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  1. Does anyone attend this school? I understand that its a new program and I was recently accepted. Would someone be willing to answer some questions about the school? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, For any current students or admitted students that have toured at Texas State, what do you all think about the program? I visited and was blown away by their brand new clinic- much nicer and different from my undergraduate clinical facility. They just moved to the Round Rock campus from the main campus in San Marcos, Texas, therefore they are still building up their clinical clientele and the grad students have on average 1-2 clients per semester. Is this a low number? At my undergrad school the graduate clinicians have around 3-4 clients per semester, so the lower number is a little scary to me. Does anyone know how the professors are? I spoke with Dr. Domsch when I visited and she seemed great, but wasn't able to meet anyone else. Also, for those who are there, how do you like the Round Rock campus? I am trying to decide between two programs and need as much help as possible, anything helps!
  3. Hey everyone! Did anyone else attend the webinar for USAHS Monday evening? What were your thoughts, feelings about the program after attending it?
  4. Does anyone know anything about the program at University of North Texas? I've heard some surprisingly good things and would love to get some more information.
  5. Hey all, I am a mathematics undergraduate in my senior year at UTA. I will be applying to the Rice statistics program in the College of Engineering. I really want to be involved in some awesome research going on there! Feel free to respond if you too are applying to Rice for Fall 2019, are already in their graduate program (any of them), or would just like to leave an encouraging message! I really want to know details of what people who have been ACCEPTED to Rice's programs applied with (i.e., GPA, undergraduate degree type, GRE scores, etc.). Any help is appreciated! You can also just respond to freak out with me as we rise to this daunting task TOGETHER! FUTURE SCIENTISTS UNITE!! ?? GO RICE!
  6. Hi everyone!!! I have recently decided on attending TWU's On campus Speech Language Pathology Program in the fall (August 2018). I am currently looking for roommates in the Denton area!!!
  7. Hi all, I am going to UTHealth for PhD in biostatistics this fall. Is anyone going for the admitted student day on April 6? Never been to Houston before, hopefully, it will be a fun trip.
  8. Southern University in Baton Rouge has an April 15th deadline for their speech pathology masters program and it's a little easier to get accepted there.
  9. Hello my fellow speechies, So far, I have been accepted into Texas State university and Lamar university. I am dying to know what current grad students from each school think about their program! I know txstate is moving to round round (near Austin) which is perfect for location, but lamar's living expenses seem more reasonable. Undergraduates who have witnessed grad students in action is welcome as well! I would like to know about the clinic-is the equipment up to date, how does it function, size, etc.. Stress level-let's be real, grad school is no walk in the park! But, I interviewed with SFA and their students are in love with it and aren't racked with anxiety. (plus their clinic is DOPE!) The professors-how accessible are they? Are they enthusiastic, helpful? Research opportunities- I know both schools have an emphasis on research, but lamar seems to offer more. I also applies to UH(where I'm completing my undergrad-GO COOGS!) and SFA (had my interview-should hear back the week of March 19th) Thank you in advance!
  10. Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs! Im currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston
  11. Hey everyone!! I got a score 310 in gre. 160 n 150 in quants n verbal respectively. I want to get enrolled in some good university in texas in fall 2018. I am looking forward to plan my next step. Can anyone guide me about what my next step should be. Should I give the gre again otherwise how can I best utilise my time in making my profile better. What are the options I have? Thank you
  12. I was just admitted to Texas A&M today for their MPH program. I'm still awaiting responses from other schools but has anyone here been in the MPH program there? How did you like? Did it align with your career goals? How is the campus climate? The student to faculty ratio in this program? The job opportunities availible? Proximity to major cities?
  13. Hi all. Looking for some wardrobe advice for a male for a Skype interview. It's with a university in texas if that makes a difference. Will an office shirt suffice? Tie or no tie? Shave or trim my beard? (Basically look like a toddler or stereotypical terrorist) thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! I am wondering what I should purchase before I attend graduate school in the fall. Attire: I live in Texas and it does get extremely hot here most of the year. Currently I work at a very laid back clinic- most of the therapists wear jeans/sandals. I am wondering if I should invest in a couple pairs of nice slacks and purchase more business casual clothes.. or maybe wait it out and see if my school has a specific dress code (I haven't heard much from my program yet). School supplies: I have a MacBook Pro and I was thinking about getting binders and spirals for note taking. Do most students bring computers or take notes by hand? I also was thinking about getting a cross body bag instead of a backpack. Any other must have supplies that I would need as an slp grad student? ? Therapy Materials: I have been an slpa for 2+ years and I have so many games and materials that I have made and purchased. Would it be worthwhile to take some of these things with me, or wait and see what my clinic has to offer? Any help/input would be awesome. I am moving 8 hours away so I want to be prepared and make sure I don't leave anything behind:)
  15. Hey, so I've been admitted to UBC, Texas A&M and UC, Irvine for their grad programs in chemistry. I'm more than confused with where to go. By ranking UBC is higher but only by a bit. All the schools have professors that I'm interested in and have been corresponding. The other major difference is the stipend, UBC offers $21000+one time 2000. A&M 24000, UCI 29500. Which school is the best place all around? When it comes to living and work. P. S. I'm an international student so US or Canada will be a new experience to me. And I'm mostly interested in inorganic chemistry
  16. Hi! Has anyone heard back from Lamar yet regarding their application status? This is for their graduate program in speech language pathology for Fall 2017 admission. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back! I'm really hoping to hear from them soon.
  17. Hey everybody. Were you accepted into the UT Austin Poetry MFA? Do you have other offers? Are you planning on going somewhere else? Because this is my only good news, & it's a wait list. Trying to plan my future, yo. Also: anyone know what their funding amounts are? Ty, and go in peace, fellow poets!
