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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm currently stuck between two great SLP programs at SUNY Plattsburgh and New Paltz, and am having a hard time picking one school. Any insight from former or current grad students at either school would be great and highly appreciated! Anything you could tell me about the classes, professors, placements? Please and thank you!
  2. I'm just curious, do people know much about SUNY Binghamton's PhD program in art history? Looking at their faculty, I must say they seem like a PERFECT fit for my interests (19th-20th century radical politics and their intersection with art movements). However, their job placement record, which they publicly post on their website, is mediocre at best. I am quite intrigued, but I know that that the academic job market is bad and getting worse. I'm hesitant to invest so much time in a PhD program that doesn't have proven, quality outcomes for its graduates. Any advice? Have any art historians on here sacrificed prestige for a program that feels right?
  3. Has anyone heard from UAlbany about Clinical Psychology PhD admissions? I interviewed Feb 22nd at interview weekend and I REALLY want to attend. I recently emailed my potential PI to ask for an update (amid COVID-19 and such) and learned that I am on the waitlist with a couple people ahead of me, so they cant offer me admission yet. Does anyone know how the admissions process works at this school: It sounds like I'm not on a waitlist specific to my PI, but instead a program-wide waitlist...? I've been told they usually admit 6-7 people, any idea how my chances look?
  4. Hi all! I am about to apply for the Post bacc program in Communication Disorders at SUNY New Paltz. Anyone who applied before notice that the app doesnt require a letter of rec? Am I reading it wrong? Just want to be 100% sure. Any tips for writing a good statement of purpose? I have never written one before. Also, any other speech post bacc programs online that allow start in the Spring or late fall? I only noticed Northwestern but that one is too expensive. Thanks!
  5. Hey! Is anyone an incoming graduate student for University at Albany, SUNY?? I just accepted their offer to attend for Sociology in Fall 2018.
  6. Hi everyone. I got into both of these and would like to know the general perception of both of these programs. I would love to have comments on - job fairs, ease of finding internship, and overall reputation on both the coasts. My preference would lie in the program that is best revered by industry and would help me with finding internships during breaks. Thanks you!
  7. Anyone know when we will hear from SUNY New Paltz? This time last year they were already conducting interviews...
  8. Hey guys, I'm coming from California and I'll be attending SBU as a Ph. D student in Biomedical Engineering. Any other future seawolves out there?
  9. Hey guys, I figured it would be nice to start a thread for University at Buffalo. I recently accepted my offer to UB and will be attending in the Fall. Just wanted to see if there was anyone else here who has committed? Maybe we can get a FB group going.
  10. Today I received an acceptance letter from Stony Brook (SUNY). I'm now in a position of choosing for the first time ever. Both are English MA programs. Both ranked 60-something but may differ since depending on what site you look at. But of course, the tuition costs are different. Which would you recommend for an international student who wants to study American Literature with a big emphasis on queer studies and feminist perspectives? (I know that's not a whole lot to go on but anyway) 1. George Washington University Got a letter early Feb. Got personal e-mails from two different professors. Very kind and enthusiastic. Offered a fellowship of 15,000 USD. According to their website, GWU has some strengths when it comes to queer/crip theory. The major drawback, of course, would be the tuition and living expenses in the DC area which are so massive that 15,000 USD doesn't cover much. 2. Stony Brook (SUNY) Got a letter today. Generic e-mail congratulating me. Admissions packet coming later on. No financial support. However, the tuition is cheaper compared to GWU. There is a certificate program for women's studies and several of the faculty members do focus on gender studies in English literature. Some of my undergrad profs got their PhDs here (not sure if that's relevant). I really don't know much about MA programs in the US so I would like to get some advice from people who know better. Thanks
  11. Hey Guys, I will mostly be heading to Syracuse this fall to SUNY ESF for my masters. Any one else heading that side? I'm an international student so wont be visiting the campus before, but if any one else is going to the campus, please share your views. See you in August
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