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Found 33 results

  1. GPS, UCSD vs CMU

    I have received admission from UCSD for their non-STEM MPP program in energy and environment specialization. I have also got into the STEM based MS in EST&P program with engineering and public policy specialization from Carnegie Mellon. In a dilemma about which one to decide. PS: After graduating, I would want to work as a policy analyst at think tanks/labs/research orgs.
  2. Hello, I would like to enter a computer science course in a good university in the US. Preferably UCSD artificial intelligence course or Georgia Tech AI course etc. I gave the GRE today for the first time (yes it is a bit late. I was delaying it because of fear mostly) and turns out focusing only on Verbal prep back-fired. I got 166 in verbal section and 163 in quant. I saw the average GRE score of engineering admission in these universities is a lot higher than this score. (164,167) and while my CGPA is not bad (8.77/10 from a good univ) I don't have any research paper. I do have some projects and 2 years work experience. Does this seem like an impossible ambition now? Should retake the GRE to at least have a chance? If it is a hopeless case regardless of GRE score, which universities should I apply to for masters in AI? Any suggestions will be immensely helpful!
  3. First time GRE taker

    I took the GRE for the first time today and came out with a 160 V and 146 Q. I believe I did decently on the essays although I don't know for sure yet. I'm really interested in getting into Johns Hopkins SAIS MA in DC program for Fall 2018. Also interested in GWU Elliott School of International Affairs and UC San Diego GPS. Curious if y'all think my scores warrant a re-take? I tried to give myself plenty of time before apps for next year opened up. My undergrad was in Business/Political Economy with 3.5 GPA, and I have about 3 years of work experience between Capitol Hill, State Department and federal consulting. I speak Spanish, French, a little Russian and have travel/work experience in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Thanks for your input! -Nervous hopeful
  4. I recently finished the application season (Masters) and have the following acceptances: UCSD, Duke, Columbia, Boston University, Northwesterm These are amongst others (Yale, Berkeley, Cornell, Michigan, UCLA, etc.) however they were either one year or non-thesis programs, or the university's main focus was not BME so I have decided to throw those out. Again if you think that isn't a wise decision please let me know. I have also been waitlisted at Hopkins, and am looking to accept that should I get in. Anyone familiar with these schools that can help me out? I am looking very closely at UCSD, Duke, Columbia and Boston for the moment. Duke and UCSD due to their reputation for biomedical engineering and Columbia because of it's ivy-league ties (and its entrepreneurship bent). Boston is also attractive because Boston is quickly becoming a major hub of biomedical engineering, and is next to some very good schools (MIT, Harvard). My future goals are either to become an entrepreneur or join industry, however it is still important for me to complete a thesis during this masters degree. Thank you for your help!
  5. So I am deciding between UCSD and Purdue for my graduate study (ECE). Here are some of my own analysis: UCSD Better internship/job opportunities Better location. In CA near Silicon Valley Sunshine beaches seals!!! Better overall reputation Purdue Better chance to receive funding Easier to transfer to PhD program (Slightly) better ranking in ECE Cheaper living expenses I'm positive to continue pursuing a PhD after MS study, so if just considering chance of admission to PhD program I'd vote for Purdue since I was told by UCSD admission office that chance of transfering to PhD program is rare. However, I visited SD in March and I LOVEEEE that city! I already spent four years in midwest and I'm not so much a fan of it. If I ended up finishing my MS and hopefully PhD in Purdue, that's gonna be six years, and I honestly don't know if I can handle another six-year cold and snowy weather. Neither promised me with funding but seems that chance of receiving funding is better in Purdue. Open to all ideas/comments/suggestions. --------------------------Some Add-ons---------------------- UCSD track: Robotics, Intelligence and Control Purdue track: Signal Processing UCSD has limitations on course registrations outside my track while Purdue does not.
  6. Which is better : UCLA vs UCSD vs Columbia for MS in CS. Also my area of interest is Machine Learning and AI. Please help...
