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  1. Hello, i'm an undergrad student at UMD that's already been accepted to grad school for next fall. Due to COVID-19 they have announced this semesters grades will be graded pass/fail unless students elect to receive earned grades for the courses. Should I elect for letter grades since I still have to send my final transcripts?. It will show I've earned my degree either way .
  2. December 15 is the priority deadline for University of Kansas Fall 2020 admission session for MS/PhD program. I have completed and submitted the application just today and now I have noticed that I have mistakenly missed a page of transcript when I scanned it. What should I do? It's Saturday and 15th Dec is Sunday. If I contact graduate adviser and explain my situation, would I be able to send the missing page? Do they consider mistakes like this? Please, help! N.B. I have exchanged emails with a professor before applying.
  3. Hi everyone! I am looking to apply to a master's program next year. A potential problem that occurred to me is that I will have at least six different transcripts from different schools. I transferred once in undergrad, took community college courses at two different schools, and did a post-bacc. I am worried that this might show I was unable to commit to a program/school. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?
  4. Hey all, I have received a copy of my official transcripts from my undergraduate university. I am applying to 10 PhD programs. Could I simply scan a copy of my transcript 10 times and send the schools those or must I send each school an actual transcript in the post? Thanks in advance
  5. I got accepted to NMSU (woohoo), but they want me to submit my official transcript. Which I did. Only problem is I have 12 misc credits from two universities that didn't even count toward getting my degree in any way (takes 128 credits to graduate. Got 142 total. Minus 12? 130. Plenty.), and they are requiring that I submit official transcripts from these two schools even after saying it did not affect me getting my degree (literally though. They didn't even apply to any of my gen eds.) The other issue is because they were like six years ago, I don't even know my student number, let
  6. Hi guys! Can anybody applying to Gallaudet for a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology describe to me in detail how to check if the program has received my GRE or transcripts? I've emailed them several times for more detail but they respond again and again again to check my Student Center? Is that the same as my graduate application? I'm still in the process of completing my application, but I've checked actually everywhere and I can't see where received documents show up. Can somebody please help
  7. Having gone through the application process at American universities, I have found the State universities to have the friendliest application portals. They usually have the same interface and one can easily go through all the pages/tabs/questions etc. The recommendation list can be updated any time before the deadline. More importantly, they send the recommendation requests immediately after filling in the details. The best part is the payment system where it is a breeze to pay fees for international applicants like me. They accept many, if not all, types of credit/debit cards. Not to mention
  8. I got this really troubling email from csdcas and I’m not really sure what it means. Can someone explain this to me? Does this ruin my chances of getting in? A lot of my deadlines were by the 15th of January. I got this email just now so there’s nothing I can do about it until tomorrow, but I definitely plan on calling them tomorrow and sending out another transcript immediately.
  9. I recently submitted my app to GWU (like two weeks ago) and they require you to submit unofficial transcripts from any transfer and study abroad credits. Unfortunately, where I studied abroad wouldn't let you download an unofficial transcript and I had to request for an official one to be delivered by international courier. I'm worried that it will make it way after the deadline (deadline is Jan 7 for funding, and transcripts are coming from Egypt). Will this be an issue at all or will it'll be acceptable? Of course the office says theyre swamped so won't answer calls or emails.
  10. Why's there such a great anomaly between the official transcripts and self-uploaded copies by applicants? Some schools encourage students to upload scanned copies of their transcripts. Others absolutely want the official transcripts to be sent in sealed envelopes from the mother institutions. What's the point really in official submission when the admission is not granted in the first place? This is particularly difficult for international students that are hard pressed at meeting additional requirements and have to negotiate bureaucratic red tapes. Waiting/delivery times are also much longer.
  11. I am applying to M.Ed. program at Vanderbilt Peabody and the MBA program at Vanderbilt Owen. Three years ago, one year after I graduated undergrad, I spent all of two weeks enrolled in Nashville School of Law. It is the city law school. I had been pre-law in my undergrad and thought I wanted to be an attorney, but I did not. I went to the city law school so I could try it out and the cost burden would be minimal (i paid my way on cash). Not to mention, it was easy to get in. I withdrew from classes after two weeks. Never looked back. Should I tell the Vanderbilt admissions people about t
  12. My undergrad marksheets are of two types: 1. A single sheet with all the final marks for each subect and course throughout my 8 semesters (no papers repeated visible). 2. Separate marksheets for each semester and paper repeated(8 + repeated papers). I have transcripts for both types. Can I upload type 1 with no repercussions?
