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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everyone. My course of PhD starts in Fall 2019. The university is offering me a tuition waiver and TA of $12,400 for 9 months. The total estimated cost is $42,000 and they are providing with almost$39,500 including the tuition fee. The rest has been covered by my family and a bit extra. I have already received the I20 which says the funding for a year has been covered . I am worried that I will have to show proof of funding for 5 years of the course, as I have seen in most of the forums for MS students. So my question is - is it mandatory for PhD students to show documents of funding for 5 years of your course ?
  2. Hi, I received admissions from three different universities in the US but the admission letters came from the graduate school and did not mention funding. I received my first offer on Jan 17th, the second on February 18th and the third on March 3rd. How long is too long for funding decisions to be made? Is it normal that admission decisions and funding decisions can be made 1 month or 2 months apart? What is your experience with receiving admission offers and funding offers later? Thanks
  3. IceCream & MatSci

    TA or not???

    Hi all! Do you suggesting trying out TAing even if it is not required? As of right now, I don't want to be a teacher in the future, but I am still curious about it. What do you all suggest?
  4. I am planning on applying to the MA in English teaching assistantship at North Carolina State University this spring. The deadline isn't until February 1st, but I was wondering: is grad school like law school where it is an open secret that the sooner you get your app in, the more likely you will be able to get in? If so, then of course I want to apply now. Thanks so much!
  5. Hello, I I received an offer from a school with partial scholarship and a graduate assistantship. I asked them about the type of assistantship and the stipend, but they basically did not give me an answer. Just said that it can be either an RA or TA, 10h/w or 20h/w and the information of the amount that will be paid for assistantship is not available yet and only will be in May. I had to give them an answer in a short time, and since I did not hear back from the other schools yet I said yes. But I have no idea what I will get. This is in New York and a STEM field, but not a PhD and most of the things I have read through search is related to PhDs. I know I am lucky that I even got the offer since I am only doing masters. But I do not even know if the funding will cover tuition. And they are not answering my questions about this, I tried. They just say the information is not available. Was I not supposed to get a detailed offer letter? I prepared and sent my I20 form like there is no assistantship at all as they asked. But I do not know what to do as I am also waiting for other schools which will give me answers really late since I applied late.
  6. I was accepted at Laurier ( MA) and I was awarded a TAship. Since I have never Ta'ed I would like to hear from you who have this experience. I feel kinda anxious to picture me in front a classroom ! lol thanx !
  7. FictionalBeing

    How easy is it to get a RA/TA in UC Boulder

    As an international student, the expected expenditure at UC boulder is 57000$ per year. I'll have to take a student loan at least for the first semester. An ra/ta position will ease my burden by means of turion wavier and stipends. (Admitted to msc in Aerospace) So how easy is it to get an ra/ta at UC boulder? What other employment options are available? Is this a wise financial decision?
  8. Hey guys!!!! So i have recently started my application to Tufts MALD, NYU Wagner, UChicago Harris and Brandeis. I am an international student graduated from a public university in the US this may. My plan is to work in my country until next summer and by then hopefully get accepted to any of the schools and start my MA. My GPA is 3.6 pol sci major minored in IR, my GRE is really not that great i would say average and from a developing country, i have not had any internship whilst i was in college. However, i would probably start working for the government (my country) from this November and make up that "work experience" preferred by Grad Schools. My main is concern is the "money". I got a full scholarship from my country to study in the US however, i can not get another scholarship from my government for MA again. I was previously accepted to NYU GSAS and Boston University, however i had to decline the offer because of financial reasons. This year i want to do it right, i have researched and all the schools i am applying to offer various schorlaship, grants and TA etc, and i understand that it is extremely hard and rare to get FULL Ride for MA from the schools i am applying to. Can you guys tell me what other external sources i need to consider? Ex: their website, name etc. Considering that i am an international student. Also, when i should start applying to external funding? After i get acceptance or while i am applying ? Thank you guys too much!!!!!!!
  9. I am a first year and am very unhappy in my current PhD program. The pay is barely above food stamps in a very expensive city, the expectations of TAs are far beyond what I have seen in other schools, I am not connecting with my cohort, and I am feeling lukewarm towards the research group I am with. I am living 45 minutes to an hour away from campus and still spending more than 50% of my income on rent. I can barely get 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night because between homework, the very long classes (classes are in two to two and half hour blocks twice a week and often run overtime,) and my extensive TA duties, I spend upwards of 14 hours at school each day. I guess I've even been outwardly unhappy enough (even though so far my work has been submitted on time and I've gotten good grades) that I found out someone reported me to the university counseling center. But, here's the thing--I really like my field of study, and I can't see myself doing anything else. I think I would feel better in a lower cost of living area, or somewhere with a better stipend, or more reasonable expectations for TAs. (To put it in perspective, my program is in Washington DC and pays the exact same as the program in my field at Michigan State.) Should I make steps to transfer somewhere else? How would I even go about that? Or should I try to make the best of it here? I am trying to help organize a union to at least advocate for better conditions, but has anyone in a similar situation found other ways to make the best out of things?
  10. Quantitative_Psychology

