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Found 25 results

  1. I am applying for a masters program in Clinical Psychology at NYU and Teachers College. I graduated with a bachelor of Science and majored in Psychology from a top school. I really want to go to Columbia Teachers college but unfortunately my GPA is low at a 3.2. I am currently looking for places to volunteer and do research before I apply to have something to add to my resume. Does anyone know if I have any chance of getting in or anything else I should do to make my application better. I am not sure how hard these programs are to get into but I am desperate to go and would love to know if anyone has any information about these schools.
  2. Instructional Technology & Media @ TC?

    Hi! I hope everyone's doing well! I recently came across Instructional Technology and Media at TC, and I wanted to know if someone who is currently in the program or who has graduated from the program could tell me exactly what the program focuses on. My impression (based off of the name and the catalog for the Math, Science, & Technology Department) is that it focuses on technologies and media that complements instruction, like videos, simulations, and games. But, there's also a degree for designing and developing digital games at TC, so I'm confused. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. MT OISE 2017

    Hey, I am wondering who else has applied to the MT program at OISE! What concentration did you apply for, what teachable(s), and what did your application look like? I applied to intermediate/senior for biology & social science. I had volunteer experience in a high school and ~4.0 GPA average in my last two years.
  4. I was recently admitted to the Master of Education Program in Economics and Education at Teachers College. I just finished my M.A in higher education administration, and I have gradually developed interest in educational measurement and statistics. My original plan was to finish my Optional Practical Training period (I'm an international student), then apply for a doctoral degree in educational measurement. A friend of mine applied for doctoral programs in educational measurement this year, was only admitted to Master's program due to her lack of statistical training. I have very similar background, so I am concern that I may be admitted to a master's program as well. So I have to think seriously about this EdM. This EdM requires 60 credits, and is merely 15 credits less than its doctoral program. But I understand, doctoral programs at Teachers College must be extremely competitive. I still hope to be admitted to its PhD program, after I complete this EdM. If anyone has any knowledge of the competitiveness of teachers college's doctoral program, please reply. I greatly appreciate your opinions and times.
  5. Hi everyone, I am a TC student. I need to rent my studio in the Upper West Side in Manhattan in NY. Rent is 2033.00 a month. It is rent stabilized, so the rent won't increase.. It is a 2 min walk to central park and 15 from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Madison Ave. If Interested call Parc Coliseum apartments. Address: 228 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023 Phone: (212) 873-1000The apartment itself is located in Parc Cameron. Message me for questions.

    I am in between two schools for masters in psychology, Hunter College and Teachers College Columbia. What is the overall reputation of these schools? Would Teachers College give me more of an advantage than Hunter? I have heard mixed reviews from current students from both schools which worries me. I feel outside NY, Hunter's name isn't as recognizable as Columbia. However, Hunter seems to offer more opportunities for research. Any advice helps! Thank you!
  7. Just got accepted into Hunter and Teachers College for MA in psychology! In your opinion what program is better? I have my bachelors in psych but little research experience, hence the desire for a masters. My overall goal is to be a clinical psychologist focusing on neuropsych. Both schools are great but I've heard mixed reviews about both programs. Anything helps thank you!!
  8. I'm trying to decide between these two schools for a masters in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. I visited Teachers College and was very impressed by their overall program curriculum, their strong commitment to multiculturalism/bilingualism, and how smoothly they integrate the necessary prerequisites into their grad program (I'm an out-of-field applicant). However, it seems that their facilities were slightly outdated, and their research focus may not be as strong or as broad as NYU's? I wasn't able to attend NYU's admitted students day, so I haven't gotten to speak with any current grad students or faculty members, tour their facilities, or get a sense of the overall "vibe" of the program. I'm also concerned that NYU might not be the best choice for an out-of-field applicant such as myself... this is the first year they're integrating the prerequisites into their grad program, and all of those prereqs will be offered as online courses instead of in-person. Anybody else in a similar situation? Or has anybody visited both schools... in your opinion, what were the pros/cons of each? Thanks in advance!
  9. Choices for Fall 2017?