  7. Created this topic to continue the discussion here. I interviewed on Feb 24th and still have not received any updates. It seems like other people have tried contacting the office directly and haven't heard back yet. If you check the results for previous years it looks like it took people a long time to hear back then as well. Someone did get an acceptance March 30th 2015 but the interview may have been March 5-7.
  8. UCSD GPS 2017

    I have received offer of MIA program of school of global policy & strategy, UCSD. Is there anyone who would like to go there?
  9. Hi, I have 4 admits and I am highly confused as to what should I choose, 1. Gatech - MS ECE 2. UT Austin - MS ECE: ICS track 3. UCSD - MS ECE : ECS track 4. Cornell - M.Eng. ECE My interests are in VLSI design(preferably digital) and Computer architecture. I have not received any funding with my invite. RAship and TAship may be a possibility, but nothing currently. Can some current/past students list out the merits and demerits of each program and school and also what are the job prospects after completion of the courses. TIA
  10. Hey, I'm a first-year grad student and felt totally lost when I did my interviews last year. I also did an interview at Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, but that one was way more laid back than Scripps'. By some fluke, I made it in. So if anyone is in the same situation for the open house this month, I'm here to answer any questions (:
  11. Hey, I have received an admit from UPenn for MS in CIS and I'm still waiting for USC and UCSD; assuming I get into one of them or both of them; which of the three is better suited for MS in CS taking into consideration the opportunities for TA/RA, funding, financial assistance, internship chances, and job prospects? It would be great help if you can direct me to some students who've studied/studying there as well!
  12. I completed my MS in EE on 2016 from NCSU. My thesis and research credits are in robotics and automation. I have extensive research experience in the same field. I am looking into the same sort of research at UCSD, however, want to change to CS dept. I am using my old GRE score taken 3 years ago which was 306, 162 quant and 144 verbal. I also have some short work experiences. I have a good research profile, with one publication and some conference presentations. Also served as an IEEE conference submission reviewer and conference speaker and member in robotics and automation chapters. Also, I have secured top 10 positions in Robotics Video Challenge 2015 worldwide. I have taken some computer science courses online and one certification in algorithms from UCSD through Coursera. My undergraduate was from VTU, India. Also, can someone say how to address those diversity essay questions? GPA undergrad: 3.5 GPA MS: 3.2 I am also attaching my resume here if that helps. AN_Resume.pdf
  13. I'm a prospective applicant to the PhD program in Political Science at UC San Diego. My focus is in the IPE arena, and I'm interested in working with Lawrence Broz or Peter Gourevitch. I'd like to hear from a current student or recent graduate of the program about funding opportunities (they seem generous), RA, TA, and fellowship opportunities within the program, student engagement with faculty, and perceptions of faculty overall. Is the general feeling that PhD students are well supported throughout their time at UCSD? Side-comments about living in San Diego/La Jolla are also appreciated.
  14. Hey guys, Just posting on here as I'm super nervous and not sure as to what to do. So I applied for PhD in MatSci and am trying to decide between UC Davis, UCLA and UCSD. Now I really like the UCSD research as they have a lot of faculty working with physics related stuff (I have a BS in physics) but I don't have gauranteed funding. One of my POI's at UCSD says he can't guarantee me anything between when I messaged him and April 15 so I can't base my decision on him, and others say they don't have funding for a GSR this year and they'd take me next year Similar situation for UCLA, one of my POIs says no funding and another says that he will take students but it's competitive and I'm not gauranteed anything. UC Davis however has given me $29K fellowship offer but I'm not sure if their research aligns with my interests as they focus heavily on biomaterials. So UCSD has a better reputation overall and I think better research opportunities but since it's so expensive to attend and I'm out of state it seems incredibly risky to me. Same with UCLA. I was told I could apply for physics TA positions and the Physics department usually gives some TA ships to students from other departments each quarter in both schools so should I hope for that and keep contacting professors? Or go with UC Davis even though it doesn't have as good a rep as UCSD or UCLA and the research may not be as appealing to me now as that of other schools? On a side note has anyone here TA'd for Physics department or some other department while in MatSci at either UCSD or UCLA? All help in these trying times is greatly appreciated!
