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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all!!! I'm an incoming senior at Purdue who is about to take her GRE for the first time in August. I am currently on a study plan with Magoosh. For those have relied on magoosh, did you feel this program helped prepare you for the test? What are some good tips for studying? What do you wish you knew/did differently? Best!~
  2. Hi, guys! Nice to meet you all! I am a newbie here, so I am still in process of reading all the posts and comments. I'm graduating soon, so I need your help! Recently I feel a bit unstable (mental health issues, hello), so it's difficult for me to be productive and motivated all the time. Can you please share your stories, tips how you stay motivated during stressful period and exams? What tools do you use to speed up your studying/writing process? I personally use things like Evernote, Citatior and Shooltraq. And struggle with sleep deprivation as I have to study a lot. I don't know, how can I study enough and don't get cranky at the same time
  3. Is anyone out there able to give feedback on practice GRE essays? I would be happy to do the same for them!!
  4. I have graduated and done BA Politics bit now i am not sure what to study for my masters? If any one can please shed some light on which questions to ask myself before choosing a subject. I feel lost. Thank you.
  5. I took the pGRE already once and got a less than idea score. I will be taking it again in another 6 months. What is the best study material, besides the previous exams (I know about those already) that you used to get your pGRE scores up? A book? Study guide? Textbook? Trying to get an 800+. To be clear, I am talking about the physics subject test.
  6. I suggest that we create a list of the best study apps. I just downloaded One Note, I did not have it on my computer before. Pomodero is pretty good too. Anything else?
  7. Anyone apply to the masters of child study and education of masters of teaching?
  8. Hi, What is some good reading to do in the summer before starting a graduate program in speech-language pathology? Also important to mention... I graduated with a bachelor's of arts in English. I have NO clinical experience, except about ten hours of observation. I've taken biology and chemistry, but other than that, I've had no other "hard" science education. I was accepted into a program designed for us 3-year students, but is there anything you recommend reading to give me a head start? Perhaps about anatomy, disorders, etc. I just want to be on top of my game. I appreciate it so much! Thanks!
  9. Hello all! I have applied to the Master of Arts- child study and education at OISE, and was wondering if anyone had received interviews offers yet? (to start school in 2016 fall) The waiting is making me extremely anxious... especially since I thought I had a good chance of being accepted
  10. The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) announces its first ever summer course hosted in the vibrant capital of Greece. Spend two weeks in the summer of 2017 exploring the city and learning about central topics in art & architecture of Ancient Greece. Students (graduate and undergraduate) and non-students (practitioners, researchers, academics) who would like to learn about ancient Greek art and architecture are welcome to attend. The aim of the course is to introduce Athens’s arts and architecture from antiquity to modern times. The first week is devoted to arts and the second to architecture. In addition to regular (formal) 39 hours of lectures the course includes visits to most important sites of ancient and modern Athens and its surrounding islands (Hydra, Poros, Aegina) and archaeological sites (Acropolis, Parthenon, Delphi, Mycaenus, Epidaurus). Guest speakers and two roundtable discussions on the future of teachings and researching arts and architecture in a global world with invited speakers from different countries and different continents are also an addition to this course of study. For more information, visit www.atiner.gr/501aa.
  11. Hi there, I'm a kiwi who did my undergraduate in New Zealand and Australia (two degrees). I'm currently looking for options for financing my studies in the USA for grad school in engineering. Apart from the Fullbright (which everyone seems to know only about), are there other options for financing/funding both my tuition and accommodation? Any helpful advise would be much appreciated Cheers,
  12. Hello all! I'm trying to study for my 2nd time at the Biology GRE subject test and am looking for more interactive, class or video study sessions. Simply reading doesn't seem to be doing it for me. If only there was actually a test prep course out there! Any suggestions? I had seen a review here: http://study.com/academy/course/gre-biology-study-guide-test-prep.html#courseNavigation and was wondering if anyone had feedback about review courses on there as well.
  13. I have an opportunity to apply for a zoology grad program, but I will have to take the subject specific GRE since my undergraduate degree was not in Biology. I have been working in a natural history museum since undergrad building my experience, but that means my bio knowledge is rather specialized (taxonomy, anatomy, evolution of the taxa I've worked with) so I haven't needed to know the Krebs cycle or steps of Mitosis since high school. I've been taking a few bio classes on the side, but the other students are on completely different study tracks or way beyond rereading Bio 101 textbooks. The program would be on the specialized things I already know and am working on, but I still have to jump through the hoops everyone else does for admission. I've already done the general GRE and ended up with good enough scores, though I'm still waiting on the official mailer with my writing scores and percentiles. Now its just subject specific and plugging away on the research I'm doing at the museum. I'm hoping there are a few people who would like to chat regularly about the sorts of general topics that would be on the test that we all might not have reviewed in a while... even if they're not taking the test and just want to chat about enzymes or horizontal gene transfer, or need to review the topics for a specific class or something. I've got a giant Bio textbook on my desk to start reading and its a bit daunting to go it alone.
  14. The study of crime is an important aspect in criminology as it helps students understand the concepts applied in criminology. Students learn different concepts in criminology. For example, students learn on sources of crime, how different theories are used to explain crime. Also, students learn how to measure crime. Reflecting what one has learned is important as it helps one apply the knowledge acquired and identify major issues in the area of study. Most students find it hard to reflect on what they have learned. This paper analyses the concept learned in classes so as to demonstrating understanding. Also, the paper will show how to apply the knowledge gained the society. The thesis statement is reflecting the content learned in class and applying the new knowledge in future. Stephan-john
  15. I'm planning on taking the GRE in about three weeks but Im panicking a bit. I'm a foreign student (foreign to the US) and haven't had to take an exam thats in the same format as the GRE before. I'm currently doing a masters and work when I'm not studying so I've found it hard to find the time to study. Can anyone give me any tips or advice on how to study for the exam or what to expect? I'm getting quite desperate at this point lol.
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