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  1. Hello, everyone! Anyone waiting for UCI's emails for interviews on PhD Education? Hope I at least receive an email about anything in January...
  2. I've had the good fortune of being accepted to two incredible programs: a PhD in Logic & Philosophy of Science, and a PhD in Cognitive Science. Both programs are at UC Irvine. I'm having an incredibly hard time choosing between them. The LPS program is really amazing, and I see it as the best intellectual/cultural fit for me. The CogSci program is great too, and I have several fantastic PIs in the department interested in taking me on as a student. I think the two programs would be very different experiences since the CogSci program is structured more like a STEM program while LPS is, well, a philosophy program. Finally I am also concerned about job prospects (esp. with the oncoming worldwide recession/depression). I do want to stay in academia and become a professor (that's the dream), but I'm not naive enough to think that is a guarantee. The CogSci program would allow for much more job flexibility, while from what I can garner, the LPS program is really designed to train future professors and not much else. I know that this decision will ultimately come down to what I want to do in my career, but I'm hoping that getting some advice from you lot will help me collect my thoughts.
  3. I am DYING to know whether UCI’s Program in Writing has notified the next cohort if they’ve been accepted. Has anyone heard back? Should I just assume I didn’t make the cut?
  4. So here's the dilemma: I'm a pure math guy who's mostly interested in theoretical computer science, but also partly interested in theoretical machine learning. I've been accepted with similar funding yada yada to both UCLA and UC Irvine's CS PhD programs. The professor at UC Irvine more so matches my interests (graph theory, approximation algorithms, pure math-y stuff) and he's also highly distinguished, coming off a 15 year stint doing theory at Georgia Tech. The professor at UCLA is more engineering focused. There's a few questions I need answers to influencing my decision: How important is the prestige of a university compared to the prestige of one's research advisor when it comes to securing faculty positions? How easy is it at UCLA (or in general) to either co-advise with another department (theory) or switch entirely, and would this affect funding offers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I got admits from UCSB, USC, UCI and TAMU for thesis based MS in ECE/EE depts. I am an international student and from the uni websites I gathered that Unis like TAMU and UCI look like their main focus is in wireless communications. My specific research interests are more towards statistical signal processing and ML. Can you guys help me get a perspective on these colleges regarding the research, their domains and the best college fit for me?
  6. Hello everyone, I know these are both relatively new programs, but I was wondering if anyone had information on the MS in Business Analytics at UCSD and UCI. I just got accepted to both of these programs and am having a hard time deciding between the two. Both programs are super similar based on the information provided on the website, but I am leaning towards UCSD based on the location and reputation of the school in general. If anyone had some opinions on the programs, that would be great! edit: If there is no information on the specific program, some sort of information on graduate life at either school is also appreciated.
  7. Hi all, Thankfully, I have been accepted to the three programs above (UW HCDE, UMICH MSI, and UCI MHCID) and those are my top choices for HCI/Design masters programs that I have applied to. I am having difficulty deciding what school to choose. Any help or advice by anyone who has heard about or done these programs would be greatly appreciated. I currently work in Los Angeles, CA as an associate interaction designer and since UCI has a mostly online program that caters to working professionals, it helps me budget wise. I would not have to worry about moving and can still work at my current job. However, UCI (still a great school) seems to be the least known program out of the other two for HCI. UW HCDE and Michigan's MSI program seem to be really well known in the HCI world and have access to a large alumni network as well. It seems like big companies recruit at both schools quite often. Michigan's program does cost almost twice as much because of the out of state tuition however. So far I am leaning towards UW since it still in the west coast and the cost difference compared to Michigan (even though cost is not the biggest concern for me). I also feel like I am not growing too much at my current job so I am not too scared to leave it. I feel like I would prefer Seattle to Ann arbor as well but it does seem like U of Michigan has slightly more prestige. Ideally, I would like to work at a large/well known company soon after graduating (automotive industry a bonus). Those are my current thoughts but if anyone has any general insight to any of these programs or are also deciding and can give their thoughts, that would be great! Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys, i've been accepted into University of California Irvine and Northeastern University, Boston for Computer Engineering. I'm having a hard time deciding which would be a better choice.
  9. I've applied to a couple Forensic Psyc Masters Programs and am currently waiting for responses. Does anyone know if online programs typically ask to interview? My first choice is UCI so any information on their Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology would be awesome.
  10. Hello! I've noticed that someone has posted their acceptance from UCI PhD Education! Congrats! and if you can see this, could you reply if you had an interview prior to the acceptance? Anyone else waiting for the result or interview email from the department?
