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Found 9 results

  1. I wanted to start a thread for those of us applying to programs under the umbrella of Science and Technology Studies and History/Philosophy/Sociology of Science, Technology, and Medicine. What programs are you applying to, and what are your interests? My main area of interest is the DSM as a site of conflict and negotiation between sexual & gender minority communities and mental health professionals. I'm applying to: Indiana Bloomington HSPC, Cornell STS, UChicago CHSS, UPenn HSS, UCSD Science Studies (Sociology), and Northwestern Sociology dept. I'm still considering adding one or two more to that list.
  2. I just went through the PhD application cycle for Fall 2018 and am wondering what the reputation is for the program I got into. But so as to not bias anyone, which programs would you say are the top 10 North American PhD programs for medical anthropology and STS?
  3. Is it top 10, top 20, top 30? Especially relative to places like Berkeley, MIT, Chicago. I was recently accepted to UCI's anthropology PhD program with full funding (I will research medical anthropology and STS), and I was wondering what the program's reputation is in that field, especially on the R1 academic job market? Their recent PhD's don't do *too* great at getting R1 positions, though the faculty are amazing, so I'm just curious.
  4. I'm just curious about my list of programs going forward into the acceptance/rejection period. What would you hope for? Just curious generally what people think of this list and what the strengths and weaknesses are, where I can expect problems and where there might be hope. It will likely appear in my signature too, but just in case here's my scorecard currently: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute STS PhD (Accepted) -heading to campus for visit Feb 27th MIT HASTS PhD (Likely Rejected) Northwestern MTS PhD (Likely Rejected) UC Santa Cruz Hist. of Consciousness PhD (Likely Rejected) Cornell STS PhD (Rejected) Berkeley Rhetoric PhD (Pending) NYU Media Culture Communication PhD (Pending) Brown Modern Culture and Media PhD (Pending) Harvard History of Science w/STS PhD (Pending) Boston University Emerging Media Studies PhD (Pending) University of Toronto History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Institute PhD (Pending) University of Texas Austin Media Studies PhD (Pending) Oxford DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences (Pending) Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone hearing back? I'm trying to decide on whether RPI would be Theory-friendly enough my tastes.
  5. Seeing some posts on the board about interviews and curious how many people have gotten a response from them in any capacity. I know they have two rounds with the interviews and usually go through about 10-15 people before narrowing down to somewhere around 5 people, so no doubt this program is stretch for most. It's my first pick due to the option of specifically studying National Security and Technology, and in particular for Jennifer Light, I'm way into cold war tech research. In any case, just sending up a flare to see what comes back. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. All best! MIT History Anthropology and Science Technology and Society Fall 2018
  6. Hi! It's been awhile since I've been on these forums, but I am bored on a slow day at work and figured I would start a thread for Science & Tech Studies applicants this year. My project is really interdisciplinary and kind of at the borders of history medicine, science & technology studies, and labor history, but I applied to STS departments mainly. Didn't get to send in too many applications as I was finishing my MA thesis (in cultural studies/literature), but here's my list: York STS MA U of Toronto IHPST MA Johns Hopkins History of Science & Technology PhD I'm switching fields, so I focused on secondary MAs with funding options. Has anyone else applied to STS programs this year?
  7. Hey guys! I am considering applying for a masters degree in science, technology, and society for spring 2017, and would really like to hear from others considering this. I have zero background in sociology, science, or math. I did my undergrad in mass media, and a post-grad diploma in new media journalism, and have been working at a large news wire for the past five years as a reporter covering pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Last I studied science was in high school, (and I was great at biology) but couldn't pursue it further, and have always wanted to learn more about science and tech. STS modules sound very exciting! But given my background, there are very few schools I can consider. I'm also wondering how to think of a research topic. Any ideas at all? Fellow applicants, what are your topics, and how did you think of them? Any advice at all would be really helpful! I definitely want to study this next year, and application season is already underway, so I need to act fast. Thanks!
  8. Dear community, I'm pursuing an MS in Information Studies right now, and looking forward to applying to PhD programs this Fall for the Fall 2017 intake. I'm really interested in studying the dynamics of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and in general how people absorb new knowledge. Talking with a few professors I've figured out that I'm basically looking at studying the values that the public uses as a filter to consume information. To be specific, I'm looking at studying the public understanding of science. Now I have a very good PhD program in sight at a good university in the US. But I need to apply to at least two/three more programs to give myself fair odds. What programs would you all suggest in the US/Canada?
  9. All the other interdisciplinary fields seem pretty well represented here, so I figured I'd chime in on behalf of this season's STS applicants. Where are you applying? What is your proposal? Are you applying to strictly interdisciplinary programs or have you thrown in a more conventional program? I'm going mostly interdisciplinary, but have also applied to Columbia's MPH in Sociomedical Sciences. Can't hurt! I have my eye on MIT's HASTS program in the future, but am looking for a terminal MA beforehand to beef up my qualifications. Since graduating, I have been working in PR and haven't had a chance to do much academic work. My research area is identity/selfhood in relation to new techniques in biotechnology and the "posthuman." I plan on grounding my critical and theoretical work in an ethnographic survey of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs. OK! Your turn.
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