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  1. Hi everyone, I am convinced CSDCAS is going to ruin my life. While I am clearly aware of my troubled community college era (mental health issues/pre-nursing student), I have since turned over a new leaf and set off on a better path! However, after officially submitting my applications for SLP Graduate school, I noticed my CSDCAS GPA has been calculated in a way that makes me look like a degenerate! This is clearly not the place to come seek refuge, but I would love some input on this from fellow graduate students (past or future) who have dealt with this similar issue. At this moment CSDCAS places my overall GPA (I attended 4 schools/rough college experience) at a whopping 2.89. This is way below the 3.0 requirement for every program I applied to. Currently, I am in an undergraduate CSD program (last semester) and my grades have completely transformed (3.69 overall GPA and 3.9 CSD GPA (my last 60 credit GPA is also around a 3.87). I have reached out to a majority of my schools about this and haven't really had a consistent answer. I just think this is complete BS that my past is coming back to haunt me and may be the reason I won't achieve my dreams of becoming an SLP. It should also be noted that I have worked in the medical field for over 5+ years (started right out of high school) and have been appointed many leadership opportunities in relevant organizational avenues (NSSLHA/NBASLH/Social Justice Activism Committee's, e.c.t.) This is not a "my chances" thread, but a place to discuss the in's and out's of the admission committee. Any input would be very much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am receiving a lot of mixed feedback about NYU Steinhardt's online master's program. I got accepted there and at another school but I would be required to move. I don't know if I should choose the program where I would get to be in the classroom (but move across the country) or pick the school where I get to stay home and do it online.. I think hearing from students who actually went through the program or even know someone who went through the program would be really helpful. Please let me know anything you know about NYU Steinhardt's online full-time master's program.
  3. I am trying to decide on what schools to apply to and I was wondering if anyone had a advice regarding getting a masters in SLP vs a PhD in SLP. Is it true that PhD programs end up being cheaper due to more funding? Are there any big pros/cons to either? Is one more competitive than the other? Any advice is helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school. For reference, I just graduated with my B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am currently a Child Development Teacher with 2's. My overall GPA was a 3.78 and the last 60 credits is a 3.8. I have three great letters of rec, a great personal statement (imo), and a ton of volunteer experience ranging from individuals with Aphasia, Autism, english-language learners, etc. I was also in my programs NSSLHA and national NSSLHA. The only thing that terrifies me are my GRE scores. Granted, I have not taken it yet and am set to take it in 2 weeks. I am not confident that I will do well and it is eating me alive. With the information I provided above, how likely am I to get accepted into UCF's program? That is where I did my undergrad and is my top school for grad school. I am seeking advice and thoughts and prayers. Thank you all.
  5. Hi!! I'm going to be interviewing at GA State tomorrow, and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience/insight into their interview process. Do they interview all potential applicants? What sorts of questions do they ask? What are some good questions to ask them? If you're a current GSU student, would you recommend the program? How is it different than others? Thanks!
  6. Hello all! I was accepted into Baylor's online graduate program for speech-language pathology back in January. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who'll be in the program with me! Not sure if there is a Facebook group page yet..
  7. So now that acceptances are starting to roll in, I'm wondering if anyone has advice. I want to work in a hospital after I graduate. I'm wondering what sorts of things I should be looking for in a graduate program to make me more successful in a hospital setting! Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I received an invite to interview with MWU in Glendale. I'm excited since this is my second time applying. I was on the interview waitlist the first time and my GRE stats are higher now. What should I expect (questions, suggestions, advice) and what will help prepare me? The interview will be virtual, so it saves a trip to the school. Thank you
  9. Do you have to resend your college transcripts to CSDCAS if you previously applied using their system? I applied in 2018. Not sure if I need to do this. I have green checks on everything and I'm able to submit an application. EDIT: I got my question answered!
  10. Hi! I just have a question for y'all. I'm working on my personal statement. I'm thinking about including a small paragraph about my late grandmother. She became sick after I graduated with my bachelor's and me and my mother took care of her until she passed on a few years ago. She passed away while I was applying to grad schools for the first time. I decided to continue applying anyway. Honestly I wasn't in the best head space back then, but I'm doing a lot better overall now. Do you think it's relevant to include this in my essay? Would it take away from the whole thing? I know it's not related to the field, but it was an experience that made me stronger as a person. I'd appreciate advice, feedback, etc. Thanks in advance 🙂
  11. Hi! I am wondering your thoughts/opinions on how likely I am to get into my schools and if I should retake my GRE. Undergrad: George Washington University GPA: 3.81 Experience and leadership: assistant teacher at pre school, gymnastics coach, summer camp counselor, NSSLHA member and leadership role, division 1 gymnastics team at GW, NCAA all-American scholastic team GRE: 149 V 147 Q, writing i did not get back yet I would like to think my letters are strong as well as my personal statements. I know being a student-athlete looks great and my GPA. I do have a record of academic dishonesty to report, but for something rather innocent so I think as long as I explain myself it will be okay. My GRE score is what I am most worried about, although many schools Im applying to have waived it (UNC chapel hill, Towson, Temple, Boston U, Emerson, Loyola UMD). But, my other schools including my top choice GW have not waived it (GW, NYU, UMD, Delaware) How competitive do you think I am, and do you suggest retaking my test?
  12. I want to become a speech pathologist, I’m starting my sophomore year in high school and I’m not sure what classes I should take I’m thinking intro to healthcare but I’m not sure.
