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Found 21 results

  1. I am trying to point out my perspective advisor as an affiliated or courtesy faculty. Is it possible? Following the documents of CMU (from the document, it says that Examples of affiliated faculty involvement in a department include teaching of classes, participation in research projects, and supervision of students.), it seems that it's okay, but if the state of the faculty in the dept. is "affiliated" or "courtesy", then usually students from the dept. are co-advised with other "core" faculty of the dept. I've sent this question to CMU, and I'm waiting for the reply. But, I guess it would require much time so, I ask this one here.
  2. Hey guys, sorry if this is a duplicate but I could really use some advice on how to properly ask my current summer research supervisor to take me as his masters student (research stream, and I'm not ruling out doing a PhD but at my school. It's impossible for me to do direct entry, although apparently transfer after one year of master's is easy). He's not a big name prof in my department but I'm really interested in his research, and he said we could publish a conference paper based on what I'm working on this summer. Super chill guy to talk to as well. My GPA is not great mostly due to first year and a few mandatory courses that are not in my areas of interest. There's a decent chance I can get to a 3.5 CGPA at the end of undergrad (3.4 right now). I'd love to go to better programs in the US, but realistically I probably won't get in, but I'm perfectly happy with just doing masters with him first. I'd appreciate any advice on this, thanks a lot!
  3. I am entering my second year of my M.Ed. and working with a supervisor who, up until recently, has been very supportive. Due to individual personal issues that happened to each of us this winter & spring, I have made little progress on my thesis. While my personal issue has been resolved, my supervisor's issue continues and they remain largely unavailable for support. Since I am now running out of time, I have had to change my project completely to one that is "easier" and more "doable." While I don't mind this—and, in fact, am appreciative that I still have the ability to complete a project within my area—it has definitely made me wary about my future, given that I intend to apply to continue in this program for my Ph.D. I have a dissertation project in mind that several other professors have deemed interesting and important, and one professor identified its potential to grow quite large (AKA could become a large-scale project and specialty if I continue in academia and research beyond my doctoral program). However, I would want to have the support of my supervisor to encourage me to pursue this project, rather than abandon it for an "easier" project, and lately, their attitude has been quite dismissive. They seem to have lost confidence in me because of this delay, despite also being partly responsible for delaying the project. My current supervisor is both (a) dealing with ongoing personal issues that interfere with their supervisory duties, and (b) essentially the only viable supervisory match for my Ph.D. Due to our previously strong and supportive relationship, it has kind of always been assumed that, if admitted, I will continue my Ph.D. with them. No one else in my department, or even an adjunct department, specializes in or has much experience at all in my area. However, given the events of the last few months and my supervisor's uncertain future, I want to ensure I can be successful by applying to my program with a co-supervisor already indicated. Fortunately, I have done some RA work for a professor who has a lot of experience with a method I am interested in. I approached them and explained my desire to work with them based on their expertise in a method that is less familiar to me and my current supervisor, and they have indicated they are willing to co-supervise my Ph.D. I now need to tackle the difficult task of approaching my current supervisor and explaining why I feel the need to introduce another professor to my supervisory team. TL;DR: My supervisor assumes I will apply to work with them for my Ph.D., but they are going through some serious personal issues and our working relationship has been affected. How can I explain to my current supervisor my desire to apply to my Ph.D. with a co-supervisor when the other professor is not in my field (like, studies-a-completely-opposite-population kind of field), especially since I sought them out less for their expertise and more to ensure I have the support of someone with more stability? And how can I phrase it to minimize any hurt feelings on the part of my current supervisor, who is someone that tends to take things very personally?
