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Found 8 results

  1. So, I've recently been accepted to a Public school for MS Biostatistics. I've not been contacted by Department regarding financial aid so I'm assuming I'm not getting any since it is rare for MS applicants. I'm an international student and this is my second masters( I have a master's in Statistics/ I wasn't eligible for graduate program due to three year undergraduate course). So, I need some kind of financial aid. I've read on some forums that RA positions are under professors and one should contact faculty before/ after acceptance. Is this a commonly followed method in Biostatistics programs.Should I contact all the relevant faculty or talk to graduate students first( through LinkedIn) and then approach. I've experience as RA and tbh considering the subjects I've studied, I can also be a TA( I've good speaking TOEFL score). Any kind of suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi All, Did anyone get admission from UNC Chapel Hill computer science department? Thanks in advance
  3. I was accepted to the history MA program at CU Boulder and the history PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill. I study pre-modern Japanese military history (to put it simply) and either path I take, I intend on pursuing a doctorate, with the ultimate goal of tenure track position down the road. I know in academia, your pedigree does have a (rather unfortunately strong) affect, and graduating from a prestigious university can help stack the cards in your favor for such a competitive job market. Of course, it doesn't guarantee anything, but being fully aware of how unemployable a pre-modern Japanese historian will be, I would like to have as many aces up my sleeve as possible. With that in mind, I've been debating whether or not it would be better to go with the (fully funded) MA program and try for a more renowned school for PhD later on? Or is UNC, as a public Ivy with a strong history program, enough? The stipend isn't fantastic, but it would be great to go straight into a PhD program and avoid the hassle of an MA, funded or not. Both schools have excellent professors who have already agreed to be my advisers. I do feel like I would have a decent chance of getting into UPenn or something once I've gotten an MA (they were impressed by my application, but I'm still lacking in some academic experience, even if I've been living in Japan for the past two years and have a good handful of internships and study abroad under my belt). I'm just not sure if I'd be passing up a perfectly good path for it, though. I'd be grateful for any advice!
  4. I have been notified by my prospective guide about 10 days back that, he has recommended me to the admission office to admit me for respective graduate program with assistantships. I have mailed respective department office again to let me know about their decision... then they replied me that, thay are still reviewing my application. Can someone help me out about what actually thay mean? Do they generally take this much of time to send the decision even if my prospective guide has taken his decision?
  5. Hello All ! I'm an international student who just finished a Master's degree in Biostatistics. I was admitted to the UNC Chapel Hill Biostats program and am waiting to hear about financial aiding. According to posts here from previous years, I have noticed that some students did not hear back about the funding even until late March. I was wondering if this is the case, and also if you know any previous students or accepted students who declined have been offered their funding at some point before accepting the offer. I am so glad and thankful to be admitted, but for a grad student, funding is such a crucial part, as I believe most of you already know and agree. I would love if any of you could share any information about this. Thanks!
  6. So this morning, I'm checking my email and I find an invitation to the UNC chemistry's visit weekends (Mar 9-10 and 23-24) with details about how to schedule meetings with PIs, arrange travel, etc... This would be great news, but I haven't actually received an acceptance letter from UNC yet... So I figure, maybe they've put it on the application portal and I've just missed it (I'm overseas and we have issues with our IP getting flagged so I haven't been able to log on to check for a while), but no change so I'm not sure what to make of it. As a bit of a brain teaser, the email's addressed to me, but the UNC PID that I'm supposed to log in to their travel website with doesn't work. I know the obvious answer is "email them back and ask about your application," but I was just wondering if this has happened before to anyone?
  7. Hi, what are the pros and cons of doing a PhD from UNC Chapel Hill (Nutrition) versus Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Health Policy and Management) [interest is in impact and evaluation of community interventions and policy on nutrition and health outcomes]? I've been accepted to both and funding is not an issue. I'm trying to think in terms of resources on campus, support, cohort size, and job outlook. I don't have an interest in academia after my PhD, just research. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for feedback from individuals who graduated with PhDs from or have been accepted into either of these programs in Nutrition or Health Policy. What are things I should consider other than the regular research interests match, faculty match, and funding. What did you like about each of the programs? How do you feel your degree and school have helped with your job search. Thanks!
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