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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, after reading some on this forum, I would like to ask for some advice. I'm currently a m.div student looking for a Th.M program. Since I have few unique conditions, I'll explain my background before seeking advice. 1. I'm an international(Korean to be specific) 2. I've graduated with an US undergrad degree. (Small Conservative Evangelical Undergrad) (3.3 GPA) 3. Currently attending an evangelical M.div program in Korea(military reasons in South Korea) (4.3 GPA on a 4.5 Scale / 3.8 for a 4.0 scale) 4. I'm a bit late to my application process. I should have started last year, but had too much on my plate at the time with finishing my M.div Thesis, Marriage and other personal reasons. 5. While coming from an evangelical background, I am no longer an inerrantist. Past experiences and events has changed my views. 6. Despite of my Korean school being evangelical, my academic references will be coming from professors with 1) non-conservative Top Tier US Ph.D program 2) Top Tier UK program. At this moment, the only school that I could attend immediately are SBC Th.M programs, but for Ph.D I'd like to attend Top Tier US programs in NT. I understand my chances to TT US Ph.D programs will be very thin if I finish out in SBC schools. So here are the options I'm considering. 1. Transfer to another Top Tier Th.M program after attending SBC Th.M for one year. 2. Wait for the next application season to apply for other Th.M programs (while preparing some stuff for further Ph.D) 3. Just attend the SBC Th.M program and prepare to apply for Top Tier Ph.D program or non-SBC evangelical school. 4. Possibly consider UK schools. I know it's a little hectic, but I hope I could get some advice. Thank you!
  2. Hey all, Starting this thread to help each other and let one another know where we applied, got accepted, denied or wait-listed. Also feel free to provide any other information such as funding, choosing one school over another, reasons why rejecting etc. Here is my list of applications and updates so far: USA Yale Div - MARc Philosophical Theology/Philosophy of Religion (waiting) Duke Div - MTS (accepted w/ 25% funding) - any idea how to get more? Wake Forest Div - MDiv (rejected) - was surprised to find out I was rejected BU SoT - MTS (waiting) Canada Wycliffe College (UofT) - MTS (waiting) Regent College - MTS (waiting) UK U of Oxford (Wycliffe Hall) - MTh (waiting) U of Cambridge - MPhil in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion (waiting) U Of Edinburgh - MPhil (waiting) U of St. Andrews - MTh (rejected) I'm also an international student, graduating with a B.A. in Theology from the historic Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, IL) Any ideas of funding available for international students? The idea of a loan kind of scares me. Best of luck everyone!
  3. Hello, I'm writing in hopes of getting some advice regarding MTS and Mdiv programs in the US. I finished my bachelors at Brown in an unrelated field (studio art) in May of 2015 but became interested in pursuing an MTS or Mdiv after taking some coursework in theology and medieval philosophy. I am particularly interested in what I have heard called 'philosophical theology', although this designation seems a little loose; I just use it here to refer to the work of people like Plantinga, McCord Adams, MacKinnon, Alston, and Wolterstorff who borrow heavily from philosophy and don't seem too caught up with orthodoxy (maybe it's just a branch of apologetics, I'm not sure). Anyway, in pursuing this interest I found myself becoming interested in the Ministry or chaplaincy work and am now hoping to find a way to move forward with both interests simultaneously. I've been considering an MTS as this seems to be somewhere in the middle in terms of keeping open both possibilities as well as being the most well suited to someone coming from a different field (read: not knowing anything). But, I was hoping to get some advice on this... so, I have four questions. 1. For anyone who is either working towards or has completed an MTS, Mdiv, or (the mysterious) ThM: How is theology approached in these programs? For someone interested in philosophy would an advanced degree in kind maybe be a better bet? Is there wiggle room in these programs for people interested in philosophy? 2. I've been having trouble finding MTS programs other than the one at HDS, does anyone have any others they could recommend checking out? 3. Is there any coursework that might be beneficial to try before applying? 4. What's up with things like Doctor of Divinity and all those weird ones from Catholic Pontifical Universities? Thanks for your time!
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