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Found 16 results

  1. Hi. Everyone. Do you guys know any summer institutes in North America that I could attend in Summer 2018? I know that LSA has a summer institute, but it is a bi-annual one and it is not available until summer 2019. I am trying to attend North America summer institutes because I am interested in using federal student aid to pay for the cost of attendance, and I assume that most likely only summer programs offered by Canadian or American schools are eligible to receive federal aid. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Hey, guys, I was wondering if any of you know anything about summer programs in comms for doctoral students, either in the US or abroad. I'd be mainly interested in departments that research digital & social media, but this isn't necessarily a requirement (sorry if this is a repeated post, I couldn't find anything related to the subject using the search tool)
  3. Summer Plans / Routine?

    Spring term is now officially done (at least in most North American schools) and Summer term has begun. I'm just curious how people plan to structure their time over the Summer. I know some people really like to get into a whole different mindset in the Summer months and read, write, etc. -- especially if they aren't taking classes. Myself - I'm finishing up 2nd year of my PhD, so I will be doing RA work 10 hours a week and spending the rest of the time reading, writing, and finalizing my ethics application. How about all of you? Planning to get into a different routine this Summer?
  4. Hi! I am in serious need of help! I am currently a senior Psychology and Sociology major with no research experience other than the courses that I have taken in school. I switched my major to Psychology during the second half of my junior year. I wasn't able to acquire a seat in my school's psychology labs. I tried applying to summer undergraduate research programs, but I was either not eligible for the programs, or I was rejected. It may be too late, but does anyone know of psychology summer research programs that take graduating seniors? Any help will be much appreciated!
  5. Summer Program Start

    I've applied for an online Masters in Education program with the intent to begin in Summer 2017. I haven't heard anything yet. n looking at the school's website, the first day of summer courses would be May 30th, so I'm getting a little apprehensive. The applications were just due three weeks ago, so I recognize that it has not been long at all,and that I likely just need to be patient. However, today I noticed that the admissions website of the school says that students are supposed to confirm their Fall 2017 admission by May 1st. Is that an indicator that summer admissions are also needing to be confirmed/have been sent out? This is the first year I have applied to graduate schools, so any advice is helpful - or thoughts on how to proceed!
  6. Summer for grad students?

    Hi all, This is my first post and I am a first-year Master's student in Plant Pathology. As summer is approaching, I asked my advisor if I could spend my summer in my home country (Thailand). He said I could only go home for 2 weeks! I can't say I'm shocked, but I was hoping for something like a month or so. So I am curious. Is it typical for international grad students to spend so little time at home during the summer? Or it was just my advisor being mean? Thank you for the response!
  7. Summer Italian Course

    Hello, all! I am an Art Historian seeking advice from others who have studied, or focus in, the Italian language. Can anyone recommend an intensive, rigorous summer Italian course, preferably located in Italy? This summer I want to improve my spoken and written Italian (currently at the A2 level) but most language schools in Italy are geared towards retirees and tourists... I've heard the five-week course at the University of Bologna is strong, but have not been able to find reviews online.
  8. Intensive Summer Italian

