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Found 23 results

  1. I'm trying to decide between Syracuse and George Washington for my Master's in IR. Syracuse has offered me a graduate assistantship, a scholarship, and a stipend that amounts to about 63,000. I am hoping that if I enroll I could be a part of the MPA/MAIR program, study abroad, and go to DC and the aid will still apply. I also like the program's focus on personal development as a leader, strategy, and management. On the other hand, I have George Washington, which was my top choice, but has only offered me 12,000 and will not negotiate. GW has a great space policy program, well-established professors, and of course, is an opportune chance to take advantage of DC. I know it sounds stupid to ask, but would it be worth it to go to GW considering the location and connections? My goal is to ultimately live in DC and work in international relations for NASA or the State Department. One day I hope to be a NASA envoy in Moscow or Paris, or in the foreign service as a diplomat/ambassador. If anyone has any experience with either program I'd greatly appreciate your input! Any advice would be most helpful, and thank you in advance!
  2. Hi all, I'm a prospective international graduate student in the US; last year I was awarded a scholarship to do a Master's in Multimedia Communications (Interactive/Visual Documentary Production) for the upcoming fall. I've applied to several universities and I've been admitted to all of them. I'm having real trouble to choose between them, since I like all of the programs and they are very strong. Here I express my thoughts on each of them, in hopes someone who knows the schools or the campuses can offer me some insight. UC Berkeley I would have to ask for a loan at least for the first year, because the tuition exceeds by far the coverage of the grant and they haven't offered financial help since I am an international student. It's a really good school and really prestigious, but having other options where I would get full tuition coverage I don't think I'll consider asking for a loan. Also, the program is really journalism-focused and, although it has some of the best faculty in environmental journalism and new media, I'm not sure whether I'd feel creatively fulfilled. Do you think it's worthy to look into the possibility of getting a loan? UNC Chapel Hill - Visual Communication track at the MA in Journalism It used to be my first option, it's really prestigious as well. I'm also waiting for extra financial help because my current situation won't allow me to cover for the full tuition. There is really good faculty both in the journalism school and the communications school (more creative). I'd be able to specialize in environmental communication which is a plus, they have some professors which I really admire. They also have a graduate certificate that I would like to pursue. Climate wise and area wise (music, eating, going out), Chapel Hill seems a nice and tranquil place. The experimental film scene is really powerful, with the Full Frame Festival in Durham, and it's really close to Duke, where I could take workshops in documentary arts if I need something more 'experimental'. Syracuse - MA in Multimedia Photography and Design at Newhouse Here I would have full coverage for my tuition. Really top school, would look really good on my resumée. The program is free of 'journalistic pressure' and I will be able to explore creative outlets as well (although ti does seem more corporate communications-oriented). It's only one year Not really able to specialize in environmental communication, but they have many classes on cultural reporting, which is something I'd also like to explore. The problem here is that the program starts in late June, and with the current situation I wouldn't like to have to be nervous about being able to get a visa by June, or having to start my classes online, maybe even from Spain. Also, Syracuse doesn't seem a really exciting place. It seems good, though for connections in the New York area. Any thoughts on that? Indiana University Bloomington - MS in Media Production and Design at The Media School Here I would have full coverage for my tuition. In regards of prestige, I don't know how well known this school is. Anyway, I don't know if that matters much to me. Program-wise, I believe it is the one that fits my interests the most. It's a really new program so they will let me configure my own path, taking classes from interactive and web design, non narrative and experimental media, documentary, environmental affairs... being able to really explore what I want and work close to the faculty. This seems specially cool if I want to pursue a PhD afterwards, which is something that I'm starting to consider. However, the fact that it is all so new makes me kind of skeptic. There is some faculty I really I admire. Regarding Bloomington, I read that it's a very nice place, with a lot of stuff to do. There's a great music scene and film scene as well, but it's in the middle of nowhere (at least from my European point of view) and not having a car nor the intention of buying one, maybe I'll feel kind of isolated? The idea of it not being a well-known school for media production, or an isolated place are the main downsides here Please let me know anything you may know about the programs, the different areas and/or the schools in general. Anything you think can help me regarding the decision. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi guys, I'm an environmental design student from China. I applyed for Illustraiton MFA program and was accepted by SCAD (Atlanta campus) and Syracuse University. (I was rejected by SVA and on the waiting list of MICA) SCAD offered me $8000 per year as scholarship and Syracuse offered a 30% tuition scholarship. (which is also about $8000 per year) My goal is become a freelance illustrator and I really hope I can develop my personal voice and enhance my skills during the graduate porgram. I'm not sure which school to choose and there's not much imformation on the internet. Does anyone have any advice? I will be very grateful if you guys can help me. (Sorry for my bad English)
  4. Hi all, Looking to talk to people who have been offered the Robertson Fellowship at any of the partner schools (UMD School of Public Policy, UCSD GPS, Tufts Fletcher, Texas A&M Bush School, Syracuse Maxwell School) and/or any current/former students who were Robertson Fellows. I was recently offered this fellowship at SU (!!) and I know the general details (an amazing package, obviously), but formal notification and getting connected with current Fellows have been delayed probably due to COVID-19 (understandably).