    Penn GSE (Teaching, Learning and Leadership) vs UMich School of Education (Teaching and Learning) vs HGSE (Learning and Teaching) vs Teachers College (Curriculum and Teaching) All are 1 year programs. Suggestions on which one I should opt for?
  10. Can anyone speak to either of these programs? Better yet, can anyone tell me how Computing in Education at TC is viewed, in comparison to Instructional Technology & Media?
  11. M.P.P. Decision

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your input. I could really use it! I've been accepted to the following schools for the Master of Public Policy. I intend to study education policy. UVA (with sizable scholarship) Berkeley (no scholarship) Columbia (1/4 scholarship) Duke (about 1/2 scholarship) UChicago (about 1/4 scholarship, but could change) Michigan (about 1/3 scholarship, but could change) Carnegie Mellon (about 3/4 scholarship) Vanderbilt (very small scholarship) I was also waitlisted at HKS. Because of financial concerns, I'm prioritizing UVA, Duke, UChicago, Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon. However, Berkeley's got such a wonderful reputation... What are your thoughts?
  12. Teachers College Acceptances?

    I applied to the Applied Behavior Analysis program at Teachers College (Columbia University). Did anyone else apply to this program, or to any other one in the Health & Behavior Studies department? Did you hear back yet? Even if you didn't, let me know. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering about who has applied to bachelor of education or teaching programs in Ontario! I have some questions: Which schools have you applied to? For what age concentration? What are your teachables? What was your GPA? What relevant experience did you have? I've applied to OISE, UOIT, and York for intermediate/senior. My teachables are biology & social science. I had a ~4.0 GPA in my last 2 years. I worked in a local high school for the past 2 years.
  14. I am applying to a few MA programs in education (educational technology, to be exact), and a few of the applications require short answers (1500 characters max). For example, in the scholarship portion of the Columbia app, it asks: Have you worked or volunteered in your anticipated program of study? If yes, please provide the details (e.g. teaching, event support, other jobs). If there are other pertinent aspects of your previous academic work and/or work you plan on doing in the future that you would like to share, please feel free to add this information. Are the answers to these questions meant to be mini essays, or simply where I list my experience? I would be happy to explain myself more than I already have in my SOP, but I don't want to bore or annoy the admission committee by repeating any information. Does anyone know the purpose of these short answers? What are admissions committees looking for here?
  15. Hello! Im currently a rising senior biopsychology major, looking to apply to Teachers College for masters, only to realize they only allow applicants to apply to one program per cycle. I hope to end up in a Social Psychology PhD program where I research social neuroscience. However, I don't have sufficient background in neuroscience (1 semester of neuroimaging lab and 2 neuro courses). Do you think it would be more beneficial to apply to Neuroscience and Education program to gain more neuro background? or should I just apply to Education in Psychology (general psychology) if I want to end up in the field of psychology? Thanks for your help!
  16. Ed.M Admissions at TC

    So I applied for the Doctoral program at Teachers College, but was admitted to the Ed.M for curriculum and teaching . What does this mean? Will I be easily able to enroll in the Doctoral program when I complete this program.Why does this program exist? What funding amounts are available and have you all received? I already Have a Master's in Education in Teaching English as a second language. This program is a costly.
  17. Hello! I am graduating with a Master's degree in speech-language pathology and happen to be bilingual. I am interested in pursuing a certificate offered by the TC Bilingual Extension Institute and would really appreciate impressions from people who've attended the bilingual extension or applied. I would like to know how selective the application process is (especially for non-degree seekers), what the lectures are like, and how have the seminars benefited you clinically and/or professionally. Are the lectures mostly geared towards the educational setting or are they applicable to other SLP settings? And finally, is the emphasis on Spanish-English bilinguals or multicultural clients in general? Thank you!!
  18. Hello! I went back a few pages and did not find a thread for TC. I am attending the Social Organizational Psychology MA program this Fall! Will be moving from Philly- a bit nervous about the move despite the short distance. But I am SO EXCITED! Nice to meet you all! Also, is anyone looking for a roommate? I have been combing craigslist and rental sites but have not been able to find anything under $800. Applied for grad housing but it isn't guaranteed. If you have any other methods for apartment hunting in the Columbia area, I would love to know!
  19. Hi All, I know this is really last minute but I have been going back and forth on my decision and couldn't really decide. Basically I applied for the applied statistics in education and got accepted by Teachers College (Ed.M. in Measurement and Evaluation), Vanderbilt (M.Ed. in Quantitative Methods), and NYU (MS in Applied Statistics in Social Science Research, A3SR). The program at Columbia seems weird because for the past six years or so there have been only two years when the program got only two students. The other years there were no students who chose this program (including last year). I'm pretty sure this is not a good sign but wonder if anyone has any other opinions (or an inside scoop) on this. The program at Vanderbilt is very new (they accepted their first cohort last year, 5 students in total) and it has an internship part attached to it. Basically all students have to complete either a semester long or a summer internship before they graduate. I'm not sure about the location (I wasn't able to make a visit) and the surrounding job market. If someone could provide insights on this, it would be very much appreciated. The program at NYU is also new (they started two years ago and they have their first graduates this May). It seems nothing special but it is considered a STEM program (as an international student, that means I can have H1B visa lottery three times instead of one) so I'm still considering it. They expect to recruit ~15 people this year. So I'm looking for information on: 1. The quality of these three programs. 2. The location and the surrounding job market. 3. Is it worth to go to NYU just because of it's a STEM program? Thank you all in advance.
  20. nutrition program choosing

