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  1. "The evolution of liberalism after the Cuban Missile Crisis progressed to explain how the crisis came to an end and how realism failed to account for human nature, and duties to protect life, liberty and property, which is explained by the Lockean Liberal foreign policy perspective. Therefore, the end of the Cold war was what liberals predicted and what realists never expected." Does this make sense? do you agree or disagree?
  2. So.... I applied to PhD programs in Neuroscience this year and have not heard back from any schools yet. I have the sinking feeling I will not receive any interviews. Maybe something will come through last minute, but I cannot be sure. I have previously interned at NIH and would probably apply to their Post-Bac program. So now the thing is, I don't know how soon to give up hope of hearing back from my graduate programs and to pursue the Post-Bac program. I live far from DC so moving and housing is a big issue.
  3. I'm an Environmental Science major/Statistics minor graduating soon. I plan to apply for Statistics graduate programs in the Fall and was wondering if anyone had any advice for finding Statistics related jobs/research experiences for someone fresh out of undergrad-- without a Math, Stats, or Computer Science BS. My institution is small and almost entirely undergrad focused(no math/stats graduate program), so no chance to research there. However, one of my mentors has been helping me get in contact with employers in the area. My hometown (which is where I'll likely be if I don't get
  4. Hey, I am finishing my Junior year to get my B.A. in psychology (with another B.A. in English and a minor in American Sign Language), and I want to start my working towards my PHD in clinical psychology with a focus on children and health in the Fall of 2020. My GPA is currently a 3.969, and I will be graduating from my school's honor college. I will be taking my GREs this summer. I have been working in a Pediatric Health Psych lab and have been involved with many different health studies. However, I haven't done a poster or paper of my own, though I will be third author on a paper summer
  5. Hi everyone! I'm an undergraduate SLP student and I am about to complete my first semester at a cal state since I'm a community college transfer student. I feel behind because I did not put in the effort to meet with professors all semester and get to know them. I participate and ask questions in class every once and a while, but I'm simply just another student. However, I need a faculty member for programs and scholarships to be a recommender by late January. How should I approach them without being too pushy? I understand it's very late & I should have been putting in the effort. Any tip
  6. I want to transfer from Bellevue U. (online) my ample credits (none in psych) into the cheapest 100% online school offering the greatest diversity of undergrad psych programs. I'm just starting to vet... The University of the Cumberland Fort Hays State University The Baptist College of Florida Valdosta State University Argosy University Grand Canyon University Ashford University University of Massachusetts - Amherst Southern New Hampshire University American Public University
  7. Hey everyone, I aim to attend a masters program in religions, focus in East Asia (i.e. Hawaii or Toronto) or history of religions (i.e. Arizona or in a world where hell freezes over, University of Chicago), with the very end goal being University of Chicago's Tibetan Buddhist history. EDIT: I should add my first choice for my master's is FSU, since it's such a well funded program for those studying Chinese Buddhism. So, currently, I have a full-ride at school A(with the occasional loan that is never over 500ish dollars to pay for personal things, since I don't like living at home). I
  8. Hi everyone! Can you guys share about your internship experiences as undergraduates? I am currently applying for internship positions at MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney and SFMoMA. Anyone currently interning or having interned in these places? I am new to the site and thanks in advance!
  9. I am currently working on 1.5 year research project that I started as a senior undergraduate, but my advisor doesn't expect us to have the final results and write-up for publication ready by the end of summer and says that I could just work with her in my first-year of PhD to finish up the publication. Does this seem like a reasonable expectation for me to follow through with considering that I will be busy with classes and maybe TAing once I start grad school? One note is that I have not established whether I would be first author as the research ideas are credited to my advisor, but I h
  10. I graduated with a degree in healthcare management from a top 20 public university. I completely was too narrow-minded in finding a job and did not focus on what I really liked. I have a great GPA (3.9/4.0), some research experience in psychology, some volunteer experience with service trips, and a lot of professional experience in healthcare through internships. Eventually I would like to teach at a university or even just be a higher up administrative person. My old boss told me that in order to go through the ranks of higher ed administration you need a phd as most of his colleagues w
  11. Hello. I'm trying to see if I can get research experience somewhere in the world. Does anyone here know about a website where I can find paid internship opportunities for students from any country? I have already checked the ACS' website but most of them, if not all, are for US students. Thank you in advance.
  12. I am a class 12 student in India, I applied to Cape Breton university, Canada for engineering on 21 December,2016 and I received my acceptance letter on 20 January, 2017, but I am still waiting to hear from other universities I applied to, so can anyone tell me what is the deadline for replying to offers from Cape Breton.
