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  1. Hi all! I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school. For reference, I just graduated with my B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am currently a Child Development Teacher with 2's. My overall GPA was a 3.78 and the last 60 credits is a 3.8. I have three great letters of rec, a great personal statement (imo), and a ton of volunteer experience ranging from individuals with Aphasia, Autism, english-language learners, etc. I was also in my programs NSSLHA and national NSSLHA. The only thing that terrifies me are my GRE scores. Granted, I have not taken it yet and am set
  2. IDK if this is allowed but... Would anyone be willing to genuinely critique my letter of intent? I have about a week before I need to send it to the people writing me letters. It's mostly done but its not great. It covers all the basis IMO but has no passion because I've been so worried about it coming off as cliche. I've done impressive stuff and I LOVE the field but Idk how to write it to show that beyond just stating facts. I want so badly to get into graduate school for spring but this letter may not do it 😥 Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n2UO3RW
  3. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on my application to be admitted to an MPA program, more specifically the program at the University of Central Florida. I'd really appreciate any feedback on my SoP! I can PM the link to it Many thanks!!
  4. Hi everyone! I graduated from UCF Dec 2017 with a bachelors in legal studies and minor in criminal justice. I had hopes of becoming a lawyer but after working at a law firm and interning for a judge, I realized it just wasn't for me. I then decided to switch directions and started working towards getting a doctorate in physical therapy (I was originally a biomed major when I started college and wanted to go to med school but was also super interested in law). After much thought and having tried my hand at having hands on medical experience working as a tech in a trauma unit at a hospital,
  5. Hey guys, this is my first time on here. I was wondering if you all could give me your honest opinions on if you think I have a shot at getting into a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology- specifically USF/UCF/FIU/FSU. My GRE scores are a 4 AWA, 149 Verbal, and 146 Quant. My GPA is a 3.48 and I only have about a month of experience. But, I have 3 great letters of recommendations from professors and I think my Statement of Intent is good. Now, I know none of what I just said sounds (is) competitive at all. But, do you think I have somewhat of a chance of getting into... something? I've
  6. Looking a the curriculum, this program aligns with my interests and past studies perfectly. However, I can't find much about its reputation online and according to its website only "Approximately 30% of students in the program receive some type of financial assistance from the university, such as fellowships, scholarships or graduate assistantships." which are both red flags for me. I've been looking at fully-funded interdisciplinary media studies programs that have reputations outside of their websites until this point. Does anyone have any information about this program or programs simi
  7. Hi all! I am like many of you, or many of you have been, a very anxious first-time applicant for graduate school. I am very close to submitting my application, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read over my letter of intent, and give me some feedback? It is just a little over a page long, and for the school I am applying to, I know they say to keep it generally around a page long. I am hoping the little extra information I provided is acceptable and helpful, but maybe I need a fresh set of eyes to let me know if it is excessive. My numerical stats are fairly average... but
  8. Hi all! I am like many of you, or many of you have been, a very anxious first-time applicant for graduate school. I am very close to submitting my application, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read over my letter of intent, and give me some feedback? It is just a little over a page long, and for the school I am applying to, I know they say to keep it generally around a page long. I am hoping the little extra information I provided is acceptable and helpful, but maybe I need a fresh set of eyes to let me know if it is excessive. My numerical stats are fairly average... but
  9. Does anyone currently attend/is anyone considering the SLP graduate program at University of Central Florida? I was recently accepted off the waitlist but I have not heard great things about the program from my peers and from my current faculty at FSU (it is too large, very unorganized, etc.), and I was wondering if anyone had a different opinion? I am definitely considering attending because I have a lot of family and a part-time job opportunity in Orlando, but I am worried that the program might not be the best, based on what I've heard. My other option is USF in Tampa, which loo
  10. Hello. I got admitted by UCF for their CS PhD program starting in Fall 2019. The acceptance letter said the following: " If you are awarded a financial offer package (for degree-seeking students only), this information will be sent separately from this admission letter". It has been 1 month since I receive the acceptance letter and I still have not received any information about funding. I found that I am not the only one without that information on the Results Search section of thegradcafe. Does anyone have some information about it?
