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Found 8 results

  1. By the time I had the idea to apply to graduate programs abroad, I had already applied to 6 schools in the states and was exhausted by the application process. I couldn't choose my top choice school due to the price tag scaring me, and it scared me enough to accept a seat at the cheapest school (also the coldest and farthest drive). I have already lived and worked abroad during my gap years, so I don't know why this idea never came to mind! Essentially my question is: Is it common to transfer graduate programs after a year or a semester? Going to another anglophone country that is recognized by ASHA (Ireland, UK, Australia, NZ) is an an idea I suddenly can't get out of my brain. It could be because COVID has me missing traveling and living abroad, but still. Do you know if the credits will transfer? Also, although ASHA recognizes it, will there be an issue get a masters degree in one of those countries then returning to the US for work? Someone tell me to stop dreaming or to go for it! Thanks for reading. :)
  2. So, I decided to take a gap year after graduation in May and now it's time to apply for the Fall 2020 cycle. I have huge anxiety about asking my professors for LOR after being graduated for a while especially knowing the type of curriculum and schedules they keep. Any advice on how to approach my previous professors? Should I ask the same professors that I agreed during the last application cycle? Also, I've been hearing about applicants from other fields using wixsite as a supplement for their resume's and CV's; has anybody done it or heard about it for SLP? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I got accepted into CSUEB's Extended Master's program (for non-CDS majors). Yay! Has anyone who's been through this program know how stringent they are about course pre-reqs? For example, one of their courses (Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing) says that we need have taken Biology 100 before taking it. Can we do concurrent enrollment? Just curious how strict they are. Also in your program experience, how many courses you have to take each semester for the first year in order to catch up? Or how many semesters did it take to get caught up? And one last question, I saw that the Foundations of Clinical Practicum class for Fall 2019 is Mon-Thurs from 930-1045; is this set in stone? Or is this arranged case by case? It's a 2-unit class, so it's kind of strange to be 4 days a week. Any help would be appreciated; thank you!
  4. Hello! Wondering if anyone who interviewed around the last two weeks of January has heard back yet? I'm getting anxious ? the thread has been pretty quiet about decisions from this school for the past few weeks!
  5. I applied to several NY/NJ schools. I’m nervous about not getting in anywhere! GPA: 3.74 GRE: V: 149, Q: 144, AW: 4.5 OTHER: research assistant for 2 different professors (one for 1 year, another for 5 months), observed speech at a rehab center for 32 hours, volunteered as an intern at a pediatric therapy center for children with autism, worked as a babysitter for 4 years and currently work a daycare at a preschool. I feel like I should have very strong LORs from the professors that I’ve done research with. I also think my personal statements were strong! I’d love some honest feedback! I know how competitive programs are in the NJ/NYC area. Do I have good a shot at getting into at least 1/11 schools?
  6. For those of you who applied to Adelphi University, I spoke with an admissions counselor and she stated that first round is under review and we should receive a notice in the mail in 1-2 weeks (probably 2 weeks)!
  7. Anybody else accepted to Abilene/ is there a Facebook group? So excited!
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