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Found 27 results

  1. Has anyone attended the University of Montana's Speech Pathology program?? I'd like to get some feedback on the on campus program. Thanks!
  2. Anyone applying to TWUs TETN Cycle 10 program? If so, what region are you in? What’re your stats?
  3. Hi everyone! I am a current undergrad in communication disorders and sciences and I am getting ready to apply to grad schools this Fall. I have a 3.8 GPA and some experience and strong letters of rec; however, I recently took the GRE and I scored horribly. With that being said, I am now looking into applying to schools that don't require the GRE. I would retake it but at this moment in time I don't have the money to pay for it. I was wondering if anyone can share the schools that for sure don't require the GRE. Thank You.
  4. Hi all! I recently took the GRE and I received a 146V, 134Q (I know, super embarrassing), and I’m still waiting on the writing score. My GPA overall is a 3.21. I unfortunately don’t have time to re-take the GRE. Do I still have a chance of getting in? I’m planning on applying everywhere, I have volunteer experience, pre-school teaching experience, and SLPA experience for about a year. I’m also bilingual. Your opinions are appreciated!
  5. Is anyone attending the info session today on campus? Or if you went last year and have any idea what to expect, I'd be super grateful!
  6. Hi, I'm a senior now and I am in the process of applying to grad schools for fall 2020. I recently took the gre and scored fairly bad (V:145, Q:143, writing: 4.5). I know SLP schools generally look for 150 for each section, but I am not sure if I could improve because I did study the whole summer and that's what I got. Should I try harder or try to beef up my applications some other way? I do not have research experience because it is extremely competitive at my school to get in one. I do have experience with volunteering over the summer with children who had speech sound disorders and I worked with children for a summer camp (not SLP related). Other than that I just tutor people in a linguistics course. I really want to get into grad school, just didn't leave myself much opportunity to stand out that much. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Dear all, I'm from Singapore and I got accepted to Flinders and curtin university, looking to study Speech pathology (bachelor). I'm at a loss as to which to go for. Both similar in pricing and fees. questions: 1) are there many Singaporeans in Flinders &/ curtin university for speech? 2) is Flinders campus ok? (location, are there many drunkards around? hostel accommodations?) If you are also apply for speech for 2020 intake, pls contact me @ alzena.chiam@gmail.com
  8. I've been going back and forth between the two and having a hard time deciding because they are SO different. If anyone could provide insight on any info they know about the programs please let me know!
  9. Can anyone give me any insight into these programs? I received a substantial funding offer from my undergrad university and it has been hard to compare the pros at these schools to the pro of ridiculously less debt. I still want to keep my options open and would really appreciate if anyone has any reasons as to why they love any of these schools or feel like the cost was/will be worth it. So far the biggest thing to me has been the incredible clinical placements at some of these programs but I still can not see if that is worth the cost. I really appreciate any help/advice!!! Thank you in advance!
  10. Hey ya'll, I have been waitlisted to Loyola Maryland and was told that I was on the first tier within the three tiers. Today I received an email saying that they accepted the first group of people off of the waitlist and I was not one of them. Has this happened to anyone else OR Does anyone else know how many people have been waitlisted from Loyola Maryland SLP School?
  11. Sorry ahead of time because this is going to be a long post, but I'm in need of advice and a little reassurance. I graduated in May with my BA in Speech-Language Pathology. My first 2 years of college were tough, I was going through some personal things and dealing with sickness and depression and you could tell by my grades. I withdrew from all of my classes one semester but I honestly should've taken at least a year off to get back on track and motivated, but I didn't want to sit out for that long. I transferred to a different university and my last 2 years I improved A LOT, I mean I wasn't getting a 4.0, but still good grades. My first 2 years drug my GPA down a lot, but I love the field so much I'm going to try my best for grad school. I'm trying to apply to schools that look at the last 60 hours GPA and/or use a formula score (with your last 60 GPA and GRE score) like at Southeastern in Hammond, Louisiana. My GRE score is average, I got pretty bad test anxiety when I took it so I'm studying a lot right now and plan to retake it this summer and improve my score. I'm trying to make myself look better for grad school since I'm lacking in GPA, so I'm working as a Reading Interventionist at my local elementary school and I'm wanting to volunteer with something speech related for the summer. I live in a small area though so there aren't very many opportunities. I've gotten very discouraged looking at different program requirements and posts on here and considered just going into teaching, but at my job I've gotten pulled to sub so many times and dealing with that many children at once, I just don't think it is for me. Any advice on specific programs or jobs/volunteer opportunities that will help me increase my chances of getting in? Thanks in advance!
