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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, so I have been admitted to TAMU's MS in MSEN program. Since a lot of PhD admits were talking about no funding, I am curious about the fundong opportunities, because I thoight PhD's were funded. Also is it possible to change to PhD from a MS admit? If a professor agrees? Just wanted to have a discission on materials science admits in general this year
  2. I can't decide between UTHSC, TAMU, and UAB for an online MPH program. If anyone has more information on these schools I would greatly appreciate it, I am finding very little to mixed info online. Which school is more competitive and has the better program?
  3. Hi, I applied for Electrical Engineering at TAMU. So, while filling out my application, I choose Power and Energy track. However, I want to pursue other tracks due to job availability post graduation. Is the track we specify our interest in binding or can we choose whatever track for ex signal processing. Any TAMU Electrical students, please help me out!
  4. I got admits from UCSB, USC, UCI and TAMU for thesis based MS in ECE/EE depts. I am an international student and from the uni websites I gathered that Unis like TAMU and UCI look like their main focus is in wireless communications. My specific research interests are more towards statistical signal processing and ML. Can you guys help me get a perspective on these colleges regarding the research, their domains and the best college fit for me?
  5. Hello everyone! I got an admit for MS in EE into UCLA, UCSD and TAMU. I want to major in RFIC (if I do a PhD: would want something where I can find it's applications in the Medical domain) and am confused which school to choose. Right now I'm aiming for the terminal Masters program but didint want to shut the door on a PhD completely. I am hoping to petition and switch to a PhD program if I end up liking the lab, advisor, peer group and research work after I join the MS program. But for now these are some of the pros and cons I could find . UCLA Pros: Better ranked than all of the other three and thus a better name If I end with a Master's degree. Amazing professors in RF like Razavi, Abidi and a ton of other such folks Cons: Follows the quarter system which makes the coursework really hectic(?). Also nearly 2-2.5x more expensive than TAMU UCSD Pros: Again amazing research in RF, Qualcomm which is one of the biggest in RF has a whole research institute in the campus, and who doesn't Sandiego as a city, right? Cons: Very little to no scope of funding for MS students, Also follows the quarter system and is also nearly 2-2.5x more expensive than TAMU TAMU Pros: Really couldn't find a lot here, but from whatever I heard the coursework in Analog and RF is really good (?) Cons: Really cheap and also has the possibility of getting funding -might even graduate debt free (maybe an overstatement 😛)- From my rudimentary analysis it looks like the choice is between UCLA and UCSD only But any suggestions, inputs or comments will be of great help! Thanks
  6. Hey all. Figured I would put this out there, since I haven't seen anything from this year yet, but has anybody else received an interview invitation for TAMU's Bush School? I got mine on Friday afternoon. I will be attending the in-person conference for the MIA on Feb 22-23. Anybody else going to be there? It would also be pretty great to hear about anybody who has done it in the last couple of years, to see what their experiences were! I haven't been able to find many particulars from the past couple of years. I'm also interested in any information about the program itself from anybody who may have attended, especially as it might compare to others... from the outside it seems like an interesting program, but I am worried about an international affairs/policy degree from a University in College Station, Texas--not exactly a hotbed of international affairs. I'm sure I'll learn more at the conference, but insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I am an undergraduate student from India, with UCLA MS and TAMU M.Eng admits. I earnestly request seniors and people who have a sound knowledge in this matter to please help me decide between the two university admits that I have shortlisted, with respect to job prospects, return on investment and possibilities of financial aid. I mainly look to work after Masters. Please don't blindly comment UCLA based on ranking. It would be of great help if you comment the reason when polling, as financial constraint is my main concern. I can afford something around 65000$ over two years, and I lead a very simple lifestyle (no expenses on parties, lavish apartments etc). Also, I have heard that i20 amount is overpriced, hence I would like to know how much does one actually end up spending (as a percentage of the university-estimated i20 amount)? Its kind of urgent, so please respond asap.Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey ya´ll Does anyone have any feedback on Texas A&M Bush School MPSA program? I see a number of posts on the MIA program, but I have applied and been accepted to the MPSA program, with some funding that makes this one of the more financially reasonable options. However, it seems like this is a relatively new program and I am not clear on its caliber, caliber of students, etc. Does anyone want to share their insight on why they applied or accepted/declined their offer of admissions? A bit of background about me: I am interested in nonprofit management and philanthropy, with a goal of pursuing a PhD after completing the master's degree. Thanks in advance!