    Can anyone recommend an intensive, rigorous summer Italian course, preferably located in Italy? This summer I want to improve my spoken and written Italian (currently at the A2 level) but most language schools in Italy are geared towards retirees and tourists... not exactly what I'm looking for!
  9. Is there anyone applied for TUM Summer semester 2017? Waiting for admission results :/
  10. Hello, Grad Cafe folks! How do you spend your summers? I will have 1.5 months of free time that I would like to spend researching away (or, alternatively, participating in a summer school). I am looking for summer schools, and I am also looking for opportunities in different research centers. Hence the questions: 1. Say, you have connections in a research center. How do you write a letter? 'Hello, I am a researcher in... Looking for summer opportunities. Have you got any?' or should I go into specifics? Aka 'I am researching ..., and you have this professor, and I would like...' 2. Do you happen to know any not-so-expensive summer school in Europe? 3. What other opportunities are there?
  11. Hi, I currently work in R&D at a small company and will be attending a PhD program in the fall in a totally unrelated field to my current industry. Right now things are on the WAY down low as it pertains to my acceptance to a program. I'd like to maintain some integrity, as the company I work for has been very generous and caring for me. In fact I took a promotion in January which makes this situation increasingly uncomfortable. They do have a small R&D team as well, which is why I've encountered this predicament. I'd like to tell my supervisor of my plans so they don't feel blindsided and I'm also worried that in our small community word will get out that I'm leaving the company before I get to tell them personally. The issue is that I'm afraid they will not find it in their best interests to employ me all the way until August. Maybe they will, but maybe they won't. I'd like to be prepared if they don't. I'm married and my wife is a waitress without a degree. We have our health insurance through this company and that is our primary concern because I am a diabetic that needs monthly supplies. Even if we COBRA our healthcare...we'd be homeless. And run through all our savings lol. ~5 months without healthcare isn't feasible either. Has anyone encountered a similar issue where their employer was not supportive of their choice to attend graduate school and let them go? It seems most people are able to treat this transition just like any other summer as an undergrad (i.e. still have parents health insurance and get a summer job). I'd be fine with moving to where I would attend grad school and work at a restaurant for a few months, but again, we wouldn't have healthcare. Part of me thinks unemployment and obamacare would actually be more beneficial than getting a low paying job without healthcare anyways. Any advice or experience with this, I know it may be a unique situation given health complications..? In an ideal world I'd work in a lab for the summer at the university I'll be attending. However my program does not start until Sept, which is also when the stipend and healthcare starts of course. Would it be appropriate for me to contact the program coordinator people to discuss if any profs would consider taking me on in their lab over the summer? or discuss other potential options. I'm worried I'll come off as a moocher and would prefer not to start off on their bad side. I'm appreciative of any input:) Thanks.
  12. Federal Jobs?

    Hi folks, I'm currently waiting to hear back from several agencies regarding summer work with the Feds, and I was wondering if anyone here had experience with the Parks or Forest Service, or the BLM. About how long did it take for them to get back to you? I'm coming up on 2 months for some of these applications, and am getting a little nervous about what I'll be doing come summer.
  13. Peggy Guggenheim Summer 2016

    Today is February 15th, the day that the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is supposed to let us all know about our potential internships between May and December. I know from reading past forums that they often take over a month to send out the decision emails, I really hope that's not the case again this year. I applied for the month of May and I'm from Ottawa, Canada. If anyone hears anything, please post!
  14. Summer @EPFL Internship 2016

    Hello, How many of you have applied to [email protected] 2016 Research Internship Programme? And from which country and University?
  15. Okay, I got into the program I wanted, and Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll be starting in the fall. Now what? I work full time and have community commitments, so I'm plenty busy, but I still have graduate-school on the brain and want to direct that energy somewhere useful. My experience with grad school is based on those I interacted with 5 years ago as a physics undergrad. Now I'm going for a PhD in science education, and the world of social science is new to me. From what I understand about the program, it's all classes first year, then classes & TAing second year, then after that research. But all the big grants one might want to apply for (NSF fellowship is on my radar for the future) expect you to already be involved in research. Should I be trying to set up an "in" in research before the program starts? Would it be appropriate to start contacting professors now, or should I wait until the fall? My only thought so far is to email the profs I met on the interview day and ask if there's a book they'd recommend I read. Any thoughts or insights are much appreciated!
  16. Summer Funding

    Hi Everyone, I have question regarding funding offers. I am in the fortunate position of having atleast two schools do decide between. Neither at this point is offering a package that includes summer funding. Is this something I should be negotiating? I'm not 100% sure this is something standard in my field but both of my schools are working hard to get me? Would it be to much to trying and get some type of guarantee for an assistantship/TA position during the summer? I'm currently a working in my field with no outside support so it's not a realistic expectation for me to "go home" for the summer and do feel like I need to be engaged in some type of paid career activity over the summer for in order to progress in my field and keep my bank account from going into the red. Any thoughts on how I should approach this topic?