  4. Hello Everyone I am in my 3rd year of PhD and have literally achieved nothing in my academia field from the time I have joined Phd under my supervisor. She doesn't want any good for me, she never even have time to listen to me. There are times where I am not even allowed to touch any instruments because she doesn't allow me too. She has also taken away my peace of mind by interfering in my personal life. She has almost purposely delayed my work for more than a year as she post-pone the installation of the new instrument in which my thesis work was assigned. Also she is always reluctant to sign in any documents related to my benefit. During the first two years she gave me false hope and showed all good behaviour. I was having blind faith on her, it was only in my 3rd year I came to know from other reliable sources that she is delaying the installation of the instrument. When I asked her the reason for the delay, she got annoyed and there was no valid explanation. She further started torturing me with all comments and remarks which I don't know how to react to. She calls be by names and also insults me in front of all the staffs. I have completed my 3rd year this month and I realised that I have achieved nothing academically. I am in a dilemma that should I leave the course or should I continue further under her. The only advantage is I will be regularly paid fellowship till the completion of my 5th year. Also she is about to get retired after 3 years.
  5. I recently applied for a research based degree and I have indeed been offered admission (with funding), scheduled to start this fall. Prior to my acceptance, I had an interview with my prospective advisor and we both seemed to have similar interests, so they recommended me for admission. Most of the funding is indeed coming from the supervisor rather than the department. The supervisor is a newly-hired assistant professor, just starting out and building up the group from scratch, so I didn't really have much information regarding the available projects and research directions they intend to pursue other than a short summary. We discussed a possible proposed project and even potential collaborations with other groups in the department (one of the potential collaborators was also present during the interview). I was definitely happy with the project and was looking forward to working on it, but I wouldn't say that it was perfectly 100% aligned with what I had hoped to work on. I accepted the offer and that was that. The offer letter mentions that I will be under the supervision of this professor, so that seems set in stone (no complaints so far). Recently, this professor launched a website for the new group (came across it by chance), complete with a detailed list of all the projects they want to pursue and is still actively recruiting. On reading more about these projects, there is one in particular which I would be very excited to work on (significantly more than my 'proposed' project). My question is, would it be OK to contact this professor now and to perhaps intimate to them or suggest that I would prefer to work on one of the other projects listed? Or to maybe influence the direction of my proposed project? I am hesitant because I don't want to come across as indecisive and scatterbrained, and I do understand that the professor might be recruiting certain students with certain skills to work on specific projects, so I do get why my this request might upset the professor. I don't want them to feel that I conned them into accepting me on a false premise. At the same time, I would really rather work on this other project and would like to signal this to them as early as possible, before it is 'taken' by another student. Should I initiate this discussion now? Or should I maybe wait till I arrive in the fall? Is it even too premature to be worrying about such things? Am I over-thinking this perhaps? Would appreciate any input. Thanks.
  6. How is the application reviewed in the interview phase of EECS MS/PhD at UC Berkeley? If interviewed and accepted into the program, would the interviewer (by default) be the PhD supervisor? Or, is the student first accepted into the program and needs to find a research supervisor later? If the students are first accepted into the program and not by a specific advisor, how would funding be handled?
  7. Hi Everyone, I've recently decided to change supervisors due to the lack of understanding between us and personality differences. I think I would be better off with a few others in the department. Unfortunately, I think that this may cause some problems. My supervisor is the associate director of the program... My first choice for my new supervisor is actually on my thesis committee. I'm just wondering how to draft an email to ask if he could be my supervisor before I actually tell them. Any suggestions on how to formulate an email? Thanks!!!