  15. UIUC (Professional MCS) vs UCSD (MS CS)

    Experts/Aspirants, I could really use some help. I have been offered admits from UI at Urbana-Champaign (for Professional MCS degree) and UC San Diego ( for MS in CS). I understand that UIUC is ranked higher than UCSD, but then I have some apprehensions regarding professional MCS degree when pitted against MSCS. Not too sure if this degree is considered equivalent to MS in CS, and likewise revered and valued in the industry. In UIUC's defence, the coursework and degree requirement for MCS is exactly same as the MSCS research program at the university(except that the 4 credit thesis is replaced by a course). UCSD on the other hand -has the 'Californian' location advantage and San Diego is a burgeoning tech city. -slightly less expensive of the two -climate round the year is mild and pleasant, unlike harsh winters in Urbana. As of today, I am not very keen on going for research profile with my master's program. This puts me in a fix. If you happen to have pertinent context on this, please feel free to chime in and share your valuable suggestions. Thanking in anticipation Profile (if matters) - Papers/publications - None TOEFL - 112/120 GRE - 329/340 (Q: 168, V: 161, AWA: 4) College - IIT Patna CGPA - 9.35/10 Work Experience - 3yrs as SDE at Microsoft India Development Center
  16. I was accepted into the MS programs for both of these schools, and offered a $5000 one-time fellowship at UCSD. My interests are in Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems, and I have a particular interest in Medical Devices. Speaking with administrators at UCSD, I got the impression that funding for MS students is very unlikely, as are TA positions. However, there is a medical device research group that really appeals to me, and a few others that seem reasonably interesting. Unfortunately, I emailed the director of the medical device lab (after I was accepted) and he didn't even respond, which was extremely discouraging... Meanwhile, at UCSB, the prospect of receiving funding seems reasonably high, and it is supposed to be quite easy to get a TA position. I am coming from out of state (but I am a US Citizen), so obviously this is a big help in terms of reducing my tuition. The $5k to UCSD is really not much, but they do have subsidized graduate student housing which is worth something. In terms of research at UCSB, there are a few labs which seem somewhat interesting for a MS-timeframe sort of project, but overall nothing that truly appeals to my interests. It seems that UCSB's prestige as an EE department comes largely from their semiconductor/photonics research, which is world class. But this is not what I want to do. Looking into the coursework available, again UCSD has a bit of an edge but it's not huge. Both have impressive course offerings in the areas I'm interested in. I like the friendly impression I've gotten from UCSB, and I'd like to go there for financial reasons, but I'm starting to worry about what will happen after I graduate. I'd imagine that UCSD has better connections to local/national industry as well, and it seems like a good opportunity even if I'll have to take out some loans. Should I go for UCSB for financial reasons (not that they're a bad program by any means), or should I go to UCSD and take a gamble on finances and research involvement so that I can get exposure to what seems like a really good program? Thanks for any advice you folks can offer.
