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Found 17 results

  1. In my SOP should address the low gpa I had during my freshman and sophomore year if I have now significantly increased my GPA? The low GPA occurred because of switching majors and major health issues.
  2. Hi guys! I am applying for the MAIR program of SAIS and god is it confusing! Would really love some tips/ help from fellow applicants/ current students especially regarding their essays and LORs. They only need 2 LORs and I am confused whether I should give both academic (one vouching for my policy skills and another psychology) or one professional as well. I have highlighted my psycho-political skills quite a bit and also tech so I am confused! help a girl out 😢
  3. (A word document is also attached at the end of the same if this seems too shabby). During my earliest childhood the most important kind of knowledge that I received came to me, rather informally, through the discussions and debates with my dad. As such, asking questions has become an integral part of my personality. The conversations on philosophy, spirituality and religion that I have had as a child with my dad have played a major part in shaping me into who I am today – a critical thinking, curious and reflective individual. My passion for Physics kindled when I embarked on a journey with Morgan Freeman ‘Through the Wormhole’ while trying to search for new cartoon channels on my television set. It immediately hooked me. To me as an eleven-year old the appeal naturally was not intellectual but emotional. ‘How can something be so big that it makes such a big Earth look like nothing?’ such were the questions that started settling in my inquisitive young mind. I had decided early on to pursue something that would present pictures of such marvellous nature to my mind. To me on a personal level, Physics has an appeal of a holy kind not much distinguishable from that of spirituality and philosophy. I am highly interested in Theoretical Physics and want to pursue the Physics PhD program in your esteemed institution. My primary interest is in the Atomic, Molecular and Optical area of research, particularly in the field of Quantum Optics. I have recently started working under two professors on a project in Quantum Optics. The bases of this project is the paper “Effects of linear and quadratic dispersive couplings on optical squeezing in an optomechanical system” published in Physical Review in 2015. The aim of this paper was to study the quadrature squeezing in the presence of both the linear and the quadratic coupling simultaneously. This facilitates strong squeezing without the requirement of introducing extradegrees of freedom which is usually necessary. Since the project was started recently I am only vaguely familiar with many of its technicalities. As such the initial aim assigned to me is to get familiar with the formalism and application of optomechanical systems and to try to reproduce this paper only with the linear coupling .I have been made familiar with the interpretation of the Hamiltonian used in the paper and have derived the rate equations for position ,momentum and annihilation and creation operators using the Quantum Langevin equation .Further separating each operator in its steady state and fluctuation components , led to a set of non-linear algebraic equations where I had to ignore the non-linear terms and proceed to form the third order polynomial equation of intensity in terms of power corresponding to the Bi Stability of the system. This is what has been done so far by me and the project is in progress. After the initial aim is achieved, the objective is to extend this study using Optical Vortex beams. Even though I am new to this field and have much to learn, I am highly motivated in pursuing this field since it is still growing and is very interesting.One of the areas in which The Taylor Research Group is doing research at the quantum limits of measurement with the help of quantum optomechanical sensors . Since the project I am doing deals with strong squeezing in optomechanical systems leading to ultra-sensitive measurements I believe I can learn a lot in the Taylor Research Group and also contribute in this area. In terms of diversity, I have a lot to bring to the table. My dad is a Hindu while my mom a Muslim. I have spent my youth years in Goa, a state prevalent in Christian community with a mix of Portuguese culture. Growing up among such diverse religious communities has imbued my personality with diverse values making it flexible, tolerant and accepting. Having been born in the capital of the most populous state in North India and later moving to a Southern State, I have experienced the diverse regional cultures of my country as well. I was never an excellent student in my hometown. When I moved to Goa in the eighth grade the drastically different culture , community and the flurry of new interactions with students and teachers propelled me to make an identity of my own.This new experience pushed me to become an excellent student. Since then I excelled throughout my academia while also actively participating in co-curricular activities such as being part of the school football team. After completing my tenth grade I went back to my hometown to complete the rest of my studies as it had better Science oriented schools. There ,being a top student of my batch ,I was selected to be a part of the Sakura Science Exchange Program (SSP) 2016 , where a group of