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  1. MS Biostatistics student looking for advice! Undergrad: top 30 LACs -- Statistics, Data Science (summa) Grad: MS Biostatistics Ivy League (not Harvard) Type of Student: International female GRE General Test: Q:170 V: 160 W: 5.0 Applying to: Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: Right now, projects on survival analysis (both applied and methodological) with a senior researcher -- not sure about potential publications! During undergrads, did summer research at a well-known cancer
  2. Undergrad Institution: California Public University (Top Cal State) Major(s): Economics - Quantitative Analysis Minor(s): Statistics GPA: 3.958 Type of Student: Domestic Asian Female GRE General Test: (Have not taken yet) Programs Applying: Biostatistics/ Statistics PhD or Master’s Programs Research Interests: I am interested in Biostatistics research, possibly clinical research Research Experience: Do not have any professional research experience but will be completing a senior project which is a research project. I also was on a chem research team my freshman year, inv
  3. Background: International student Female Bachelor's in Statistics with hons: 3.5 gpa( converted from Percentage) from tier 1 public university Masters in Statistics: 9.6 cgpa on a scale of 10 from a tier 2 private university with 10 in calculas, algebra, linear models, Design of Experiments, Biostatistics, multivariate analysis, Demography,Statistical Inference. Research experience: 1.Did a thesis project for final semester applying mathematical model to demographic rates. 2.Worked as a research assistant for 8 months at a government organisation but
  4. I am about to be a junior this Fall and currently have a 2.6 GPA right now. I also don't go to a very popular college and it's located in the city. I have low grades and I am thinking about either getting into a masters program for applied statistics or maybe applied math. However, I might have no chance because I got a few C grades in my early math classes and I had to withdraw from Calculus 1 twice. I am also interested in economics and I have a B and B- in the first two economics classes so far. I understand that I screwed up bad but I am thinking about changing my life around. I have a tot
  5. From: India Background Undergraduate Institute- Top 3 for Math in the country Major- Math Minor - Physics Grades- 9.5/10 Relevant courses(with grades): Analysis 1,2,3(10 in all); Algebra 1,2,3(9,10,8); Probability(10); Calculus(10); Differential equations(10); Complex Analysis(10); Topology(7); Stochastic Processes 1,2(10 in both); Optimisation(10); Game theory(9) + Physics courses(overall physics courses 9.4/10) Masters: Top1 institute for statistics Overall percentage-82 Coursework(with percentage): Regression(62); Statistical Inferenc
  6. Applying for PhD in statistics/biostatistics after working in industry for a few years as a Data Scientist - would appreciate any thoughts, feedback, or advice on programs below given profile/research interests. Undergrad Institution: US Top-5 in Statistics Majors: Statistics, Applied Math GPA: 3.91 Type of Student: International Male Math Courses (All A's): Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra 1/2, Abstract Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Calculus 1/2/3, Discrete Math Statistics Courses (All A's): Stochastic Processes, Time Series, Experimental
  7. Hi everyone! I posted in Waiting it Out, but thought I would give it a shot here as well I am anxiously awaiting any kind of response from both McMaster and University of Western Ontario regarding admissions to the master of sciences in statistics program. I applied in January, and it is now June and have not heard back from either school. Has anyone heard back? Either an acceptance, wait list or rejection? I am very frustrated at this point and would love to hear other applicants thoughts/journeys for a statistics masters! If anyone was admitted to either program, would you min
  8. Hi everyone, I am anxiously awaiting any kind of response from both McMaster and University of Western Ontario regarding admissions to the master of sciences in statistics program. I applied in January and have not heard back from either school. Has anyone heard back? Either an acceptance, wait list or rejection? I am very frustrated at this point and would love to hear other applicants thoughts/journeys for a statistics masters!