  13. Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during the current health pandemic. For those of you who recently graduated or are expecting to graduate soon, did you complete your medical externship through teletherapy? If so which teletherapy companies are open to students?
  14. Hey all, I have just been informed that I am waitlisted for the SLHS grad program for San Francisco State and have been denied from all other programs I applied to in California. Before I started my application process I met up with one of my old professors from San Jose State to ask for a rec. letter. They informed me to look at less popular programs to increase my chances in getting into grad school. Which I now regret not doing. I have tons of experience working in special education (4 years to be specific), have worked in ABA therapy as well. My gpa is not the best (3.41) and I need to definitely improve my GRE scores. Though, I really don't feel I'm that much of a horrible candidate. Anywho... My question is, has anyone ever been placed on a waitlist for a program and have reapplied the following year and have not gotten in to the same program they were waitlisted. What are my chances if I reapply for SFSU next year? Also, what out of state programs should I apply to that won't break the bank?
  15. Hello! I'm pretty new here haha and I was wondering how many schools you applied to? I start applying for Grad schools this summer/fall for the fall 2021 application cycle. I currently have 7 schools o my list (See below) and was wondering if that's a good amount to apply to? Also, if you know any info about attending these schools, the surrounding area, etc, I'd love if you would drop a comment as well! Francis Marion University University of North Carolina: Greensboro Longwood University [currently attend here for undergrad] Gallaudet University University of Maryland Radford University University of Delaware
  16. My test date is near the end of the month and I'm starting to get anxious. I've been reviewing consistently since January but I'm nervous about I still won't be prepared and my score won't improve. This will be my second attempt. First time was not good at all. My grandmother passed away 2 years and I wasn't mentally ready to go back into studying until a month closer to the day I took it. Studying the first time was not consistent. Had a lot of personal things going on, but I'm in a better place. Encouragement and positive words are much appreciated 🙂
  17. Hi all, I've recently been accepted to three online programs for Speech Language Pathology: Emerson College, NYU-Steinhardt, and Baylor University for the May 2020 cohort. YAY!! The obvious con is that all three are super expensive.. but I'm willing to make the investment for flexibility and quality programs. I am waiting to hear back from a few other programs, but wanted some feedback regarding these three in the meantime. Are there any graduates from any of these programs that could weigh into my decision? Good or Bad? Or, has anyone heard any information that would be helpful to decision making? I feel like I've researched the whole internet looking for ratings/opinions but I know these programs are fairly new so I haven't found much. I'm trying to keep this short and sweet but open to giving more info if needed. I didn't think I'd be accepted into all 3.. so I thought it would be helpful to weigh in some opinions. BIG DECISIONS-- HELP! Programs: NYU-Steinhardt (online), Emerson College (online), Baylor University (online), Lamar University, University of Houston, University of St. Augustine (online), Our Lady of the Lake University Applied, Accepted, Interview, Waitlisted, Denied
  18. Has anyone heard anything from Iona yet? Also if anyone knows anything about this program I'd love to hear about it! Thanks!
  19. Hi everyone--I just received a graduate assistantship at WPU and will be accepting! Has anyone else committed for the Communication Disorders Fall 2020 cohort? Also, if anyone has made a facebook group (or plans to make one) please leave a link:)
  20. I wanted to complete a bilingual extension but I know I’m not ready to do so. I still struggle a lot with conversational Spanish and I’d feel more comfortable waiting. So, I’ve been practicing with friends and family so I am ready to complete an extension after I become a monolingual SLP. What are some programs you guys chose? Are any of them online? Also, if any of you aren’t native speakers what helped you in learning conversational Spanish? Thank You!!
  21. I know there are already similar threads to this one, but I need help making a decision. The things I care most about are housing, transportation, cohort size/relationship, faculty relationship, and opportunities post graduation (and how MGH's extra semester affects this). If you go to either of these, please let me know how your living choice has affected your life in any way and what the majority of students choose to do. I'm not from the Boston area so I'm not familiar with neighborhoods but would love any information on them. I want to know how the cohort genuinely interacts and how this differs between schools. Does being in a more isolated area at the IHP have an affect on your life? Right now I like the layout/location of BU's campus better but MGH's academics better (but unsure about the 6th semester). Any ideas help!!
  22. Hi everyone! I just found out I was accepted to Abilene Christian University (Abilene Campus) for the fall of 2020! I'm so excited! However I'm from New England and don't know much about this program. If anyone knows anything about it please let me know! Some of the things I'm wondering: -best/safest places to live -I heard there is a dress code? -Should you be a Christian to attend this program and how much do they incorporate that into their program? Thank you in advance!!
  23. Has anyone heard ANYTHING from BSU??? I know that they require a personal interview, but I've been scavenging through grad cafe and cannot find a single response about interview dates/invitations. Getting nervous as I have heard 0 back from them and have seen that in the past people have already received admissions decisions by this time of the year.
  24. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences graduate program? I seem as though they are looking for candidacy to be accredited? I am not too sure. Any info will help! Thank you!
  25. Hi all, I just completed my application and interview for the May 2020 Speech@Emerson cohort last week. My advisor told me the turnaround time for a decision would be 3-8 weeks, however since I applied so early, it may be sooner. I'm excited because my advisor said the interview went well and everything I've submitted has looked good, but I'm a little worried because my undergrad GPA wasn't amazing. I graduated with a 3.1 cumulative, and my GRE scores were fairly average (I don't remember them off the top of my head ). I'm hoping my personal statement and interview will push the decision in my favor. Has anyone else received a decision yet? I would love to hear everyone else's experiences so far!
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