students were taken to Japan to provide exposure to Japanese technological agencies, laboratories and museums. This was a very enriching experience. Not only did it boost my passion for Physics but also made me realise the importance of being part of a global scientific community in order to contribute in this field. Two particular experiences had a major impact on me. First was when we visited a lab in Hokkaido University where the research scientist told us about the wide-range of applications of Photonics such as particle spectroscopy, optical sensing and bio-imaging using fluorescent probes among other things. The information was brief and not very technical but it clearly made me interested in areas concerning light-matter interactions. The second one was in JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. There the lead researcherexplained to us that a major problem for JAXA was the need for young members as the space exploration projects are very long term and scientists who start a project usually get very old till it gets completed. Due to this they designed international programs such as SSP that made international students familiar with Japan and encouraged them to be a part of its educational and cultural body. This was a problem particular to Japan since the median age is high there. But this made me realise the importance of being part of an international community where individual shortcomings can be replaced by combined contributions. Physics is a science aimed at unifying different aspects of nature and with the same spirit of unity and interconnectedness should we pursue it. These were the motivations for trying to be part of a diverse and global community of Science, an aspect in which University of Maryland is considered ideal. I aced my twelfth Board Examination and was All India Rank 4 with a 100 in Physics due to which I received the INSPIRE Scholarship. In college, I participated in an NGO named National Service Society (NSS) and was part of their Environment and Disaster Wing. We organised marches for public awareness and Plogging drives. We also visited orphanages ,old age homes and provided left-over food to stray animals. Working for NSS made it clear that no matter the field or the walk of life to which a person belongs, service to society remains the highest of ideals.The various events organised by University of Maryland such as the Outreach program and Maryland Day seem enriching and exciting. I hope to participate in these for my holistic development and for giving back to the community. I also hope to get involved in Graduate Student Organizations like the Mental Health Task Force and the Women in Physics Group which aim at serving the student community. While in college I also was a member of LUMEN, The Physics and Electronics Society and took part in discussions and presentations. In the First year I took part in ‘Unearth’ where I gave a qualitative presentation on ‘Quantum Entanglement’ among students of different colleges. I have been a meticulous ,engaging and passionate student and hope to maintain this boundless energy for future endeavours as well. After completing my PhD, I aim to research further in this field of Quantum Optics. I also plan to take the ideas of this field to places where it's relatively new and just growing as in my own country. In terms of its community and research UMD stands out particularly distinguished and thus I believe it would be instrumental in helping me achieve my future goals. My father often tells me that the divinity of one’s soul can be realised by the sanctity of one’s work. Such efforts and work is what I hope to bring to your institution. ( I have also added a word document of the same if the above seems shabby) SOP UMD.docx
  4. Hello! Thanks for clicking on my post, as you can infer, I have written a statement of purpose (a general one) that leaves plenty of room to add about two paragraphs of specific research about each program I am applying to. I would love to talk with someone about what I have written (this is my third draft) and also show an example of my 'specific research' for the University of Chicago. I will also provide some more details about myself below GPA: 3.644 Major GPA: 3.59 Graduated in 2 Years B.A in Mathematics (Pure) No prior research experience By the end of this year, I will have 2 years T.A Experience and 1 year of teaching experience at a high school Here is a list of all my PhD Programs I am applying to: Boston University Brandeis University New York University Ohio State Penn State UC Berkeley UC Davis The University of Chicago The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) University of Oregon University of Washington If you are interested, please send me a message and I will be able to reply as quick as possible! I am hoping to start sending out finalized applications in the next two weeks. I would love for someone to make me cry, and absolutely destroy my SOP. Thank you, and have a good one! Good luck with your apps too if you're reading this.
  5. Hi all, I am planning to apply to PhD in a couple of universities in the States and Canada in Spanish literature. I have written my first draft of SOP. Would anyone help me out by revising the same?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on my application to be admitted to an MPA program, more specifically the program at the University of Central Florida. I'd really appreciate any feedback on my SoP! I can PM the link to it Many thanks!!
