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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there, I am planning to re-apply to PhD programs in the Fall 2020 semester. I applied when I was a senior in Undergrad, didn't get in, so I went for my masters' instead. Now, I'm finishing up my masters' and will apply again. For my personal statement, would it be wise or stupid for me to include that I am re-applying? I wasn't sure as I was thinking I could write how I am still determined for a PhD program hence my reapplying and I have done x amount of research/work within these 2 years to improve my application. Or, is this unnecessary? I would really appreciate any feed
  2. I'm applying to a program where there's only 1 person I really want to work with. I found out that they will be accepting students this year. But the program website explicitly asks applicants to name two professors they want to work with. Would it hurt my chances if I only mention the one I'm interested in working with?
  3. I know this is the last minute for the applications but I really need some quick help! I am actually confused about some basic logistics of the personal history statement. So UCLA allows an 8000 character limit which falls to about 2 pages of 12 point text. I wrote my statement according to that but googling a bit I found that the ideal length is around 500-700 words which is about one page. My application to UC Berkeley also needs a personal history statement and I am now confused as to what length of a statement should I stick to.
  4. Hey yall- I'm starting this thread for those applying to NPSIA for 2018. Feel free to post any questions or comments here. And as offers roll out too dont be afraid to share your acceptance or decline comments here Just curious, in regards to the MA, are people limiting their statement of intent to a certain number of words? is it research focused (with citations and all) even if you aren't planning on doing the thesis or MRP? The instructions on the website are quite vague, so i'm curious what people are doing (especially word count wise).
  5. I'm trying to finish up my application for Columbia's CSD program and do not know how to format my optional essay. I know I need to discuss my GRE scores (below par) but focus on how my GPA is great and I have a lot of volunteer/work/professional experiences. Should this be a blunt statement? Or should it be put in a nicer way like every other personal statement? Applying to: Columbia, UVA, UNC, Vanderbilt, Pitt, BU, MGH, Kean, NYU
  6. a_photo


    Hey everyone! Would anyone who has accepted to grad school be willing to post their statement? It would be insanely helpful to see some examples. Thanks!
  7. Like most of you, I'm here because of uncertainties regarding some aspect of the grad school application process. I've read every credible article I could find about crafting the perfect Statement of Purpose. I've read through a dozen examples of what is considered a great statement. My problem is this: I'm not sure if a lot of the suggestions for writing style are applicable to the kind of program I want to study. Of all the statements I read, my favorites are the ones that are conversational and descriptive. They're the ones that read like a story. But is that style suitable for every
  8. Hey guys, I will be applying to schools, mainly focusing on cosmology. I'd be glad if someone could review / critique a basic draft of my SOP. Here goes: The way math described the physical world in a predictive and self-consistent way had appealed to me since a class project on gravity in grade 11. I enjoyed learning high school physics, and I aced the physics section on the highly competitive Joint Entrance Examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology. I was still unsure about physics as a career, and thus chose the “conventional” engineering major at the Birla
  9. I have been completely stressed out about writing my personal statement for my grad program. It took me 4 years to complete my Associate's degree because of drug/alcohol addiction and general lack of motivation and enthusiasm for my academic career. I entered into rehab and have been sober for over 3 years. I completed my BS with a 3.88 GPA, but I know I will have to explain my low GPA and gaps in semesters during the time I was using drugs and drinking. My transcripts show a clear mark from before treatment and after treatment, but how much should I talk about how my addictions made me th
  10. Hello everyone, I will start applying to PhD programs this month but I am not confident that my SOP is good enough. As an international student, I have little knowledge on this since writing SOP for graduate schools is not common my country (if existent). Can someone review my SOP and tell me what could be changed to improve it? Any advice is welcome ps.: I have ommited the university and faculty members names for an ethical reason. Thanks Raul L. L. Carmo I am writing on behalf of my application for the Doctoral program in Chemistry at X Universit
  11. Hello to all, The University of Edinburgh has offered me admission to the 3year Ph.D program of Philosophy but no news on funding. I need to apply for several scholarships but I have no idea how to write a statement of purpose (300-500 w) asking for funding. Any tips? Also, any tips about the Uni. or the department or about (UK) scholarships in general would be helpful. Thanks in adnvance Leah