  11. Hi all, Got admitted at UCF in College of Optics and Photonics PhD 2018. Would like to chat with some other people who got in!
  12. Hi! I am a student at UNC Chapel Hill and only started taking SLP pre-reqs my junior year, and in the years before this I was a nursing/PA student with a low GPA. My GPA in pre-reqs is a 3.7/3.8, and my overall GPA is a 3.1. My GRE scores are alright... 159 V, 153 Q, 5.5 W. I have lots of experience working with my desired community (children) and am looking to participate in research this coming semester (I will be a senior in Fall 2018.) I am also going abroad this summer to Belize and volunteering at a clinic there. I guess what I'm wondering is.. do I have a chance anywhere? With that
  13. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the SLP programs at UCF and USF. I am an out of state applicant and I won't be able to visit these schools before making my decision. Thank you!
  14. Hello All, I have received the PhD admit to UCF EE program on the 3rd week of Feb, 2018. I am yet to receive the financial aid letter from them to process my I-20. Anybody else got the fin aid from the EE department or know what to do or how to proceed?
  15. I recently applied to UCF for their Master of Applied Learning & Instruction (specialization in Teaching), and am currently waiting to hear back. Has anyone else applied to this program? If so, have you heard back yet? I am just curious. Thanks!
  16. Hey all, does anyone know what the schedule would be like should we get admitted to summer semester for graduate program? I applied to traditional track, "Summer 1" through CSDCAS. When I looked at the calendar on the UCF website, there are Sessions A-D for summer with specific dates. Does Summer 1 mean A-D, or just A? I'm not finding any info anywhere! Also, would love to be in contact with anyone else who is applying! I'm from California. If I don't get in, I'll try again for Spring! Thanks everyone!
  17. Hello, I'm a recent Comm. Dis. graduate in Florida and I was accepted to both Baylor and UCF. I am not attached to anything and now would be the best time to move out of state if I'm going to do so. I'm honestly struggling with a decision, which should I choose? I'm not particularly drawn to either. UCF would be $27K total for a 2-year, six-semester program, Baylor would be $52K(they gave a 20K scholarship) tuition total for a 1-year, 4-semester program. I need unbiased responses, I'm struggling alot with this decision. Is the higher debt worth working a year earlier? I haven't heard the
  18. Hello! I have recently been accepted into the UCF SLP masters program for spring 2017. I really just want to talk to other people who have also received their acceptances. Are you waiting to hear back from other schools before you accept? Is anyone coming from out of state to attend ( I would be moving from California ).? thoughts on finding a place to live and roommates to live with when we are starting school half way through a school year?
  19. Is anyone waiting to hear back from UCF for Spring 2017? Has anyone been accepted? I wanted to start an official post for this term so all the UCF applicants can talk/discuss/vent here
  20. I wanted to say Hello to all of the soon to be graduate students. I am getting my masters in speech-language pathology starting spring 2017
  21. Hello! I recently got accepted into UCF SLP masters program for spring 2017. I am moving to Florida from out of state and would like to find 2 to 3 female roommates who are also in the grad program so that we can rent a house or apartment together by UCF.
  22. Has anyone heard back from UCF for Spring 2017 Speech Pathology grad school?
  23. Hi friends I am starting the Communications Science and Disorders SLP program this Fall 2016 at University of Central Florida. I'm looking for 2 or 3 roommates in the program to live with! Price range is flexible and suggestions of places to live are very welcome! If interested, please email me at mfr12@my.fsu.edu
  24. Looking for roommates starting Fall 2016 in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters program at the University of Central Florida! I really want to live with 2 or 3 others in the program, and any gender is fine with me. I'm very neat and clean and would love to have roommates going through the program with me.
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