  11. Hello! I have recently been invited for Interview Day at UCI for the PhD program in Pharmacology. Does anyone know anything about the interview process (eg. what goes down, what kinds of things are asked, what to/not to do, number of invitees vs number of admits, etc). Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello! I have recently been invited for Interview Day at UCI for the PhD program in Pharmacology. Does anyone know anything about the interview process (eg. what goes down, what kinds of things are asked, what to/not to do, number of invitees vs number of admits, etc). Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi! Is anyone applying to UCI MHCID this year? Like to hear anyone like me waiting it out
  14. Heyy guys, anyone still waiting for UCI MSCS decision for fall 2018? My application has been in the "being reviewed" status for about a month now. Any idea what "being reviewed" means and when can I expect a decision?
  15. Hey fellas, How's it goin' for ya? I'm still waiting for a single admission. no answer up to now. ucsd, uci, northeastern -> chemical engineering ucr, uic ,uiuc -> bioengineering all phd. is there anybody heard from these programs at these univs? should I have hope for any admission letter? ------------------------------profile------------------------------------ TOEFL:104-IELTS:7-GRE GENERAL:146(v)168(q)-GPA:3.60 with a year or two related research exprience.
  16. Hey all! I have not yet heard from UCI's visual studies program. I am not sure what to expect, I saw on the results page 2 people were accepted. This is my first time applying to phd programs so I am lost as to what the normal wait time is.
  17. Last years they would've released results at this moment. Anyone has any insight?
  18. UCI sent me a dean's packet thanking me for my application and saying I might enjoy the brochure while my application is "under review". What does this mean? The interview is in ten days and I have not actually been invited to one... Why are they sending me this?
  19. Those applying for Masters degree programs for MFT Marriage and Family Therapy in the CSU system, whichever school, please update your progress in this thread. If we work together and support eachother we each stand a greater chance of admission to the CSU of choice. Please indicate your stats when pertinent.
  20. Hello, anyone going to UCI next Fall? I am an international PhD student starting next Fall.
  21. GRE 321 Verbal 156(71%) Quant 165(90%) AWA 4.0(56%) UG 78% (Top 5 in department) One good relevant project No work experience or research papers (Working on a research paper currently) Want to do MS in Computer Science. Have sent my scores to USC, UCLA, Stony Brook, UMCP I have Columbia, UC Irvine and San Jose State University in mind. What are my chances of getting into these? Also, suggest any other good universities that fit my profile! Thanks, in advance!
  22. If finances aren't a concern, what program should I pick? The content is great at both the places. UCI is a better place, but I want to enjoy my Masters experience.
  23. I'm 28, from India and I've got an admit from both UMD - College Park for HCI and UCI for Information and Computer Science. Both universities are highly ranked. So I'm not sure on what basis should I make my decision. Any advice? Tia
  24. Hi: I am deciding between UCI and USC masters program currently and both schools rank around the same (30+). While I really like the campus and environment of USC, I feel like UCI offers a biomedical engineering/bioengineering program that I look for. I have a medical device background but during my undergraduate years I begin losing interest in it. It's basically EE and ME more so than bio. I also feel like biotech companies rather just recruit a EECS or ME person rather than a BioE. Thus, I am beginning to gravitate towards cellular/genetic engineering, a concentration not found at USC. While I feel like I already answered my own question, I want to see if anyone have any other convincing reasons that I might not know of about USC that will allow me to take the offer at USC. I low key really prefer it over UCI just because of the reputation and LA.
  25. I got accepted into UCI and GaTech for PhDs starting Fall 2016. For UCI, I got accepted into the Informatics department as part of the Donald Bren School of Computer Sciences and for GaTech I was accepted into the Human-Centered Computing program which is prat of the School of Interactive Computing (Its one of the branches in the Computing School). I have PoI's in both places, and am being flown out to GaTech in two weeks to visit with faculty and students on their dime. I am super torn on which school I should attend. First off, I completed by B.S. at UCI, so I had that going for me when I applied. I also already live in SoCal, and so does my partner of six years. But I want to make sure I make the best decision for my Doctorate. I've heard a lot of back and forth between friends and family. I do not want to choose UCI simply because it is more convenient. My partner is planning on attending UCLA for a Masters that takes 2 years. This doesn't bother me so much, since we have agreed that if I take a PhD offer out of state they will follow after their Masters is complete. Having been together for six years, two of which were long-distance before, we are pretty confident we can make it through a possible two more years. My biggest concern is, of course, which is the better school for studying and doing research in my areas of interest? Which are: Social Media, Social Computing, AI and Games research. I do a lot of research in the affects of toxicity with the forward movement in the IoT. What do you think?
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