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Found 21 results

  1. Anyone applying for the 2022-2024 medical illustration cohort? I've had my interview with Augusta on Feb 7th and with UIC on Feb 28th but haven't heard anything yet...I figure if I have to wait this long it's probably a rejection. I wish they could just give me an answer to put me out of my misery.
  2. Hi Everyone! I created this topic to just introduce anyone who is accepted their admission to UIC, contemplating on accepting admission, or pending acceptance! Ask away and I hope to meet some of you all starting Fall 2020!
  3. I have been accepted by University of Illinois at Chicago for MA English (Creative Writing). The department does not have funding for MA students for this particular program. When I told them that I cannot pay, they said I could apply for graduate assistant jobs which could get me a partial fee waiver and stipend. But the problem is that applying for job is chance-based. Its totally possible that I might not get the job. In that case I might be stranded with near to no money. Should I accept the offer?
  4. Hi, I am a first-year Graduate Student in Chemistry at the University of Illinois Chicago. I got admitted here in Fall 2018. I basically work on MD Simulations. Now I got an offer to study Machine Learning at Cambridge for PhD with a very well-known professor. However, I am somewhat sceptical about moving to UK from USA since I am unaware of the grad life in UK. The monthly stipend at Cambridge is also quite less. Please offer me some advice. I seem clueless right now.
  5. Hello, everyone! I know that it's a bit early in the admissions cycle, but I recently submitted my application to UIC and I started getting excited. Hoping that we can share information about decisions and scholarships, and anxiety as time goes on!
  6. Hey guys, I recently applied to the advanced standing social work program at UIC for the fall of 2018. I’m pretty worried about my chances of getting in and I can’t find much information about other worried people’s admission results. I’m graduating this May from SIUC with my bachelors in social work. I went to a community college for my first 2 years. I have a cum. GPA of 3.0 but I show a lot of improvement in my grades. I went from a semester gpa of 2.0 at community college to a 3.6 at SIU. I’m in a sorority and I have a lot of different volunteer experiences and hours. I submitted 3 LORs. I talked to someone from admissions before I submitted my application and expressed my concern about my chances of getting in because of my GPA. She said that there are around 1,000 applicants and she said they accept somewhere around 200 for the regular 2 year program but since I will have my BSW and id do the advanced standing program, I have a much higher chance of getting in because of the fewer number of applicants with BSWs. Can anyone share their experience of getting accepted or denied into this program?
  7. Okay, so I'm a first generation college student, trying really hard to wrap my head around grad school and my odds of being accepted. Background: I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education from a small, private liberal arts college. Graduated in 2014. Immediately after college, I joined Teach for America and spent two years in an inner-city school. After, I moved back to the western Chicago suburbs. I have since been teaching kindergarten at a not-for-profit child care center since June 2016. Here's the catch: I have decided I want to do research psychology. Psychology has always been a strong interest of mine, and my teaching experience has strengthened that. I am also a lover of science and research, but have no formal training in either. Limitations: Because of personal reasons, I must continue to live in the western Chicago suburbs. Because of financial reasons, I need a grad school where I can get an assistantship offering both a tuition waver and paid work. Because of financial limitations, I cannot take additional undergrad courses to beef up my prerequisites. I have zero college credit in statistics or research of any sort. My liberal arts college did not offer research opportunities. I only have one undergraduate psychology course, Child and Adolescent Development. Although I took two other courses that were technically in other departments, but the content was psychology. I took a class in Education called Theories of Learning, which was an educational psychology class, and a Natural Science class titled Mind and Matter, which was essentially a neuropsychology course. I've got a full-time 9-5 job that I am not willing to compromise until an assistantship can be attained. What I've got going for me: Teach for America Alum (that's supposed to be good on a resume, right?) 