  18. Hi! I wanted a feedback on the quality and reputation of the PhD program in Computer Science in University of Texas, Dallas focusing Natural Language Processing. In USNews ranking UT Dallas stands at around 70, but its research output is great in NLP as per csrankings.org. Could you shed some light on the following questions - 1. After PhD from UT Dallas , can someone get a good post doctoral position in the top institutes? 2. Is it possible to transfer to other top university after first year in UT Dallas? (I really do not have an idea about how PhD transfer works in US. Please share your advice if you have any) 3. How the students having PhD in CS from UT Dallas are regarded by professors at top tier institutes? Thanks!
  19. Hey there! I'm a Texas gal born and raised and l only applied to in-state schools. I'm really hoping starting this thread isn't a bad idea/going to freak me out but as we are getting closer to the acceptance period I am getting curious about when people are going to start receiving good (or bad) news! I know we're still a few weeks out from the "mid-march" acceptance period, I thought Texas applicants could use this thread to share their current situations/questions/concerns and hopefully get connected with a friend or two that ends up choosing the same program. I've personally not heard back from anywhere, even though I know classmates who've already received acceptances from UT Dallas (I realize this may be because they submitted their apps a couple of months before me). Other places I applied were UT Austin, University of Houston, TCU, UNT, TWU, and Texas State. Good luck to everyone!!!
  20. Hello everyone I'm interested in studying photography (including issues of class, power and the documentary genre). I was accepted to the IFA's MA program, and the UT Austin PhD American Studies program (which would have a strong photography angle). I am wait-listed at U Michigan-Ann Arbor's PhD art history program. I ultimately want to get a PhD, then teach and curate photography. IFA is tremendously respected, and would open a lot of doors (maybe more in curating than academia), but would cost $70,000. UT Austin is of course free. But do you think it 1.) is respected / opens doors and 2.) might allow me to keep a foot in both academic and curating worlds? I would appreciate any insight you might have. Thank you!
  21. Does anyone know if UT Dallas has opportunities for scholarships/funding? I know that they sometimes award in-state tuition wavers to out of state students, but do they offer anything else such as merit-based scholarships, GA positions, or RA positions to graduate students?
  22. I'm trying to decide between UT Dallas and University of Houston for SLP! Anyone have any comments about their experience from each graduate program? I heard a lot of people love UT Dallas because apparently it's less stressful than other places, great connections, Callier Center etc. I'm attracted to UH because they offer a Medical-SLP specialty track.
  23. Hey all, I am looking to see how likely I am to get into the following schools with the following criteria. I feel like I am fitting in somewhere around the average requirements of most applicants at these schools, with maybe a slightly lower GPA. GPA: 3.3 from a small liberal arts school in Ohio GRE: 161 V and 159 Q with 5.0 Analytical Writing Experience: 3 campaign cycles as an intern/volunteer (since '08), 3 campaign cycles as a paid staff in field management and data analytics; 1 year in nonprofit fundraising; 3 months interning with a lobbying firm in D.C.; Only 2 years of work experience after completing my undergrad (I took a semester off to work on the 2012 Presidential campaign) and volunteered/interned throughout college on various local, state, and national races in digital and organizing related work. I am applying/have applied to the following schools: Duke Sanford (MPP), Chicago Harris (MPP), Syracuse Maxwell (MPP), UT-Austin (MPA), Georgetown McCourt (MPP), NYU Wagner (MPA), OSU John Glenn (MPA), USC Price (MPA), IU SPEA (MPA). Thanks!
  24. Hey guys! I am about to apply to grad school and I am looking up all of the requirements. Some of the schools I am looking at require a minimum GPA of 3.0.. as of right now, my GPA is just below 3.0. When I graduate in December, I will have a 3.0 GPA. My question is should I apply to graduate school now, even though my GPA is lower than what they require? A lot of the schools I am looking into have an application deadline of either December 1 or January 1. Some of the schools I am looking at don't have a specific GPA requirement. So does that mean they don't focus on GPA? I have a lot of research experience (~3.5 years), I have done 4 poster presentations and I will have 3 strong letters of recommendation. I am going to take my GRE within the next few weeks. If you have any advice on taking the GRE, that would also be nice! The schools I am looking into are mainly medical schools with graduate programs. I live in Texas and my top school is UT Southwestern. I am also looking at UTMB and UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. Does anyone know if it is harder to get into the graduate programs in medical schools?? I will be applying to other universities with masters and Ph.D programs, just not too sure on which ones yet. Sorry for all the questions and I am not 100% positive I posted in the right place. But if someone can help guide me, that will be very much appreciated. Thank you!!
  25. I need some help, I'm applying for 5 grad schools in Texas (UT Austin, UT Dallas, Baylor, Texas State, and Texas Christian University) and was wondering if anyone had any advice/ insight/ recommendations regarding these schools. Should I get into contact with these schools for more information since I'm out of state? And should I improve any of my stats before apps are due? GPA: 3.83/4.0 SLP GPA: 4.0 GRE- (i'm planning on taking it again) 157V 145Q 4.0AWA EXPERIENCE- 1 1/2 years as an ABA therapist, 1/2 year as a literacy tutor, 1 year as a research assistant for a neuroscience and language laboratory, 20 hours observing and job shadowing a elementary school SLP, 100+ hours volunteering and observing in a private practice setting LOR- I was thinking of asking the director of the neuroscience laboratory (I worked directly for her and got an A in her class), another former professor that I visited in office hours a bit (hopefully she remembers me and agrees to write me a letter), and the owners of the private practice already agreed to write me a letter. Any feedback helps!
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