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  1. Material sciences and engineering EPFL vs UCSB help...please.. where should I go best?
  2. I'm starting this thread so that we can get to know each other and (hopefully) see each other on interview day! The application deadline was due today and I am so relieved that my letters of recommendation were able to be submitted on time. Now, all we have to do is wait it out! I read online that we should be hearing about interviews in December or January, so best of luck to all of us!
  3. I have applied to the Graduate Program in Mathematics at UCSB for the Fall 2021 admission cycle. In my UCSB online application portal, I have been assigned a "Perm number" which wasn't there before the deadline of application, i.e., January 2, 2021. What does it mean? Does it have to do anything with my admission status? Can anyone let me know please? Thank you!
  4. Is anyone else applying to UCSB's clinical/counseling psychology program? if so, how many pages is your statement of purpose? the overall grad programs website said it should be longer than 2 pages, but when i emailed the department admissions they said 1-2 pages double spaced... my current SOP for them is about 2.5 pages. i'm struggling with the ambiguity!!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm planning to apply to doctoral programs in counseling psychology in the fall and am currently looking into some programs. I noticed on UCSB's website that they have a writing sample requirement. But, when I looked more into it, all they say regarding this requirement is: The writing sample is based on your research experience; either research on the job, a research project, or a class paper. There is no length limit, but should be substantial enough to show yourself to be competitive. Faculty are looking for strong writing skills and place more emphasis on the context of the paper than the content. Applicants are not exempt from submitting a writing sample if they do not have one that is related to research in some way. All applicants must submit a sample. Your application will not be reviewed without one. Would anyone be able to tell me what exactly this means? This description itself is vague and I doubt they want me to submit an autobiography of my research and lab experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have received admits from both these universities. Considering the fact that Santa Barbara rent is on the higher side (living is double of Blacksburg rent), and has only 50% waiver if you get TA, unlike Tech which gives full waiver, but UCSB has a great systems research group compared to tech. I am inclined towards systems + ml research. Which university would you suggest? I am inclined to go to UCSB, but I don't know if the higher cost justify the research group and the location.
  7. I got admits from UCSB, USC, UCI and TAMU for thesis based MS in ECE/EE depts. I am an international student and from the uni websites I gathered that Unis like TAMU and UCI look like their main focus is in wireless communications. My specific research interests are more towards statistical signal processing and ML. Can you guys help me get a perspective on these colleges regarding the research, their domains and the best college fit for me?
  8. Hi there! I got MS CS admits from these 4 colleges. Want to decide which should I choose. I am planning to specialize in Computer Vision/Machine Learning. Would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, Well I got into UCSB in Physics and I am really excited, I wanted to see if anyone else is feeling the same thing. So is anyone else here going to UCSB this fall for Physics? Excited? Any idea where you are going to live in Santa Barbara?
  10. Hello, I would appreciate thoughts regarding graduate school decisions/comments from people in the same boat. Interested in environmental policy and potentially private sector consulting or NGO work. Accepted to: GWU - Environmental Resource Policy, Trachtenberg School ($10k/year fellowship) Still waiting on a decision from UCSB Bren MESM. Obviously this could all be for nothing depending on decision from Bren, but going into this process I regarded UCSB Bren as my #1 choice due to program respect in the environmental field, location (Santa Barbara sounds nice), etc. However, now that I have received word from GWU I'm beginning to like the idea of being in DC and the plethora of internship opportunities, etc. For environmental policy I believe this is potentially more important than program rank necessarily. Also, the GWU ENRP program allows for all classes to be done in the evening allowing for full-time and part-time internships during the semester. (EPA, DOE, EDF, NRDC, etc all having offices in D.C. along with pretty much every other environmental NGO). All of that being said, UCSB Bren is consistently ranked as the top or a top 3 program for environmental management. Anyone else with knowledge or experience in environmental sustainability policy have thoughts? I don't necessarily want to stay in DC long term and would actually prefer Southern California as a career location, BUT I feel like the connections I could form in DC could carry anywhere. I would appreciate any thoughts/advice
  11. Got acceptance offers from Yale and UCSB Chemistry Grad programs for fall 2018. I am an international student applied from an unknown undergrad school. I had a Skype talk with the professor from UCSB physics and I loved the projects and his attitude. Then, Yale accepted me. I like two or three labs there but I am kind of stuck with the other lab. Am i being close minded? I will possibly find something fascinating in Yale but the other lab was amazing. Anyone with similar experiences or who has visited both places? If I go to UCSB what would I miss that Yale would offer?
  12. Does anybody know if all decisions have been made at UCSB for the Education PhD program? I saw one person nominated for fellowships list an acceptance on the results page last week, and the school website mentions that Admit Day will take place on February 5th, but other than that it has been radio silence. In previous cycles it looks like rejections have gone out about the same time as acceptances so I don't know what to think. Has anybody else heard from them? Starting to get worried...