    Quitting a TA position for a Research postion

    Currently, I'm a graduate teaching assistant which for my school means I teach the lab for the statistics course. There are currently 5 graduate teaching assistants, and we teach two labs sections each. I applied for this position at the end of last semester, and I was selected out of a pool of 10 or so graduate students. Things seem to be running smoothly, although I don't particularly like to teach. However, today I was speaking with a brand new professor for the department, and he said he wanted to take me on a research assistant for the Spring semester. If I took this position, he would have several papers he's working on and would be happy to make me first author for. He just needs some one to do the data analyses and writing. The catch is I would have to quit my teaching position and focus on working in his lab. This seems like a good idea because publications are really important. The thing is the professor in charge of the graduate teaching assistants and the one who selected might be offended if I just quit at the end of the Fall. I get along with her really well, and I've submitted a paper with her (plus I'm working on another). I can't afford to have her not like me or think less of me. Should I quit the teaching position? Do you think she would be offended? Is there a way I can handle this in which she doesn't feel offended? I need advice on the best way to manage this situation.
  11. Hi guys! So, I am starting my first year as a PhD student this fall! So, so excited Initially, I was planning to apply for TA positions because, well... I thought that was what most PhD students do their first few years! However, my professor has strongly encouraged me to NOT apply on my first year, since I will be doing my proposal, taking classes, etc... He recommended that I wait a year, as I would get more opportunities later. Is this true? I really don't want to miss out on TA experiences and so I thought I might ask here! Do PhD students usually not become TAs on their first year? Thanks!
  12. CornUltimatum

    How to Deal Problem Students as a TA

    I am going to be a TA next Fall semester, and I am curious how much power a TA has to deal with problem students... I ask because through my undergraduate there were several instances were there were loud and aggressive students in labs - and the TAs didn't seem to feel they were allowed to do anything about it. I remember in one Chem lab I heard a student called the TA a b*tch after discussing some common mistakes on a lab... Another student kept derailing and aggressively arguing with our TA over climate change and we ended up far over time in our lab. There was also a time a student was playing extremely loud music in a lab, and the TA asked them to stop to allow other people to work and they got into a huge yelling match over it. I doubt the issue will be rampant, and perhaps it may not become an issue at all, but I am generally curious about the proceedings of this... Can you dismiss a student from the class if they call you a profanity? Or if they disrupt class too much and so forth?
  13. ohthehumanities

    Contacting profs before the semester

    Hi all! I'll be entering my program in the fall and will be TAing for a prof's large-ish class in the first semester. I won't be teaching a discussion section, but I'll be responsible for grading, administrative work, and holding office hours. I'll also be the sole TA (though there will be another grader). This will be my first semester as a TA, so I'm wondering about the etiquette around building a working relationship with the prof. This guy is also teaching a seminar I'll be taking in the fall, so I know I'll be seeing a lot of him and will want to do what I can to keep things positive and smooth. So, I guess my main question is: If you're the lead or sole TA for a course, is it more appropriate to actively reach out to the prof. before they reach out to you? As in, send an email introducing yourself and saying you're looking forward to working with them. Or is it better to wait for them to take the lead? I want to be proactive, but I don't want to seem pushy. Obviously, it's the middle of the summer, so I'm not thinking about contacting this person now with some sort of "WHEN CAN I SEE THE SYLLABUS?!?" email. And there will be a few days of TA training leading up to the semester, so this stuff may get covered there. But I'm worried that if I wait 'til that point, I'll have already missed the proactive boat. Thoughts?
  14. Can anyone tell me the total stipend for a PhD (CS) grad for Fall 2017?
  15. Hi everyone, I heard that for an applicant admitted to a PhD program with full teaching assistantship or research assistantship, he/she will got all tuition covered and some life expense covered by some stipend. But does the "life expense covered by some stipend" differ from area to area? For example, will the stipend provided by school in NYC higher than mid-west area, given NYC has a higher life expense? (Let me know if there's any confusion...) Thank you in advance! Sean
  16. So I got into Georgia Tech with a TA and Virginia Tech with some crazy fellowship thing that seems like it guarantees me 2 years at 30k but is renewable and ill get all 6 years funded by it. Georgia Tech seems to have everything besides the funding... better advisor(s) and more closely aligned research goals. What do I do?
  17. hantoo

    TA Applications/Funding

    Would really appreciate some advice on this: So I was accepted into one of my top choice programs, and I am still waiting to hear about final funding decisions, and I am also waiting to hear back from other programs still, so have not formally accepted the offer. However, the school I was accepted to just sent out assistantship applications for the coming Fall semester, and the deadline to apply is March 3rd. I would like to apply even though I have not accepted the offer, because I want to have additional funding options available to me if possible. Would it be unwise to apply without having accepted the offer, or to email the graduate coordinator to ask how I should handle the TA application while still waiting on other schools? I just doubt I'll have a response from every school by March 3rd.
  18. Fischie22

    Engineering Funding for Ph.D.

