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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I have been interested in completing a Masters degree in Speech Language Therapy. I have a passion for helping people and I want to be in a professional/clinical environment. I myself went through speech therapy and I was amazed at the impact that speech disorders have on peoples lives. After completing my sessions, I couldn't believe the difference that just 1-3 sessions with my therapist made on my consciousness and my day-to-day life. I graduate in April from with a BA in Communication from a Canadian university. I realize that Communication is out of the field of Speech so i'm looking for some advice on getting into the competitive masters programs. I plan to take a year to complete the required 5 prerequisite courses that I do not have as well as gain volunteer experience. Also, I'm working diligently to keep my GPA at, or above, the required GPA level. My main concern is that my degree is not related to the field of speech. I have been told that universities often seek people with different academic backgrounds for diversity. Any similar stories or advice would be really beneficial for my knowledge but also for my confidence! Thanks
  2. I'm graduating from UCF in Spring 2017, and looking for Summer/Fall 2017 applications for graduate schools. I've already started the processes and right now am planning to apply for 4 schools- UT-Dallas, UCF, UF, USF (it's so expensive to apply!) My scores/criteria stands as: GPA- 4.0 in last 60 credit hours (working to keep that up until I graduate), 3.53 for all my undergrad credits GRE- 154 verbal, 152 quant, 5 analytical writing I'm part of NSSLHA I have a part-time job teaching color guard and have been actively involved in traveling with drum corps during the summer, so that shows dedication. I have another part-time job at the Rec & Wellness Center on campus as a fitness attendant and I'm part of the Risk Management program through the gym which helps with safety and prevention awareness I volunteer at a daycare which promotes bilingual teaching at a young age in order to expose children to two language (english and spanish in my case) at the same time, and I may become part-time there as a VPK teacher. So although I've not had any direct work in the field or as an SLPA or doing research (not really my top interest), I think I have several things to make me stand out along with competitive scores. I have LoR from a professor who attended and loved my #1 choice for grad school (UT-Dallas) and a few other letters from other professors I enjoyed learning from. Any comments or anything would help, I'm trying to sort out my chances and stuff
  3. Has anyone been accepted to FSU's distance learning program and attending or currently attend? I'd like to hear more about the program and possibly get in touch with other students starting this fall!
  4. Hello everyone, First off any and I mean any help would be useful. I graduated college in 2014 with a degree in Psychology from a state school in California. I have within the last year fallen in love with SLP and decided to pursue that. There are a lot of variables to applying, and its hard discussing it with others because they do not understand the complexity of grad school so forums like these are so helpful because I everyone here gets it. Anyways here is my question I would like to know if anyone has suggestions on where to apply, how realistic my likelihood of getting in is, and what type of program I should try for. Any advice would be appreciated even if it is something I dont want to hear. So my stats are as follow: Undergrad GPA : 3.492 (argh) Major GPA: 3.77 I have taken 5 speech pathology general prereqs at a different university and received a 4.0 GPA I have not taken the GRE's yet. And I have been a TA for Life-Span Development, shadowed a SLP for 80 hours in a hospital setting, as well as volunteered with three different SLPs in different school settings. Ive also worked in a special education classroom as an aide and have a variety of other volunteer experiences I could mention. So my main questions are... Since I have some pre reqs done but for most schools not all should I apply for the 3 year track some schools offer? Would this make me a stronger candidate since I have some classes? Or should I be applying to 2 years and see if I can get in on contingency acceptance and finish those classes? Does online classes VS on campus matter? and where should I apply? I would like to stay in California but I know its competitive so I am pretty much willing to go anywhere at the end of the day. Thank you in advance!!!!
  5. Hi All, I had recently accepted Univeristy of Kentuky, but they sent an email today stating that CAA had placed their accredidation on probation. I guess it means they are still accredited, but have one year to fix all of the errors and get off probation. My question is, how bad is that? Would my degree mean nothing if they lose their accredidation? What is the point of accredidation anyways? is it so we can get licensed? I (sadly) already rejected one of my offers, but still have two others, should I go with another choice for school? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking at CAA website, several good programs such as Northern Arizona and Chapel Hill were recently taken off probation, and it didn't seem to affect their rankings, so how important is accredidation? Any advice would help! I would hate to go to a school just to have it mean nothing becuase they are no longer accredited.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have been accepted to several schools, a couple are close to home, but not highly ranked (#120-140), and the others are out of state, and higher rank (Top 30). How heavily should I weigh school ranking into my decision? Does it really affect job prospects upon graduation or salary? Thanks!
  7. I am interested in going to Germany, Norway, Sweden, France of Finland to study because they have free and top notch education. I would like to get my Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology and already hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I know there are thousands of programs taught in English in those countries. However, I am having trouble finding a Master's program in Speech Language taught in English. Anyone know of any?
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