  17. Hi Everyone, So I got acceptances from both USC and UCSD for my terminal MSEE, specializing in signal and image processing, and I am having a tough time making this choice. 1. EDUCATION QUALITY: Both schools seem to be about equal in terms of the quality of the education so far as I can tell from other people and ratings and whatnot. 2. TUITION: USC is about $40000 more in total than UCSD, which makes it seem like a no brainer for UCSD. HOWEVER, I am wondering what is the possibility of being able to get involved as a GSR (Graduate Student Researcher) or TA (Teaching Assistant) at either school (Preferably GSR) and thus being able to get my tuition waived. I know that at both schools, there is a very low chance of getting funding for Master's (I haven't gotten any funding for either offer). I am planning to email some of the research faculty at both schools today, who I would possibly work with and find out the viability of this option. I know that I would need to really stand out as a terrific student and probably bother the professors to some extent to get this to happen. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight on either school's history with this? 3. SOCIAL LIFE: I have been to both campuses (USC for graduate welcome day, UCSD just by myself, wasn't able to talk to anyone as it happened to be spring break when I went and very few people were there). USC seems like a very socially vibrant campus, whereas UCSD seems quite socially dead, and that's what I have heard from others as well. This is one of the lesser important points, but still makes some difference as I will be here for two years and want to have some social life. 4. CAMPUS: Both campuses seem very beautiful, so I'd say they're tied on this point. 4. LOCATION: La Jolla is beautiful and is a safe area. Being close to the beach is also a plus, as well as being close to San diego. On the other hand, USC is apparently in a bad part of LA (didn't seem THAT bad to me when I was there, but maybe I didn't see the worst of it). However, LA also has a plethora of different things to do all around. 5. JOB PROSPECTS: This is one of my main reasons for getting a Master's degree; I had trouble finding a job in the field I wanted that didn't require a Master's degree (Besides that I wanted to continue my education anyway and am super excited for all the awesome things I'm going to be learning). I don't think that where you go for school matters THAT much for getting a job in engineering; rather, it's what you do while you're there in terms of research, projects, involvement, performance, etc. But I hear that USC's unique name does come into play. I hear USC has a very strong alumni network, making jobs very accessible for their grads. Is there really fact behind this claim? I hear it from a lot of people, but I haven't heard it from actual USC grads or any specific cases of this happening. If it is true, that's an interesting benefit. Still, with an MSEE, I can't see myself having trouble getting work in my field anyway. 6. USC REPUTATION: I hear also that some people look down on USC as a cash cow and that they accept a lot of graduate students for that reason. Are other private schools the same way? And if this is true of USC, then to contradict my previous point, could this reputation hurt my career as an alumni of USC? For example, is it possible that I may be turned away from some opportunities in the future because of some assumption that I did not work hard to get to USC, and instead somehow paid my way in? This is probably a ridiculous idea, but it's something that I've thought about... 7. INVOLVEMENT: I am planning to get as involved as I possibly can with research, projects, networking events, etc. At a glance, I think USC has the upper hand in this respect. Does anybody have any insight on this? 8. RESEARCH: At both schools I have found faculty that I would like to work with and whose work I am genuinely very interested in getting involved with. But I'm wondering if, as a Master's student, getting involved as a GSR would be more accessible at one school or another? My gut instinct has gone one way and the other. At the moment I'm torn between both choices. I know I'll win with either choice and they are both fantastic schools. But I want to be at peace with my choice, and secure in my reasoning. Thank you all for your input. I'll update if I remember any other comparisons.
  18. I've recently been 'provisionally admitted' to UCSD in an engineering field PhD, as in admitted but not funded yet. I contacted the department graduate coordinator for information on funding several times, only to be told to 'wait until early April for fellowship disbursements.' Last time I heard, they were still working on fellowship disbursements and were hoping to be done this week. Now that it's Friday, and April 15th being just around the corner, I'm getting extremely nervous. Although its a provisional admission, I do have to accept or deny the offer until April 15th. This is my only admission, and I really want to go! With funding of course! Does anyone have any information on whether I have an actual chance of getting funded? Thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undergrad GPA: 3.47, TOEFL: 117, GRE: 158(V)/170(Q)/4.0(AW), 1 SCI publication as co-author, 1 year research experience
  19. Hey fellas, How's it goin' for ya? I'm still waiting for a single admission. no answer up to now. ucsd, uci, northeastern -> chemical engineering ucr, uic ,uiuc -> bioengineering all phd. is there anybody heard from these programs at these univs? should I have hope for any admission letter? ------------------------------profile------------------------------------ TOEFL:104-IELTS:7-GRE GENERAL:146(v)168(q)-GPA:3.60 with a year or two related research exprience.