  5. Is there ever any instance where MPP/MPA programs (Rutgers, Syracuse, Brown) that usually ask for GRE test scores willingly and eagerly accept LSAT scores for an equal replacement?
  6. I have been accepted to the Maxwell School Department of Political Science at Syracuse University. However, I am still on the waitlist at Minnesota Political Science. The waitlist process have been so long and I am still waiting for a decision and there are four days until the decision deadline. I was so sure at the beginning that if admitted, I would choose Minnesota because at the PolSci faculty, there is a professor with whose research interests mine totally overlap and I think that I would be a good fit there. Besides, it is a great school (when you get used to the cold weather there). On the other hand, my another application, Syracuse offered me admission. I will be covered by an external scholarship during the first two years (for 9 months each year). Syracuse also offered me a summer funding guaranteed for 3 years. Also, they seem very excited to have me there. I have not still received admission from Minnesota but I have a hunch that I will be admitted eventually. In case of a rejection, there is nothing to think about but if admitted, I do not know how to make my decision about which school to choose. My mind and heart were set on Minnesota completely but now I am very confused and thought that you guys might give me useful advice.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been lurking this forum throughout this past application cycle, and it's truly proved incredibly helpful as I applied. All of you have different backgrounds and perspectives, and I thought it would be helpful to hear from the people who probably went through or are going through the same thing as me. I applied to a few IR programs, and I'm waiting to hear back from a few more. But as of right now I am in between American SIS and Syracuse Maxwell, both from which I have received acceptances. I applied to Maxwell's IR program, and to SIS' International Peace and Conflict Resolution program. American was my top choice because my main research goal is in conflict resolution, and the program would allow me to take coursework in more specific interests of mine such as culture and gender. However, I have received no funding from American. While Maxwell's program isn't in conflict resolution, their IR program offers Peace, Security, and Conflict as a career track to specialize in. More importantly, they have offered me a tuition scholarship and graduate assistantship totaling $51,000. I have no loans from undergrad, and I was expecting to take out loans for my Masters. But I wasn't expecting to receive such a generous amount from Syracuse. If I was between American and Syracuse with no money from either school, I would have chosen American. But interestingly enough receiving aid is what is making this decision complicated. I am looking into specific stats of what percentage of alumni ended up in what sector and what positions they're in, as in that's the best way of really gauging how worthwhile a degree from a school is. But I was curious in knowing what all of your experiences were when having to decide between two schools. American is in DC, which is the ideal place to be for IR. However, with the way Syracuse's program is set up, I could do the summer and last semester of the program in DC as well, which works out nicely. If there was anyone who could provide me with some insight on American's alumni networks versus Syracuse's alumni networks in the field, I would greatly appreciate it. I've heard a lot about the "Maxwell Mafia" but I wanted to see if anyone has any insight to offer on the Syracuse alumni network versus American's in the arena of non-profit and government work. I know that this should be an easy answer (pick Syracuse), especially since I want to work in the non-profit sector therefore taking out more loans than I need isn't smart. But I wanted to consider every single thing before I made my decision. Is it even worth considering the $80,000 debt for the ideal location and better ranking of American SIS? American is a better fit for me in terms of coursework, research interests, and location. More professors in the program have the same exact specialization as I hope to have. But Syracuse has it's global internships and Maxwell in Washington, and it's the shorter program (16 months instead of 24 months), as well as the aid. If anyone could share their main priorities to consider when stuck between two grad schools, and how they maneuvered through that decision, I will truly appreciate it!
  8. Hello, I received admits from Arizona State University (MCS: that's MS in CS without thesis), Rochester Institute of Technology (Ms in CS) and Syracuse University (MS in CS). I have trouble deciding which university to accept. From what I've learned, ASU is least expensive, but I have to complete 3 prerequisite courses. I have received 30% scholarship from RIT, but I have to complete 3 prerequisite courses here as well. I don't have any prerequisites to complete at Syracuse (so I wouldn't have to take a risk in writing the prerequisite exams), and the fees are quite cheap (between ASU and RIT), but I've heard that it does not have good courses. How are these universities in terms of courses and job opportunities, and which one should I choose?
