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Found 18 results

  1. Has any applicants from the GISD Fall 2021 PhD program heard back yet?
  2. I am still waiting to hear back from Portland State University for the fall of 2018. I applied for Health Management and Policy. I have waited roughly a month or so, I sent an email and I received an email stating I would hear by April 15th. Well, UMASS Amherst told me I have until April 15th to accept or decline their acceptance. Portland is my top school, the waiting is making me extremely tired.When should I send another email?Or should I just wait it out? Has anyone heard back from Portland? Has anyone been accepted into UMASS for their MPH?
  3. Hi all, just wondering if there's a telegram/FB/WhatsApp group for Fall 2018 Computer Science admits.
  4. I have received admits from these colleges for fall 2018
  5. Hello fellow UMass graduate prospectives, I'm curious if UMass is strict about having a masters to apply for a PhD for geosciences. I have my bachelor's and am looking to do a 5 year program. Do I need to apply to their masters and then once I finish up my masters, apply to their phd? Or can I directly apply to do a 5 year phd? deadline is approaching, eek, anb
  6. This is really late, I know, to still be considering this - but after vacillating back and forth on what I considered my safe school (UMass) - I found out they don't offer tuition stipend at all except through loans. And honestly it doesn't feel worth it to pay loans& be in debt for a safe school. So now that I cut that, I have all my reach schools but no safe schools and I feel like this puts me in jeopardy. Can anyone recommend any schools/programs for PhD Sociology that is still a good program but can be considered a safe school to apply to? Preferably in the Northeast - I live in NYC, and I am applying to one in NJ (Rutgers), Penn, three in Boston, MA, and one in NYC. Appreciate it, thanks.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the ranking/reputation is like for UMass Amherst? I am applying to the Sociology program, and I keep hearing differing opinions about it. US News ranks it 36 in Sociology and 75 National. My professors suggested I shouldn't even bother applying there, but I think at the time I may have accidentally told them Amherst College (which is not the same). I am applying to UMass as a safe school, but I still wanted to know, if anyone can pitch in. Thanks a lot!
  8. U-Mass Amherst pros: LOVE the program and faculty, 2 hours away from home, highly ranked and regarded program and reputation, on campus clinic, possible grant opportunity in an area of interest cons: 53k Grand Valley State pros: 39k, can live anywhere last semester for externship, family-like atmosphere cons: big move (16 hours from family), newer program: candidate for accreditation, stress of an accelerated program (15 months) ,no on-campus clinic I know I would like to end up in the northeast after I graduate. One school is my dream school, the other is very affordable and I know I would succeed there. My only worries is that the cheaper program is newer. Was accepted to U-Mass first and accepted a seat in the program, just found out that I got into the cheaper program today. Difficult to prioritize location vs. cost vs. quality of program. Size of program at Amherst is 25 students vs. 35 students at GVSU. Any advice?
  9. I have got two admits for MS in Chemical from the University of Washington Seattle and University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am an international student. I want to know more about these two universities based on: departments, professors, job scenario in that region before making any decision. Please help me out.
  10. Hi all, I got admits from University of Massachusetts-Amherst (VLSI/CAD and Embedded Systems) as well as USC (VLSI Design). My profile is as follows: GRE:165Q/156V/4AWA TOEFL: 113 CGPA:8.75/10 So I was looking for advice as to which university to pick off the both and the factors to be considered while picking. Thank you'll
  11. Hi everyone, I couldn't find the UMass, Amherst thread so I thought I would start one :-) I will join the CS Ph.D. program this fall and I'm very excited about it. Have any of you had a academic advisor yet? And how is life there? Should I choose the dorm or off campus? *Too many questions :-)) Nice to meet you all!
  12. I got admitted into those three statistics master program. But it's hard for me to make a decision between those three schools. I am more interested in go to industry instead of Ph.D. after graduated GWU stat program gave me $5000, but the living cost in DC is pretty high. And the program has more than 100 ms students this year, soooo many people. Umass stat program is under math&stat department, it is a small program, only have around 15 students each year. And I heard from students there, most of ms students can get TA or RA, so it means I won't pay lots of tuition. But I am not familiar with the job market in that state. If you know could you give me some information? Uconn, actually this is my least option. most of the professors are biostat, which I am not interested in. and they don't have fellowship or TA to ms students. If you know something about those three schools or states, please give some advice or information, so I can make decision. Thank you so much
  13. Hey, I right now have admits for University of Maryland, College Park for ENTS program and from University of Colorado, Boulder for ITP program. I'm confused between the two. I have some really good reviews about both these schools and am not able to decide between the two. Can someone please help me out with this decision? Thanks a lot!!
  14. Wish there will be good news for us. Alert! SPIRE Downtime February 17, 2016 SPIRE will be down for maintenanceFriday, February 19th beginning at 5:15 p.m. and will be available again Saturday morning by 9 a.m.Please note transcripts cannot be processed during this time.
  15. I received and acceptance to UMass Amherst Master's MechE program and am waiting Northeastern. Normally I would have chosen UMass for the lower tuition as I plan on pursuing an MBA afterwords. Since I'm out of state it seems like there isn't much of a difference in cost of attendance, or at least not enough for me to dismiss NEU because of the it. My question is how are the two schools received on the east coast? I've been in CA my entire life and am wondering if employers prefer graduates from one school? Anyone know what the academic culture is like? I was emailed by the NEU Gordon Eng Leadership program outreach and the coordinator encouraged me to apply to that program as well. I'm very interested in it and am wondering if there are any Gordon Fellows out there? Does anyone know how much employers value this certificate? On that note the coordinator was speaking to me as if I was already enrolled but I haven't heard from NEU yet. anyone else with a similar experience? (hopefully with a positive result )
  16. Has anyone else been accepted or waitlisted for the UMass M.Arch. program? I've been waitlisted and have a few questions that, I hope, could be answered by someone out there: 1. How long is the waitlist? For that matter, how many people overall have applied to the program? 2. How are people arranged/sorted in the waitlist (I have no idea where I "am" in the waitlist Anyone with info or similar experience (i.e., being waitlisted for the M.Arch. program at UMass) please feel free to speak your mind.
  17. Hi! does any one get admitted to the CG program (PhD) in umass? I already see a few PhD offers in CS, umass, but I'm not sure if there is any one doing CG. Thanks!
  18. I was admitted to UMass PhD program for Fall 2012 with an assistantship for 12 months. They also invited me to a Candidate Friday in March 2 I'm wondering whether this type of visits are worth the effort travel, specially since I'm in another country (at least a 7 hour flight). Additionally, they gave me the email of the Recruiting Faculty contact and said that I could feel free to ask him any questions about my admissions. Do you know of any questions I should avoid? Or a list of Do's and Don'ts?
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