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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I hope everyone is doing well in these strange times. I found this site quite useful when I was applying to programs, so I thought I would ask everyone's advice now that I've heard back. I would appreciate feedback from people in education, but I'm open to any constructive feedback. I am an educator looking to get my Master's in Education so I can teach Secondary Social Studies, so I applied all around the country. I got accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Teacher's College, UC Berkeley, and UT Austin (I got rejected from UCLA). I honestly didn't think I would have so many options, so it's difficult for me to settle on one program -- each one has something unique I like about it. I want the program to have similar values as me and emphasize social justice / equity in education. But also the name/prestige does matter a little bit -- one of the reasons I am applying for a MA in education instead of just doing ARL is the hope that I will get a better salary / job options. Given my concerns, here is a breakdown of the schools I am considering to help give a sense of my thought process/priorities: Harvard: #1 Education School according to US News. The program has a new director that prioritizes social justice, so that puts me at ease a bit. Not a huge fan of Boston, but the summer semester has been moved onlin,e and it's only a year-long program so it's not a huge issue. The main draw here is the name and the opportunity to work with scholars like Howard Gardner, who developed Mutliple Intelligence Theory. Never been to the campus though and won't have the chance to visit. Stanford: #3 Education School according to US News. I like California (close to home and my partner), but Palo Alto is one of the most expensive places in world... I'm OK with staying on campus, and it's only a year as well, but I am a bit worried about the lack of diversity in the students I will be working with as part of my school placement (they even mentioned that this was increasingly a problem in the video information session). It's a well renowned program though, and I like being close to the Bay and other nature areas. They've already given me a $5000 fellowship too. Teacher's College (Columbia): #8 Education School according to US News. Columbia is my Alma Mater so it was a natural choice to apply here. The main advantage would be that I'm already familiar with the campus, the city, and have even met some of the professors during undergraduate. However, I'd also like to try something new; New York can be exhausting, and I'm not sure how confident I am moving there now with it being the center of the epidemic in the U.S. UC Berkeley: #20 Education School according to US News. I think I share the most values with the folks at Berkeley, I have friends there, and I love the city of Berkeley and the Bay. However, it's the lowest "ranked" program of all the ones that I got into, so I'm hesitant to commit fully yet. They also don't guarantee housing, so it'll be difficult to find housing in the Bay on my own, and worry about whether or not I'll need a car. UT Austin: #15 Education School according to US News. This was kind of a backup/safety for me, but I actually do love Austin and have family nearby. I went to their campus visit day, and liked their campus and faculty, but their program seemed like it might not have as many resources as some of the other schools. Austin's also expensive, and they don't really offer MA students housing, and apparently public transit is not great. Right now it's low on my list of likely choices. I tried to give a brief rundown about what excites/worries me about each option without keeping it too long. If y'all are interested, I can provide some more info. I know this is a pretty personal decision, but it would be helpful to get some unbiased advice as each program is throwing their propoganda at me. Any guidance would be apprecaited! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I’m looking into Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Ed.M. programs for next year or the follow. But I’m not finding much on acceptance rates. Some places mention acceptances anywhere up to 50-something% for HGSE’s masters programs, but I’m not seeing anything official. I’m leaning towards Learning and Teaching or the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Does anyone know the acceptance rates for either of these? I heard that TEP has a small cohort but how many people are actually applying? Or if nothing else, which of these Ed.M. would you say is the hardest to get into or have lots of applicants?
  3. Hi y'all! After browsing forums for months, I finally signed up for an account! I'm looking for some input now that I'm trying to decide between HGSE and Vanderbilt/Peabody. I've been accepted to Teacher Education Programs for Secondary English at both schools and I'm wondering if any of you out there would highly recommend one over the other. A little about me: I've spent the past few years substitute teaching in Minneapolis/St. Paul at a whole host of public and charter schools. Before that, I substitute taught in Vermont, all of which I've done as I've been pursuing my master's in English. I attended a private K-8 school then a public high school, both of which I loved and loathed in equal measure. My biggest conundrum with choosing a program is that I'm not entirely sure in what type of school I'd like to end up in after graduating. I'm from Vermont and have a passion for rural education (eventually I think I'd like to be a public school teacher there) but I'm also considering pursuing teaching at an independent school so I could have more control over curriculum/teaching progressive material. Plenty of people have advised me against a teacher training program if I want to be in independent schools, but I feel pretty resolute that I want to have a greater knowledge of pedagogical practices/ theory before I'm in the classroom. As for the schools: Vanderbilt: Every person I spoke to during my application process was absolutely the kindest. I'd be enrolled in their two-year program, so it'd potentially be less of a high-stress environment and I could get a full year of student teaching under my belt before graduating. I plan to eventually relocate to the East coast so I'm excited at the idea of having two years to spend somewhere sunny and warm. They seem more flexible with student teaching placement (I could work at a school which would prep me for an independent school experience) and I'm really excited about their focus on new media in the classroom. Harvard: I'm nervous about the strict urban/public focus of their program and how that doesn't seem to align with the geography of where I want to teach, but I am really excited at being in a program that feels social justice oriented and which views teaching as a political act. The overall access to resources is the biggest draw for me and I wonder if a year spent teaching in a program like this is the only way I'll know that I do or do not want to stay in public schools--a trial-by-fire sort of thing. I adore Cambridge and would be close to family and friends which I definitely see as a plus. I think this program would challenge me in ways that are really exciting and push my boundaries. Both are great options so I dont think I can make a bad choice, but does anyone have any advice? Ty!!
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