    I have been looking through a lot of university websites, and seen that many Engineering graduate programs (PhDs mainly) are fully funded. Just wondering if this is the norm (i.e. if you are accepted you are fully funded) and how long full funding with a stipend usually lasts (entire time, 5 years, 4 years, etc.). Just hoping some people who have heard back about funding offers could enlighten me, or direct me to the appropriate forum post. Thanks!
  19. Hi! Fairly new to grad cafe, been lurking for awhile and have some questions!! What has been your experience in receiving a TA position? I know it probably depends on the program and how competitive it is. How much do they take into account previous teaching experience? I'm trying to figure out how much of a long shot it is to apply...I also work in a weird, non-traditional medium and most of the TAships I hear about are like, teaching intro to drawing, etc. Am I doomed for funding???! I will also have been out of undergrad for five years if/when I enroll...should I wait another year and try to get teaching experience some way, some how?? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Here are the schools I'm interested in (mostly in the pacific northwest because my husband and I wanna stay close to family/his work): Washington State U, MFA Interdisciplinary U of Oregon, MFA Fibers Northwestern, MFA Art Theory & Practice (longshot) Portland State U, MFA Contemporary Art Practice Here is my website if anyone is interested: maykytonen.com
  20. Hi all -- I'm starting my first TA position and my main role will be grading papers and blog posts by students. My discipline is the social sciences. I have never had to teach before and don't really know how to start on grading. Do you have any suggested resources/readings that helps explain how to approach this issue? I know students can be sensitive about their grades and just want to be fair and effective. thanks!
  21. bookhousegirl

    TAing for an unresponsive professor??

    Hi all. I'm starting my second semester and I have a new TAship with a professor in my department. We talked briefly when I was first assigned to her class and she said she'd send me the syllabus, reading list, etc, but she hasn't! The class starts tomorrow and I've reached out to her twice now. She wasn't present at a meeting where I was supposed to meet her, and the program director and administrators haven't heard anything from her either (I asked them if they had heard anything from her). I understand she might not have everything together yet, but she hasn't even sent me a "hey, i'm not ready with things yet, give me some time, etc." It's frustrating to me because I'm not sure of my responsibilities for this TAship yet, and I don't even know what material she'll be covering. This kind of lack of communication really bugs me, and I've heard from others that she can be a bit spacey. I don't want to email her again and bother her, but it seems like she fell off the face of the earth. Has anyone had this kind of experience? Should I just chill out and wait for her to come around?
  22. geographeyyy

    Funding offers

    Hi all - what are offers of funding looking like, in terms of amount and funding type? How many years are being "guaranteed?" Congrats to all those accepted and sympathies to everyone still waiting >__<
  23. Hey everyone So, I have admits from Texas A&M university, University of California at San Diego and awaiting result from UT Austin for MS in Electrical Engineering. My interests are in Analog Design(Converters and Power Management). I am really confused as to what choice should I make. I have a 25% TA offer from UCSD. So, TAMU and UCSD are going to cost same. TAMU: Pros: Great Analog Group, Excellent Faculty, Good relations with industry giants like TI, NXP etc., Located near Austin(hub of electronics) Cons: Location is a disadvantage, not so reputed, not so selective UCSD: Pros: Great reputation, part of UC system, Located in San Diego, Very selective Cons: Not many electronics giant in San Diego(Only Qualcomm), Little research in power management(DC/DC Converters and all) Please help me out. Thanks
  24. Slutha,Committee supported you as a TA, however the final decision has not been made at administrative level yet. You should receive a letter soon.Stay tuned,-Dr. XXXX
  25. Anyone have thoughts on making funding-based decisions? I've been accepted to my top two schools with super generous funding from each and I'm doing all that I can to decide between the two of them. Both have offered me full funding but in very different forms. Thoughts on whether a primarily scholarship based offer is better than a TAship-based offer (aside from the obvious "I'd have to work for my money at one")? Both are primarily professionally-focused, coursework based MA programs. School 1 offered me ~$18,000 over the two years in straight funding, $5,000 in my second year for a guaranteed TA or RAship School 2 offered me $5,000 in scholarship for my first year, just over $10,000 per year for both years for a full TAship

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