  9. Hi everyone, I got into really good journalism programs, and I've narrowed it down to Syracuse and Columbia. I received a highly competitive newspaper fellowship at Syracuse which includes a full tuition scholarship, $1400 monthly living stipend, health insurance, up to $1,500 to cover moving expenses to move there, $800 for travel to conferences, and up to $1,000 for books/other academic expenses. Meanwhile, at Columbia, I only got $10,000 for their 10-month MS in Journalism program. Columbia is my dream school, and I never expected to get into an ivy. However, I do not want to take out any loans, and I've been advised by all my professors and mentors that I should not be paying for graduate school. After they found out I got into Columbia, a couple have told me that I can negotiate my offer with them if I want to. Do you all think it's worth negotiating? I personally think that Columbia would not match Syracuse's offer, especially since I went through such a long interview process with other finalists to get the fellowship. I just wanted to know what you all think so I don't feel crazy. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anybody has any experience applying to Maxwell recently and can give their insight? What I am interested in is about the rigor of the program since it is one year, and also the average amount of funding the give to students since this will be huge aspect for attending. I recently tried to look at the accepted page but there was not any recent numbers to support this. Also what would be an average GPA/GRE score to be competitive?
  11. Hello, I have received admits from: Syracuse MS CS UMBC MS CS Washington State Uni I am confused between these 3 on following points: batch size (200 vs 45 vs 40) internship opportunities (east coast vs east coast vs west coast) college reputation (well known vs decently known vs not well known) location (east coast vs east coast vs closer to west coast) Any inputs comments will be highly appreciated. I would like to pursue thesis as I wish to go for PhD in near future (3-4 years after ms) Thanks, Aditya
  12. Hi! I'm an out-of-field SLP applicant and I'm having a tough time deciding between schools. I've been accepted to both UVA and Syracuse University and I keep wobbling between them. They're both really great programs (as far as I can tell) and both would mean myself and my husband moving from the DC area, but we're prepared for that. I'm wondering if anyone could shed light on what being in either program would actually be like, or if anyone has been accepted to one or both schools and why they did or did not accept them. Also - I've been out of school for several years, so any advice from folks who went back to school after a period of time would be very welcome
  13. Hey all! I have gotten a lot of positive responses for grad school and I am a fortunate position to have options. While I am still waiting on responses from a few more schools (University of Minnesota and University College London), I would like to hash out some of my current choices. I have been accepted to both Brandeis and Syracuse. Brandeis has offered me a 60% tuition scholarship that can be renewed during the 2-year program, whereas Syracuse has offered me a $36,000 scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year. Brandeis is obviously the more expensive choice here, but which program would be overall more beneficial to entering the humanitarian aid/social development career track? Brandeis is an official international development Master's, whereas I would have to gain a concentration in international development and humanitarian aid at Syracuse. Syracuse has a required two semesters off-campus, international internship requirement, while Brandeis has it as a second-year option (and is often done domestically). Can anyone provide a secondary insight?
  14. I need help Without question of funding(I haven't heard from Syracuse on funding yet), which would be more likely to produce the best job. I was accepted into Brown and Syracuse's MPA programs. I'm wondering what to weigh more in my decision, the ivy league name (Brown) or the #1 MPA program in the country(Syracuse) Any advice would be great! -Brittany
  15. Hi, I am Umair from Pakistan. I have a funded offer (Fulbright) for a Phd in Public Policy for Fall 2017. In my submission plan (where Fulbright commission applied for me), unis included Arizona State University, Uni of Texas at Dallas, Uni of Washington- Evans, Syracuse Maxwell, and CMU Heinz. My background is a bit on the low side, an undergrad from a top ranked uni here in Pakistan (but obviously unknown there in the US) with a CGPA of 2.83, where I studied Business Management/ Information Systems. I did a postgrad from Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex UK, High Merit but not a distinction. 2-3 conference papers, a research project going on. GRE scores verbal 162 quant 164 AWA 4.5. Graduated in 2014. so 2-3 years of experience. I have been offered admission from Arizona State University and UT Dallas while Udub & Syracuse have already sent out a rejection. Have not heard from CMU. I wanted to know if you people have any advice on this. My interests are in social policy/ health policy or a bit of IT policy (for CMU only). My essays were generally good, references were OK too. But no elaborate research plans/ focus. I am much afraid of ending up unemployed etc. after I am done. How is the reputation of ASU (SPA) or UT Dallas? Any comments please. Should I go for Arizona State or UT Dallas, if I get rejected from CMU as well, which most probably I will given my profile. I am motivated and ambitious to go for a PhD but I am also afraid I might even fail to complete (due to my weak background specially in calculus/ linear algebra/ statistics/ econometrics. Though I have had courses in all of these 4 mentioned subjects. I am willing to put in the hard miles to get through but doubts always keep coming back. I thought udub evans will admit me but they also din't. And I heard comprehensive exam thingy at ASU IS SCARY!!! Lots of applicants pull out at that stage. Any comments guys. Any help much appreciated and desperately needed. Thanks.
