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  1. Hi all! I'm an out-of-field grad school applicant, and I recently found out that I got into both of the programs that I applied to: Appalachian State University and Vanderbilt University. I'm so excited to have been accepted into a program, but I would love some advice. I'm wondering if Vanderbilt is worth the extra cost? Appalachian State would run about $15,000/year for an out-of-state student, while Vanderbilt costs around $45,000. However, Vanderbilt holds a much higher rank and has access to some truly amazing research facilities. Living in Nashville would also allow for more accessible clinicals compared to Boone; but, Nashville is also a much more expensive city. I'm a first-generation college (and grad) student, and navigating the world of admissions is a bit intimidating for me. I'm still kind of in a state of shock and awe that I was even accepted int a program, so I would love and appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  2. Those that are currently in graduate school and/or just graduated. I would super appreciate details regarding the praxis! What should my focus be on? Any specific topics? thank you in advance
  3. Hi! I am currently a senior studying Music with a discipline in Voice Performance and am pursuing Speech-Language Pathology as my Graduate Degree path. I have started the process of gaining experience/education (shadowing with a faculty member of the SLP department who specializes in treating vocal disorders at my University's clinic, reaching out to local ENT offices for further shadowing opportunities, attending webinars, reading published research papers) to help get myself into this track as quickly as possible. I am also preparing myself to take the necessary post-grad leveling/transition courses necessary to supplement missing coursework. That being said, it is safe to say that my efforts have not had enough time in development to make me a competitive grad school applicant for this upcoming academic year (2022-23) or even the next, realistically. One thing I did intend to do when entering college, however, was travel abroad post-undergrad (Gap Year) for internship/work experience to better help prepare me for the field I was going into for Grad School and I believe this is still a viable option with SLP in mind! I was wondering if anyone on the forum is aware of any international/abroad opportunities such as teaching/clinical jobs, unpaid/paid internships or anything of that nature that would aid a student in my position in the process of strengthening their experience to help them become more competitive come application time? Whether from your own experience with any of these opportunities or the experience of another, I would be grateful for any and all possible feedback on this topic as this is all still rather new to me but I am trying to explore as many options as I can! Side Note: Only because this info could be relevant to the topic of international work, I do have fluency in English/Spanish, have taken courses in Italian/German and am planning to begin learning Mandarin at the start of 2022. Again, thank you for any advice/assistance you can offer with this topic! :)))
  4. Hi all Is anyone applying to be a graduate fellow? I received an email to apply, but it's just an essay. Are there certain requirements? Pros or cons?
  5. Do any applicants past or present know anything about the questions they’ll ask?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new here (pls be gentle😢). I know alot of people on here ask "what are my chances," but I'd really appreciate the feedback! I've become really passionate about pursuing speech-language pathology and want to start applying for grad programs fall this year. However, I don't know anyone who wants to be a SLP (except for one girl who has very different circumstances) and don't really know what to expect. I plan on applying mostly to graduate schools in NYC, but am open to other schools relatively close. So far I plan on applying to NYU, CUNY (Hunter, Queens, Lehman), St Johns, Teachers College, Baylors and Touro. So here's what I'm working with when it comes to my stats! - I'm a psych major with a current GPA of 3.8 (I still have 2 semesters left to complete my undergraduate degree but I don't expect my GPA to change since I've gotten my difficult classes out of the way lol) - My relevant experience involves over a year of working at a nonprofit for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a few months of volunteering at an aphasia community group, and alot of teaching. - I have some research experience! Although, it's for other topics in psychology, I feel like being comfortable with research is at least good to mention? - My recommendation letters are pretty good, and one will be very strong (I've become close to my supervisor at the nonprofit). - I consider writing to be one of my strong suits so I'm not too worried about my narrative statement. Will be taking the GRE soon, so I don' t have those scores! CONS: I'm a New York resident applying to New York schools, but I've heard that apparently grad programs like taking out-of-state students because of the $$? Yikes😥 I also don't have shadowing experience and I'm not sure if it's a priority for me to get that done. ALSO, because my university doesn't have a communicative sciences and disorders major or related classes, I took all my prerequisites at 2 different online schools. My grades in those classes are good, but will getting prereqs done online be looked down upon? Any advice and general comments would be super appreciated!! Good luck to everyone else and their studies😊
  7. Saw that @hopefulSLP2be7 started a thread like this last year for those “who are playing the waiting game... Please post here if you are DECLINING your acceptance OR waitlist position at a school. This will HELP people get a better idea of their situation! Thanks to everyone who participates! Congrats to all the SLPs to be!”
  8. Does anyone currently attend/is anyone considering the SLP graduate program at University of Central Florida? I was recently accepted off the waitlist but I have not heard great things about the program from my peers and from my current faculty at FSU (it is too large, very unorganized, etc.), and I was wondering if anyone had a different opinion? I am definitely considering attending because I have a lot of family and a part-time job opportunity in Orlando, but I am worried that the program might not be the best, based on what I've heard. My other option is USF in Tampa, which looks and sounds like a great program but I was initially leaning toward UCF and just really need help deciding. Thank you in advance!
