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Found 160 results

  1. I got into my dream school (Columbia)... but will need to take out an insane amount of loans to pay for tuition & cost of living. vs. attending a state school which will be almost free with a few scholarships i got. I don't know if going to an ivy league will benefit myself and my career... or if it doesn't matter and the loans are not worth it. They have an amazing program and offer a lot more than the state school especially for medical slp. I want to become a professor possibly eventually and think maybe a masters from Columbia would make a difference. Some people say, the better school is worth it and others say go where you'll have the least amount of loans If anyone has any advice would greatly appreciate it!!! Especially if you were in this position before :)
  2. Saw that @hopefulSLP2be7 started a thread like this last year for those “who are playing the waiting game... Please post here if you are DECLINING your acceptance OR waitlist position at a school. This will HELP people get a better idea of their situation! Thanks to everyone who participates! Congrats to all the SLPs to be!”
  3. I got accepted off the wait list for my #1 school (my undergrad school) and now I'm feeling incredibly inadequate. First of all, I get how this looks -- I got in, I should be happy and there are a lot of people still waiting to get in. So, I'm sorry for being insensitive. However, I can't shake this feeling. I put everything into my undergrad. So much time and energy. I got the grades, participated, did the extracurriculars, got to know my professors, and so on. So there is this feeling of, they know me and didn't want me. Now going into this program I'll know that of my cohort, I was the runt of the litter. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. Hi, this is for all who got accepted to Salus University or looking forward to attending the slp program, and for those who are currently in the program. Is the program Medical slp? If so, will prospective students have hands on experience with VFSS, and FEES, and MBSS?
  5. Futureslp2021$

    Salus University SLP Program

    Hi, this is for all who got accepted to Salus University or looking forward to attending the slp program, and for those who are currently in the program. Is the program Medical slp? If so, will prospective students have hands on experience with VFSS, and FEES, and MBSS?
  6. Taylor Fields