  9. Undergraduate Institution:Top 3 in math in India Program: B.Sc Hons. Major:Math and Physics Grade: 9.5/10 Type :International Asian Male Courses with grades: Analysis 1(10),2(10),3(10); Complex Analysis(10);Probability(10),Algebra 1(9),2(10),3(8);Calculus(10), Differential equations(10) ,topology(7),optimization(10), Game theory(9), Stochastic processes 1(10), 2(10) Masters Institution: Top stats program in India Major: Statistics with probability specialisation Percentage:84%(At time of application) Math courses with percentages: Analysis 1(95), P
  10. Hi, I graduated with a bachelor of technology degree in Electronics from VIT Vellore, India in 2016 and have been working in statistical modelling/predictive analytics related profiles since then. I took various mathematics electives in college and enjoyed learning about different branches, and their applications in industry. I enjoy working on lot of versatile projects but over time, I realized that I am not learning anything in depth. Online courses related to statistics touch topics in a superficial way (no offence) and I would want to study some topics in depth, and pursue
  11. Hello all, April 15 is the deadline to decide where I'll be going for my Master's in Stats! I'm posting here to get a better idea of where I should go. Here are my options: UChicago, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, UW-Madison, and ETH Zurich. Worth noting is that UW-Madison is free, although money isn't really a concern for me. As of now, I'd say I'm definitely leaning UChicago based on its prestige and the strength of its master's program. While I'm not that interested at the moment in pursuing a PhD following my Master's, I suppose leaving that door open can't hurt and that there's a lot of good
  12. Thanks for reading this. I will be attending a Top 3 biostat master program next fall, and I want to seek for advice on how to become a competitive applicant for phd program in stat/biostat 2 years later, especially as an international student. FYI, I graduated from a top flagship state university with a major in statistics&computer science. I also have a minor in math but most math course I took are not proof-based and I only took one elementary analysis class (A+ grade). I also have done several research projects but do not have any publications. Specifically, I want to know gi
  13. I have been admitted to the statistics departments at both Harvard and Berkeley. I applied to 24 schools, so I've also been accepted to virtually all of the top 20 stats programs, excluding Stanford. My academic interests are pretty broad, but I'd like my research to be more theoretical and in the realm of probability or machine learning/deep learning, if possible. I'm also not sure if I will try to go into academia or into a research team at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. I am mainly considering these two because Berkeley is so good at ML, but Harvar
  14. I am currently a senior DS at a FAANG company but my passion lies in academia. I have 2 publications, 3.5 GPA from large top 20 public school in Statistics, but my GRE general and subject test dates were cancelled last year due to COVID (I took them over 5 years ago and got 99% in GRE Quant, 85% in GRE Verbal, and 73% on math subject test). I applied to 12 top 30 ranked programs. Perhaps my concerns are premature but so far, I have only been admitted to one lower ranked program. The Berkeley faculty I interviewed with gave me the feedback that my coursework could be stronger (ie. Real An
  15. Undergrad Institution: Big State School Major(s): Industrial Engineering Minor(s): Mathematics GPA: 3.31 Industrial Engineering 2.88 in Mathematics (Freshman Calculus Sequence is really killing me here, chalk it up to youthful ignorance) Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male Courses Taken: Calculus I (B), Calculus II (C), Calculus III (B), Applied Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (A), Discrete Math (A), Probability (A), Statistics (A) , Operations Research I (A-), Operations Research II (A), Statistical Process Control (A), Discrete Event Simulation (B+), Eng
  16. Hello everyone! My name is Vic (they/them) and I’m attempting to find a statistics and methods workshop to keep myself busy. I understand YouTube has plenty of informative videos but I find that I learn better when I’m interacting with the lecturer and other students in the class. If you have any suggestions please let me know!
