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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am convinced CSDCAS is going to ruin my life. While I am clearly aware of my troubled community college era (mental health issues/pre-nursing student), I have since turned over a new leaf and set off on a better path! However, after officially submitting my applications for SLP Graduate school, I noticed my CSDCAS GPA has been calculated in a way that makes me look like a degenerate! This is clearly not the place to come seek refuge, but I would love some input on this from fellow graduate students (past or future) who have dealt with this similar issue. At this moment CSDCAS places my overall GPA (I attended 4 schools/rough college experience) at a whopping 2.89. This is way below the 3.0 requirement for every program I applied to. Currently, I am in an undergraduate CSD program (last semester) and my grades have completely transformed (3.69 overall GPA and 3.9 CSD GPA (my last 60 credit GPA is also around a 3.87). I have reached out to a majority of my schools about this and haven't really had a consistent answer. I just think this is complete BS that my past is coming back to haunt me and may be the reason I won't achieve my dreams of becoming an SLP. It should also be noted that I have worked in the medical field for over 5+ years (started right out of high school) and have been appointed many leadership opportunities in relevant organizational avenues (NSSLHA/NBASLH/Social Justice Activism Committee's, e.c.t.) This is not a "my chances" thread, but a place to discuss the in's and out's of the admission committee. Any input would be very much appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone! Loyola announced they will be sending out decisions soon and I am trying to compare it to other schools I got into. I don't know much about the program besides stuff from their website. Anyone know current students who like/dislike it? Pros/cons? Any info helps. ☺️
  3. I need to complete an Intro to Audiology class this winter in order to be able to apply to SLP Grad Programs. Anyone know which colleges offer online prerequisites in the winter?
  4. I want to become a speech pathologist, I’m starting my sophomore year in high school and I’m not sure what classes I should take I’m thinking intro to healthcare but I’m not sure.
  5. Hi friends! I was originally expressing interest to apply to ENMU's Spring 2021 Cohort for Speech Pathology, but when I received the email that they were still accepting applicants for Fall, I sent my application and was provisionally accepted! I am about to start a few prerequisites on Monday, but I am excited to get going. I graduated undergrad three years ago, so I am excited to get back into the swing of things. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the classes, how vigorous they are, etc. Also, I am looking for others in my cohort! I searched for a FB page but couldn't find one.. Excited to get to know people and potentially find roommates for Spring semester! I feel very late to the game!
  6. Hey guys, this is my first time on here. I was wondering if you all could give me your honest opinions on if you think I have a shot at getting into a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology- specifically USF/UCF/FIU/FSU. My GRE scores are a 4 AWA, 149 Verbal, and 146 Quant. My GPA is a 3.48 and I only have about a month of experience. But, I have 3 great letters of recommendations from professors and I think my Statement of Intent is good. Now, I know none of what I just said sounds (is) competitive at all. But, do you think I have somewhat of a chance of getting into... something? I've heard about Nova but the tuition is really expensive. I graduate in May 2020 too. I know I should probably take a year to bring up my GRE scores and get more experience, but (for some reason), I feel like I'm on a time crunch. Ugh, this has already turned into an essay too. I just want to see what you guys think... Thanks everyone.
  7. Anyone applying to TWUs TETN Cycle 10 program? If so, what region are you in? What’re your stats?
  8. Hello! I was accepted to the CSD Master's program at Teachers College Columbia University. It is my top school and I am very interested in the bilingual extension program, but it seems expensive to go there and live in the NYC area! For anyone who is in the program or who is an alumni of the program, is all that debt worth it? Did you apply for any scholarships or grants? How are you managing finances? Do you enjoy the program?
  9. Hello! I have an interview with the University of Central Arkansas tomorrow and I'm wondering to expect. For anyone who's already interviewed with them or has in the past, what kinds of questions did they ask? How long was your interview? The last interview I had with another school caught me off guard, they asked me specific questions about the classes I'm taking and gave some case examples and asked what I would do in the given situation. So, I'm hoping to be a little better prepared this time!
