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  1. Hey guys! Wanted to get a conversation going about Fall 2021 admissions into UMSI masters program. I applied before the January 15th deadline, anyone know how long it takes for admission decisions? Also, does anyone have an idea on the acceptance rate of UMSI Masters in Information?
  2. Hi guys! Which one should I choose? UMich HCI or Gatech Digital Media? My goal after graduating is to be a UX designer. Any advice? Thanks a lot!!!πŸ„β€β™€οΈ
  3. I am super confused between these three univs for pursuing MS in mechanical, with just a week remaining to finalize my decision it will be really helpful if someone can comment about these univs wrt following- 1. Funding. (UMich seems too expensive with little probability of Masters securing RA positions, UIUC on the other hand seems to have plenty of options) 2. Research (My area of specialization will be micro/nanosystems or MEMS, please comment on this specific research aspect for the three univs. I feel UIUC has the best research facility for micronano stuff) 3. Job Opportunities (I don't plan to continue for PhD, so finally getting a decent job is my target. Please comment about the pros and cons of these univs regarding recruitment by industries) Right now I'm inclined towards UIUC due to better funding opportunities and research facilities but letting go of UMich seems difficult due to it's excellent ranking and reputation. UCLA also is lucrative due to it's location and job hunt feasibility. Kindly give any relevant suggestion to help me finalize something :)
  4. Greetings to all! I'm an international applicant to MSW 2020 fall. I'm lucky to be accepted by ColumbiaU and Umich, and I'm struggling to choose from them. I cannot go on a campus visit due to this epidemic. As I search through the Internet, I really feel comfortable with the atmosphere and culture in Umich, as well as the environment in Ann Arbor. However, ColumbiaU is one of a kind throughout the world with a famous Ivy title. It is really hard for me to let it go. Moreover, as MSW students we must go to field study. I'm kind of worrying about the NYC Metro if we need to take it every day... Because I'm an international student, there are not very large differences between the two concerning money issues, and I didn't receive financial aids either. After graduation, I'm planning to work in western America or Atlanta, so I may not stay at either Michigan or New York... So any ideas for my situation? Thanks a lot!
  5. I am incredibly excited to have been offered admission at CMU and Univerisity of Michigan for both MS in Robotics. My education background is BS in ME at Umich. I am an international student holding an F1 visa. I have many research experience in control. In my graduate school, I would like to incline my research interest towards control by using machine learning/ artificial intelligence. This means I would like to have some transition from ME towards CS, and this is also one of the reasons why I applied for the Robotics program. After graduation, I don't know yet whether I want to continue for Ph.D. but I do know that I don't want a programming job. Some of my considerations (I do not care about the cost or funding issues): Ranking (in terms of robotics, especially in the field of control or AI) Location: Pittsburgh vs Ann Arbor - Which one has more job/internship opportunities? Especially for a foreign student. Research opportunity Quality of graduate school I would like to thank you for any comments.
  6. For any other UMich MSI applicants, based on trends from previous years, the decisions should come today (March 2nd). So excited to hear back. Anyone else waiting for it?
  7. Hey all, I've been accepted into Umich (MS in Applied Statistics) and Duke (MA in Economics) while still waiting for news from Cornell. Anyway I am hesitating a lot between these two schools...Duke probably enjoys a better reputation worldwide but to be honest I prefer Statistics than Economics. Another great thing about Duke I heard is that students are allowed to get enrolled in a wide range of courses and I don't know yet if this is the case in Umich. I also have the desire to continue my study in a doctoral level after Master and I suppose both programs will offer me some opportunities regarding to this? Please give me some input on this regard and any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!
