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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everybody, I'm back from my long hiatus and am doing exactly what I did last year: starting the new thread for new applicants right before CSDCAS opens. Hopefully by 2018 I'll have gotten in and won't be here doing this anymore, lol. This thread is for everyone applying for 2017. That includes spring, summer, and fall applicants from any and all countries! Are you guys ready for this round? Who else is applying again that didn't get in before? How's life? etc.
  2. The program page (https://www.embl.de/training/eipp/application/index.html) states that results for the Spring 2017 recruitment round will be sent out by the end of November. While I am 100% sure that I will receive a resounding reject, I'd like to know if anyone has any news (even a rejection email or whatever). Thanks!
  3. Hello! I have recently been accepted into the UCF SLP masters program for spring 2017. I really just want to talk to other people who have also received their acceptances. Are you waiting to hear back from other schools before you accept? Is anyone coming from out of state to attend ( I would be moving from California ).? thoughts on finding a place to live and roommates to live with when we are starting school half way through a school year?
  4. I applied to the spring 2017 admissions for masters in Masdar before the deadline by a few weeks and today I received an email saying that admissions are closed and I should apply for fall intake. And on my status it says admission cycle closed. Did anymore receive something similarl? And does it mean i got rejected? I emailed them asking them but their admission office is always slow in replying. Any response will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Did anyone apply for PhD in Petroleum Engineering at University of Wyoming? If you did, heard anything back? Seems like a good program and really hoping I get in this coming Spring.
  6. Has anyone heard back from UCF for Spring 2017 Speech Pathology grad school?
  7. Has anyone received a reply from the tagged universities? By when do they generally declare the results for Spring applicants?
  8. Hi All,I have admits for MS in ECE from CMU for Spring 2017 and from NCSU for fall 2016. I want to pursue a specialization in Computer Architecture. Which of the two colleges will offer me a better opportunity, especially in terms of courses offered and considering other aspects also?From a financial point of view, I guess both will cost the same as CMU has a 3 semester program.
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is any school offering admissions in Spring term. My search thus far has been unsuccessful, I would appreciate if anyone could help me with that. Thanks a lot.
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