  7. I am writing my statement of purpose tomorrow morning for the UGA school of engineering. Could someone tell me if it's okay or if I need to change up some parts? Statement of Purpose CE.docx
  8. Hello! I am applying to social work/counseling programs and today is the first day I am sitting down and thinking about how i will be writing my personal statements/SoP. The reason I am in this field is because of a difficult home life and living with people who have mental illness. I want to be personal and real about why I am applying but I do not know what is considered too personal or how much is too much. Does anyone have any advice? Whether its the amount I should include or the topics I should definitely include/definitely want to avoid. thank you so much!
  9. Hey everyone, Could anyone familiar with UCLA's sociology department help me out with a quick question on the SOP word limit? The division-wide application portal says up to 500 words allowed, but since this is so much lower than the requirement for all other sociology departments I'm applying to it struck me as odd. I also happened to read someone's statement for UCLA that went significantly over that (1000+ words) from a few years ago who was accepted (I didn't get the statement directly from them so I feel weird to reach out and ask them myself about this). The sociology department website also doesn't specify one way or another, just defers to the "prompts on the application portal". I know people advise to stick to the word limit for these things, and that it doesn't look good to the admissions committee if you don't, but I was wondering if anyone specifically familiar with UCLA's sociology admissions might be able to advise on how they view this (I already tried to contact their office but it's closed until monday/past the deadline on sunday). Or anyone not at UCLA: if there's a word limit set division-wide, do admissions committee necessarily default to that? Or if this isn't addressed specifically on the department's website may they not abide by it too strictly? Reallyyy stressing out about this as deadline is Sunday so any advice would be helpful! 🙏🙏🙏Thank you!
  10. Would anyone be willing to review for SoP for civil engineering MS? I could offer suggestions to yours too. Thanks !
  11. Hi, everyone. I'm looking to improve my SOP for the above mentioned program. Non-native speaker here, so my SOP doesn't look up to the mark here. Hopefully you guys can suggest something? Please let me know if you can take out the time - I'll DM you my SOP for review. Thanks!
  12. I want to apply for PhD program in mechanical engineering at Stanford. Furthermore, I want to conduct research in the area of computer vision and computer graphics with application to robotics, manufacturing and mechanical industry. However, there are not any professors in mechanical engineering department who conduct research in this area, most of the relevant professors are in Computer science or electrical engineering. Is there a way to highlight my intent to conduct interdisciplinary research with a professor outside mechanical department in the Statement of Purpose without negatively impacting my chances to receive an offer of admission? Is applying for PhD in mechanical engineering but not intending to do research with a mechanical engineering professor viewed negatively? Thanks!
  13. Does anyone have any tips on writing a Statement of Purpose for Philosophy PhD schools? Or have an example? I'm having trouble making mine not seem absolutely terrible haha.
  14. Hi, Here's my SoP for applying to PhD in Astriphysics mainly in European Universities. Thanks in advance for helping me out with the review. <SOP> Being an ardent lover of science, I always wondered about the underlying physical processes in the universe. I spent a considerable amount of learning about astrophysics which predisposed me to want to get into Astrophysics research. I enrolled myself in a BSc Physics program at Ramnarain Ruia College followed by the University of Mumbai for MSc in Physics. At both the institutes, I had an experience of both education and research going hand in hand creating a stimulating environment where one gets the flavour of scientific research very early in their careers. I went to two of Astronomy and Astrophysics courses outside of my curriculum which introduced me to various branches of the subject including stellar physics, planetary sciences and active high energy astrophysics. As a subject, physics continues to dazzle me. I think my interest in physics is mainly because I have a knack for understanding the basic structure of things. I am particularly intrigued by how fundamental physical laws can be used to explain the underlying physical processes behind the formation and evolution of the universe. In recent times, I have been doing research internships focused on exploring observational and computational aspects in astronomy and astrophysics. These internships have opened up for me the fascinating world of complex astrophysical phenomena and their understanding from a physicist’s point of view Here are the Astrophysics and Space Physics projects I worked on during my BSc and MSc program: ● Stellar Polarimetry (June 2018-July 2018): As a part of the research fellowship on Observational Astrophysics organised by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) and the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS), I