  8. Hi all, Thankfully, I have been accepted to the three programs above (UW HCDE, UMICH MSI, and UCI MHCID) and those are my top choices for HCI/Design masters programs that I have applied to. I am having difficulty deciding what school to choose. Any help or advice by anyone who has heard about or done these programs would be greatly appreciated. I currently work in Los Angeles, CA as an associate interaction designer and since UCI has a mostly online program that caters to working professionals, it helps me budget wise. I would not have to worry about moving and can still work at my current job. However, UCI (still a great school) seems to be the least known program out of the other two for HCI. UW HCDE and Michigan's MSI program seem to be really well known in the HCI world and have access to a large alumni network as well. It seems like big companies recruit at both schools quite often. Michigan's program does cost almost twice as much because of the out of state tuition however. So far I am leaning towards UW since it still in the west coast and the cost difference compared to Michigan (even though cost is not the biggest concern for me). I also feel like I am not growing too much at my current job so I am not too scared to leave it. I feel like I would prefer Seattle to Ann arbor as well but it does seem like U of Michigan has slightly more prestige. Ideally, I would like to work at a large/well known company soon after graduating (automotive industry a bonus). Those are my current thoughts but if anyone has any general insight to any of these programs or are also deciding and can give their thoughts, that would be great! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi! How tf do I get schools to give me more money (i.e. reevaluate my financial aid and scholarships given)? Like who do I contact, how do I go about it? Do I email a school and say "Hi, you gave me ___ but this other school is giving me____ so could I have more?" lol. I am specifically trying to get more money from UMich and Columbia, but would love to hear anyone's advice/experience from literally any program.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm here asking for my friend who has been troubling for a long time about how to go. Her boyfriend has decided to go Umich, luckily she also has an admission of MS/PhD of the biostatistics program in Umich but without any financial support. She's now struggling about where to go. She also has offer from JHU biostat PhD with full funding. On consideration of her boyfriend, she's now more inclined to Umich. But she still has several questions. If there is anyone could help, she will be grateful. 1. Do any friend here have any suggestions on where to go? 2. She found almost anywhere but cannot know any official information about the alumni of biostatistics PhD program. Where do they usually go? AP or postdoc, or industry? 3. Is it possible to ask for funding after going to Umich, because the tuition is extremely expensive... Thanks in advance!
  11. So I'm currently trying to choose between Duke's M.S. in BME program, and UMich's M.S. in BME program based on (in the following order) 1. Availability of jobs --> I'm not too keen on working for a huge company? I'd rather work for a mid-sized company, well funded, that allows me to gain some useful and hands-on experience. I've heard that UMich BME has some issues when it comes to finding good BME internships and jobs (compared to Duke and its proximity to the RTP). Is this true? 2. Availability of funding 3. Flexibility wrt concentration 4. Durham vs. Ann Arbor Anybody have any tips?
  12. I found that UMich has a phd program in Anthropology and History, does anybody have more deep information about this program? Like the enrollment rate or comparison with ordinary history program? Can I apply for the A&H program and History program of UMich at the same time?
  13. So far I have 4/8 rejections and no word from 3/8. TUM is currently processing my application but I have low hopes as they don't recognise the college from where I received my bachelors degree. Anyone else waiting for responses from UToronto, UMich Ann Arbor and NTU? My applications are Electrical/Electrical and Computer Engineering (VLSI/Microelectronics).
  14. Hi all, As the decision making date is approaching, I am becoming ever so anxious. I have received admission offer from JHU (MS in Applied Economics), Umich (MAE) and University of Wisconsin, Madison(MA in Economics). I am unable to make my selection. I understand there's much debate and controversy over JHU program, but being in DC does indicate much better internship opportunity. Besides, words out saying that this program is going to be a STEM program in the coming fall. Umich, on the other hand, has a good reputation for its economics department for a long time. But it seems that the placement of the students isn't very good. The MA economics at Madison is known for PhD preparation. Initially, I would love to go on pursue a PhD degree, but I just received an F for Developmental Psychology class, which makes it seem very unlikely. Advice needed!!!! Other admitted programs: Georgetown (applied economics), BU(MA economics), UIUC (MA economics)
  15. Penn GSE (Teaching, Learning and Leadership) vs UMich School of Education (Teaching and Learning) vs HGSE (Learning and Teaching) vs Teachers College (Curriculum and Teaching) All are 1 year programs. Suggestions on which one I should opt for?
  16. I want to go into industry after my masters. I have a couple of questions, seriously torn between the two options. Both Berkeley and Michigan are my dream schools :/ a) Do employers view a MEng differently? Is the one-year duration a handicap for a student fresh out of undergrad, in that is it harder to secure a job? Also, wouldn't the technical depth of the program be less as compared to that of an MS? Is the Berkeley tag, alumni base and industry exposure superior to that of Michigan? c) Are there enough jobs in Mechanical Engineering in the US? IEOR seems to be the safer bet. P.S. I'm an international student. Thank you!