  9. How does each of the universities fare in ML research at Masters level (please justify, that would be very helpful :)? What is the placement scenario at each of the universities? Please try to rate the universities out of 5 with 0.5 increments.
  10. I got an email from TAMU that they don't have openings for MS in ME, and would like to offer me admission in MS. They said that I can change it to MS later if I can convince a professor. My main motive is to pursue a job, is it worth it to pursue an M.Eng from TAMU?
  11. Profile Evaluation. I have the following profile till 5th sem Engineering. College : Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. CGPA (till 5th sem) :7.6 GRE : 324(Q:170,V:154) TOEFL : 110/120 Internships : 4 weeks at National Thermal Power Corporations (NTPC) 4 Weeks at BSNL. Planning to do a RnD internship in Indian Institute of Technology this summer. Have a lot of extracurricular activities in college : ex. President of the official Student body of the electrical department of the college. Have been involved in 3 student bodies both academic and non academic, category head of the electrical department's category in the national level technical fest of the college. Was a campaign leader in Teach for India, an international level non governmental organization. Also have volunteering work certificates from Rotaract international. Planning to publish papers in IEEE conferences/journals based on the research I have done along with the professor since last year. Strong SOP since it will be backed up by research experience as well as strong internships and extra curriculars and volunteering experiences. Strong LoR from professor under whom I'll work at IIT and the professor under which I have worked in my college, plus from HoD. Shortlisted Universities. : (Ambitious to safe according to my research in descending order). 1)UCLA 2) Carnegie Mellon University 3) Columbia University 4) Pennsylvania State university 5) Texas A&M University College Station 6) University of California Santa Barbara 7) University of California, Irvine 8) New York University 9) University of Texas at Dallas 10) Arizona State university Kindly give your insight into how many of these are achievable and which are ambitious or moderate in this list. Also if you have any other good universities for my profile For Fall 19 EE which I should apply to then please suggest them as well. Please do help me out. Thank you in advance.
  12. How late does Texas A&M University, College Station roll out Spring admits? I have applied for Masters in Computer Science (MSCS) for Spring 2018. I have not heard of anybody getting a decision yet. This is worrisome for an International student like me, it will be extremely late for Visa application if I do get an admit. How many admits do they roll out for Spring anyway? They are not replying my emails as well!
  13. Anyone applying for Petroleum Engineering PhD programs for Fall 2018? Which schools are you considering? Anyone who has previously applied and got accepted, can you provide some feedback on chances of getting into TAMU/Penn State/UT Austin/ U of Houston/Stanford: Undergrad: 2.9/4 (India) MS: 3.33/4 (UK), with thesis GRE (321, 5.0) What kind of profiles get admitted to above mentioned schools?
