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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering. I applied to UMD College Park's MS Applied Econ on Feb 8th for the Fall 2021 term. I received a recommendation via email from the department early March and they said I should expect to hear from the Grad school in 1-2 weeks (counting from March 7th). Did anyone in this program got results/decisions yet? or Any of you applying to Masters go results yet? It's still 'Under grad school review' on the portal. Thank you.
  2. It's March 31st... I've applied for both the M.S. and M. Eng programs in mechanical engineering - I'm a little anxious because it's basically April and I haven't heard back from either program. I'm assuming that my chances at an M.S. are zero to none, but would like to think I have some hope for M. Eng - I emailed admissions and they told me they hadn't gotten to my application yet since they were reviewing in the order they received. I don't know anything about admissions rate for the M. Eng program - how many admits? what is the acceptance rate? I'm filled with anxiety not knowing, sigh - does anyone think I have a chance? I'm a double minority (which does play some role because UMD does a good job of wanting to accept a diverse applicant pool), have recommendations from UMD professors (I went to UMD for undergrad - and one is a professor for the M. Eng program that I currently do volunteer research for), have a publication and numerous years of research with the department chair, in addition to 4+ years of work experience. The only caveat I'm scared of is my GPA - it's slightly below a 3.1... I effed up the first two years, but the last two years I almost had a 4.0, so improvement, but... consolidated together, not the best. Can someone please soothe my anxiety LOL...
  3. Hi all, Looking to talk to people who have been offered the Robertson Fellowship at any of the partner schools (UMD School of Public Policy, UCSD GPS, Tufts Fletcher, Texas A&M Bush School, Syracuse Maxwell School) and/or any current/former students who were Robertson Fellows. I was recently offered this fellowship at SU (!!) and I know the general details (an amazing package, obviously), but formal notification and getting connected with current Fellows have been delayed probably due to COVID-19 (understandably).
  4. So I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who are considering (or have decided to attend) UMD this fall. Who's out there? What other schools are you considering? What do you like about UMD's program? What do you think will be the deciding factor for you between UMD and any other options? I'd love to chat with some of my potential future cohort members!
  5. Hi, I am received an offer for PhD in Bioengineering from UMD College Park. Can anyone give me some insight about the program? I know the basic things from website. I wanted to know if someone has attended the program. I would like to know about how the classes are, how difficult the exams are etc. Also, it would be great to know about life at College Park, specially for an international student. Thanks!
  6. Hi! So I got offered assistantship interviews at University of Connecticut Higher Education M.A. program and University of Maryland Higher Education M.A. program. They are both great schools and I would like to interview for both BUT the interviews fall on the SAME exact days. Can anyone give me insight about these schools OR give me advise on how I can draft an email saying I am interested but the dates conflict. Any help is appreciated thank you!!
  7. Hi there! I got MS CS admits from these 4 colleges. Want to decide which should I choose. I am planning to specialize in Computer Vision/Machine Learning. Would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!
  8. Did you consider and apply to UMD's program? What other schools have or are applying to? Why did you choose UMD? What worries or hopes do you have about being admitted to their program? As one of my top choices, I'm hoping I will have a chance especially with my interest in the bilingual track.
  9. starting to think about grad school applications. I am going into my 4th year at a BArch program where I have a minor in history. I have wanted to go into HP for many years but am torn about where to apply. I am looking into Clemson, UMD, BU, and UPenn but would love any inside knowledge about the programs. Also nervous about acceptance rates and what the schools take into account on deciding
  10. Didn't see a UMD thread so starting one.
  11. Has anyone heard from UMD School of Public Policy? It's the only university I heard nothing back and my application is still 'pending' on the application platform.