worked on a project involving Optical Polarimetry, where I measured distances to the molecular clouds of Taurus and Ophiuchus using polarimetry. For this, I had used data from the data release DR2 of Gaia satellite as well as Heiles 2000 catalogue. Furthermore, I also tried to point the magnetic field directions in the map of these clouds with the same data. This project was done using Python. ● Convection-diffusion Forbush Decrease (FD) study (April 2017-March 2018): In my MSc project at the University of Mumbai, I worked on a phenomenon of cosmic rays called Forbush Decrease (FD). I studied the variation of solar wind speed and magnetic field along the FD profiles using a convection-diffusion model with the help of WIND satellite data. From the results of the study, I concluded that this is the first attempt to reproduce the complete FD profile of both types of events (ICME-induced and CIR-induced) using the diffusion-convection model. The project is under review with the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS). ● Very High Energy (VHE) detection of Fermi AGNs (May 2017-June 2017): I did a project in the Astrophysical Sciences department of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The main objective was to investigate how many sources will be detectable by the Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope (MACE) situated in Hanle, Ladakh. I used the 3FGL catalogue from NASA’s Fermi satellite for the source detection. The project was done using the C language and I used two models of PowerLaw and LogParabola models. ● Radio Astronomy Research Camp (December 2014): I was selected for a Radio Astronomy research camp held in New Delhi in December 2014 in which I worked with radio images of GMRT in the FITS format and used SAO Image DS9 software for its analysis to identify which galaxies belonged to the class of radio galaxies of FRI and FRII. The Observational Astrophysics research fellowship at IIA covered a variety of Astrophysics branches via lectures from experts in the field, mainly from IIA and some from ISRO and NCRA, along with an introduction to different tools of IDL (Interactive Data Language), Spectra Cyber, powspec and HeaSoft and gave a basic idea of how spectroscopy is practically measured and how analysis of astronomical data is done. This is precisely what made me interested in various astrophysics branches, stellar astrophysics being one of them. The PhD position at the Physics of Stellar Objects (PSO) of the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies interests me because it focuses on one of the very important aspects in Astrophysics of the Mach number. How Mach number simulation for stellar evolution provides an easy way to study the entire life cycle of a star capturing its temporal evolution, which otherwise is computationally challenging, interests me the most. I have also worked with magnetic fields for my project during my MSc while studying the effects of the magnetic field and its components on Forbush Decrease. Magnetohydrodynamics was a part of my curriculum as part of my Plasma Physics course. Additionally, although it was not extensively used in my project on FDs, I needed to have a basic understanding of MHD equations, which is what makes me a suitable candidate for this project. Moreover, the position requires experience in numerical methods. Apart from my projects in Astrophysics and Space Physics that included numerical methods, like the Trapezoidal method for integration and the Lagrange method for Interpolation for my project at BARC, I have had an entire course on Numerical Methods in the third semester of my MSc which exposed me to a number of major numerical techniques useful in Physics. The PhD position at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies suits my preference as it provides an ideal climate to pursue my interests. I believe that the kind of training that I had through my course work and internships will prove an asset in pursuing my research career at the PSO group. It would be a perfect environment for me to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in summer schools and projects to the research in an area of my choice. The knowledge and skills that I would gain from this experience would go a long way to help my aim to achieve a greater understanding of astrophysical processes and equip me with the necessary ingredients to keep working in this highly exciting field. </SOP>
  15. Hello. I am applying to top CS schools in the US. Anyone willing to critique my SOP? Kindly PM me if interested. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Any recommendation for SOP writing services in US? Thank you
  17. Hello, I have just written my SOP and need help with edits and/or a review of my paper. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. There are a few things I am considering deleting, but not sure what someone with experience/expertise thinks...I have not formatted the SOP as of yet. I plan to do so once the review/edits are completed. Thank you for your time and support! In case the file does not open, here is a link to the google doc. The viewer has permission to comment on the document itself. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14zb5YT73MSVn3kAwXnQKCsK2s_1AfKetprKCPTcaqpA/edit?usp=sharing StatementofPurpose-DoctorateofEducation.docx
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