  14. Hello! I'm currently an undergrad living in Texas, and am in the process of transferring to a 4 year University. I I came here for advice because I'd like to get my Masters/Undergrad in the same place if possible, and I'd like to transfer somewhere that offers a 5 year MIA program. I understand this does limit my options, especially in Texas, because if I understand correctly the Bush School is the only school that offers a 5 year MIA program in Texas. I'm looking for an accelerated program because I am using the GI Bill, and there are only so many "months" on it that you can use before it is depleted. Therefore, a more condensed program is preferable! As the title states, my real question lies between deciding on transferring to American or Tamu. I've gleaned a lot of information from these boards on MIA programs in D.C and how powerful the networking/internships can be, although I'd like to contrast it with the Bush School's reach. Would it really be worth it to move all the way to D.C for the opportunities, if the Bush school could facilitate some solid internships/opportunities as well? I understand that the Bush School is young and is nowhere near the level of SIS yet, but what is their influence like in D.C? I know that just "being there" in D.C would be of huge value for the seminars, networking, etc. Also, if I understand correctly, the D.C schools run a "consortium" in which you can be enrolled at one campus such as AU but take some of your classes at Georgetown or GW for example. This is very attractive. For what it's worth, I would be pursuing an MIA/NS&D at Tamu, and a MIR with a focus in either GGPS or USFP at AU. Additional info: 4 years Army experience as an Intelligence Analyst. 5 years total with Reserves. Transferring job to Civil Affairs (Army's diplomatic personnel) in June. Currently learning Spanish. Pursuing ROTC/Commission as (most likely) a Reserve Officer. Current location: College Station. Applied to UT and TCU as well. Side note: I'd love to go to school in DFW (TCU) but they do not offer a masters and honestly their program is not as good as A&M's. But, I'm older than most undergrads and College Station does not have as much appeal as I'm sure some of you can relate, lol. I really look forward to your replies! David
  15. I got into Mathematics PhD program in Texas A&M. I received the official email on Feb 16th. In the official email, it says "I look forward to hearing from you soon." So when should I get back to them? Is there a general deadline or should I ask them explicitly what the deadline is?
  16. Hey All, Just starting a topic to display our Petroleum Engineering applications info for Fall 2016. Tried to get it going in engineering forum, but no activity. Here is Template: GPA: Undergrad Institution: GRE: Q: V: A: Experience: Research Interest: Schools Applied: Admitted: Rejected:
  17. I'm really pissed and also frustrated that I haven't got a single response from these univs (TAMU College Station and UMD College Park) wrt to my application status - for Phd in Aerospace Fall 2016 . I mailed the grad advising at TAMU and the graduate program director at UMD of Aero dept two times, but no replies. Is it too late to expect anything anyway?
  18. I really need to make a very quick decision between MS in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M and UPenn. The deciding factors are the program quality, job opportunities, tuition and fees, etc. Also to be taken into consideration is the high tuition at UPenn. But then, there's the Ivy School tag that comes with UPenn and the low tuition at Texas A&M. It would also be great if you could discuss the assistantship scenarios in these schools.
  19. Waiting for results from UMD College Park, TAMU College Station, Virginia Tech for Aerospace Engineering PhD. So the only response I got was from VTech, who sent me an immigration form to fill up. But having no information about whether I had admission or funding from the university, I can't fill up the "Funding Info" section. I asked them if I could fill it up after the admit decision, but they didn't give any direct answer. And I haven't heard anything from TAMU or UMD. I don't know why it's taking so long, though! For McGill (Mech Eng. Masters Thesis) I expect the results to be out in a few days since they responded saying so.
  20. Hi, I have been admitted to TAMU and USC for MS in CS. I believe that USC is better ranked and offers better opportunities when it comes to industry opportunities (Internships). But the difference in tuition and living expenses is making me think twice about accepting USC. 1. USC Tuition $35k approx. 2. TAMU tuition $15k approx. Is the difference in geographical location + tag + job opportunities + education huge so as to overlook the financial aspect? Thanks in advance for the answers!
  21. Hey, I right now have admits for University of Maryland, College Park for ENTS program and from University of Colorado, Boulder for ITP program. I'm confused between the two. I have some really good reviews about both these schools and am not able to decide between the two. Can someone please help me out with this decision? Thanks a lot!!
  22. How many of you applied to the Texas A & M University, Bush School of Government, EMPSA program? What was your GPA, GRE scores, and Undergraduate institution? Also, have you been accepted or rejected? Thanks.
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