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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all, I just got my funding offer from Media and Comm program at Temple and it sure seems tempting. But I wanted to ask a little bit around since I couldn't see their placements. Anyone our there who can give me more info on the future opportunities of studying at temple? Best
  2. For those who received a teaching assistantship from Temple, how were you notified? I was admitted into a Ph.D. program at Temple University and was told two weeks ago that I was nominated for a teaching assistant and that the final approval would come from the graduate school. I have yet to receive an *official* notice of the teaching assistantship i.e. a letter about the funding package, etc. Is anyone still waiting to hear about funding from Temple? If you received a teaching assistantship or fellowship, did you receive a letter from the graduate school? How were you notified?
  3. Hi there! I am new to gradcafe so apologies if there are errors with this posting - I think I accidentally posted this as a reply to an existing thread originally. I'm applying to Clinical Psych PhD programs for the first time and am super nervous about realistically being admitted to the programs I am applying to (a total of six). Would love to hear thoughts or experiences from anyone who is currently or had previously applied to the following schools: Drexel University Temple University John Jay at CUNY Fordham University George Mason University Montclair State University Thanks in advance! Also I would love to do a SoP exchange for feedback/comments with anyone else applying to these schools (especially other applicants hoping to work with faculty studying forensic psychology, antisocial behavior, and disadvantaged populations.) Thank you!
  4. I was just accepted into Salus University today for a masters in speech pathology. A required speech class that I took as an undergrad ( It was Intro to Communication Disorders and I went to Temple University) is not deemed equivalent so they want me to take an equivalent class (Language & the Brain) over the summer. An admissions person gave me two online schools but they either do not have an equivalent or the class is filled already or I have no idea what the equivalent is. Any recommendations on what to do???? I'M FREAKING OUT. The class they want me to take is called Language and the Brain (at Temple that's what it is called so I don't know what an equivalent would be called and I didn't take it since it wasn't required). Below I attached the description of the class they need me to take but its the description from my undergrad.
  5. Hi, I applied to Temple, Salus, and La Salle and wanted to start a thread about these schools for fall 2018. Does anyone know how competitive they are this year? When will we hear back (from what I understand): Salus: rolling (after interviewing) Temple: mid to late March Ls Salle: last week of February
  6. Hi everyone! I have to make this decision by next Tuesday (3/27) and I’m at a loss. I applied to about 8 schools this round and didn’t fare so well with an undergraduate interdisciplinary degree in Global Studies, despite a high gpa and undergrad publication. I’ve been accepted to a one year non-thesis MA social anthropology program at Concordia university (MTL), which I’m hoping could be a launching point to help me reapply to some fancier programs. But I’ve also received full funding from my Alma mater, Temple University’s Anthropology full PhD program, which is pretty exciting!! What should I do?? The clock is ticking and I’m at a loss...
  7. I am wondering if anyone has any insight/advice/personal experience with any of these schools (West chester, Temple, Seton Hall, Montclair, and La Salle). I haven't found much comparisons between NJ and PA schools, so I was hoping someone could share their knowledge with me. I so far have gotten accepted to La Salle and Montclair. I am still waiting on the rest, but would like to start getting an idea about which school is the best potential fit for me!
  8. Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum so apologies if this thread is in the wrong section. I’m currently applying to the following schools and just wondered if any of you have also applied to any of these programs, and if so, have you heard anything back yet? Or if any of you have previously applied, what time-frame did you receive your answers by? As of right now, my primary concern is for Princeton, Yale, and Cornell. I’ve read a lot of theories on whether or not hearing anything by late February is a good sign or a bad sign— but I’m not sure if these theories hold any water. I’ve only heard back from NYU so far. Princeton: PhD Phil - Logic & Phil of Sci track Yale: PhD Phil Cornell: PhD Phil Columbia: MA Phil NYU: MBE (Masters of Bioethics) - Accepted with Scholarship on Feb 15th UPenn: MBE Johns Hopkins: MBE Stony Brook: MA Med Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics Temple: Dual MA Phil/ MA Urban Bioethics
  9. I am really struggling to decide on a school and the deadline is approaching fast! Could anyone weigh in on any of my top three schools? My biggest concerns are price, location, nontraditional student support (I'm currently a special education teacher), and availability of AAC courses. Could anyone add any input to my pro/con list on these concerns and other other pros or cons that may have made you choose that school. Thank you so so much! Temple pros: wouldn't have to move (save $$ and stay near bf/family), quality program Temple cons: 6 semester program, most expensive, known to be pretty difficult (which scares me a bit as a nontraditional student) WVU pros: cheapest (plus they gave me a sizable scholarship), 5 semester program, quality program WVU cons: move 5 hours away, campus size is a bit daunting, pay for living Old Dominion pros: favorite SLH clinic facility (attached preschools), more nontradiaional students there, quality program Old Dominion cons: 6 semester program, move 5 hours away, pay for living
  10. Hi everyone! So i'm kind of in a dilemma, I recently got accepted into Temple University's Media Studies and Production Master's Program and into Indiana University's Media Arts and Sciences Master's Program. I really like both programs but I'm definitely having trouble deciding... Temple is offering me a one time scholarship for $10,000 and when I spoke with the Grad Program director at Indiana he said the Master's program is fully funded. Even so, i'm still not sure which school is the right fit for me. Any advice on how to decide or any opinions on the schools' programs? Thanks!
  11. Hey all, Was wondering if anyone out there had any advice of input on a few post undergrad- pre graduate art programs that are specifically designed to help build a portfolio to apply to grad schools. I have recently been accepted (for the summer) into programs at VCU, the Tyler School of Art, and SVA. I'm specifically looking into the programs for sculpture which I know VCU has a big rep but I'm not sure about the other ones, so I'm reaching out to see if maybe anyone has done one of these summer programs or has any recommendations.
  12. I saw another poster recently asked for advice on deciding between SDSU and the University of Washington MedSLP program. I'm in a similar situation but with different schools and slightly different considerations. Of the schools I've been accepted to thus far, I believe my top choices are Temple, the University of Washington (MedSLP), and the University of Oregon. I'm looking for a good balance between clinical experience and research. I would like to attend a school that offers great medical-based practicum opportunities, particularly in cognitive rehabilitation therapy for stroke and TBI survivors. While there are cost considerations, I want to take them out of the equation for now and focus on understanding what my experiences as a graduate student may be at each school. If anyone has attended these programs, I would love to hear your likes / dislikes, what your practicum placements were like, where you found full-time employment upon program completion, and how you would characterize your overall experience. If you did not attend but have any impressions of each school's individual strengths / weaknesses, that would be greatly appreciated as well.
  13. When I just viewed my TU portal, there was a pop up video congratulating me on my acceptance...for the class of 2020. I clicked out of it accidentally and now I can't find any indication I've been accepted at all. Did anyone else experience this? My guess it that it was a glitch, unfortunately.
  14. i was wondering what anyone has heard about these two programs as i am trying to decide between the two of them--anyone that can share personal experiences or knows about them? anybody that has been accepted to either program- are you attending?
  15. I applied to Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Anyone else? I need to make a decision for the other school I got accepted but I don't want to till I get an answer from them.
  16. I couldn't see any result post or topic on that. Is there anybody waiting from Temple University- Brain and Cognitive Sciences. March is almost over, and I will make a decision according to this result. What would you recommend about Temple University and area and University of Nevada, Reno. It seems like I need to choose one of them. Thanks!
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