  9. I got into my dream school (Columbia)... but will need to take out an insane amount of loans to pay for tuition & cost of living. vs. attending a state school which will be almost free with a few scholarships i got. I don't know if going to an ivy league will benefit myself and my career... or if it doesn't matter and the loans are not worth it. They have an amazing program and offer a lot more than the state school especially for medical slp. I want to become a professor possibly eventually and think maybe a masters from Columbia would make a difference. Some people say, the better school is worth it and others say go where you'll have the least amount of loans If anyone has any advice would greatly appreciate it!!! Especially if you were in this position before :)
  10. I had a really great impression of CSUEB when I visited for their department tour, but I've heard a lot more about SJSU through current students and they had mostly good things to say about it. A downside to SJSU seems like the administration is a little unorganized. In addition, i'm interested in learning more about aphasia and it seems like CSUEB's aphasia treatment program is more established than SJSU's. Tuition and commute are about the same for both, so those aren't major factors for me (although since i'm an extended master's student, CSUEB is at least an extra summer long). A bummer about CSUEB is that they're very particular which courses you take to satisfy ASHA requirements, which means I'd probably have to take classes at a CC this summer, but I know that's a minor con and they claim that those courses maximize preparation to practice as an SLP. I would also very much like to eventually have a hospital placement and prepare myself for medical SLP, but I'm not sure if I'm more likely get placed in a hospital at one school than the other. Any input on either of these programs or other factors to consider would be great!!! Side question: i know that for clinicals i'll have to compete with my peers for the same hospitals, so any tips on maximizing your chances of securing clinical experience (or even a job down the line) at a hospital? i'd love to hear about people's experiences :))
  11. Hi, I want to reach out to other older students and see how your experience of the school-finding and application process has been. I'm 47 and leaving a career in marketing to pursue SLP. Just wondering if there are others out there in similar situations, and if so, how are you doing with all of this?
  12. I got accepted off the wait list for my #1 school (my undergrad school) and now I'm feeling incredibly inadequate. First of all, I get how this looks -- I got in, I should be happy and there are a lot of people still waiting to get in. So, I'm sorry for being insensitive. However, I can't shake this feeling. I put everything into my undergrad. So much time and energy. I got the grades, participated, did the extracurriculars, got to know my professors, and so on. So there is this feeling of, they know me and didn't want me. Now going into this program I'll know that of my cohort, I was the runt of the litter. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. Hi, this is for all who got accepted to Salus University or looking forward to attending the slp program, and for those who are currently in the program. Is the program Medical slp? If so, will prospective students have hands on experience with VFSS, and FEES, and MBSS?
  14. Hi, this is for all who got accepted to Salus University or looking forward to attending the slp program, and for those who are currently in the program. Is the program Medical slp? If so, will prospective students have hands on experience with VFSS, and FEES, and MBSS?
  15. I know we are all here playing the waiting game, we've been playing since the moment we sent in all those apps. There is a reason they call this a process and for that reason I waited before even applying. Now I am losing it! For everyone who is still waiting? Please share with me the ways you manage to distract yourself. I know its the weekend and I won't hear from the school till at least Monday yet I still can't help but refresh my email. All of my eggs are in one basket now I was rejected from everywhere I applied except waitlisted at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Everything is riding on this and I am filled with anxiety. The not knowing is truly killing me. Misery loves company, so if you're waiting and waiting please vent let us wait together and maybe it won't be so lonely
  16. I was wondering if anyone has taken a Speech Science or Speech Hearing Science fully online anywhere, that was easy and not proctored? (if it was a hybrid class that would be great too) I was thinking about ENMU but sounds like the professor isn't the best. Thanks in advance!!
  17. Has anyone gotten into Yeshiva who is considering going there? Also has anyone heard good things about the program? I want to be a medical slp so I think it's a great program for someone like me. I got accepted in December, and am waiting on other NY schools but I only have until March 6 to give them a deposit.
  18. Hi Everyone! For those who have accepted a position in ECU's program, has anyone made a FB group yet?
  19. I got accepted into LaSalle's SLP graduate program (yay!) but I truly know nothing about it. Does anyone have any insight for me? I got waitlisted a few places that I could still consider (west chester, salus) but it would be great to just ACCEPT and get ready to go. ANy insight on LaSalle's program or their clinic?
  20. Has anyone heard when UT Austin might announce decisions? During the past couple years they've announced between 3/7 and 3/10. Their website says "admissions decisions are typically announced the second week of March prior to UT Austin closing for Spring Break," but this year their Spring break is the third week. So, I'm not sure if the results will be announced during the second week still, or possibly later. Is this anyone's top pick? Anyone go here for their undergrad?
  21. Hey everyone, I'm a junior majoring in communication disorders and sciences, which means applying for grad school is right around the corner. However, I'm super stressed that no master's program will accept me! I keep hearing about the importance of internships and research experience, but I haven't had the chance to do these things, and I don't imagine I'll have enough time for them before it's time to apply in the fall. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having an internship. However, I didn't decide on my major until about a year ago, and I'm also paying for college on my own...I just feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage. Any tips?
  22. Has anyone accepted an offer and then changed their mind and rejected it??? I think I might have to do this and I'm worried an issue might occur. I haven't heard anything about a deposit for the school I accepted, however, I am nervous there will be consequences if I ask them of this!! Btw, this school is my undergraduate school! So it's gonna be awkward too!
  23. I got waitlisted at my top choice, and now I am trying to decide between Kent State, University of Akron, and Bowling Green. I visited both Kent State and Akron, and I liked them but wasn't wowed. I have never been to Bowling Green or the area at all. Anyone have any opinions on any of these grad programs?
  24. I was wondering if anyone has heard about funding from Northeastern yet? They are honestly my top choice school but, unfortunately, I cannot afford them if I don't get some sort of funding from them. I have that classic debate going on in my head right now of "dream school vs. cheap school," and it would make it a whole lot easier if I knew about Northeastern's funding decisions. If other people have already heard about funding then I know it's highly likely that I didn't get any, but, I just can't give up hope until I know for sure. So, if anyone has heard anything or knows when we will hear about it, I would genuinely appreciate your input.
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