  17. Dear all, I am an international applicant (from India) to the PhD program in Statistics/Biostatistics for Fall 2021 session. A little background about me: I completed my undergraduate in 2015, majoring in statistics with minor in mathematics and economics and my masters in statistics in 2017, both with US equivalent GPA of 4.0. Both my undergrad and masters universities are quite reputed (not ISI) and I believe I have decent mathematical preparation. After that, till now I have been working as a biostatistician at a pharmaceutical company. Along with my job, I have been involve
  18. I really need some solid advice on my SOP. I don't really have anyone to review the essay, so it would be a big help. TIA One summer break, as I was sitting in my room watching my country’s election coverage, I realized that the coverage lacked any substantive information. As an avid follower of international politics, I expected the networks to cover information on policy proposals, the future impact of those policies, and most importantly, polling data. However, the information presented was very trivial. This realization inspired me to scour through swathes of data from a wide r
  19. 1. GRE: I got 154V, 165Q, and probably 3.5W 2. I finished enough upper division math classes to graduate and my overall GPA is 3.92. Here's a close list of the classes: Math: Topology (4.0); Linear Optimization (4.0); Linear Analysis (3.8); Matrix Algebra with Applications (3.4); Numerical Analysis I (4.0); Foundations of Modern Math (4.0); Discrete Mathematical Modeling (3.7); Calculus I (3.8); Calculus III (3.6); Multivariable Calculus (4.0); Introduction to Differential Equations (4.0); Abstract Algebra I (4.0); Real Analysis I (4.0) 3. I also have done a math research that g
  20. Undergrad: Big State School ranked around 150 Major: Mathematics, with Minor in Computer Science GPA: 4.0 (Two more semesters to go) Student Type: International Male (South Asian) Courses: Calculus Series, Into Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Proofs and Logic, Discrete Mathematics, Undergraduate Advanced Calculus Series, Intro to Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Data Science in Python, Data Visualization in R, Database System, Elementary Number Theory, Group Theory, Mathematical Statistics I, Mathematical Statistics II, Analytic Number Th
  21. Hi All, I am looking at applying to a few statistics PhD programs, along with some applied math and others. Student Type: Domestic White Male Undergrad: Top 100 overall (US News Rankings) Major: Applied Mathematics (minors Comp. Sci. and Economics) GPA: 3.72 Coursework: Linear Algebra (A), Calc I/II/III (A-,B,A-), ODE (A), Discrete Math (B+), Analysis I/II (A-,A), Applied Probability (A), Math Stats (B-), Operations Research aka some optimization (A-), Applied Machine Learning (A), Econometrics (A-), Algorithms (B+), Artificial Intelligence (A-), Data Structure
  22. Hi, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I plan to apply to graduate statistics programs soon. I'm primarily interested in masters programs, as I don’t feel competitive/competent enough for a PhD. I would love if someone could help me understand where I stand and if my feeling is correct. I also am very nervous about the kinds of schools that are a viable, given my background. I‘d greatly appreciate any advice! Type of student: Rising 4th year domestic mixed male Undergraduate Institution: Large public, no grade inflation (USN top 20 statistics department) Und
  23. Hi, I'm planning to apply for a PhD in Statistics this year for 2021 fall, I would really appreciate any advice. Research Interests : Haven't really decided yet, broadly over statistical learning and statistical theory Undergraduate Institution: Best known in Korea Major: Statistics GPA: Overall : 3.9/4.3 (3.79/4.0 converting A+ to 4.0 for 4.0 scale), Major: 4.14/4.3 (3.97/4.0) (Excluding grad-level courses) Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevant Classes: Math Courses - Differential and Integral Calculus 1,2 (A0/A+) -
  24. Hi all, I am currently considering doing a PhD in biostatistics. I have been doing a lot of research on PhD programs, but I am still having a difficult time knowing what schools are my reach/target. Target PhD: Wharton, Yale, Cornell (social statistics), UW-Madison, UCLA(social statistics), Brown... Overreaching? Undergraduate Institution: Top 20 private liberal art college (Think Oberlin, Colgate, Macalester...) Major: Economics and Statistics GPA: 3.97 Type of Student: International Asian Graduate Institution: N/A GRE Score: 158 Verbal 168 Q, 5 W -
  25. Background: Graduated in 2019 with double major in Math and Computer Science and then worked in finance industry for a year. Returning this fall for a masters in the computer science department (at my school most statistics is under computer science) and will focus on some combination of machine learning / inference. My areas of interest in statistics are bayesian inference, causal inference, theoretical machine learning, and theoretical statistics. I am also interested in applications to healthcare. I would like to evaluate my prospects for applying to PhD programs in the fall in Statisti
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