  20. Hey everyone So, I have admits from Texas A&M university, University of California at San Diego and awaiting result from UT Austin for MS in Electrical Engineering. My interests are in Analog Design(Converters and Power Management). I am really confused as to what choice should I make. I have a 25% TA offer from UCSD. So, TAMU and UCSD are going to cost same. TAMU: Pros: Great Analog Group, Excellent Faculty, Good relations with industry giants like TI, NXP etc., Located near Austin(hub of electronics) Cons: Location is a disadvantage, not so reputed, not so selective UCSD: Pros: Great reputation, part of UC system, Located in San Diego, Very selective Cons: Not many electronics giant in San Diego(Only Qualcomm), Little research in power management(DC/DC Converters and all) Please help me out. Thanks
  21. Hello all, I am seeking some advice here.... So my goal is to strengthen my background through a master's program and THEN apply for a TOP PhD program in the US. My interested research areas are theoretical cs, algorithm and machine learning. UofT: Masters program at UofT is research oriented, which means I'll have a lot more time conducting research. Strong in my areas of interest. Professors have closer tiers to those in the US, compared with ETH. RA and stipend. Yale: Every professor here is really strong, though the department is relatively small. The highest reputation among my list. As far as I know, almost all master students at Yale go to work after graduation. Any successful case of PhD application? ETH: I personally think it is not as strong as the toronto or ucsd in my areas of interest. It's highly esteemed. Also, 2 or 3 years living in the Europe is really something I'd like, though it's unlikely that I will develop my career there. But life is not just about career right? However, does it defeat my purpose of apply for a US school later? I mean, is it better to study in northern america? ucsd: This one actually, in my opinion, has the strongest faculty in my list. Professors there also have even stronger tiers with those in top schools, compared with toronto. However, since this is also a masters program, I don not know if there are successful cases of PhD application. In addition, ucsd doesn't seem to have a "big name" to me... So the point is, I want to choose one so that I will have the highest possibility of being admitted to stanford, mit, berkeley. Any advice or comment will be highly appreciated!
  22. UCSD vs Columbia CS MS

    I have been accepted to UCSD and Columbia for Masters in CS. They are both ranked #15, so I was wondering what the advantages/disadvantages would be for attending one over the other. I plan to live in California (I am not a California resident so I will have to pay OOT) so UCSD seems attractive in that regard, but Columbia is an IVY LEAGUE! (I don't know if companies really care about this though). I have read that Columbia only really beats UCSD if you plan on working with firms/investors/start ups, though I'm not sure how much this thought holds true. Another thing about Columbia that is a negative is that it's difficult to attain funding where it would be much easier to score an RA/TA position at UCSD; however, I have no debt leaving undergrad so I am willing to take 2 years off debt because I'm not too worried about paying it off. Are my thoughts valid? What would be your opinion on this? Thanks in advance!
  23. MS CS UCSD vs UCLA

    Hi, I'm an undergraduate in CS from India. I've received admits from both UCLA and UCSD for the masters in computer science program. I'm not too keen on research (haven't found an area I'm particularly interested in yet). I've heard that San Diego is much safer to live in than LA. I've also heard that UCSD hands out far more TA and RA positions. UCLA on the other hand seems to have a better reputation and job prospects. I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two. Any ideas?
  24. I was accepted two bioengineering programs: one at UCSD, and one at UCLA. UCSD rejected me from the Ph.D. program but gave me an unfunded spot in their M.S. program with the option to petition into a Ph.D. after one year. UCLA, on the other hand, admitted me with funding for a Ph.D. I'm curious to hear what people think about this situation. Is it worth it to spend $10k and risk not getting a spot, for the chance at doing a phd at a top program? Or is it wiser to not risk it and just take the guaranteed spot at a less strong program?