  12. Is there a facebook group for accepted students ? Loyola Maryland
  13. Hey y'all, What can you tell me about Master's program at University of Buffalo for speech-language pathology program? Any opinions would be very appreciated, and any information you can tell me about the program would be so so helpful! Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey there! Has anyone heard back from Western Kentucky, Texas State or Alabama A&M. I’m anxiously awaiting!
  15. Hi Guys, I was accepted to MGH. I was just wondering if anyone had any off campus housing recommendations in the Boston area, not too far from campus? I'd like something within walking distance. I won't be driving.
  16. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Speech-Pathology Master programs at New York University or New York Medical College? I was fortunate to be admitted to both, but even with my research, I can't seem to find too much of a distinction between their programs that can help me decide. I have yet to hear from five schools but since these schools are at the top of my list anyway, I figured I'd start with these. Any insight about the school/program/courses/students/school culture/professors/requirements/etc would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice from people that have accepted offers already, are already attending graduate school, or have completed graduate school... How did you determine which school is the best for you (if you had options)? I am trying to visit schools, do online research, etc. but I know this is a very important decision. Some factors are obviously funding, distance, and the program's values but I am finding this overwhelming as there is so much to consider. I also believe that, to some extent, you can make the best out of it no matter which school you attend. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks to all in advance!
  18. In my last 60 hours in my Finance degree (I'm a second BA), I had a 3.5 GPA. My overall is a 3.1. My major gpa is 3.6. Anyone know what schools only look at your 60 hours? It would really help my chances. My GPA isnt that great compared to the 4.0's here, but I'm still hoping I can manage to get in somewhere. I'm studying hard to get a high GRE score. I'm bilingual and I hear some schools value that. I interned at a Speech Clinic, and have worked with children before but I feel like I need to do more to beef up my resume. What else can I do before applications to REALLY impress the grad schools? Any advice would be helpful! Thank you
  19. So I want to apply to grad school for speech path this upcoming year. My main concern is my horrible mark that I got in Phonetics - C+. It is my lowest mark and I know that a lot of schools look at prereqs in which case Phonetics is typically one. I have a B+ average and hoping to get more A's this year to at least bring up my GPA. I am also a French minor (fluent in French) and wanted to apply to either Université d'Ottawa, Université du Québec, Université de Laval and Université de Montréal. Anyone who has applied to these schools or attended them? Or any advice at all in terms of getting in? Thanks!
  20. Hey guys! So I recently got accepted into U of H's SLP grad program and I would love some more information from current/past students. How do/did you like the program? Pros/cons? What really sold you on this program? Any responses are greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi, I was wondering if there any schools that anyone has gotten into that accepted a GPA between a 3.3-3.4? Was your GRE high? Any suggestions for me? I'll be applying next school year, but my advisor doesn't think I can retake anything to help my GPA (even though it have one C+ and one D). If not do you have suggestions on what I could do with my undergrad in SLPA? Thanks for your help!
  22. So now that acceptances are starting to roll in, I'm wondering if anyone has advice. I want to work in a hospital after I graduate. I'm wondering what sorts of things I should be looking for in a graduate program to make me more successful in a hospital setting! Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  23. Hi all, I am currently a Junior pursuing my Bachelors degree in Communicative Science and Disorder (CSD). My overall GPA is 3.3, which I know is really low compared to others who are applying to SLP grad programs but part of why my overall GPA was so low is because I was a different major and decided to switch to CSD last semester. I have volunteering experiences at a hospital for an year doing some basic paperwork and assisting patients during their recovery, worked at a lab as a research assistant and have some tutoring experiences. I have not yet taken the GREs but planning on taking it later this year and then again during the summer of 2017. My dream grad schools to get into are University of Washington, NYU, Columbia (Teacher College), and MGH. I know my chances of getting into these schools aren't high but I still want to give it a shot and apply. I'm open to any suggests that you think I would need to work before I apply. Thanks in advance!
  24. Anyone thinking/are in the dual program for speech pathology? I don't hear much about that path and I'd like some tips. I'd like to know if it's as competitive as the MA program? Do dual programs (or PhD, even) weigh their applicants the same as the MA program? Should I focus more on my GPA, GRE, or research experiences (I've done three poster presentations--one for ASHA)? What's something you recommend or have done to help your acceptance? Thank you!
  25. Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to both Boston University and MGH for fall 2016! I have visited both schools to be honest I think I could be happy at either, as they both are really great programs. I was wondering if any have you have been accepted to both, or go to either school now, and how you are/made the decision to choose one school versus the other! I am so lucky, as this is not a bad dilemma to have at all, I am just not sure what to do! I have thought about pros and cons for each myself, but any input would be awesome!
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