  13. I attend a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts that does not have a geography department. I'm an Urban Studies major and am attracted to studying Geography after undergraduate because I am fascinated with maps and spatial analysis. I have two questions: 1) Since I am not a geography major and do not have access to many geography courses, am I at a serious disadvantage in getting accepted into a M.A. or Ph.D. program in Geography? 2) What experience would I need in order to be competitive for a M.A. or Ph.D. program in Geography? There is no one with a Ph.D. in Geography at the col
  14. Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in Social Work. My university does not offer an undergraduate degree in SLP or communication sciences, so I was advised that a BSW would be a good fit, considering a BSW degree requires quite a lot of elective space, and in that elective space I intend to take all of the SLP grad school prereqs (as those are offered by the university). I understand that grad school is incredibly competitive, which is why I want to start beefing up my resume early on as much as possible. I was wondering, either if from personal experience or just common sense that I do
  15. I'm an electronics and communication engg student from India. I want to do MS in Embedded Systems in the US or Germany. I have a very low GPA of around 6.5 in the Indian scale. Will I be able to join any Uni? Can anyone suggest a university for me?
  16. Hi all, I'll be a senior in undergrad this coming year, and I'm debating on whether to apply to graduate school in clinical psychology this year or to get a job as an RA or a Lab Manager for a year or two before applying. I have a 3.97 GPA from a highly regarded liberal arts school with a psychology major and a lot of coursework in neuroscience and hard science as well. I am taking the GREs soon but have consistently 164-166 Verbal and 161-163 Quant on practice tests. I have experience with clinical research and experience in a research hospital setting with data collection, analysi
  17. I am looking to go back to school this upcoming year and have been looking at my options to pay for school. I really should have thought about this prior to obtaining my undergraduate degree and was curious if anyone had experience in this area? My parents funded my first undergraduate degree, and as for my second I had to take out loans on my own. I was wondering what are my options in terms of graduate study? How can I pay for school? I do not want to have more debt that just accumulates interest in the future. Anyone have any thoughts in this area?
  18. Hi everyone, I am a Vietnamese immigrant and I finished Law school with a Bachelor degree. I am intending to switch my career to either Finance or IT and thinking of either starting-over or going -up for Master. I have asked many people for their views as followings: 1. My degree: A. Starting-over: going to NOVA then George Mason because this option is the safest that I can completely comprehend the education principles, cultures, environments and, for the most important part (according to them), that I can be eligible for the Pells and Grants; B. Going-up: getting a techni
  19. Hello, I'm a undergrad student and I'm still debating on whether to major in archaeology or bioarchaeology. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what classes to take for bioarchaeology other than anthropology classes. And what to expect if I want to major in bioarchaeology.
  20. I have room for 1 more class in the fall and seeing as it will be the last full semester graduate schools will see on my application I want to make it count! Here are my choices: A measure theory independent study. I don't think I have any or much exposure to measure theory and I am reading it is very helpful for graduate level probability/stats. A con I see for this is that I will probably be taking a class in this my first year into a program so having this before hand doesn't look or help me THAT much (or does it?) Another option is a graduate level time series
  21. I'm having a hard time declining offers in general, but an especially hard time declining the offer from the school where I'm currently a senior (graduating in May). I know a couple of professors personally and respect them very much, I just think that I want to experience a different city and learn from a different perspective for my second degree. But this is causing me great anxiety, being afraid that I will seem unappreciative or disrespectful. Has anyone does this before or have any advice for handling this and maintaining good relations?
  22. Hello! I may be a little out of place, but I could not think of a better forum to hear from experienced students. Currently, I am at a community college in a suburb of Illinois. Out of high school, I received a full ride scholarship to a community college due to my academic and leadership qualities in my community. I took this scholarship instead of going straight to an University. When I transfer my undergraduate major will be Speech and Hearing Science/Communication Disorders. I have two choices of schools to transfer to: Northern Illinois University (With $1500/yr scho
  23. Hi all! I am currently a junior speech pathology major at a small school. Due to the size of our school and the size of our program, only two to three speech path classes are offered a semester, and they are only offered at certain times. For example, the three classes I just started for this spring semester are only offered in the spring of even numbered years. I have 25 observation hours along with 16 hours and 15 minutes of clinical practicum (field work). My grades for my major classes have been ok (A's and B's mostly), and my other classes. My overall cumulative GPA is a 3.36
  24. Hello, I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, in a not well-known university, in Europe and I will graduate in three years (one more term cause of some problems I had). After my graduation I am thinking of going for a PhD, and I would like to get in one of the best universities like MIT/Stanford/Berkeley or in another top university like CMU/Cornell/Princeton/UIUC/Caltech. So, I have some questions (that I think will help other students as well) about what to do to have a chance on being accepted to one of the MIT/Stanford/Berkeley and being surely accepted to one of CMU/Cornell/P
  25. Hey guys. I was just wondering, is it normal/expected for undergraduate English students to publish papers or present at conferences? Have any of you guys done these things in your undergraduate years? I feel like I saw somewhere on these forums someone mentioning publishing as an undergrad or presenting their first paper at a conference...I've never done any of these things before (I'm currently a junior) nor have any of my English professors ever even mentioned such things. I actually just had to do a bit of research to find out what conferences are and what it even means to present a paper.
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