    Hello! I need your help. I have gotten two admissions, one is MS of nutritional science from UMSPH, Ann Arbor, another is called MS of nutrition and public health, Teachers College, Columbia University( I am really surprised that this program is under teachers college rather than Mailman Public School). I want to have more opportunities to work and research in global contexts, which programs do you think is better for me? 4.15 is approaching. Thank you!
  21. Hi everyone! Is anyone else anxiously waiting to hear from Teacher's College Columbia? I thought we would hear back this week but it doesn't look like it! Would you all be living on campus or off?
  22. Hi guys! So I've narrowed down my choices to Northwestern and Teachers College (bilingual extension). Northwestern and TC are both very expensive so I'm not really focused on the money but more on the programs themselves. If I go to TC then I could live from home and commute to NYC. If I go to NU then I would be moving from NJ to Evanston/Chicago. What do you guys think of the programs compared to each other??
  23. Hello everyone! Happy application / interviewing season! I recently got an email from Teachers College asking me for a 15 minute phone interview this week. (I'm applying to a Masters in Counseling). In my past experiences, 15 minutes it not a very long time to get to know a candidate, and it probably falls under more of a screening interview. That being said, should I expect an admission decision some time after the phone interview or is this more of a screen to see if they want to interview me in person later? Any experience with this? Thank you so much for all your help!
  24. Based on your experience, or what you have heard from colleagues please share your input on my chances of getting into Teachers College, Columbia University with a 3.1 GPA. My GPA decreased tremendously during my last year of college due to a death in my family. Nevertheless, I have a pretty good resume because I have worked throughout college in areas of student development, and I was pretty involved on campus. I also currently work full-time. I was was wondering if anyone with a 3.3 or less GPA have been admitted to Columbia. If so, can you share a few pointers? Thanks!
  25. Hi all! I'm new but I would really appreciate some advice/input. I am looking to apply *next* year (I'll explain that later) for an Ed.D. at Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford. I'll give a brief overview of my work/experience below. I really just kind of want an idea of if I have a chance or not, or what it is that these schools are looking for. I graduated from a big state university with a degree in math (3.3 gpa.. not super great), and then from the same school's GSE a year later (accelerated program) with an Ed.M. in Education (3.9 gpa). Since then, I've been working for a small private education company, which is growing rapidly. We mostly do SAT tutoring, other tutoring and college advising, however we really run more like a mentorship/guidance program where we follow kids through their high school years to get them into their top choice schools. IOur results are highly competitive; we have gotten many kids perfect scores on the SAT, and guided them into nearly every Ivy League school. My main job, besides teaching, is writing math curriculum. I have written and run a team to edit a 1000 problem math workbook, designed to get any kid to complete it to get over a 700 on SAT math. So far, its worked. We are looking to mass produce/publish it in the next year or so. The current project I am working on is a more general math curriculum that, basically, can be used to catch up kids who are struggling with math in high school (reteaching it to them), help students who are good at math refine their skills to tackle more difficult or complex problems (learning how to problem solve), and teach younger kids (grades 3-8) where they can get ahead in school (an accelerated program). Yes, all the same curriculum. So far, we have good results with our students. I am looking to develop this though my company and work in conjunction with a local high school (non profit) on a "guinea pig" group of high school juniors, combining it with college prep, and following them into their senior year to track their progress. Essentially, this is really why I want to go get my doctorate degree - to go back and help my company expand, and develop this idea, and move into helping "fix" the math issue in our schools. Later on, I hope for an administrative position involving curriculum or running a school district. My concerns: I do not have experience in a "traditional" classroom setting, even though I still "teach", and, I have only been out of school for a year and a half (another reason I am putting off applying). Also, I just don't know what these programs are looking for. Reasons why I am hopeful: My boss is a Stanford/Columbia grad, knows A LOT about higher education, etc, and he is very confident in my chances. I need to take my GREs again, but on practice tests I am scoring about 650 in verbal (I know I can get this up) and 800 in math. Sorry this is so long, thanks ahead of time!!!