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Found 13 results

  1. Hey! Was wondering if anyone had advice about a possible career change to SLP. I’m currently a teacher and have my masters in early childhood education and sped my B.S is in an unrelated field. I was considering switching careers to an SLP but I’m struggling with how to go about. I’ve looked up some masters programs that require pre-reqs that I don’t have and I’m iffy about doing a post-bacc online and then having to apply to a full master’s program. Has anyone gone about this route and started over again? Are their programs that include pre-req classes and a master’s program? I’m just looking for general advice and any guidance would be a huge help. Considering flexible programs and full time programs anywhere in the US (Cali would be ideal since I’m from there and can live and home to save $$ but I moved for my master’s and made it work so that’s also an option). Thank you!!
  2. Hi all, I am a senior at Purdue who is about to apply for Graduate School coming up. Here are some of my stats... - overall GPA 3.73, major GPA 3.62 - 2 research projects with professors in autism cluster and slp program - past honor group vice president, PR, and ICR... Best Buddies member, Actress in theatre club - internship last summer with ABA Autism Center For those of you who have applied or who are applying... anything else you recommend so that I am a more competitive candidate? I have yet to take the GRE and am struggling to find SLPs who will let me shadow them. I am applying to Purdue, IU, Indiana State Uni, Ball State, Uni of Cincinnati, and a few in Chicago.
  3. I am a senior currently applying to Masters programs for Speech-Language Pathology. I am having a hard time narrowing down my list of graduate schools. I am from Illinois, and would like to stay local. However, I have heard a lot that the midwest is a very competitive area for Masters programs. Because of this, I am applying to mostly midwest schools but also some random other locations. I think I am a competitive applicant with lots of relevant work/research/volunteering experiences, 157V, 161Q, 4.5W for the GRE, great letters of rec, good resume/personal statement. I think the worst thing I'm offering is my GPA of 3.5 since it's pretty average (I am hoping everything else will help balance me into being a good candidate). How do I narrow down from 11-12 schools to 7 or 8? I do not want to spend all the time and money to apply to so many programs.
  4. Ok so I'm a super n00b so please be nice im not actually a grad student but thought you'd all be a great resource for me. Thank you in advance! So I'm just starting out with pursuing a 2nd Bachelors in Speech Pathology (and will be pursuing my Master's degree soon after), however, I am unsure if I should eventually pursue employment in Home Health or SNF. I'm thinking about pursuing both (if at all possible) but am wanting more information about each field. In all honesty, I am really wanting to know specific differences between these fields (pros and cons of both). Yes, I'll be frank and say that the compensation does somewhat play a role into why I am choosing these fields. I know it isn't "all" about the pay (because you can still make a ton of money and absolutely hate your job/life), however, it just so happens that these would've been the the exact fields (environments and the ages/type of populations) that I would have ideally chosen (elderly/geriatric patients), regardless of the compensation. What is the day-to-day like in either field? Could you please tell me how much recent Masters grads in SLP make right out of grad school? I've seen online that SNF and Home Health could make $75-$80k but I don't know if that's after years of established experience. I've done some research and read from other SLPs that it may be best to work in a hospital environment first (SNF?) rather than pursuing the Home Health straight away, because as a new SLP, it would be recommended to learn from others as much as possible (and to be around other SLPs when I'm first starting out to gain more experience). I also read that in Home Health, I would mainly be on my own, one-on-one with the patients (another appealing aspect about pursuing Home Health). Is it feasible to pursue both fields at the same time? Also, I was told that being a contract SLP doesn't allow you to get benefits. Are most SLP positions in these fields contract, unless you're employed by either a school or a hospital? Thanks so much in advance for reading and for all of your help!
  5. Hello, I would like this to be a forum for you as an applicant, current student, or alumni of any Boston speech-language pathology programs to post your insight, experience, knowledge or advice comparing the schools. I know I am not the only one who applied to more than one school in the Boston area so I would like help on choosing which one to attend! (I have been accepted to MGH and Northeastern) but this can be for all 4 programs! Some questions include.. Why did you choose X program What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic? How are clients paired with students? Do we decide on clinical placement site? Surviving without car? How are classes/workload? challenging but possible? Work life balance? Can you still enjoy boston? Describe typical day?? Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help? Classmate interaction?
  6. I graduated with my undergrad in Speech & Hearing Science from University at Buffalo last Fall (a semester early). I applied to schools last Spring & didn't get in to any (only applied to NY schools in the Long Island/NYC area). I know that I should broaden my horizon, especially since I have lower stats (GPA: 3.3 Major GPA: 3.1 GRE: VR-148, QR- 146, Writing- 3.5), but I don't really know what my next step should be other than to obviously retake my GRE. I retook a Acoustics course online with Utah State this fall because I got a C+ (my lowest grade in my major during undergrad) so I thought that would show effort, but what else is there to do? I have been considering to going into Special Education, specifically because I have worked as a Head Start teacher and a teaching assistant in an elementary school within the past year, if speech doesn't work out. However I don't even know where to begin with finding schools for me or receiving LORs so late in the application season. If anyone has any suggestions or been through this situation please help me out.
  7. Let me know if you guys know of any programs that... -Are less-competitive in general. -Don't require ANY letters of recommendation. -Don't require letters of recommendation be from professors. -Focus more on relevant to the field work and/or volunteer experience (over high GPA/GRE). Distance learning or on-campus, ANYwhere in the USA! Doesn't matter. TIA
  8. Has anyone heard from SJSU or know when we will hear from them?
  9. For anyone attending Bloomsburg in the fall of 2016 for the master of science in speech language pathology program - we made a group to get to know all of our classmates! (: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1605475976446234/
  10. Anyone thinking/are in the dual program for speech pathology? I don't hear much about that path and I'd like some tips. I'd like to know if it's as competitive as the MA program? Do dual programs (or PhD, even) weigh their applicants the same as the MA program? Should I focus more on my GPA, GRE, or research experiences (I've done three poster presentations--one for ASHA)? What's something you recommend or have done to help your acceptance? Thank you!
  11. Hey can anyone recommend a GOOD online prereq speech path program/ individual courses?? Thank you guys
  12. I wanted to start this post so we can track the speech pathology programs in the south. There are so many threads regarding the northern schools, it gets tiring sorting through all of the different posts. This thread is for southern school programs ONLY (ex. schools states like Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Carolinas).
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