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Found 9 results

  1. I am going to start my PhD in Chemistry in Michigan State, however as I am looking for a place to rent I don't know what should be my limit for the rent as I couldnt find any avarage cost of living. They told me that ''The current annualized stipend for first year graduate students is $25,924, paid on a bi-weekly basis.(for 2019-2020) '' and '' Based on the anticipated increase, a 12-month stipend for the 2020-2021 academic year will be $26,442. ''. But I also couldn't find any information about taxes as I am an international student. If anyone with experience would help me, I would be glad ^.^
  2. Hi all, I received a full fellowship for this academic year. I was doing my taxes for 2018 and noticed that, as a dependent student, my unearned income (which my fellowship counts as) over $2100 will be taxed at up to 35% due to something called the "kiddie tax"!!! This seems extremely unreasonable for a graduate student, so I wanted to see if anyone has run into this situation before and can offer any advice. Also, after some searching online, I read that the "kiddie tax" rates have been changed started in the 2018 tax year so that they are no longer tied to your parents' tax bracket, but are instead taxed at full trust/estate rates.
  3. Hey everyone, I just got my first check from my stipend! My excitement has been dampened slightly by the prospect of having to pay my own taxes but I am resilient. Does anyone have any idea on how to go about this stuff? Do we pay all at once at the end of the year or at various points for example. I figured starting a thread like this would be a good idea since I'm sure there are many people in my position as well.
  4. Hello all, I have recently been accepted into a PhD program at Vanderbilt University, and I am attempting to find a apartment/house for rent and set a budget. However, I am unsure of the rate at which I will be taxed as a graduate student so I have no idea of how to begin doing this. My stipend is $26,000 per year (or $2167 per month), but I am unsure of the interval at which it will be disbursed. My question is this: how much should I expect to be taxed as a grad student? Thanks for any advice you all can offer!
  5. Is anyone else out there worried about the ramifications for graduate students if the current Senate Tax bill is passed which includes taxing tuition waivers? I'm applying to doctoral programs right now and I'm quite worried this is going to make it financially much harder, if not impossible, for me to accept an offer of admission. It could mean thousands of dollars more in taxes for many graduate students: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2017/11/30/graduate-students-across-country-protest-tax-plan
  6. Hey guys, I am an international student who will be coming to the US this fall for a PhD in the Humanities and I need help understanding the offers I am receiving. Most of all: How much money will I actually have after taxes etc.? If Georgetown offers me 28000 for 8 months, what is the net value that I will have in my bank account? I will speak to the director of my program again next week. Do you think I can ask about that? Thanks a bunch for any insight!
  7. Hello! I've been searching like crazy through forums on the internet, but the closest answers I've found are on this site -- so I'm hoping someone can help me out! I am a U.S. resident, currently living and working part-time in the US (New York State), while also getting my M.A. at a university in Montreal (as an international student). So: I have US income; I have also received several scholarships/grants from my university in Canada, and a Research Assistantship, to help me pay tuition; and I've also paid some tuition in Canada. In filing my US taxes, does anyone have advice for me about how to file the income I've received in Canada, and the tuition I've paid in Canada? Any advice appreciated! Thank you!
  8. I've been offered an excellent funding package at one of my top choice schools and I'm really excited about it! I'm just wondering what the deal is with paying taxes as an international student in the US. I'm from Canada and I have no idea how it works over there. The school is paying my tuition and giving me a stipend. What do I pay taxes on? How much do I pay in terms of taxes? Does it depend on whether I have F1 or J1 status (I am assuming I'll have F1)? Any help would be super appreciated! I may also post this in the "Bank" section.
  9. I apologize if this has already been asked - I searched the forum and could not find an answer. How do I go about paying the IRS for the FBH taxes? Do you get something in the mail (a 1098 or something from your university) that will indicate roughly how much you owe? Must I submit a form from somewhere online? How much will I owe (what % of the grant amount)? Thanks to anyone who can provide links or other information... as I'm still living abroad I worry they might be sending things to an outdated address...
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