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  1. Hello there! I hope you are doing well during unusual pandemics around the world. I have been working on the application process for LKYSPP, which is my first-choice school. I have taken TOEFL again and again in order to get a higher score. Looking at the application checklist, the Admissions Committee does not set minimum scores for admissibility, but they indicate successful applicants usually achieve or exceed the following scores: 100 on the TOEFL internet-based test. If my score is below 100 and is roughly 80-90, does means that I can't be a competitive candidate for this progr
  2. Hi, I am an international student applying for fall 21 stat phd. I forgot to send my toefl score to one of the school I am applying. Can anyone tell how long ets takes to send additional toefl score i.e the school will receive score officially? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am an international student who transferred from China in September 2018 and I am going to apply for graduate school at the end of this year. I saw that many schools says that if an international student wants to get a waiver for TOEFL, he or she must study in US for three years or has a bachelor degree. So in my case can I get a waiver or should I take TOEFL again?
  4. I took TOEFL exams before and only gained low scores. But last week I received my highest record, and want to report it, while some of my online applications have already been submitted. Then I decided to send emails to the admission staff, will they update my TOEFL record? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.
  5. Hi, I wanto to apply to various Ph.D's in Political Science (UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCI, UCSB, PITT) but I don't know how horrible are my scores to be accepted in those universities. My GRE scores are: 145 V 154 Q I also have an horrible TOEFL of 88 I'm going to take the TOEFL again in november and I am also planning to take again the GRE. Help, please
  6. Hi, I wanto to apply to various Ph.D's in Political Science (UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCI, UCSB, PITT) but I don't know how horrible are my scores to be accepted in those universities. My GRE scores are: 145 V 154 Q I also have an horrible TOEFL of 88 I'm going to take the TOEFL again in november and I am also planning to take again the GRE. Help, please
  7. As a student ( international at that) I had enough concerns and queries keeping me up all night. A friend recommended a book - Donald Ascher's, Graduate Admission Essays. This book encompasses every bit of information a student applying to graduate, professional or doctoral programs require. It furnishes details on what to study and why. By making us question our interests , it helps abate confusion. A detailed section on financing you education and several links to scholarships have been provided. Formats and samples of LORs and SOPs make the bulk of the book. You c
  8. Can I do the TOEFL exam after or before to apply? I´m from Uruguay.
  9. I will be applying for Ph.D. in chemical engineering in FALL'19. I have just received my TOEFL score and my overall score is 110. (R-28, L-30, S-23, W-29). However, in the university website of UIUC and UCLA, although the overall minimum score is 87, the cutoff for speaking section is 24. As you can see my overall score is much greater than the minimum requirement, but my speaking score is one mark less than the requirement. Will it interfere with my application process? Or should I need to retake the TOEFL again? Please let me know regarding the same.
  10. Citizenship: Indian SSC/10th class: 90.7% Inter/12th class: 97.2% Bachelors in CS: GPA 9.14 out of 10 scale (2014 pass out) Internship(Summer 2013): IIT Bombay for 3 months Work: 3+ years in SAP ABAP at Infosys Limited, Hyderabad with 3 awards at work. GRE:334 TOEFL:115 I don't have any recommendations or publications or extracurricular activities. Please suggest improvements I can add to my profile for increasing chances. I want to apply for CS masters degree Fall 2019. Please suggest 3 ambitious, 4 moderate and 3 safe admissions. Other than the list, please men
  11. Hi, guys! I live in the USA a little more than a year.I apply for the Ph.D. positions now. I focused on my GRE test and received 169 math and 153 verbal. But I feel that I failed toefl. I got 92 score. All subscores are high level except speaking with 20 points. I don't know should I retake toefl or not. I wanted to apply for the wharton upenn, but i/m not sure does it make sense with such a bad toefl score. I need your advice!
  12. GRE- 303 (V:144 Q:159) & TOEFL 88 (all section above 20), CGPA: 8.86, Undergraduate institution: IIT(India) , Major: Chemistry, Research experience: 1 yr, Strong LOR (expected) So far I have planned to apply to University of Illinois Chicago & Michigan state university for the graduate program focusing on organic chemistry. Can anyone give me any suggestion regarding my choices and also suggest some universities with this score? I'll be graduating this year.
  13. Hello, I am planning to appear TOEFL exam very soon. I need help to evaluate my assay and what score I will get on TOEFL exam. It would be a great help if someone go through my writing sample and suggest necessary correction. Question: Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones (cell phones with Internet access), while others disagree and believe that they are important tools for keeping in touch. Which point of view do you think is better, and why? My answer: Smart phones are very important to keep up with the modern life. Having a smart phone from a very
  14. Hi everyone, I recently received an email by NYU SCPS encouraging me to apply for their MS in Global Affairs. The thing is that I got 90 on my TOEFL exam, and my GPA is currently at 3.60. They say that I can take their English Language Assessment exam. I thankfully have a CV full of experiences, including a Study Abroad experience and founding a Student Association at my University. I would like to know if anyone thinks those things count for the admission officers. Also, I would like to know about anyone who has already applied in the past to tell me their admission process experience.
