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Found 9 results

  1. I am Bhuvesh Gupta currently a final year B.Tech student. I want to do masters in Cyber Security in USA. Can you please suggest me some good universities for the same in USA ?
  2. Profile Evaluation ==================== Field Interested in: MS in Computer Science and MS in Data Science or related fields Targetting Fall '19 College: BITS Pilani - Hyderebad Campus CGPA: 9.1 in B.E. Computer Sciece GRE: 328 (with 158 in Verbal), 4 AWA TOEFL: 115 (with 25 in speaking) Internships (all related to Data): Google Summer of Code - Summer of 2016 Research Internship in University of Bologna, Italy - Summer of 2017 Undergrad Thesis at LiP6, France - Fall of 2017 Work Exp: Working as a software developer (in Data Team) since July, 2018 at Oracle 2 Paper publications 1 in an obscure conference and the other one in a B rated international conference. Have done multiple pet projects in the area of interest and been a part of various cultural and technical groups at college. I like to play with data and would like to pursue a course with concentration on the same. After (quickly)going through the websites and courses of some universities, I following universities interesting: - UIUC, MSCS - GATech, MSCS - CMU, MSCDS - UMich, MSCS - UW Madison, MSCS - UWaterloo, MMath - UCLA, MSCS I'll be really grateful if someone could please help me in categorising these as Ambitious/Mod/Safe. Is this is a good set of school to apply or just over-ambitious? Also, it'll be great to know if there any other good programs/universities that I might have missed. Would also be a pleasure to connect with seniors who might be able to guide me in writing the SoP. Thanks in advance, all the lovely people of the group - it has been a great help.
  3. I've been applying to schools for fall 2018 admission into statistics master's programs with a focus on environmental statistics. I've nearly decided all the schools I will apply to but am trying to add one more. I've tried to apply to a bunch of schools across the spectrum of program rankings and was wondering if anyone could help me decide if I should add one more safety program or a more middle of the pack program given my profile and schools I've applied to. GRE: 162 quant, 162 verbal, 5 writing GPA: 3.30/4.0 Undergrad majors in economics and statistics Schools I've applied to: Berkeley Oregon State UC Davis UCLA U Michigan Colorado State Considering: U Washington, U Chicago, U Colorado Denver, another safety school?
  4. Hello, I've almost completed a MA in statistics at a well-regarded university (though not top 20 in statistics), and I'm applying to PhD programs this fall. Background: GRE: Verbal 167 ; Quant 166 (scored 170 v/162 q my first testing with minimal prep); Writing 5 GPA: 4.0 in my masters so far with 2 more courses to go Extras: 4 years working as an analyst in industry, a social science research/data analysis position over the summer Coursework: 3 courses or so in probability theory / mathematical statistics, the rest geared towards applied methods in data science Interests: Causation and the explanation/prediction in the social sciences, quantitative methods in the social sciences Undergraduate background: Political science / economics major; calculus, linear algebra, differential eq Domestic student Admittedly, my math skills are fine but not rockstar level, I'm pretty confident I could get up to speed with the right coursework / pre-admission prep. My plan is to apply to political science / economics (political economy) PhD programs, but I also plan to apply to a few statistics PhD programs with more of an applied focus. My priorities: hopefully a top 30 program that has an applied focus, good funding, ideally some direct work in my field of interest. Does anyone have any suggestions for some programs that might be well-suited to my interests? And perhaps a comment on my chances? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm a class of 2017 grad from UIUC's CS program. What type of schools would be a good fit for a MS in CS or Math or Stats? 3.00/4.00 GPA 170 Verbal 170 Quant 5 Writing - Internship at one of [Google, Apple, Facebook] - Full-time job in algorithmic trading starting soon at one of [Citadel, Jump Trading, Optiver] - 3 years of research done within U of I in the CS department, and at the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) in HPC. I have one strong letter of rec I can get from a UIUC CS professor, and I could get more from my other research positions at school, but none that I feel were that great. What tier of schools should I be applying to for my MS? Open to and interested in CS, Applied Math, or Stats. May be able to join the professor I was doing research with at UIUC as a MS student in CS. Really quite interested in programming languages and compilers as a research topic - something U of I is very strong in. My strong letter of rec is from a UIUC compilers research professor. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I am planning to apply to PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering for Fall '18. I was hoping to get some suggestions as to which schools I should look into (Reach, target, and safety suggestions would all be great), and what band of schools (top 10, 11-50, 51-100, etc.) where my application is likely be pretty competitive. My applications basics are as follows: Current Class Standing: Junior (3 semesters and 1 summer remaining) Undergraduate University: Colorado School of Mines Undergraduate GPA: 3.79/4 (4.0 Major GPA) after 5 semesters GRE Scores: 161V, 167Q, AWA: tbd Publications: None yet Work Experience: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in MD, 7 mo CO-OP in Industry R&D/Manufacturing Group w/ large corporation (mostly CAD design, machine building, manufacturing, etc. while producing an innovative manufacturing prototype machine) Research Experience: Undergrad Research Fellow since first semester on campus - still participating, Research Fellowship (see above) LORs: Research Prof on Campus (researched under him for 2.5 years so far), NIST staff scientist (worked with him during summer after Freshman year), and manager from company where I participated in the CO-OP (She holds a masters and a Professional Engineering Certification) Teaching Experience: None Awards: Various internal scholarships/grants, dean's list all semesters Planning on Applying to: CU Boulder, CO School of Mines (home institution), CalTech, UMD, Johns Hopkins, UW Madison, USC It would be a huge help to know if my planned schools fall in line with my profile, what other schools I should consider, and whether I would be competitive for top 10 schools, or whether I should primarily focus on less-highly ranked programs. Thanks
  7. Hi everybody! I am an out-of-field applicant and I am a senior psychology major, applying to speech-language pathology schools right now. I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on schools to apply to, or advice on whether I am shooting too high with the schools I've applied to. Here are my stats: Overall GPA: 3.80 Major GPA: 3.95 GRE: V-152 Q-152 W-4.0 I currently work as an ABA therapist and have a registered behavior technician license. I have also shadowed three different SLPs and am still shadowing one so by the time applications are reviewed I will have about 100-150 shadowing/volunteer hours. I volunteer as a "reading partner" in the area I live in, where I read with a child at a local elementary school. I have applied to The University of South Carolina, Appalachian State University, Vanderbilt University, and Indiana University. Any suggestions? Advice? Comfort??
  8. ajank002


    So on CSDCAS website I'm having trouble getting it to work. Every time I go to edit my documents it says that I don't have permission to access them without being logged in. However, I'm always logged in. I've logged out and back in and sometimes it works for five minutes other times it does not! Any suggestions???
  9. Hello, I am master student in mechanical engineering in final year.i am doing my master in same university where i had my bachelor.my undergrad gpa was 2.68/4 and my master gpa 3.79/4.I will made a SCI index publication(First writer,Accepted) and have 2 and half year job experience industry related to my field.Supposing i will have very good scores from toefl and gre and i ll make good LOR and SOP,which graduate schools i should apply for in America?In fact i dont think to apply for top 20 or 30 schools as i think my chance is too low.I will be happy to hear your suggestions.Thanks you
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