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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all! Hope this post finds you in good health. So, I applied for a master's in Computational Science and Engineering at TUM and cleared the first level of screening. The next step is an interview, which I have roughly 15 days to prepare for. The email I received specified that a Mathematics professor will take my interview. I would like to know what kind of questions I might get asked and how much preparation would be required for it. Have any of you here had to give this interview? Any insight would be helpful. And if you can recall some questions, then it would be great. Thanks a lot! P.S. I am an international applicant with a bachelor's in Materials Science and Engineering. I did a number of computational projects within the scope of Materials Science and Engineering. I also took a few courses relevant to computational sciences in general during my bachelor's.
  2. Hello all, I am from India, applying for master's in Computational Science and Engineering at Technical University of Munich (TUM) for the winter semester 2020. The process requires me to apply through Uni-Assist as well as the TUM portal. The Uni-Assist instructions specify that after selecting the course and making the payment, I need to upload the documents (including CV, motivation letter, study certificate, etc.) online and then send the notarized hard copies by post. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the hard copies might take longer than usual to reach Germany from India. If I wait until I prepare all of my documents, upload them online and then post the hard copies, they might not reach Germany from India before the deadline, which is the 30th of June, 2020. In this regard, can someone please tell me: 1) which documents need to be compulsorily uploaded online on the Uni-Assist portal? 2) whether I can post the hard copies first and then complete uploading the documents online? I need to wrap up my application as soon as possible. So, any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello! Has anyone heard from TUM regarding Wintersemester 2020/21 masters admissions? and does anyone have any idea how long it takes to hear back about admissions from TUM after your documents have been sent to the intended department? Any information would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  4. I am starting to write my Statement of purpose and I am currently doing Btech in ECE but want to pursue CS/Informatics in TUM,Germany.How should i justify my change of major(I am genuinely not interest in ECE), also I had 2 backlogs in 2nd year which I have cleared now but my percentage dropped ,should I mention this?My current GPA is 7 acc to Indian scale and 2.5 according to German scale.Please advise.
  5. Hi! I've sent the documents to TUM by a courier company knowing that they would arrive faster. However I was contacted today that there has been some delays and my documents will reach TUM's admissions office on Monday. The deadline is today and there is no way I can get now on a plane and submit the documents in person. Has anybody been in this situation? Am I completely screwed and have to apply the nest period for the summer semester?
  6. Hello All, I have my telephonic interview round scheduled for MS Informatics this weekend. Kindly help as how to prepare for it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Has anyone applied to the MSc Informatics programme at TUM for 2016 winter semester admission? A bit about myself: I am a prospective student to the mentioned program and I am currently doing my final year at UCL majoring in Computer Science.
  8. Good morning, Please has anyone being admitted to Master in Data engineering and analytics at TUM? What constitute a good essay, motivation letter, how your application is graded? I wish to apply for winter semester
  9. Hello everyone! I am a brazilian and I am applying to the Computational Mechanics Master at TU Munich. I am currently waiting for the results, that will problably come out in the middle of the next month. I would like to receive reviews about chances of getting admitted at TUM with my profile. Any repply would be very appreciated. > 2 yr Technical Mechanical Course (Vocational) - 82,46/100 5 year Bachelor (Yes! we study 5 years in Brazil to get our bac. diploma) - 7,88/10 (5 is the minimum note); > 2 Semesters as exchange student (received a scholarship) at Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau: participation in the bilingual (german/english) Master Automotive Enginering and Management course - just as exchange student, without master degree certification and no CGPA was given but I calculated it and its arround 1,8 in the german system) -> done also a small literature research about uses and perspectives of fuel cells). > Scholarship as teaching assistant for Mechanical Fabrication while doing the technical course, 4 months. > Intern for 6 months at Audi AG in Ingolstadt, Germany, Resistance welding development area (Preparation of reports, tensile tests performance, robotc welding, welding quality assessment, etc) > Currently I am working as intern in the innovation engineer position in a local company doing CFD and FEM analysis since december 2015. (oil and gas company). (2 projects: centralizers parametric study according to API standards and Sucker-Rod pressure drop evaluation ( k-e and k-w SST turbulence models) > Language skills: German B2, TOEFL 92, Italian basic, Portuguese native. Thank you in advance Regards from Brazil!
  10. So far I have 4/8 rejections and no word from 3/8. TUM is currently processing my application but I have low hopes as they don't recognise the college from where I received my bachelors degree. Anyone else waiting for responses from UToronto, UMich Ann Arbor and NTU? My applications are Electrical/Electrical and Computer Engineering (VLSI/Microelectronics).
  11. Hi guys I applied to TU Munich MS Informatics Winter Semester 2017. I sent out my documents, which were received and all was well except for my transcript. In my TUMOnline application, I have stated my normal duration of studies as 8 semester, but since I was a transferred student to the university where I received my bachelors degree my transcript only shows 6 semesters (the rest are in tranferred credits block). They rejected my transcript because it doesn't reflect the 8 semester count mentioned in my TUMOnline application. What can I do about this? Please help.
  12. Is there anyone applied for TUM Summer semester 2017? Waiting for admission results :/
  13. Can I find another merry traveler making his/her way to TU Munich from beyond the borders of Germania?
  14. I have been accepted to two Master's programs in Germany. The first one is Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the other one is the Scientific Computing program at Universitat Heidelberg. Both courses have similar pattern in that the first three semesters are reserved for the coursework while the fourth semester is devoted to the Master's thesis. The information I have gathered seems to suggest that TUM's program is better structured and the mandatory modules encompass core areas in computational science. However, I am not quite sure about the mathematical side of things since they only offer courses on Numerical Methods/Analysis. On the other hand, Heidelberg's program is being offered by the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics and according to a professor I talked to, places a great deal of emphasis on mathematics. Again however, it seems that this program is rather wanting when it comes to courses in Computer Science. I am happy with the Application Areas that both universities provide (you have to choose courses from certain application areas such as Physics, Biosciences etc.). Regarding research, TUM offers excellent students a chance to earn an Hons. degree by becoming a part of the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering. The program at Heidelberg is associated with the Interdisciplinary center for Scientific Computing and they say that excellent students would be allowed to join the PhD program (I have been seriously considering a PhD) at the Center after the first year. Given that I want the option to do a PhD while focusing on both core areas in Scientific Computing and research, which program do you think would be a better option? I think that when it comes to employment and international repute TUM seems to be the obvious choice. However, I am willing to neglect that if Heidelberg's program is significantly better. If you know about the programs, can you please comment on whether they offer a diverse range of subjects including ML and Game Theory?
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