few programs in the country specializing in medical speech-pathology. It focuses on neuro-motor communication and swallowing disorders as well as multidisciplinary approaches to diagnosing and managing speech and language cases. Through clinical externships and an individualized capstone project, you will have numerous opportunities to gain practical, hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced faculty mentors. You will benefit from diverse clinical externship opportunities in a range of health-care settings, including top New York City medical institutions such as Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Hospital, as well as specialized medical facilities, early intervention centers, schools, and interdisciplinary and private practice. Highlights: • Collaborative management of medical disorders that affect speech, language, cognition, voice, and swallowing function across the human lifespan • Hands-on experience head and neck endoscopies • Joint faculty and student on research projects, and a customized capstone • Individual mentoring from senior faculty Join us for an Online Information Session Date: Monday, July 10th, 1-2pm RSVP: See our website:
  25. Summer Reading List

    Hello, I've been compiling things to do this summer before starting graduate school and came up with a summer reading list from tons of forum searches etc, you can find it on my blog but I am wondering if anyone had any other good books that they can add or any advice for an incoming grad student to how to further prepare, it would be appreciated. THANKS