  12. Hey everyone. I'm applying for the H-CI and Design masters program at the University of Washington. Can you please check out my essay for critique, improvements, and general feedback? Will review yours in exchange! Thanks! https://docs.google.com/document/d/109kOJMamb5MqLpidmGLr-RP1wl0ogsZHAI1pldR06Qc/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Hello. I am applying to top CS schools in the US. Anyone willing to critique my SOP? Kindly PM me if interested. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hey does anyone want to review this SOP for me? Much obliged! My varied academic aptitudes professional backgrounds have prompted me to pursue advanced degrees in geography, is an ideal institution for my academic interests in political ecology, environmental governance, political economy, and ultimate goal of becoming a researcher and instructor within academia. Furthermore, the specializations of the department’s faculty and research centers align closely with my own, and provide opportunities for prospective collaborations. BLANK" applies approaches and frameworks from political ecolog
  15. Hey guys, I am a new grad student and today i went to talk to my adviser and i was crashed hard by what he said. We will talking about possible topics of my interest and he ask me questions like what is your independent and dependent variables, types of research. I couldnt answer because i have not touch any of those courses yet. So he was surprise that i have no background. Am i the only on thinking i was this bad ? or was he just pushing me hard ? Also is there anyone that can help me with my purpose statement ? i have ideas but it just dont look right when i put them toget
  16. Hallo! Currently working on a draft of my statement for Cambridge's Mphil in Health, Medicine, and Society. Does anyone want to look over it? The limit is ~600 words, so I'm struggling with cutting out fluff and including information that would make me an appealing candidate (they sadly don't look at CVs!). It's meant to be framed as a research proposal, so that is what I'm aiming for. I'd be happy to edits others' statements as well
  17. Is a bibliography or a works cited page needed for the statement of purpose? I was planning on using one or two quotations from external sources and discuss my theoretical approaches, including theorists' names and texts.
  18. Hey, I am preparing now for passing my PhD, but I found out that I have got a huge lack of time and I can't make everything on my own on time. A friend of mine told me that I can use some help from the outside (services). I found one called phdstatementofpurpose.com and wanted to ask, if anybody used such services and, maybe, particular one. And it would be very useful for me to know whether it is a good idea to use such services? Thanks, in advance!
  19. Revising you personal Statement for a SLP graduate program I highly recommend buying this book because it has awesome tips and examples of letters other student essays. Perfect Personal Statements by Mark Alan Stewart Here are some great tips for revising you personal statement, if you are reapplying or applying for the first time. What should you write about? This issue forced me to procrastinate forever! I felt like everyone had such a good story about why they wanted to become a SLP. Some girls in my undergrad classes had children with autism, siblings with hearing impairments, or
  20. I am applying to the University of Maryland in Baltimore and being that i am aware of how i tend to stray off of topic i was wondering if anyone would be interested in reviewing my statement and offering me some critique or advice. It has 3 questions to answer and the answer can not be longer than 300 words. Please let me know if you have the time and i will send it in a personal message.Thanks
  21. Hi all, I have a SOP that I've worked really hard on and submitted to 4 of the 6 schools I am applying to. It is roughly 1000 words and the last two apps I have to turn in are 500 words. I have been looking over my statement to see what I can trim (or should I say chop off) and it is so difficult! Does anyone out there have any tips ? My sentences are well thought out and link to one another so it is difficult to delete a sentence here or there while keeping it cohesive. Should I stick to just one or two main stories (what I did for my undergrad thesis and what I do now) or try to briefly li
  22. Hi there, and thanks in advance for any advice you can offer I am applying for my MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry). I've been battling my SOP for a solid week. I am curious as to what approaches anyone has found successful in their SOP for poetry in particular. I'm particularly interested in two things: (1) Tone - trying to find a balance of professionalism and, of course, creative voice....not sure how conservative to be. (2) Poetry-related content...Do admissions boards what to know specific poets I read? Who inspires me? My academic understanding/study of the craft? I'm
  23. I have just finished the 2nd draft of my SOP and I'd love some feedback! I'd also be happy to exchange statements with others. If interested, PM me with your email address and I will forward you my draft. A little bit about my SOP for those interested: It's thematic (my first draft was chronological but it seemed dull) I've been working on it with my university writing center over the summer so hopefully reading it won't make your eyes bleed I'm having trouble with the introduction Thanks!
  24. The title says it all. Lot of other applicants have the same question. Is it worth paying almost $100 to an essay review site like essayedge.com? Especially, if you used such a site, was it helpful at all? I am an engineering student hoping to start graduate school in fall 2012. Thank you!
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