  8. Hey guys! So I just had my midterm evaluation where my school supervisor came to observe some of my sessions and then she and my site supervisor came up with a list of strengths and weaknesses. My skills during the session were all rated great but I thought some of the weaknesses were a little ridiculous. For example, one weakness was that I don't ask enough questions. I have explained that this is just who I am as a person and have always been that way. I have never been someone who asks many questions. I learn by observing and then actually doing it myself. When I do have questions though, I do not hesitate to ask. I have also been working in the field a little longer than my supervisor has since I worked as an SLA for 4 years before I started my practicum experience and she is a newer SLP. I feel as though that job really prepared me for this. Anyway, my supervisor told me that I am now required to ask at least one question per day pertaining to a previous session. I honestly rarely have questions about the sessions because I feel like I completely understand everything we are doing. It is early intervention so it is not too difficult. I am struggling with coming up with questions and don't want to look dumb or unprepared if I ask a question that I should know or ask a question that I do know just for the sake of asking a question. This is so ridiculous and something I do not need to waste time stressing over! I was hoping you guys could help come up with some questions for me. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Dear all, I've been offered admission by two universities (UCSD and UVa). I am currently weighing these two wonderful options, and I’m considering a lot of factors including prospective advisors and mentors, academic culture, university resources, graduate placement, funding, and location. I know that the most important of these is my future supervisor. Now, if all other things were equal, I'd be left with what seems to be a Manichaean dilemma. My recruiter/prospective supervisor at UCSD has been simply great. Besides the fact that my research seems to be perfectly aligned with their* work, the current students at UCSD with whom I've had the chance to talk have had nothing but superlative praise for this particular professor. My prospective supervisor already has plans for me--for example, they're already including me in a panel session that they're preparing for the AAAs in San Jose this year. That being said, the said professor is young and is a very new hire in the department. I believe this is their first job post-PhD, and I also think I might be the first PhD student they will supervise. I can't help but worry about the possibility that my prospective supervisor might eventually want to move to another university before I finish my PhD there. The work of the other professors in the department isn't as aligned with my research interests, although I'm sure one of them would be able to supervise me if I were to stay there. My prospective supervisor and I are going to have another Skype session soon. What should I ask? My situation at UVa is quite different. While I'm not aware of any specific professor at UVa who really wants to get me in the program, I think there are more members in the faculty (than at UCSD) who can supervise me. One of them is a very famous scholar in the subfield of anthropology that I identify with, and I would definitely love to work with them. Current students there have told me that this professor seems like a likely supervisor for me. However, I know that because they are older and more popular, they are definitely busier and in greater demand. I am afraid that I might not get as much attention and support from them because of this and that this would somehow hurt not only my PhD but also my professional career. What do you think? Both universities and both professors are really, really great, and I am having such a difficult time deciding. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts! If anyone is interested in specific details, I would be happy to provide them in a PM. If you know anything specific about these two departments, please PM me, too! Looking forward to hearing from you! * I'm using the gender-neutral singular pronouns they and them.
  10. Hello everyone, I graduated from an Hons BA program in psych in June 2017 and I applied to 6 schools in total. However, my HUGE problem is, I could not get a reference letter from my honours thesis supervisor and this literally made me give up grad school altogether (applied just because my parents wanted me to) The other two references I got were pretty good, I also have a great GPA but my GRE scores are very average. I have good research background and I even joined the lab of the PI i want to work with. So far, I received 2 interview requests and in the first interview, the very first thing PI asked was, "Why didnt you include a letter from your supervisor?" 1- How should I explain this situation without sounding like I blame my supervisor? She went on leave unexpectedly and I couldnt communicate well with her via email (I needed a lot of support for the stats part and there was no one in the lab to help me out, I was going through a hard time and I could not perform my best) 2- Would getting a reference letter from the PI of the newest lab I joined increase my chances of getting in? 3- How can I solve this issue altogether for the future? Thanks!
  11. Applying for PhD programs in Statistics and had a quick question. Can PhD students work under assistant or associate professors as their main advisor? For my application to a few departments, I want to mention faculty whose research I'm interested in and a few of them are associate professors. I'm assuming this is okay but just wanted to double-check whether associate/assistant professors supervise PhD students or not. Thanks for any input!
  12. Hi everyone, I am applying for an MA in English right now and I could use your advice for a question I have about contacting a potential supervisor. I am applying to my absolute dream school, and for their application they strongly suggest contacting a potential supervisor within their graduate faculty and name them in the Statement of Intent. I am already acquainted with the potential supervisor I have in mind, who is a tenured professor doing research in the same field I am interested in (post-1945 American lit & print culture). I met this professor at a conference two years ago (I have been a graduate student for some time; English will be my second MA) and we became friends on Facebook after connecting over our research interests. We have not kept in touch, although we will occasionally 'like' each other's research-related posts on Facebook. Now I am wondering if I should contact this person the traditional way, over e-mail; or send them a Facebook message. Normally I would always opt for e-mail, but because I already know them I thought it might be a good idea to add a personal touch. What do you guys think? Is a message too unprofessional? Thanks!
