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Found 10 results

  1. I am DYING to know whether UCI’s Program in Writing has notified the next cohort if they’ve been accepted. Has anyone heard back? Should I just assume I didn’t make the cut?
  2. I was accepted to both but could not visit because I am international. Which school should I choose and why?
  3. I've applied to a couple Forensic Psyc Masters Programs and am currently waiting for responses. Does anyone know if online programs typically ask to interview? My first choice is UCI so any information on their Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology would be awesome.
  4. Profile Evaluation. I have the following profile till 5th sem Engineering. College : Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. CGPA (till 5th sem) :7.6 GRE : 324(Q:170,V:154) TOEFL : 110/120 Internships : 4 weeks at National Thermal Power Corporations (NTPC) 4 Weeks at BSNL. Planning to do a RnD internship in Indian Institute of Technology this summer. Have a lot of extracurricular activities in college : ex. President of the official Student body of the electrical department of the college. Have been involved in 3 student bodies both academic and non academic, category head of the electrical department's category in the national level technical fest of the college. Was a campaign leader in Teach for India, an international level non governmental organization. Also have volunteering work certificates from Rotaract international. Planning to publish papers in IEEE conferences/journals based on the research I have done along with the professor since last year. Strong SOP since it will be backed up by research experience as well as strong internships and extra curriculars and volunteering experiences. Strong LoR from professor under whom I'll work at IIT and the professor under which I have worked in my college, plus from HoD. Shortlisted Universities. : (Ambitious to safe according to my research in descending order). 1)UCLA 2) Carnegie Mellon University 3) Columbia University 4) Pennsylvania State university 5) Texas A&M University College Station 6) University of California Santa Barbara 7) University of California, Irvine 8) New York University 9) University of Texas at Dallas 10) Arizona State university Kindly give your insight into how many of these are achievable and which are ambitious or moderate in this list. Also if you have any other good universities for my profile For Fall 19 EE which I should apply to then please suggest them as well. Please do help me out. Thank you in advance.
  5. Meet and greet for those considering/accepting UC Irvine? No specific program.
  6. How do you choose between schools when you're a good fit at both but in different ways, one is a smidgen more name-brand-y, the other seems a smidgen more collegial, one has a lot of top-notch university resources for professionalization, the other where the department itself seems to have more focus on professionalization, one that has well-known recommenders while the other has (apparently) more involved mentors, one that has no core courses because you're free to build your degree, while the other has core courses that help you better get a handle on disciplinary conventions, one that's located in boring city that's close to a bunch of cool cities and the other which is located in a small college town? Helppppppp
  7. Hey all! I have not yet heard from UCI's visual studies program. I am not sure what to expect, I saw on the results page 2 people were accepted. This is my first time applying to phd programs so I am lost as to what the normal wait time is.
  8. I was just checking over the GATS website for Irvine and it says they are waiting for transcripts before they can process my application. It also says that the high volume of documents received could cause a delay of a few weeks in updating the website. My transcripts were sent November 21st. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Is anyone who sent transcripts to Irvine after that date seeing their status as complete? I know there's not much I can do by way of contacting Irvine before February 1st (they say don't contact them before then about updates to the system), but I'd like to know if the transcripts potentially got lost in the mail and I'll need to send new ones. :/ Other potentially relevant info: I'm applying for a PhD in their Anthropology program. They started sending interview requests January 10th for this program, though I haven't heard anything about an interview.
  9. Hello, anyone going to UCI next Fall? I am an international PhD student starting next Fall.
  10. Hey so I'm starting my senior year at UC Irvine. I'm a double major in (please go with me on the names, i'm trying to express the breadth of the programs...) 'Criminology, Law, and Society' and 'Psychology and Social Behavior. I have a 3.5 GPA, but have yet to take the GRE. I'm planning on taking a year or two off after I graduate to gain applicable work experience. In the last year I've gained a considerable amount of interest in Public Policy programs and so have been looking around just for the future. As it happens, UCI just added a Master in Public Policy program, but I have no idea about the quality of the program, its job outlook, or its national ranking. So my question is... would you go to a program that is brand new but from a well ranked public university? Or should I just not even try if you think I have better chances getting into a better ranking program... Thanks!
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