  15. I have strong interest in an academic career and since I received my BS in Chemistry I've been thinking about the next steps and trying not to screw up my best chances. Let me explain my background before moving to the actual question: I've graduated in Brazil from a medium-sized university that has a very small chemistry department, so I didn't have that vast experience in research as an undergraduate at a big institution. I have actually been involved in research since my sophomore year but I couldn't make any publications out of it (only presentations in small symposia and conferences)
  16. Hey, guys, I just got my TOEFL score, it's 109 (R:27, L:29, S:27, W:26). One puzzle that have always confused me is that whether a score of 109 and a score of 110 would mean quite differently if I were to apply the IR Ph.D. programs offered by top schools (say, Princeton, Stanford, etc.). Thanks for your time and I really need your suggestions.
  17. I received a conditional offer from UCL for an MRes programme in Computer Science department. They asked me to submit any accepted English language test's score. My TOEFL score is R:25 S:24 L:30 W:22. My total score is above the cutoff but my writing section score is 22, which is below UCL's sectional cutoff of 24. What are my chances of receiving an unconditional offer? I dont know if I have enough time to manage to take another TOEFL test. Thank you
  18. Hello everybody I need your advice as I don't know what to do I have 4 years of research experience in Cancer Biology, my cGPA is 3.35 out of 4, my GRE score is V148 Q157 AW2, my TOEFL is 90 (R23 L23 S20 W24), I have 5 conference publications and 1 published paper, also I have 2 papers under publications. I am studying GRE now to improve my score for reapplying next Fall, but do I have to retake TOFEL test? and what score range to be considered as safe score for both tests. BTW I am not planing for high rank university. I am planing for a university in the range of 75-150 over USA uni
  19. Hello all! I had applied to the MASt in Pure Mathematics (Part III) at Cambridge in December 2016, and my application status had changed to 'Awaiting decision by the Board of Graduate Studies' last week. I am not too sure if this is a good or a bad sign, and what makes me more anxious is my TOEFL score. I received my TOEFL scores a few weeks back and was gutted to see that I received a score of 24/30 in speaking. Although I have a decent overall score of 112/120, Cambridge requires that all applicants have a minimum of 25 in each section. I would like to ask you all whether I should take the t
  20. Hey Guys, I remember being in undergrad and sometimes feeling so distant from my peers because I was an international student. Well, here I am again on this voyage about to feel even weirder, this time as a grad student. I thought that we should have a space where we could be able to share experiences, answer questions, give advice, or just a space where you say what makes you feel ok about yourself. Good luck everyone! Disclaimer: I worked with International Services during my undergrad but this does not make me an immigration official. Although I can give my opinion on certain si
  21. Requesting a profile evaluation from seniors. Applying for MS in Computer Science for Fall 2017. GRE: 317 (Q: 162, V: 155, AWA: 3) TOEFL: Expecting 100+ Acads: 57% (Pune University). During college years I participated in many co curricular and extra curricular activities. I was also head of some student committees. I have 4 years of experience working as NSS committee member (social service) My BE final year project was a Voice Biometric attendance system on android platform, and i achieved good marks in it. Work Experience: 1.5 years Worked as UX design
  22. SO the deadline is Dec 1st, my checklist shows that my GRE, TOEFL, Transcripts are still unofficial,,,, I'm worried,,,, what else can I do now?
  23. Hi again, I have a doubt regarding the TOEFL requirements. Most grad schools just put a global requirement and they do not mention any specifics. Most ask for a score of at least. I have 111 points (over 120), and I have 30 30 29 in the reading, listening and writing sections. My weak spot is the speaking: 22 points. In Chicago they ask for at least 26 in each section. Do you think that this requirement really holds if I have a good aggregated result? Would that 22 hurt me in other universities even if I have a 111? By the way, my verbal score from the GRE is a 166. Would
  24. I will be taking a TOEFL for the first time and I am now finding out that the four free score reports have to be designated before the test day. I have heard conflicting info regarding whether or not you will see the complete TOEFL scores at the end of the test. ETS only mentioned on the website that you would have the opportunity to cancel the scores at the end of the test including that your score would be available to view online after 10 days. So my question is ... At the end of the TOEFL test before you decide to send or cancel the scores, do you get to see (1) all 4 sub-scores, i.
  25. Hi ,I am an undergrad from BITS hyd .My GRE score is 324 ,160 v 164 Math, 3.5 essay,My toefl score is 111. I have a two year work experience and my CGPA is 8.39 which turns out to be 3.356 in Cgpa out of 4 system. I need a decent Univ with a good chance for RA/TA .
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