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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am convinced CSDCAS is going to ruin my life. While I am clearly aware of my troubled community college era (mental health issues/pre-nursing student), I have since turned over a new leaf and set off on a better path! However, after officially submitting my applications for SLP Graduate school, I noticed my CSDCAS GPA has been calculated in a way that makes me look like a degenerate! This is clearly not the place to come seek refuge, but I would love some input on this from fellow graduate students (past or future) who have dealt with this similar issue. At this moment CSDCAS places my overall GPA (I attended 4 schools/rough college experience) at a whopping 2.89. This is way below the 3.0 requirement for every program I applied to. Currently, I am in an undergraduate CSD program (last semester) and my grades have completely transformed (3.69 overall GPA and 3.9 CSD GPA (my last 60 credit GPA is also around a 3.87). I have reached out to a majority of my schools about this and haven't really had a consistent answer. I just think this is complete BS that my past is coming back to haunt me and may be the reason I won't achieve my dreams of becoming an SLP. It should also be noted that I have worked in the medical field for over 5+ years (started right out of high school) and have been appointed many leadership opportunities in relevant organizational avenues (NSSLHA/NBASLH/Social Justice Activism Committee's, e.c.t.) This is not a "my chances" thread, but a place to discuss the in's and out's of the admission committee. Any input would be very much appreciated!
  2. I am a sophomore speech pathology major. I am terrified of not being accepted into a grad school, so I am looking for opinions to see if I am on the right track. I have a full-ride scholarship right now, and am sitting at a 3.887 GPA (I made a C on an intro SP course freshman year, I'll be retaking it next year). I am currently in the Honors College at my university with a scholarship through them as well. This means that I will be writing a thesis and conducting original research in the speech path field (which I think is a plus on a resume). I am also a Luckyday Scholar, a prestigious program that only a few are accepted into that is community service based. I received a scholarship from them as well. I am on the Honors College Leadership Council and have been since freshman year, even though I don't hold a leadership position. I am a member of NSSLHA as well. I have volunteered at the VA since I was 15 and volunteer as an Ambassador at my local hospital every week, putting in anywhere from 25-35 hours a semester. I am studying abroad in Ireland through my school (Criminal Justice, different yes but there was not many options) for two weeks, and I received enough scholarships to cover those costs completely. I also have a job where I work 10 hours a week. I am sorry to make this such a long post, but I just want to see if I am on the right track to be accepted to USM (where I attend currently) or another school like USA and SELU. Thank you in advance for comments and advice!
  3. Dear all, I'm from Singapore and I got accepted to Flinders and curtin university, looking to study Speech pathology (bachelor). I'm at a loss as to which to go for. Both similar in pricing and fees. questions: 1) are there many Singaporeans in Flinders &/ curtin university for speech? 2) is Flinders campus ok? (location, are there many drunkards around? hostel accommodations?) If you are also apply for speech for 2020 intake, pls contact me @ alzena.chiam@gmail.com
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