3.31 undergraduate GPA (something like 3.4 in the last 2 years) Excellent standardized test skills. I have not yet taken the GRE, but on my first practice round, I got 162 quantitative and 152 verbal. I imagine that with studying, I could raise that quite a bit. Trying to figure out by how much it needs raised. A five-course MOOC series specialization titled "Methods and Research in the Social Sciences" published by the University of Amsterdam. It is not for college credit and it is totally self-paced, but by the end of it I will have completed a little research project of my own, as well as be proficient in R. I have also used Khan Academy to teach myself statistics. Unfortunately, neither of these provide college credit. I don't know if there will be an opportunity to showcase my self-taught skills, or if it would even matter. Where I'm trying to get in: Northern Illinois University, Masters (to PhD) in either Developmental Psychology or Cognitive & Instructional Psychology Admissions requirements according to the Developmental Psychology Program Website: "For strongest consideration for admittance candidates typically: Should complete and send in your application by February 1. Early application is strongly encouraged. Have a B.A. or B.S. in psychology, although other related majors may be considered Have earned a strong undergraduate GPA; typically above 3.30 Have strong GRE scores; typically over 1000 (Verbal + Quantitative) Have strong letters of recommendation Have relevant research experience Note that the Department of Psychology admits only full-time students." University of Illinois at Chicago, (MA to PhD) in Cognitive Psychology According to the website: Admission Requirements The department accepts only applicants who wish to be candidates for the PhD. Applicants are not admitted as candidates for the MA as a terminal degree. In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, applicants must meet the following program requirements: Baccalaureate Field No restrictions. Prior academic work must include course work in psychology and statistics. It is preferred that students have laboratory course work in experimental psychology and physical and/or biological sciences. Grade Point Average At least 3.20/4.00 for the last 60 semester (90 quarter) hours of undergraduate work. Tests Required GRE General. GRE Subject Test in Psychology is recommended, but not required. While applicants may have had their official GRE scores mailed to UIC from ETS, the application requires an uploaded copy of the unofficial GRE score report from ETS. Letters of Recommendation Three required from those who are familiar with the applicant’s training and ability. Information concerning an applicant’s research experience and ability is especially pertinent. Personal Statement Required. This should include information about how the applicant has prepared for graduate school in Psychology, research experience and interests, what the applicant would like to do as a research psychologist, and who the applicant would like to work with as a faculty advisor. There is no minimum or maximum length for the personal statement. __________________________________________________________________________ So I guess my question is where do I go from here?
  8. I am an international student and am applying for MS in Computer Science, Fall 2017. Till now, I've got only 1 admission letter, which is from UIC. I expected to get another one from ASU. So I mailed them (both the university and the department) last week and they replied that it's still under review and that they expect to make admission decisions till the end of May. Nothing was mentioned about wait-listing and rejection. Now, my question is, should I wait for their letter? The deadline for UIC is May 15th and I'm already getting fidgety. I have to arrange for a student loan, housing, accommodations, resigning from job, packing, visa and all that stuff. So I accept the letter from UIC and not wait for one from ASU (despite my high hopes of getting in)? Has ASU already made their decisions?
  9. I didn't see a thread for UIC, Fall 2017. So I made one. I will be taking admission for MS In Computer Science and as an international student, thought it would be nice if I knew someone there before I actually arrived there. In short, Hi all my future university mates!
  10. Hey fellas, How's it goin' for ya? I'm still waiting for a single admission. no answer up to now. ucsd, uci, northeastern -> chemical engineering ucr, uic ,uiuc -> bioengineering all phd. is there anybody heard from these programs at these univs? should I have hope for any admission letter? ------------------------------profile------------------------------------ TOEFL:104-IELTS:7-GRE GENERAL:146(v)168(q)-GPA:3.60 with a year or two related research exprience.
  11. I applied in January to UIC. I have seen threads from years past that said UIC was notorious for having a long delay in getting back to applicants. This is the only school I applied to (want to stay in Chicago, did private undergrad at Loyola, can't afford private masters) and I just wanted to know if anyone else had been accepted and how long it took?
