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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody! This is my first post here, but I've been reading these forums for a while and have felt so validated by a lot of your experiences with grad school. I am graduating in April with a Bachelor's in Womens Studies & Social Work. I really want to get an MSW and work in gerontology after I graduate. So far I've only applied to UM and Wayne State and feel like I blew my chances with both. U of M requested an interview with me last Monday to ask about something I didn't elaborate on in my essay. I was so incredibly nervous, it's like all the things I rehearsed just totally fell out of my brain. And yesterday I got an email from WSU saying I need to edit my personal statement (which I worked so hard on) because I failed to cover something about the code of ethics. Has anyone who has applied at either had any of these issues (or just any grad program in general?) It's been a week since my interview with U of M and I haven't heard anything yet (that's just me being impatient), but its basically all I can think about and I keep thinking of worst case scenarios of me not getting into any grad schools :'( wow, sorry I'm totally rambling, but has anyone experienced any of these things, and does anyone know how long it generally takes to hear back from a school after an interview? Thank you in advance and I hope all of your grad school journeys are going well so far!:)
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