  10. I am a sophomore speech pathology major. I am terrified of not being accepted into a grad school, so I am looking for opinions to see if I am on the right track. I have a full-ride scholarship right now, and am sitting at a 3.887 GPA (I made a C on an intro SP course freshman year, I'll be retaking it next year). I am currently in the Honors College at my university with a scholarship through them as well. This means that I will be writing a thesis and conducting original research in the speech path field (which I think is a plus on a resume). I am also a Luckyday Scholar, a prestigious program that only a few are accepted into that is community service based. I received a scholarship from them as well. I am on the Honors College Leadership Council and have been since freshman year, even though I don't hold a leadership position. I am a member of NSSLHA as well. I have volunteered at the VA since I was 15 and volunteer as an Ambassador at my local hospital every week, putting in anywhere from 25-35 hours a semester. I am studying abroad in Ireland through my school (Criminal Justice, different yes but there was not many options) for two weeks, and I received enough scholarships to cover those costs completely. I also have a job where I work 10 hours a week. I am sorry to make this such a long post, but I just want to see if I am on the right track to be accepted to USM (where I attend currently) or another school like USA and SELU. Thank you in advance for comments and advice!
  11. How long are our CSDCAS experiences, descriptions/key responsibilities supposed to me? Is 2 brief sentences sufficient? Anyone have advice or experience with this? I've heard different answers from people.
  12. Hey y’all! I am in my senior year of undergrad speech & looks like I will be ending this semester with 2 C’s (possibly B’s if a miracle happens) I am scheduled to take my GRE Friday & feel fairly confident. If I don’t score well I can always re-take it. I am just concerned about getting into ANY grad school with C’s. I feel extremely discouraged & kind of defeated at this point. How possible is it to get into grad school with C’s? I feel really good with my LOR, volunteer hours & personal statement but I am just really starting to freak out. Any advice, suggestions, etc? Thank y’all so much!
  13. My gpa is 3.967, my major gpa is 4.00. my GRE is 300 combined (good reading score and crappy math score), and 5.0 for the writing. I have good things for my resume. I was thinking 3 schools, but I am not sure. Thanks!
  14. Hi guys! I am in the process of applying to grad schools for next fall! I am having trouble with writing the personal essays. Some of my applications give me a limit on how long but others just say brief statement. How long should I make them? Also, what is the format of these essays? Sorry, I’m just getting stressed out with all of this stuff and I still have yet to take my gre!
  15. I have an interview for the Speech Pathology program at Texas Tech on Friday and I have purchased a coral colored blazer to wear with a nice blouse, black slacks, and black heels. I am now doubting if my blazer is a good choice? I think it looks great but will the color come off unprofessional? I appreciate any opinions!
  16. So I want to apply to grad school for speech path this upcoming year. My main concern is my horrible mark that I got in Phonetics - C+. It is my lowest mark and I know that a lot of schools look at prereqs in which case Phonetics is typically one. I have a B+ average and hoping to get more A's this year to at least bring up my GPA. I am also a French minor (fluent in French) and wanted to apply to either Université d'Ottawa, Université du Québec, Université de Laval and Université de Montréal. Anyone who has applied to these schools or attended them? Or any advice at all in terms of getting in? Thanks!
  17. I know acceptance is going to depend on a lot of other factors, but just looking at the GRE, what do you consider a good, sound score? What scores did you use/plan to use? I got a 158V and 158Q. After taking the test, I was very happy. Since then though, I've looked on different blogs and people say they got 162 and aren't happy. I'm in the Midwest, but am planning on applying to competitive schools in the region, specifically The University of Kansas and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I'd rather not have to spend time focusing on the GRE for another month. Thanks for any thoughts!
  18. Has anyone heard from this school? Or does anyone know when decisions can be expected?
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