  13. Hey everybody,,, While searching for universities & PhD programs to apply to - I search 1st for professors & then check up their universities -; I found a professor whose really like my dream supervisors, because his interests & papers exactly match the topic I want to research (which is interdisciplinary & I find very few professors with similar interests! ). But the university only offers PhD programs in specializations not much relevant to what I want (family science & human development, counseling, teacher education & development) - while I want to specialize in big history & cliodynamics, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, human evolution... So what's more important the supervisor or the program I apply to?!!
  14. Hey all I am drafting email to send to my potential advisor . What to include ? what not to include ? I know I should read their previous papers , how many of their papers should I read ? I heard it was like 12 -20 papers , is it true ? I feel like it is a lot of work (considering the fact that I will be emailing about 10 professors so 20*10 = 200 papers that's almost a masters thesis ) one more thing, how many advisors should I email? 10 ? 20 ? Any tips is appreciated
  15. Hi all, I'm applying to one research-based program this fall (the other two I'm planning on applying to are professional). Therefore, I need a supervisor. However, how early is too early to scope out a supervisor and contact them via email? I've been looking online and I am hoping that the person I'm looking to supervise me agrees to it, however, I'm not sure if its too soon? When did you or would you suggest contacting a prospective supervisor? Cheers!
  16. I contacted potential supervisors and have finally received a response from one! yay! He messaged to talk tomorrow morning, so I don't have a lot of time to prepare. What should be the expectations from the phone call? How in detail with it be on research topics? How long should I expect it? These were the things I was expecting to prepare for: Be familiar with one paper that relates to your research that they wrote Have a pitch prepared to begin Have a few questions prepared for the supervisor Anything else I should be aware of?
  17. Hi, I have been wondering about changing my supervisor for another one for funding. is it a risky move? considering that my supervisor is cheap, and there are others that are providing funding for their students within the department.
  18. In September I will be starting my 4th year at a university in Ontario taking Psychology. I want to do primarily therapy - not so much interested in research, but its not a closed option. 90 average throughout university so far, honours thesis and undergraduate research experience. Volunteering at a seniors centre. I am taking my GRE in September but I have NO idea where I even want to go to graduate school. I don't even really understand the difference between clinical and counselling psychology and which is better for what I want to do. All I hear is that clinical opens more doors/higher salary ect. I know I need to start contacting supervisors but I'm not even sure how the whole thing works - do I apply to a masters program first, or directly to a PhD? I feel lost because I'm not even sure what program I should be going in to! Do masters programs even need a supervisor? Ideally my day would consist of therapy 100%, whether working under someone else, or ideally private practise of my own. I have a strong interest in working with a senior population and primarily in a health psychology related spectrum. Ie: coping with health problems/patient doctor communication ect. Please, I would appreciate any guidance possible. I'm starting to really freak out.
  19. I found a potential supervisor, he said my background is interesting and relevant and asked me some detailed questions. I answered his email a day later, because I wanted to write a thorough email, but now he hasn't responded anymore. What do you think I should do?
  20. Hello everyone, I have a small question. I applied to York University, Toronto for Phd in Environmental Studies. Before applying, I contacted the potential supervisor with an e-mail which indicates my phd project and my background. Additionally, the professor has a very good book on the subject and I mentioned that book in the email because I have already read it. Additionally, I am a part-time lecturer in a university and my class is very related to my phd subject. I also sent the syllabus of my class. The professor answered me positively and he said that he also wants to study with me and he will deal with my application in the committee. He said that he will accept me but he should ask to committee. The professor has a very powerful profile in the faculty. Do you think that his application will be accepted? Do you have any idea? Best wishes.
  21. Question in title, what is proper etiquette? Thanks in advance
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