  12. Hi all! I am pursuing a PhD in applied linguistics and have narrowed down my choices to the University of Maryland and Iowa State, but I'm now stuck between these two. My research interests involve applying pedagogy to computer-assisted language learning (CALL) programs and developing actually useful online language-learning platforms. Also, vocabulary acquisition. UMD has a smaller department with fewer professors, but they're all very experienced and respected in the field. From the students I've talked to, there are some differences in their availability but overall are still eager to work with their students. There are a lot more opportunities for work and connections in the area by virtue of location, but the department is very cognitively-focused. The research and courses there on pedagogy, assessment, and cognitive processes are still relevant to my research, but I would have to make my own opportunities to apply this to online contexts and learn about issues related to CALL. Other considerations for me: closer to my immediate and extended family, more expensive and perhaps not as nice an area, no guarantee of getting to teach a class. Iowa State has a slightly larger department but perhaps not as well-known. The program is very technology-focused, and while there aren't many courses available on the pedagogy side, I'd have a lot of support for CALL, and some of the professors and students are also doing research on learning materials. The area is a bit nicer and less expensive, but there are probably fewer opportunities in the immediate area and it's much further from my family. My graduate assistantship is specifically a TAship, so I'll definitely be teaching. Considering the differences in cost of living, the stipend is about the same (perhaps a little more generous at Iowa State). I don't really have any doubts that I could do the research I want at UMD, but I am worried about the lack of support for CALL, since that's a broad enough field that Iowa State has a whole program for it. There are definitely things that I don't have much experience in (like natural language processing), that I imagine it would be helpful to have advisors with experience in. However, at UMD I'd have the advantage of bringing in other considerations, like pedagogy and cognition. On the other hand, Iowa State is a bit more tailored to my specific interests. I'd fit right in at Iowa State... but I also don't think I'd stand out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Anyone heard from the School of Public Policy at UMD?or anyone who also applied the PhD program at SPP of UMD ? I was interviewed nearly a month ago but so far haven't got the official decision letter. In order to wait for this result, I refused several offers of admission. Timeline kills me and this strong sense of uncertainty is killing me! Truly need some news whether it's good or bad....
  14. Hello everyone! I wanted to start a thread to see if there was anyone else here who applied to Maryland's MPP program. Also interested in what funding successful applicants received (including whether they have heard about the Robertson Fellowship), and whether you are considering attending (and why!) Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I've been accepted to three information studies PhD programs, and I'm having the hardest time choosing between them. The money being offered is similar at all three, they all have good rankings, and I've now visited all three campuses and loved everyone I met at all of them. Here's a little bit of my pros and cons for each: 1) University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign Pros: Highly ranked, well known in my field Lots of amazing research-related resources - good support for digital scholarship (which is one of my subfields), biggest library collections, HathiTrust, great librarians and archivists etc. Good environment - very collaborative I really bonded with advisor Lowest cost of living for the three choices Cons: Not as strong in my subfield - the advisor said she is trying to build a new research group that would be focused on my subfield, but I'd be one of the first people in it Lowest amount of money being offered (not by much, but still), and didn't pay for my campus visit (both other schools did) Probably the least appealing location of the three, based on weather and fun social things to do Don't have as much information on RA and TA-ships - I know I'll be doing them, but they don't make most matches until close to the beginning of the school year Advisor seems like she'd be amazing to work with, but doesn't have the name recognition in my subfield as the advisors from the other two schools do (I think she's well-known in a related field though) 2) University of Maryland (College Park) Pros: Highly ranked Has the advisor with the best match for my interests, and while I didn't bond with him as much, I heard great things from his current students about him Great group of current students, faculty, and post-docs and lots of collaborative projects The project I'd be RA-ing on for 3 years sounds amazing - something that could have a lot of field impact and turn into a good publication, etc. My mentor has made it clear that she thinks this is the best fit for me Best match for my major field of study of the three, I think Cons: Maybe slightly less prestigious than UIUC or Texas? Very high cost of living 3) University of Texas (Austin) Pros: Highly ranked Really bonded with my advisor - she's well-known in one of my subfields and seems like she'd be amazing to work with Small cohorts and very collaborative environment Opportunity to help build up an undergraduate and master's program in one of my subfields - would be able to teach in the program and help shape overall structure Great location - I love Austin and know I'd love living there Highest offer (although not by much, but they did also say I could negotiate for more if I want?) Cons: They're looking for a new dean for the school my program is in right now, so no idea who would be in an important leadership role The program's focus has been on areas of the field that I don't work in - so I'd be a little unusual for them, even though there are faculty members to support my interests I can go into more details if needed - I'm just having the hardest time making a decision because all three seem like they could be good fits for me and my research interests. I've got 2 weeks, ahhhh!