  12. I'm sweating out the University of Illinois Chicago's PhD History announcement. Has anyone heard about/got acceptance letters? Is it common to wait this long? I think, not sure, I have to be on a wait list -- I hope.
  13. I was wondering if anyone has accepted an offer at UIC and heard back about financial aid? I was told that I would not be considered for aid until I accept an offer and send in my deposit. I have qualified for need-based aid in the past, so I am wondering about my chances for qualifying at UIC. However, I am hesitant about commiting without hearing back on aid. I am an out-of-state student with little to no financial support, and I am not sure I can afford it without any aid.
  14. I saw there was a thread last year, so I figured I'd ask for this application round. Anyone out there apply for a medical illustration program? I'm currently playing the waiting game with RIT. And...I may have sort of chickened out of applying to any of the other schools. Good news is I got accepted into my backup plan: an MPS in Information Visualization at MICA. Not medical illustration, but should certainly aid me in getting my foot in the door for scientific communication. With that being said, how'd your interviews go? Have you heard back from the different schools? I'd love to know!
  15. Hi all, First post. I've reviewed the rules, hopefully I'm not doing anything too outrageous. I was recently accepted to UIC's MS in biostatistics program. However, I've recently learned about the Illinois budget crisis, and how UIC as an institution is paying out certain scholarships in anticipation of them being reimbursed by the state at a future time. They've already had to layoff a fair amount of non-research staff. Long story short, this is rather alarming to me. Would be curious to hear from any current students about how the budget crisis is affecting you. Assistantships and student employment are my main concern currently. However, any comments on the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience of studying at UIC. I have been accepted to their PhD programme in Urban Education Policy, but cannot see any posters on grad cafe who have attended. Any info about the university in general and specifically the education department would be much appreciated - as I live abroad I cannot go and visit before having to make my decision. Thanks
  17. I'm still waiting to hear from University of Illinois-Chicago, and I haven't seen much activity lately on the CJ threads. I'm hoping others are still waiting to hear from some schools, maybe even UIC, and we can commiserate together. Or if you've heard something or I've heard something we can come here instead of page through 15 pages or more of the other threads.
  18. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice and comparisons regarding the English departments and MA programs at Loyola, UIC, and DePaul? I've applied to all three. I've been accepted to Loyola and Depaul MA in English programs, both without funding. I'm still waiting to hear back from UIC, getting very nervous at this point. I'm leaning towards UIC if I get accepted. UIC also offers no funding for MA students. Does anyone have any comments on the comparisons of the English departments and the schools? I would love to hear any feedback you have. Thank you.
  19. Hi everyone, I’m hoping you all could give me some advice. I’m deciding between two unfunded MA programs for English, BU and UIC. (I know how financially irresponsible this is, for all you in that camp.) BU is a 1 year program, and UIC is a 2 year program. They actually run about the same in tuition costs. BU has offered me a $5,000 scholarship, but compared to the total cost of tuition, it is a drop in the bucket. Does anyone have some sort of formula to weigh pros and cons of schools? I attended BU’s open house, and I really love the feel of the campus, and I think I would be happy there – but the cost of living in Boston is higher than Chicago. Also, Chicago is closer to my home – I could take a train home easily if I needed to. Right now, my gut is telling me BU, but the other part of me is saying UIC, (less distance, less expensive, I’m familiar with the city.) Thank you for any advice you can give.
  20. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice and comparisons regarding the English departments and MA programs at Loyola, UIC, and DePaul? I've applied to all three. I've been accepted to Loyola and Depaul MA in English programs, both without funding. I'm still waiting to hear back from UIC, getting very nervous at this point. I'm leaning towards UIC if I get accepted. UIC also offers no funding for MA students. Does anyone have any comments on the comparisons of the English departments and the schools? I would love to hear any feedback you have. Thank you.
  21. Hi all! I'm still waiting to hear back from UIC. I applied to their MA program in English. I've seen a few posts on here about the PhD program acceptances. Does that most likely mean the MA acceptances have gone out as well? Trying to keep the hope alive. Thanks.
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