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Found 5 results

  1. Dear friends in gradcafe, till now I've got offers from TU Delft Ms EE Microelectronics and KU Leuven Ms EE. Though I also applied for other univs (like TU/e and KTH), I would like to choose from these two since they are my first choice. The situation is that I really do have a passion for research, especially in digital systems as well as computer/chip architectures. However, I personally think that the Ph.D. is highly opportunity related, which means sometimes if there are no suitable positions, going for industry is also OK for me as long as I can find some research related job. So, as far as I am concerned, although the courses in TU Delft is hard, the education in KU Leuven is far more harder. While KU Leuven is famous for its education quality, it's also famous for the pressure there. I heard that students at KU Leuven may take courses from 8 am to 6 pm 5 days a week at least. The courses are also so tough that many students (at least a half) would fail or even have to retake. On the other side, courses at TU Delft are a little bit more friendly while students have more time to arrange, which means time for internships and also longer time for the thesis (9 months). Any ideas my friends? Appreciate it in advance!
  2. Hello guys, So I've gotten admits to TU Delft's Msc in Sustainable Energy Technology and KU Leuven's Master of Engineering: Energy I would like to know which program is better. This is the primary difference, TU Delft's program focuses on Renewable energy generation while KU Leuven focuses on energy distribution and utilization. I have an interest in both of them. My primary intention is to get a good job. Am not interested to further do a PhD. If anyone studies in these programs or knows anyone who does, your help is deeply appreciated.
  3. Hello Guys, I have admits from KU Leuven for MS in CS as well as Advanced Masters in AI and MSc in Computer Science (Data Science Track) from TU Delft. I am highly confused on which one to accept. I am interested in Machine Learning and AI and want to keep both options of getting a job or pursuing research. Also KU Leuven is inexpensive whereas TU Delft is very much. I have heard getting jobs as a non EU candidate is difficult in Belgium compared to Netherlands. Meanwhile i am also waiting for results from RWTH Simulation Science. I have to decide between KUL or TUD in a couple of weeks if i don't receive any communication from RWTH. I am freaking out. Kindly give your valuable inputs which will help me decide. Thanks.
  4. Are RA/PA/TA opportunities available for MSc Mechanical Engineering students at TU Delft? I have an admit, should I be contacting potential research supervisors?
  5. Got an email with a decision letter saying I've been accepted for a Mech Engg. Master (F18). The letter says that a 'Confirmation Statement needs to be submitted within 4 weeks' but the fee payment deadline is July 1st. Does submitting the confirmation statement mean a definite commitment? Also, does this affect the scholarship decision? (applied for the Excellence Scholarship) TIA
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