  13. Profile Evaluation. I have the following profile till 5th sem Engineering. College : Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. CGPA (till 5th sem) :7.6 GRE : 324(Q:170,V:154) TOEFL : 110/120 Internships : 4 weeks at National Thermal Power Corporations (NTPC) 4 Weeks at BSNL. Planning to do a RnD internship in Indian Institute of Technology this summer. Have a lot of extracurricular activities in college : ex. President of the official Student body of the electrical department of the college. Have been involved in 3 student bodies both academic and non academic, category head of the electrical department's category in the national level technical fest of the college. Was a campaign leader in Teach for India, an international level non governmental organization. Also have volunteering work certificates from Rotaract international. Planning to publish papers in IEEE conferences/journals based on the research I have done along with the professor since last year. Strong SOP since it will be backed up by research experience as well as strong internships and extra curriculars and volunteering experiences. Strong LoR from professor under whom I'll work at IIT and the professor under which I have worked in my college, plus from HoD. Shortlisted Universities. : (Ambitious to safe according to my research in descending order). 1)UCLA 2) Carnegie Mellon University 3) Columbia University 4) Pennsylvania State university 5) Texas A&M University College Station 6) University of California Santa Barbara 7) University of California, Irvine 8) New York University 9) University of Texas at Dallas 10) Arizona State university Kindly give your insight into how many of these are achievable and which are ambitious or moderate in this list. Also if you have any other good universities for my profile For Fall 19 EE which I should apply to then please suggest them as well. Please do help me out. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi all, I am having the most difficult time deciding between UC Santa Barbara and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for PhD in mechanical engineering. Here is a pro/con list for both schools that I made: UCSB -- Pros: Awesome adviser, flexibility in choosing adviser, full funding, great research project which is unexplored, great weather, beaches and mountains, close to LA, will be involved in both computational and experimental work (which I wanted) Cons: Very high cost of living, not as prestigious as UIUC UIUC -- Pros: Known as one of the best eng programs, awesome adviser, full funding, fun research topic which has momentum behind it, surrounded by the best of the best, super low cost of living Cons: pretty bad weather, far from nearest big city, project will be heavily experimental with computational being an option if something arises As you can see, I can't really complain about my situation too much. For me, this is a very hard decision as the research at both places interests me. I'm posting here to hear some of your advice and possibly experiences so that I can make the most informed decision. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I've been having a hell of a time choosing which school to attend for my PhD in geology this fall. I have full funding at both schools. My dilemma is that I like the advisor and my would-be lab mates at UC Davis more than at UCSB, but I like the research more at UCSB than at UC Davis. Also I think the quality of life is just higher in Santa Barbara. Does any one have any advice? Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help. So I have these two admissions for 2017 Fall programs: USC MS ECE, Wireless Networks track; UCSB MS ECE, Communications, Control and Signal Processing track; My undergraduate major was EE with little emphasis on telecommunications. Personally I enjoy studying wireless networks and the Internet of Things, and I plan to look for internships in relevant industries. I realised this after completing my undergraduate final project, when the application was already finished. Now it seems I should try to change my emphasis to Computer Engineering if I go to UCSB. I wonder how hard it would be to transfer a major. Neither offered me funding or TA position. But maybe there is a chance to work as RA in UCSB? Although USC has better ranking and matches with my interest, I am worried about the huge amount of enrolled students. I am still considering UCSB for the better studying environment and lower expense. Any suggestions, comments or ideas are welcome. Thanks.
  17. Hi everybody I applied to Bren back in January and am still waiting to hear back from them a month later. I know that they say they will get back to us 'before March 17th' but I'm wondering if anybody has heard back or knows from experience or research if there is a chance that they will get back to everyone sooner. 2 months is such a long waiting period! Applied: UCSB Bren School (MESM), CSU GSSE MBA, Bard College CEP (Climate Science & Policy) Accepted: CSU, Bard No Response: UCSB
  18. Like many of us, I have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to hear back from grad schools, specifically UCSB. Has anyone heard back from the UCSB Earth Science Ph.D program, or know when they have sent decisions in the past? Thanks all
  19. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to make a thread regarding the Chancellor's Fellowship that is offered at the UC schools. When I was accepted into UCSB, I was informed that I was nominated for the Chancellor's Fellowship, which is a central university allocated fellowship. I tried looking online for information regarding the fellowship and the process of receiving it, but couldn't find much, so I wanted to share the information that I have now that I received it. Congrats and goodluck if you're in this situation! I'd like to preface that this information is not verified as being true, but that it's the information that I found online and that I gathered from the process. I was informed that I was accepted into the PhD CCSP (clinical, counseling, and school psychology) program at UCSB about a week after the 1/20/17 interview day. I was called by my POI and told told of my nomination for the fellowship on the same call that I was informed of my acceptance. I was told that I was nominated by the department and that at that point, it was just a waiting game until the university makes a decision on the nominations (coming from all departments). I was called by my POI immediately after he heard the decision that I was chosen for the fellowship, which was on 2/24/17. I found online that each department gets a certain number of nominations for these types of fellowships