  16. I am a (incoming) non-CS PhD student at UMD College Park and I am looking into the possibility of getting a non-thesis MS degree in the CS department (in addition to a PhD degree in a non-CS area). According to the department's policy manual, one of the MS degree requirements is to complete at least two 600/700/800 level courses with A/A+. To former/current students in the CS department at UMD, has this grade requirement ever been a problem for students? A minimum grade of A- would probably sound a lot more reasonable and I am not sure if there have been cases in which students were not able to graduate because of the grade requirement. Thank you in advance for your kind inputs (any constructive inputs from non-UMD students will also be greatly appreciated)!
  17. Dear grad cafe, I've posted on the questions forum, but I had no luck there so I'm posting here again. This is my first post on this cafe and wanted to ask how good is university of maryland's computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics program compared to other schools in the US. I have been offered admission for their BISI's program and also got a dean's fellowship with my package, so the offer seems nice. One thing I forgot to mention on the questions forum was that this is the only school that I have been accepted to and wondering about the schools caliber in this area. What do you guys think
  18. Dear grad cafe, This is my first post on this cafe and wanted to ask how good is university of maryland's computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics program compared to other schools in the US. I have been offered admission and also got a dean's fellowship with my package, so the offer seems nice. What do you guys think?
  19. About 20 days ago, I was told that I was put into the waiting list for the PhD program of communication at UMD, which was really depressing news for me. Now although I have an offer from another university, the winter in that state is too cold for me, and I suspect whether my health condition can withstand the cold winter there. My parents are also anxious about this. Unlike many other applicants, I applied for only three PhD programs and UMD is my first choice. Now I really wish I have the opportunity to be accepted by UMD, where the weather is milder so that my parents don’t need to worry about me too much in China. If anyone who is accepted by this PhD program plans to reject the offer, could you please make the decision sooner and give a space to those on the waiting list? Your earlier decision is REALLY significant for my family and myself! Thank you so much!!! You can contact me with my email: ma.lingyan@outlook.com Thank you once again!
  20. Hey! I just accepted my offer to UMD. Anyone else heading to College Park this fall?
  21. I'm really pissed and also frustrated that I haven't got a single response from these univs (TAMU College Station and UMD College Park) wrt to my application status - for Phd in Aerospace Fall 2016 . I mailed the grad advising at TAMU and the graduate program director at UMD of Aero dept two times, but no replies. Is it too late to expect anything anyway?
  22. If finances aren't a concern, what program should I pick? The content is great at both the places. UCI is a better place, but I want to enjoy my Masters experience.
  23. I'm currently deciding between UMD and GW! Does anyone have insight into either of these two programs? I haven't been to either open house, but if anyone on here has been to either, would you mind sharing your experiences? I was offered a Graduate Assistantship position at GW but am worried about the 20 hr/week time commitment with balancing school and work, but if I do accept this offer, GW would be a cheaper option. Thank you!!
  24. Waiting for results from UMD College Park, TAMU College Station, Virginia Tech for Aerospace Engineering PhD. So the only response I got was from VTech, who sent me an immigration form to fill up. But having no information about whether I had admission or funding from the university, I can't fill up the "Funding Info" section. I asked them if I could fill it up after the admit decision, but they didn't give any direct answer. And I haven't heard anything from TAMU or UMD. I don't know why it's taking so long, though! For McGill (Mech Eng. Masters Thesis) I expect the results to be out in a few days since they responded saying so.
  25. I'm 28, from India and I've got an admit from both UMD - College Park for HCI and UCI for Information and Computer Science. Both universities are highly ranked. So I'm not sure on what basis should I make my decision. Any advice? Tia
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