  16. Hello everyone, I have received admits for Syracuse and Washington State Uni - Pullman (non thesis) for MS CS course. Heard that WSU is better for CS courses, but frankly very few of my friends/acquaintances have heard/know about WSU. Would appreciate if you can comment on both regarding 1) coursework, 2) course reputation, 3) university reputation, 4) internship opportunities 5) job opportunitites
  17. I've gotten into my two top choice programs. I honestly never thought this would happen because my GRE scores were not great. So now I've run into this problem, I love both schools for different reasons, so I need your advice to see which one will monetarily produce the best results because that is what is holding me back right now. Here are my pros and cons, maybe you guys can see something I cant. The costs in this list including the present offers I've received. Brown offered me $3000 in scholarships, but I've asked for more and they said they would reevaluate and Syracuse doesn't complete aid packages until late March. Brown Pros Cons Ivy League/Name Recognition Cost ($86424) Would not have to move Fear of not fitting in 1 year program New Program Would not have to leave family for a year Strong Networking Small class sizes, more one on one experience Syracuse Pros Cons #1 MPA Program in the Country Would have to leave family for a year 1 year program Would have to move 77% in public sector of 2015 Graduates Not knowing anyone Less Expensive ($79454)
  18. I'm currently trying to decide between two different programs. I have the option of either going to the University at Buffalo for Social Work or Syracuse University for a dual degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Social work. Syracuse is practically double the cost of going to UB because it is a 3 year program. I really want to work with couples and practice therapy and I am afraid that Social Work is too broad of a focus. Can anyone give me any insight into whether a dual degree is considered when entering the workforce? And comments on Syracuse University? I went to UB for undergrad so I already know the campus and the area. Syracuse would be a new world for me.
  19. Hey Guys, I will mostly be heading to Syracuse this fall to SUNY ESF for my masters. Any one else heading that side? I'm an international student so wont be visiting the campus before, but if any one else is going to the campus, please share your views. See you in August
  20. I just found out it's not a degree related to sociology. I won't go there. sorry for the error
  21. Hi all, I'm looking to enroll in a Master's in Public Relations program in 2012. My top choices in order are: 1. Syracuse - Newhouse School 2. BU COM 2. USC Annenberg 3. NYU SCPS I'm graduating in May with an Honours BA in International Relations from one of the best liberal arts school in Canada with a 3.5 GPA. GRE Verbal: 170 Analytical: 153 Writing: 5.0 I have a few months full-time experience in working for Communication in higher education. I don't have a lot to contribute except to say that for anybody else anxiously waiting to see about graduate school I'm in the same boat. It would be great to hear from anybody applying to or currently studying at any of these schools what they think of them. Thanks for any input. Comments and questions are welcome.
  22. I'm planning on taking the GRE sometime towards the end of November, however I have one big problem, I don't know much about it lol. I'm an Irish student looking to apply to graduate programs in America, however the GRE isn't a widely taken test over here so its quite hard to get information and tips about it from people. If anyone could give me any advice from which books to get/online resources, to a plan/structure on how to study for it I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking to apply to television production type courses in Boston University, Syracuse and possibly a few other so any relevant info would be such a big help thanks.
  23. I was just wondering does anyone have any information on Boston University, Syracuse, and Emerson? I'm looking to apply to a masters program in television/radio production for fall 2012 and from doing a bit of research I found that these three Universities have such programs. If anyone could give me a bit of general information on these Universities (info that perhaps their admissions office wouldn't provide e.g how difficult/competitive is it to get in, are the programs worthwhile, student life etc) I would hugely appreciate it. I'm from europe so I don't know too much about these U.S universities or their programs so any info would be great thanks.
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