    I am tired of waiting

    I know we are all here playing the waiting game, we've been playing since the moment we sent in all those apps. There is a reason they call this a process and for that reason I waited before even applying. Now I am losing it! For everyone who is still waiting? Please share with me the ways you manage to distract yourself. I know its the weekend and I won't hear from the school till at least Monday yet I still can't help but refresh my email. All of my eggs are in one basket now I was rejected from everywhere I applied except waitlisted at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Everything is riding on this and I am filled with anxiety. The not knowing is truly killing me. Misery loves company, so if you're waiting and waiting please vent let us wait together and maybe it won't be so lonely
  7. I was wondering if anyone has taken a Speech Science or Speech Hearing Science fully online anywhere, that was easy and not proctored? (if it was a hybrid class that would be great too) I was thinking about ENMU but sounds like the professor isn't the best. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Has anyone gotten into Yeshiva who is considering going there? Also has anyone heard good things about the program? I want to be a medical slp so I think it's a great program for someone like me. I got accepted in December, and am waiting on other NY schools but I only have until March 6 to give them a deposit.
  9. Hi Everyone! For those who have accepted a position in ECU's program, has anyone made a FB group yet?
  10. I got accepted into LaSalle's SLP graduate program (yay!) but I truly know nothing about it. Does anyone have any insight for me? I got waitlisted a few places that I could still consider (west chester, salus) but it would be great to just ACCEPT and get ready to go. ANy insight on LaSalle's program or their clinic?
  11. Has anyone heard when UT Austin might announce decisions? During the past couple years they've announced between 3/7 and 3/10. Their website says "admissions decisions are typically announced the second week of March prior to UT Austin closing for Spring Break," but this year their Spring break is the third week. So, I'm not sure if the results will be announced during the second week still, or possibly later. Is this anyone's top pick? Anyone go here for their undergrad?
  12. Hey everyone, I'm a junior majoring in communication disorders and sciences, which means applying for grad school is right around the corner. However, I'm super stressed that no master's program will accept me! I keep hearing about the importance of internships and research experience, but I haven't had the chance to do these things, and I don't imagine I'll have enough time for them before it's time to apply in the fall. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having an internship. However, I didn't decide on my major until about a year ago, and I'm also paying for college on my own...I just feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage. Any tips?
  13. Has anyone accepted an offer and then changed their mind and rejected it??? I think I might have to do this and I'm worried an issue might occur. I haven't heard anything about a deposit for the school I accepted, however, I am nervous there will be consequences if I ask them of this!! Btw, this school is my undergraduate school! So it's gonna be awkward too!
  14. I got waitlisted at my top choice, and now I am trying to decide between Kent State, University of Akron, and Bowling Green. I visited both Kent State and Akron, and I liked them but wasn't wowed. I have never been to Bowling Green or the area at all. Anyone have any opinions on any of these grad programs?
  15. I was wondering if anyone has heard about funding from Northeastern yet? They are honestly my top choice school but, unfortunately, I cannot afford them if I don't get some sort of funding from them. I have that classic debate going on in my head right now of "dream school vs. cheap school," and it would make it a whole lot easier if I knew about Northeastern's funding decisions. If other people have already heard about funding then I know it's highly likely that I didn't get any, but, I just can't give up hope until I know for sure. So, if anyone has heard anything or knows when we will hear about it, I would genuinely appreciate your input.
  16. Has anyone accepted an offer and then change their mind and rejected it??? I think I might have to do this and I'm worried an issue might occur. I haven't heard anything about a deposit for the school I accepted however, I am nervous there will be consequences if I ask them of this!! Btw, this school is my undergraduate school! So it's gonna be awkward too!
  17. I already asked this question on here, but I got to learn more about the program that I am interested in attending for this fall. The program that I would really like to attend is about 1 to 1:10 hour commute, however, I found out that the first semester, I only have to go to campus for classes 3x a week, and the semesters after that (in which I begin my clinical placements) I'm only required to drive to campus for classes 2x a week. They try to to work with you to get placements near where you live. I also found out that about 5-10 students a year usually commute from my city as well and heard that it's definitely doable. With all of this information, do you guys think its a good idea to commute? Thank you!
  18. Hi everyone! I recently got accepted to CSUF, CSULB, Biola, CBU, and Portland State. I’m having a hard time deciding which school would be the best for me, and I’m looking for current graduate students to share their experience and give their honest opinions about the programs they’re either currently in or have completed. Thanks!!
  19. Okay, so I got into a program that I'd really like to attend. The school is about an hour to an hour and 10 mins away. I have no clue if I'll need to go to campus every day M-F. But I do know that their clinical placements are off-campus and they will usually be 3x a week and the summer will be 5x a week but ill be taking fewer classes. So, let's say I have to drive an hour to an hour and mins only 2-3 days a week and my clinical placements are less than that...is that crazy? I would prefer to stay home not only to save money but for other personal reasons. What do you guys think?
  20. I'm currently trying to decide what grad school to attend, and I'm also wondering about the future. My long-term goal is to get my PhD, as I would really like to teach in the field. Thus far, I've been accepted to the University of New Hampshire, Edinboro University of PA, and North Carolina Central University. UNH and NCCU both seem to have quite strong programs/opportunities for research. However, both are quite a bit more expensive ($15-20k for the two years) than Edinboro, where I've also been offered an assistantship for the first year. So what I'm wondering is, does it matter significantly where I get my Masters in order to be accepted in a PhD program? (Currently, I'd also like to work for a bit before I try for my PhD, if that's relevant.) I'm conflicted on what school to choose, but right now I'm leaning towards Edinboro for the price and the guaranteed opportunity to work in research/with a professor as a GA. I'm not particularly concerned about academics - while each program has its strengths, they're all accredited and I know I'll get my CCCs and learn more or less the same info. from any of them.
  21. So, I got into 2 grad programs that I really like. We will call them grad program A and B. A: I live 15 mins away, but with taking the bus, I would probably get to campus in about 20-30 mins. However, I will be taking 16 credits each semester including clinical placements. B: I live a few mins over an hour away. However, I'll be doing 12 credits a semester including clinical placements (two of the semesters is only 6 credits tho). Tuition wise, this is slightly cheaper. If I move to be closer to campus, this will def be more expensive. I really really want to save money. I live where it snows over the winter so that may impact commuting. Which program would you choose?
  22. So, here's the thing. I was accepted into the graduate program at my institution (which I am very happy about bc its one of my top) however, I was more interested in another program I applied to (which is a bit more competitive). I found out that they were sending out decisions not long ago, however, I did not hear anything, meanwhile, everyone I knew who applied there did hear back (even saw decisions on here). I assumed I was rejected. I know it was stupid of me to assume without asking them first, but I was not confident that I would get in. So, I accepted my offer at my institution bc I would still be happy to attend and I felt I already took too long to respond. Turns out, I put in my email wrong and an acceptance letter was meant for me to receive the same day they sent out the decisions. I am very happy, however, I'm unsure what to do. I know that accepting an offer and then rejecting it is kinda frowned upon. It is at the institution that I am currently attending, so if I do change my mind, I'll be seeing my professors who made the decision to offer me an acceptance. It's kinda awkward. What should I do??? It's not like I'm declining an offer, but declining an offer I ACCEPTED. I know this is my fault and fully my dumb mistake. I am fully aware that I am the one to fully blame.
  23. Is anyone else deciding between the two schools? Waiting to hear about funding for both but they are both great programs just feel like NYU has so much information about Speech@NYU online program and not much about on-campus. Going to attend open houses, but can anyone share information on either? I want to be in the hospitals as a medical SLP so need to figure out which will be best for me! Wish I knew someone who is a current student in these programs. I'm from South Florida, so would be a big move.
  24. Last year PSU announced admission decisions in early March, so I’m getting anxious to hear! I’m an out of state applicant. I loved the city and their campus, but was most impressed by their emphasis on medical. I’m curious to hear why others applied here. Also would love to know if anyone has heard anything from them yet.
  25. After being both pleasantly surprised and disappointed with varous programs’ decisions and seeing others feel the same, I’m dying to know if anyone has heard from professors or others about what goes down “in the room where it happens” (any Hamilton fans out there?). Of course some programs look at stats, others the whole applicant, and so on. But how do they go from 40 perfect candidates to 20? Are there debates among comittee members, coin tosses, etc?

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