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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone here have an experience applying (or got accepted) to CMU (MIIPS) UPenn (M:IPD) or Northwestern (Product Engineering)? Would like to know how do you prepare your portfolio especially if you're not a design student (like I am)! Or do you know any other school that have similar program as I mentioned above? Would be very happy if you'd like to discuss!
  2. For my PhD, I am considering between Penn for Bioengineering and Yale for Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS). I have found professors at both schools with whom I would love to do research in and I got along well with the current graduate students at both schools. I feel very fortunate to have had such great experiences. I am very interested in taking my career after my PhD in the entrepreneurial or venture capital in the life sciences space. I am very interested in the life sciences because I would like to work on discovering molecules or developing diagnostics and drug delivery systems to improve the human condition. I would like to get opportunities throughout my PhD to get quite involved in the entrepreneurial/venture space. Is there a bias towards bioengineers or biologists in this space? Which school would have the better resources for what I am looking for? Are there specific resources that make either of these schools unique? I have been having a lot of difficulty in making a decision about where to go. Aside from stipend, location and fit, what other factors do people think about? At this point I feel that I am looking at very small factors to try and decide. I appreciate hearing your perspective
  3. Hey everyone, I'm having a little dilemma about whether to enroll in a PhD program or not. In some ways I believe I must and in other ways I am wondering if I really need to do it. It's just such a long road that I don't want to waste time on if I don't need to. So here is my background: I have a BS in chemistry from a very good public US university. I performed undergraduate research there for about 1.5 years but didn't really accomplish anything significant (was just to get exposed). After my junior year, I did a summer research fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering 3rd author on a paper about polymeric nanoparticles for kidney diseases Graduated in May 2015 and received a Fulbright Fellowship to use targeted nanoparticles to deliver gene therapy to different hematological malignancies. So far I have 2 publications from this: small contribution on a review of delivery strategies of siRNA to hematological malignancies first author on a commentary on a siRNA aptamer study to modulate T cell function I will hopefully have/be working on another publication on my own work when I am leaving. I was accepted to Weill Cornell pharmacology program (fall 2016) but deferred for a year to continue doing my Fulbright project for some more time So now I am supposed to start PhD in August 2017 My interests/career goals: I really enjoy what I am working on, and would like to stay involved with and of the following: nanomedicine, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy, delivery strategies I don't want to go into academia I am interested in research but it has to be at a very applied level within therapy (preferably in cancer) However, I don't want to work in a lab forever I believe I want to go into industry but not in a typical fashion... managing a biotech startup or maybe biotech venture capital sound appealing to me. What I want advice on: Given my experience and prospective career path, is a PhD just a rite of passage I must go through? Or should I find a job instead and work my way towards what I would like to be in? Due to the novel nature of the subjects I have interest in, I have a feeling that I must do a PhD to be qualified (nanomedicine, gene therapy, immunomodulation) If the school I am supposed to attend has a few researchers that are not doing exactly what I want to do but are related and I would accept work with, should I settle for one of these? Or should I not pursue the PhD if I don't find someone who matches exactly what I want? What kind of jobs can I get with this experience? I am not really sure because all I have is a bachelor's degree but I have been performing research at the level of graduate students for quite some time now. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  4. Hi everyone! A Toronto-based tech company called Venngage is offering a scholarship for students who want to start their own business. They're offering three scholarships: one $5000 scholarship and two $1000 scholarships. All you have to do is create an infographic pitching your business idea. Full information about the scholarship can be found here: https://venngage.com/blog/venngage-student-startup-scholarship/
  5. TL;DR If I want to join/found educational game startups, which grad school is recommended, CMU or Columbia? Objective I want to join the startups related with educational technology, gamification, and so forth. My final goal, definitely, is to run my own startup in educational game industry. (This is also the reason why I apply to these graduate programs this year!) Admitted Schools CMU SV: MS in Software Engineering (Sillicon Valley Campus) Columbia: MS in Computer Science Gatech: MS in Computer Science Pending UCLA: MS in CS USC: MS in CS Cornell: MEng in CS Pain points I've never been to US. Everything I heard of was from my friends and drama. I know the popularity of tech startups in Silicon Valley is beyond question. But I want to know if educational game startup is still the case? The following is my analysis (based on my very very limited understanding of US). CMU SV Pros 3 semesters => cheaper tuition fee Tech startups, Angels, VC are everywhere Columbia Pros CG/CV lab is excellent (e.g. many papers in SIGGRAPH every year). => It may be benificial to game development Ivy league => I may build connections with business people There are vibrant art and music activities in New York City => It may be benificial to game development Cons 2yr program => high tuition fee less tech startups in NYC Finally, I surveyed https://angel.co and I found: # of K12 startups : SF > NYC # of language learning startups : NYC > SF Thanks for reading my long post. Welcome to any advice from you guys!
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