  17. I got admitted by both UIUC professional master and UMich master of cs. Though UIUC is higher on the ranking, anyone has a more personal insight on which one I should pick? Any feedback on the teaching or life style of either school would be very much appreciated!
  18. Short version: should I do into debt at my dream school, or accept a full-ride to my third choice? I was thrilled when I got into my dream program, the MHCI program at CMU. I never thought I would get in, and I feel like I won the lottery. Then today I was offered $80,000 scholarship from University of Michigan. Suddenly everything feels very real. I think CMU is a much better fit-- I want to make things, not research. I love that it is a professional program, and I like that it is smaller, and very focused curriculum. The curriculum seems perfectly tailored to my interests. Not going to lie, I also like the prestige. What I am worried about is that the economy will crash and I will find myself in debt and in a no-longer-high-in-demand profession. Not having to pay tuition would really help me get my adult life started on the right track (I am only 22, and this is my first time leaving my home town). I'm probably looking at upwards of $20k debt at CMU (I have savings and leftover Florida Prepaid to get through the first 2ish semesters). Then there is the University of Washington's HCDE program. I haven't even heard back from UW yet, but I visited last year and it was my second choice after CMU (really the first choice, since CMU was such a "reach".) If I get in, it will make this decision even harder. (UW curriculum is more my style than UM, and tuition is cheaper.) Another factor is that my husband is also moving with me, and while he is very supportive, I hate the idea of dragging him to Ann Arbor because the job prospects for him are much slimmer than in a larger city (Seattle or Pittsburgh). I don't really want to live in AA either.
  19. I am wondering if those admitted to the Master's (Biostats) program at UMichigan need to approach individual faculty members for funding (RA/TA positions) ,or is that internally decided by the admissions committee , in case the letter of offer indicated that the committee "may consider offering support"?
  20. Hey there, I noticed on the site where 2017 Clinical applicants post their interview invitations that 1 poster was waiting on an official invitation from the Department to interview in person. A total of 10 people (it appears) have posted about UMich Clinical on that webpage, and I would just like to know if anyone has received their *official* invitation to interview (the dates for which appear to be February 18th and 19th)? Thank you so much for considering this question, all; this program and PI are very much so my top choice and I would like to know if I still stand a chance!
  21. Hi all, I was recently accepted to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University for MSW! I went to umich as an undergrad and would obviously love to continue my education there, but it is significantly more expensive than MSU and money is a huge factor for me. Both programs are reputable in my opinion, but I wanted to hear thoughts from other. Is there a huge advantage to a masters from Michigan over MSU? If I want to focus on direct practice/clinical/micro level, which program would be best from me? All opinions are wanted!
  22. Hey everyone! I have a rather difficult decision before me, I would really appreciate help I am a student from India (woman) with a Bachelors' degree in Polymer Science and Technology GRE 339/ TOEFL 119/ GPA 3.95 I have acceptances to 1)UIUC - Materials Science and Engineering and 2)UMich Ann Arbor - Macromolecular Science and Engineering (both for Masters, funded) Which of the universities would offer me better opportunities in terms of jobs in the industry? The basic dilemma lies in whether I should choose to diversify my field by joining a materials science program or whether I must delve deeper into polymer and macromolecular science studies. Thank you in advance for your inputs!
  23. My research proposal and interests are aligned with history of south asia as well as history of science. Between U-Michigan and Columbia History department, what would be a better fit? I am pretty keen on Columbia as ideally I want to move out of a very South Asia specific research and look at broader international histories. But a bit worried about expenses in NY.
  24. Hi, I'm just wonder what is my chances for PHD placement when I already have financial sponsorship back from my government. Do i stand a good chance or equal with other applicant? I'm graduated MASTER from UMICH and expecting placement for PHD from UMICH too. GRE 380/710/3.5 V/Q/A. Thanks.
  25. Last year, UMICH's art history department had a finalist weekend in February. Does anyone know if they repeated that this year? There are a few wait list notifications for this year but no one has posted any acceptances or rejections, or indicated about a finalist weekend.
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