  13. Hey everyone, I am applying next fall to Econ PhDs, shooting for something in the top 15. I had a 3.8 in undergrad in International Affairs - although had a B+ in a Principles of Macro class, and I'm finishing up a Master's in Development Economics with a 3.9 including a few A+'s in upper level theory and econometrics classes. 95th percentile quant GREs. About 2 years of solid RA experience and an internship at a leading development research group. My math backround is as follows: A in Calc for Business and Economics (UG), As in several statistics courses (UG), A in Elementary Line
  14. I just received my grades for this semester and did very well. I'd like to let my prospective schools know, as this semester shows a significant improving trend for my GPA. However, many of my application deadlines have passed. Is there a way in which I can notify these schools about my performance? Should I try to send an updated transcript? Is there any precedent for this? I feel that this issue is very common for students whose semesters end in late December and have early December application deadlines. Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I was wondering if most people submitted their applications with their PRE-FALL grades? I submitted all of my applications by early October, so of course these did not include my Fall grades. Does anyone know what schools prefer/if you can just mail in your post-fall grades if apps have already been locked and submitted? Thanks!!
  16. SO the deadline is Dec 1st, my checklist shows that my GRE, TOEFL, Transcripts are still unofficial,,,, I'm worried,,,, what else can I do now?
  17. Hey everybody, I am very new to this website and I am currently applying some grad schools around US and you know some schools want the transcripts to be send directly from the universities. However, the university I graduated in Germany refuses to send the transcripts by mail to US universities and they say it is forbidden by law. I am abroad, so I can't go and take personally from them. They won't even send them to me by post. I only have one original copy of my transcripts and that's it. Only one school agreed to accept a scanned copy but still 2-3 schools want them by post and they d
  18. Hello, I'm applying to MSW programs right now and I had a question about my transcripts. I received my bachelor of arts degree in 2013, and then took a couple years off. I then attended a local community college for just a few courses to get a letter of rec for my grad school applications. My question is, when submitting the transcripts for the community college, do they need to reflect that I stopped taking classes? Put another way: since I'm not receiving any sort of degree from this school, do I need to officially file any forms or "drop out" of the school so that the transcript doesn'
  19. Hi all, I've been attaching official secured PDF transcripts to several graduate school applications. Two of my transcripts are supplied by "TranscriptsNetwork" (a Credentials Solution offshoot) and one is from University of Pittsburgh's own online system. I sent these transcripts to myself, meaning I am the "intended recipient" of all these "Third-Party Secure PDFs." When I attached them to some applications, I received an error message that a password protected/encrypted file cannot be accepted by the system. Should I be worried that this is the case for ALL applications, even t
  20. So I've been reading this, rather useful and highly recommended, blog by a science professor who reflects upon her experience with graduate admissions, and I've lit upon the following: Transcripts are interesting to read because you can see a student's evolution of interests. Did they take an intro course in Science their very first term and immediately dive into the major? Did they meander around for a year or so, sampling a wide variety of courses before focusing? And here comes the problem. Many countries simply do not offer one a choice when it comes to the study track. All the
  21. I am looking at some applications from previous years and have noticed that they ask for transcripts from all institutions attended. I have taken a couple of online courses at a community college and will transfer my credits to my main institution at the end of the year (after graduate school decisions have been made) so that I can get my undergraduate degree on time. Could it come back to bite me if I don't send my community college transcript (6 or 9 credit hours) to the graduate schools to which I am applying? I would really rather not send them because 1. It costs like $60 per school and 2
  22. Hi there, I'm applying for Fall 2017 PhD admission, and am submitting both undergraduate and master's transcripts. A good number of my master's degree courses were "special topics" classes - that is, courses that use the same course number every year, but cover varied specific field interests. However, I was surprised to find that my final transcript does not include course titles for these classes, and it seems very difficult to obtain them. One or two of my PhD applications require a listing of previous pertinent coursework, and I am concerned it will harm my chances of acceptance if I
  23. I go to a small liberal arts college and I noticed that starting this past semester my school began putting class ranks on our transcripts. I don't have a bad GPA by any means, it's actually a 3.34. But my class rank (based solely on GPA) is in the bottom half of my class. What frustrates me is that they're basically comparing apples to oranges to pears. To me it seems incredibly silly to compare geology majors to art history majors to economic majors, especially since some majors are certainly more challenging. With this in mind, is my class rank going to hurt my chances for grad school pr
  24. I just hit "submit" on my Harvard application, the last of the six! Would be feeling great but I discovered a possible issue at the last minute. I studied abroad for a year. All course names and grades from study abroad DO appear on my home institution transcript. I thought I had checked with every school I'm applying to about whether my home institution transcript would be sufficient, but at the last minute I realized I may not have asked Harvard and the instructions say official transcripts are required from every institution attended. No exception mentioned for study abroad programs. (Al
  25. Really. My alma mater is in Israel and I currently reside in Boston, so any and all communications with them take place through my mother at best, or on the phone at 4 am, at worst. I ask them to send copies of my transcript, including graduate work. They say it'll take two weeks. It takes more. They send it out and I discover the transcripts do not include my graduate work. I explain the mistake to the universities to which I'm applying. They understand, and request that I send the completed transcripts when I have them. My mother finally received the new transcripts yesterday, and sent t
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