depending on how big the department is. This is true for both the Chancellor's Fellowship and the diversity fellowships (Cota Robles). Typically the number is about 3 or 4 nominations per fellowship per department. The department nominates you and submits all necessary documents -- you don't have to do anything as a nominee. Here's a link to the most detailed info I could find online regarding this process. http://www.filmandmedia.ucsb.edu/academics/graduate/grad-binder/grad-dinder.pdf It's a little outdated in regard to the amount of the stipend, but information still sounds applicable. Here's an outline of my Chancellor's Fellowship offer. Not sure if this is how it is for every recipient, since I've only seen my offer, so please keep that in mind. " Chancellor's Fellowship Package A stipend of $24,000 from Graduate Division for each of three years (from the first five years of study) A supplement of $5,000 summer support in the summer following your first year A teaching or research assistant position at approximately 50% time (for the other two years) Payment of fees and UC health insurance for five years; in employment years Graduate Division pays any balance of fees after fee remission; in stipend years Graduate Division pays any balance of fees not covered during appointment periods by required UCSB graduate student fee remission Payment by Graduate Division of supplemental nonresident tuition (if required) for the first year of study Access to University housing for the first year, renewable for up to six years (provided Housing and Residential Services’ requirements are met) The schedule of your financial support during your UC Santa Barbara graduate tenure will be as follows: Year 1: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year, $5,000 supplement (following Spring) Year 2: Departmental teaching assistantship or research position Year 3: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year Year 4: Departmental teaching assistantship or research position Year 5: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year Should additional departmental funds become available, you may receive a letter from your department providing supplementary support to this Chancellor's Fellowship." I've accepted my offer to attend UCSB and take the Chancellor's Fellowship. I heard from the housing department that this fellowship might also give me priority for Student Family Housing, which I'm very happy about. I do not know much about the fellowship outside of this information since I have yet to attend graduate school yet. Just hoping that passing along this information is helpful to someone in the future.
  20. Hi guys, I want to hear your opinions. I am right now a master student at UCLA, I have been working on my research in optics for nearly a year and will possibly transfer to PhD program. Also I got admission from UCSB, photonics track. I am really not sure which one to choose. UCSB has one of the best program in photonics in the world, but I am not really familiar with the topic. Life at UCSB should be cheaper and more relax than UCLA. On the other hand, I feel really awkward to tell my advisor that I would leave the group and I feel comfortable with my PI and my group members right now....
  21. Hi guys, Did anyone receive invitation for campus visit at UCSB ECE department? Also, how is this related to admission or offer? Thanks, if you also will go campus, we can do together!
  22. How selective is admissions for the Doctoral program in Global Affairs at UCSB? any application advice to have a better chance at acceptance? undergrad 3.3 from division 2 school, research experience, currently doing a masters degree
  23. I have recently been admitted into the Materials PhD programme at UC Santa Barbara. Whilst I am aware that it has been highly ranked by several bodies, I would like a more educated opinion from people here. Is it really as good as they say it is? I am slightly worried as I am an international student. The reputation of UCSB isn't very significant outside of the US and I am hoping I am making the right decision to invest at least 5 years of my life there
  24. I was accepted into the MS programs for both of these schools, and offered a $5000 one-time fellowship at UCSD. My interests are in Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems, and I have a particular interest in Medical Devices. Speaking with administrators at UCSD, I got the impression that funding for MS students is very unlikely, as are TA positions. However, there is a medical device research group that really appeals to me, and a few others that seem reasonably interesting. Unfortunately, I emailed the director of the medical device lab (after I was accepted) and he didn't even respond, which was extremely discouraging... Meanwhile, at UCSB, the prospect of receiving funding seems reasonably high, and it is supposed to be quite easy to get a TA position. I am coming from out of state (but I am a US Citizen), so obviously this is a big help in terms of reducing my tuition. The $5k to UCSD is really not much, but they do have subsidized graduate student housing which is worth something. In terms of research at UCSB, there are a few labs which seem somewhat interesting for a MS-timeframe sort of project, but overall nothing that truly appeals to my interests. It seems that UCSB's prestige as an EE department comes largely from their semiconductor/photonics research, which is world class. But this is not what I want to do. Looking into the coursework available, again UCSD has a bit of an edge but it's not huge. Both have impressive course offerings in the areas I'm interested in. I like the friendly impression I've gotten from UCSB, and I'd like to go there for financial reasons, but I'm starting to worry about what will happen after I graduate. I'd imagine that UCSD has better connections to local/national industry as well, and it seems like a good opportunity even if I'll have to take out some loans. Should I go for UCSB for financial reasons (not that they're a bad program by any means), or should I go to UCSD and take a gamble on finances and research involvement so that I can get exposure to what seems like a really good program? Thanks for any advice you folks can offer.
  25. Hi everyone! I posted here before but I have an update on my decisions... a. Tuition grant + living stipend (it's a small amount=$5000) for 2 years at the RSEA M.A. program at Harvard b. Tuition+living stipend (12K)for my first year but I would have to TA every year (guaranteed TA-ship for only 4 years) at the EALC PhD program at UCSB Thanks! I'm having trouble deciding however...
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