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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, first time poster, I was just wondering if anyone is taking the literature subject test this year... I know not a lot of schools ask for it these days but there are a few programs I want to apply to that require it. If you are, would you be taking it in September, or in October? (I'm worried that the October scores wouldn't reach my schools because it seems like the scores come out late november and the deadlines are in the first week of December)
  2. I'm a student from Mexico, applying to a PhD program in Mathematics. The GRE Subject test is not required, but strongly recommended. Unfortunately, the test is only offered in two cities of my country and it was impossible for me to travel to take it. On the other hand, I have a really good GPA and a pretty good score on the GRE General Test (more widely available). My question is, should I address my lack of GRE Subject test score in my SOP? I feel like I should explain why I didn't take it, but I don't see where it is appropriate. Maybe in the 'supplemental documents' section? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone have old test papers for biology subject test? I'm having a hard time finding them online.
  4. It has been my impression that the GRE Lit Subject test has been slowly falling out of fashion. Despite that, we still have to play the game, don't we? From what I've seen, very few schools require it. Does anyone have a list of the schools that do? When I applied to UVA for my Masters, they accepted me without receiving my score, but since they technically required it, I needed to send my score anyway for administrative purposes. That sent a message to me: "We require this, but it is not that important." That being said, my score was...uh, not very good. I feel compelled to retake it before I apply for PhDs next cycle. But at the same time...maybe my poor score doesn't matter that much? Maybe it's just a formality? We know it's the writing and personal statement that stand out more to committees, but then why should we even bother? What are others' perspective on the importance of the Lit test? What were the best ways to prepare? How long did you study? Did you rely mostly on coursework/background, or additional study materials? Perhaps it would be more beneficial to have a separate thread for listing programs that require it, but I thought I'd give this a shot first.
  5. Hey guys, I intend to apply for stat phd programs in the winter and am planning on taking the GRE math subject test in October. Many of the top programs desingate this test as 'strongly reccommended.' I studied math in undergrad, but I took computation-heavy calculus like four years ago, something that makes up a large portion of the test. I've started my review, but even though I would say it comes along well when I get down to it, I'm struggling to find time as I'm currently working full time, and there is quite a bit to go over. I've seen other posts on this topic (from a few years back) with a lot of mixed feedback on the question. I also know that these programs have only gotten more competitive in the past couple years. So, for people who have some inside knowledge on this, I'm posing the question again. How important would it be for me to submit scores on this test? What would be the cut off for submission (e.g. 70th percentile)? Probably way too specific, but any guesses on what percentage of accepted students at a program like Chicago or Wharton submit the test? Thanks for any responses.
  6. So, here's the deal. I'm signed up for the regular GRE in a few weeks. I've taken a couple practice tests and I'm fairly confident my score for both Verbal and Quant will be in the range of 165-168. My GPA is currently 3.93 and I don't anticipate it changing significantly in my final semester (I'm graduating in December). My undergraduate degree is in mathematics, but I have no significant research experience. I anticipate I can get one excellent letter of recommendation, one pretty good, and one decent. I am applying to several phd programs in both Mathematics and Psychology (I have a strong interest in both fields). It seems most psych programs are much more lenient about requiring the GRE subject test. However, pretty much all serious math phd programs seem to require the GRE subject in math. What's the problem? I naively missed the signup for the subject test and the next one isn't offered until April! I know about standby and I will be doing this for the October 28 testing date, but as ETS has emphasized, there is no guarantee I can sit the test on standby. I have two questions. 1. Does anyone have any experience with doing GRE subject tests standby, and if so what are the odds do you think? 2. How seriously will math phd programs consider my application without the GRE subject test given my other stats?
  7. Hello All, I'm applying this fall for a few PhD and Masters programs. Only one of my schools (CUNY Grad Center BASP program) even recommends taking the subject test, but it's one of my top choices so I was just going to go ahead and do it. Apparently, the deadline to apply for the 9/16 test was yesterday, so I would have to take the 10/28 test. So I have 2 questions: 1) Should I even bother taking the test if only one of my schools even recommends it (I have an BS in Psych)? 2) If I should I take the test, will 10/28 be too late to meet the 12/1 application deadline that all of my PhD programs have? Thanks!
  8. So, I am taking a subject test. I decided I would take it both in September and in October as I am applying to schools this year. I need religious accommodations to take it on Monday rather than Saturday, so I had to send my registration in by mail. For those of you who don't know this process is a total mess, I had to call and email ETS over and over again for over a month (after they charged me for both tests,) I probably called them twice daily, before I was finally given an email with a registration number and test center information for the September test, and was basically told my registration for the October test was still being "processed" (remember, I have been charged for both tests.) Fast forward to today, I took the September test this Monday, and know it's fine, though, not spectacular, but I'm alright with that because I now have a great idea of what I need to study for October. I am feeling pretty good, call the GRE customer service again to check on the status of my October test. Lo and behold they have no record of my registration for the October test at all, including the fact that they charged me (even though the charge is still on my online banking transaction statement.) The deadline for Monday test registration has passed. They gave me a case number and told me to call back in 4 business days and see what happens. I am absolutely panicking, there seems to be a good chance I will not be permitted to take the test in October and even if the money is refunded, I'm afraid my chances for graduate school will be seriously hurt by this even though my grades, letters of rec, and research experiences are very strong. Does anyone have any advice? Is there legal recourse I can take with ETS? Should I tell graduate schools this story if I'm not permitted to take the October test? I'm completely furious, this is not my fault in the slightest and they must have records of the dozens of email exchanges and phone calls I've had with them in the past few months. What a nightmare.
  9. Hi All, Does anyone have a comprehensive list of top schools that require the subject test? There are some websites where they make it almost impossible to know in a concise fashion what you need. For example, for Princeton English, do you need the subject test? Thanks, ThirdSpace
  10. I'm applying to English PhD programs in the fall of 2016 for admission in the fall of 2017. Many of these programs will require GRE Subject test scores. Today, I went on ETS to register and was confronted with this message: All registration deadlines for the GRE Subject Tests in the current testing year have passed. Test dates for the upcoming testing year will be posted and open for registration in July. Does this mean there is no hope to apply for a large majority of my prospective English PhD programs by the end of this year? If anyone is aware of any loopholes or details that ETS isn't mentioning, please let me know. I'd appreciate some clarity. Thanks.
  11. I would like to take the upcoming Mathematics subject test, more so for practice than anything else. I am confident I could get a decent score, but not an excellent one. Will grad schools see this score even if I perform better at a later date, or do I only have to submit the best scores I get? I still have almost a year before I apply to grad schools, but I'd like to get things done early if possible.
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